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Gamecube Console Cheats

Gamecube Console Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Gamecube Console

Spinning Cube:
Turn the machine on and you will see a square bouncing down to form the G. If you hold A during this sequence as the square is bouncing down it will spin which looks very cool.

Alternate Boot:
In order to hear a different sound when the console loads hold the z button down once you turn the console on and as the sqaure bounces down you will hear the noises of kids.

Memory Card Help:
On the memory card screen you are given 3 options.
And then once click you are given 2 and the bottom one is the highlighted one.
After you click one of these 3 options the 2 options given are yes being the top and bottom being no.
Please take note the bottom option out of the 3 given is DELETE which will permanently delete your data if selected.
If you own 2 memory cards you can use the middle option is copy which will copy your data to your other memory card.
I haven't tried the top option yet.

And on super monkey ball under options (after the click start screen)
The bottom option and the option under that option should be auto save.

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