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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheats

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Character Codes:
Wizard as...

Alien - SKY100
Evil - GARM99
Lich - GARM00
Pharoah - DES700
Sumner - SUM224

Warrior as....

In Ogre Clothes - CAS400
Orc Boss - MTN200
Wearing Rat Hat - RAT333

Valkyrie as...

Cheerleader - CEL721
Death - TWN300
School Girl - AYA555

Knight as...

Bald in Street Clothes - STG333
Centurion - BAT900
In Black Karate Suit - SJB964
In Black Outfit - DARTHC
Ninja - TAK118
Quarterback - RIZ721
In Street Clothes - ARV984
In Street Clothes and Cap - DIB626
Waitress - KAO292

Jester as...

Stick Figure with a Cap - KJH105
Stick Figure with Mohawk - PNK666
Stick Figure with Smile - STX222

Dwarf as...

Gimp - NUD069
Large Jester - ICE600

Enter INVULN as your name by pressing start at the title screen then pressing New. To activate the code select it from your inventory.
Source: Nintendo Official Magazine

Permanent Anti-Death:
Enter code 1ANGEL

Permanent full turbo:
Enter code PURPLE

Permanent invisibility:
Enter code 000000

Permanent Pojo the Chicken:
Enter code EGG911

Permanent reflect shot:
Enter code REFLEX

Permanent shrink enemy and growth:
Enter code DELTA1

Permanent super shot with large crossbow:
Enter code SSHOTS

Permanent triple shot:
Enter code MENAGE

Permanent x-ray vision:
Enter code PEEKIN

Run quickly:
Enter code XSPEED

Start game with 10,000 gold or full potions and keys:
For 10,000 gold at the beginning enter your name as

For full potions and keys at the beginning enter your name as
Nintendo Power volume 159

Throw quickly:
Enter code QCKSHT

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