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Ecco The Dolphin Cheats

Dreamcast Cheats

Ecco The Dolphin

Level select:
Select the ''New Game'' at the VMU menu, then enterGYU as a name but do not select "End". EnterGYU as a name for that game again, but do not select "END".Then, enter any letter three times as a name and press X.If done correctly, you will be returned to the VMU menu. You cannow create a new game as usual or resume a saved game. The nexttime you save the game, all levels will be unlocked. Additionally,a choice for the soccer mini-game will appear at the bottom ofthe level selection screen.

Full pause screen:
Press Start to pause game play, then press X+ Y.

Active map:
Hold X (sonar) during game play for a long time.Press X again to return to normal.

Dolphin Soccer:
Go to the Powers Of Levitation level and find yourway to the room where the clan General (the dolphin that has theinspection) is located. Swim through the side of the wall thatmoves like Jello. On the floor near one of the orange lights isa soccer ball. Get it, then go to the level selection screen.An option for the Dolphin Soccer mini-game will appear at thebottom of the list.


Aquamarine Bay
1: Win the Find The Fish challenge. After talking to the coach,a Vitalit will appear above the ocean surface.
2: In front of the waterfall above the surface.
3: Floating under the stone archway.
4: Atop a huge rock near the whales. Gather a lot of speed andcharge at the surface, shooting over the rock. (very difficult)
5: Hanging near the branches of the palm tree, on the oppositeside of the floating logs.

Perils Of The Coral Reef
1: Win the race with the two dolphins, and they will makea Vitalit appear above the surface of the pool.
2: Find the dolphin who is searching for his brother. It is stashedin the lower right corner of this area.
3: In the Great White Pool near some coral, between two caves.
4: After you defeat the Great White, a Vitalit will appear abovethe surface near the waterfall.
5: From the Great White pool, take the dark tunnel (using GlowFish to light the way) to discover the last Vitalit.

Trial Without Error
1: Near where you find the baby dolphin in the dark cave.
2: When you save all of the baby dolphins the mother will makeanother Vitalit appear.
3: Just before the pool of sharks, you will find the Vitalit justpast the tunnel exit.
4: Near the power of Vigor.
5: Near the Octopus in his subterranean cave.

Four Ways Of Mystery
1: In the dead end to the left of the White Crystal.
2: Floating above the pool with the recluse dolphin who teachesyou the Song of the Ray.
3: In the pool with the Giant Manta Ray (without the dolphin).
4: In the blue crystal path, take a right at the crystal, thenfollow the path to a crossroads. Head right again here to getthe Vitalit.
5: Once you learn Power Of Sonar, use it on the big rock on theroof of the main pool to get the final Vitalit.

Up And Down
1: One of the alcoves of the main chamber contains a Vitalit.
2-4: Three Vitalits are to be collected as you follow the flowof the geyser up.
5: Floating above the waterfall.

Roaring Forces
1: In the start chamber, leap over the floating boards.
2: Stashed in the rocks near the waterfall.
3: Once you pass the dolphin puzzle, swim through the rocks andlook up to find the third Vitalit.
4: Just before the entrance to the Morphing pool, you will finda Vitalit between the walls.
5: Next to the exit.

Atlantis Lost
1: Leap into the air from the starting point.
2: Nestled in the reeds on the left side of the pool.
3: On the far end of the pool next to the Sonar Power-up is apile of rocks. Blast it with Sonar.
4: Facing the main temple from the accelerator rings, the buildingjust ahead and to the right contains a Vitalit.
5: The main temple houses a Vitalit near its domed ceiling.

Shrine Of Controversy
1: In the Circle Shrine.
2: Near the Wheel Of Pain you will see an archway. The Vitalitis hanging in the water under its arch.
3: Inside the well of the Crimson Shrine.
4: Near the Mover Shrine.
5: In the path that Pilot takes you through to the Prime Mover,veer left to a dead end.

Master Of Forgotten Skills
1: On the conveyor machine.
2: Inside a tunnel near the perimeter.
3: Inside a pipe of the conveyor machine.
4: Behind a column at the bottom of the pool.
5: Also inside the conveyor machine.

Process That Never Ends
1: Floating near the ceiling at the beginning of the conveyortube.
2: In the fourth of five switch chambers to the left of the conveyortube.
3: In the fifth chamber.
4: In a circular room at the end of the conveyor belt, hangingnear the ceiling.
5: In the same room, tucked below under the glass and rocks.

Blades In Motion
1: Head through the floor from the starting point, then lookup. The Vitalit is on the ceiling of this room.
2: In the wheel chamber before you get to the spinning blades.Follow the spinning room around to find it.
3: Once you are through the blades and break through the glassinto the room surrounding the heated tunnels, you will find aVitalit in the same room as the Endurance power-up and air supply.
4: Once in the confusing tunnels, you will discover one Vitalitat a dead end. Go up at the end of the upper tunnels to find it.
5: On your way down from the upper tunnels in a vertical tube.

