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Evil Dead: Hail To The King Cheats

Dreamcast Cheats

Evil Dead: Hail To The King

Hint: Ash comments:
Load the game and allow the opening sequence to complete.Leave the game at the "Push Start" screen and Ash willeventually start to make comments.

Hint: More mushrooms:
When mushrooms appear, collect them, leave the screen,then return to collect them again. Repeat this until they no longerappear.

Hint: Finding mushrooms:
When you are mixing mushrooms in your inventory, youwill hear a sound. When you are wandering around the same soundwill indicated that a mushroom has appeared. You can also waitfor the sound to play again to get another mushroom. Note: Listenfor that sound when fighting the last Boss.

Hint: Defeating the last Boss:
Use the following trick to avoid attacks and make yourhealth kits last a little longer when fighting the last Boss.Walk up as close to the posts as possible after hitting them,run a very, very tiny bit to the center of the ring towards thedemon, then run back out. The demon will try to bite at you insteadof blowing gas at you. Most times, he will bite and miss. Be careful,because after you do this a few times, he will move slightly towardsthe corner and be able to bite you right through the center ofthe post -- keep your distance while hitting that post.

Hint: Large med-kit:
When fighting a Deadite or Hellbilly, turn on yourchain saw and slash at them. After a few hits Ash should jam thechainsaw into them and keep it there. Then, use the ax and hitthe Deadite while your chain saw is still in them. When they die,they will usually leave behind a Large med-kit. You can also usethe other weapons instead of the ax, but it just wastes ammunition.

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