Perpetual Fluidity
1: Near the floor by the pipes in the first shark room.
2: In the green switch room near the floor.
3: In the piranha room, near some pipes at the bottom of the pool.
4: Once the water level is fully raised, head to the room pastthe piranha room (a dead end) to discover the Vitalit near thetop of the tank.
5: Head all the way back through the piranha room, through theroom with the Air power-up, across the hub room with multipleexits and to a dead end pool to find the Vitalit hanging nearthe top of the water.

Obscure Ways To Terminus
1-5: Each Vitalit hangs above the dividing rooms in the currentchambers (labeled with stars). Leap over the barriers in the appropriateplaces to collect them.

Sleeping Forces Of Doom
1: Once you break the shield, a tunnel will open, giving youaccess to a single Vitalit.

Anguish Of Dearth
1: On the coral shelf near the top of the water.
2: On the floor of the starting pool, just below the first.
3: In a cove off of the main pool, directly across the pool fromthe starting point.
4: On the way to the tunnel that takes you to the big fish pool,you can get a Vitalit near the surface of the water.
5: Near the end of the tunnel, resting near the ocean floor.

1: Near the starting point.
2: Against the huge wall that bars entrance to the detention facilitypool (to the left of the door).
3: Once you enter the detention pool, you will find a Vitalitabove one of the spires of the detention facility.
4: Another Vitalit will be found on the opposite spire.
5: Search the wide tunnel off of the detention pool for the lastVitalit. It is near the end.

Caverns Of Hope
1: Above the surface of the water, you will find the firstVitalit at a dead end to the right after the first left turn.
2: Near the rock floor in the second long hallway with explosivepods.
3: In the Globe pool, search the pods to the right.
4: Hidden in a pod near the Globe itself.
5: Near the end of the second leg of escorting your dolphin friendthrough the caverns.

Lair Of Evil
1: Head directly ahead from the starting point, ignoring theright path. In the middle of the circular pathway at the end ofthis tunnel is the first Vitalit.
2: Follow the right path from the starting point until you reacha hole that leads down. Swim inside to get the Vitalit.
3: After the laser tunnel, you will find a room with a bossy ClanOfficer. Search this chamber for the third Vitalit.
4: In the largest room where their is a Clan Officer (the onethat leads you to the control center), far behind him there isa huge image of the clan mark. The Vitalit is behind it.
5: In the large pool where you exit from.

Powers Of Levitation
1: Near the sand tube where the clan General leads you.
2: Outside the main generator building.
3: Inside the hidden room, where you go to play soccer.
4: Inside the central generator room.
5: Near the entrance to a fan tube (where you go to get the lastfew couplings).

Hanging Waters
1: Find the Vitalit in the first ball of water to your right,just as you start. It is in the bottom seaweed.
2: After you plunge into the rock pool, the next Vitalit can befound in the tube as you exit the other side.
3: Near the floor of the first pool (after Ice and Fire).
4: The pool below Abyss if Inferno.
5: In the pool immediately before the Mutaclone Boss.

Ice And Fire
1: Hanging above the air hole.

Abyss Of Inferno
1: Search under the wall.

1: Inside the largest yellow rock. Break it open.

Chance Of Reckoning
1: As you exit the long tunnel, to the right you will seea clump of seaweed. You will discover the first Vitalit here.
2: To the right of the first whirlpool, atop some rocks.
3:Suspended above the surface of the pool over the third whirlpool(seal it before trying for the Vitalit).
4: Leap over the Queen's head.
5: Near the waterfall. Make sure you raise the water level (byclogging all three whirlpools) before trying for this one.

The Hatchery
1: Just past the left switch near the alien shark, you willsee a Vitalit floating near the floor.
2: Get inside the air/food force shield to collect the secondVitalit.
3: Search the eggs near the machine arm. The left-most egg inthe right row contains a Vitalit.
4: Follow the discarded eggs down the disposal.
5: Directly across from the starting point, near the ceiling.

Seeds Of Poison
1-3: Three Vitalits are in alcoves off of the main cave.
4-5: On the way up the egg chute, you will discover a pair ofVitalits.

1: Above the surface of the air pool.
2: Near the ceiling of the chamber, near the central column.
3-5: Use your Power Of Sonar on the rocks near the Power of Morphto get the final three Vitalits.

Heart Of The Foe
1-5: Each Vitalit is hovering behind a membrane at the topof the heart chamber. Charge up to get each one.

Hint: Gallery: Mystery area:
Go to the "Gallery" and head to the "Man'sNightmare" area (mechanical area). Look around the room tofind two wheels. If you use your sonar on them, they will move.Quickly use your Sonar on both. If done correctly, the large metalcircular object in the middle of the room will pop up slowly andreveal a secret passage. It leads under the Gallery to a roomunderneath the "Domain of the Enemy" area (alien area).The purpose of this new area is unknown, but may have somethingto do with the ugly thing hanging from the ceiling of the alienarea.

Glitch: Swim outside the game world:
Encounter the Boss in the "Blades..." level.It is a large room with a Boss that resembles a large dragonflylarvae. Go to the bottom of the room where you can refill youair supply with the bubbles coming out of the ground. Next tothe bubbles on the floor near the wall is a small hole. Go throughit and get outside the game world.

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