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Godzilla: Destroy All Monster Melee Cheats

Godzilla: Destroy All Monster Melee Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Godzilla: Destroy All Monster Melee

Cheat Codes:
You input theses by doing the following:
Press and hold L, B, R in order, the Release B, R, L in that order. the Code Entry box should appear.

567980 - Black & White Mode
661334 - Technicolor mode
760611 - 11 Coninutes in Adventure Mode
986875 - P1 is micro monster (1/3 norm. size)
971934 - P2 is micro monster
895636 - P3 is micro monster
795735 - P4 is micro monster
174204 - All Players are micro monsters
843901 - P1 is damage-proof
706149 - P2 is damage-proof
188522 - P3 is damage-proof
286552 - P4 is damage-proof
505634 - All players are damage-proof
511012 - P1 deals quad (4x) damage
815480 - P2 deals quad damage
212454 - P3 deals quad damage
286552 - P4 deals quad damage
817683 - All players deal quad damage
492877 - Health regenerates
756287 - All buildings and Objects become throwable
112122 - All buildings become in destructible
316022 - All monsters are invisible
650867 - One time energy (Energy doesn't recharge over time, but energy weapons do more damage)
649640 - P1 Always in Rage
122224 - P2 Always in Rage
548053 - P3 Always in Rage
451242 - P4 Always in Rage
256806 - Turn Military On/Off
135984 - Player Indicators always On
677251 - Super Energy (Constant Full energy ball) P1
435976 - Super Energy P2
603696 - Super Energy P3
291680 - Super Energy P4
562142 - No health power-ups
134615 - No Mothra power-ups
413403 - No energy power-ups
119702 - No rage power-ups
841720 - No freeze tanks
225133 - Unlock Godzilla 2K
616233 - Unlock Gigan
877467 - Unlock King Ghidorah
104332 - Unlock Rodan
537084 - Unlock Destoroyah
557456 - Unlock Mecha King Ghidorah
131008 - Unlock Mecha Godzilla
696924 - Unlock all monsters except Orga
480148 - Unlock all cites
443253 - No Status HUD
097401 - Display version of game and time of completion in the Options
176542 - View Credits

11 Continues Code:
Press and hold L, B, and R. Release B, then R, then L, in that order, to open the cheat menu.
Input 760611 in the cheat menu to get 11 continues in adventure mode.

Armies deal quad (4X) damage:
Press and hold L, B, and R; then, release B, R, and L in that order in order to open the Code Entry box.
Input: 308929

How to open Cheat Mode:
To open the cheat mode, first press and hold L,B,R. then relase B,R,L in that order. must have Versus mode highlighted. A white box will appear that you can input numbers into. Must type a correct number code to use a cheat code.
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Remove Monster stat. bar:
Enter 443253 in the cheat window to make the energy and life bars be removed

Show the credits:
Bring up the cheat menu and enter 176542

Press and hold L, B, and R. Release B, then R, then L, in that order, to open the cheat menu.
Input 661334 in the cheat menu to change the color to Technicolor.

Unlock all monsters (except Orga):
Enter cheat menu and then input 696924. You should hear Godzilla roar and all monsters should be unlocked, except for Orga. Note that this does not unlock arenas or gallery photos.

Unlock Destroyah:
To unlock Destroyah beat adventure mode on any difficulty with Godzilla 2000

Unlock Gallery Pictures:
To unlock the game's gallery pictures for up close viewing, go through the game on normal or hard difficulty. When you're fighting, various buildings that you destroy will have special Atari power-ups inside. Collect these to unlock a gallery picture.

Unlock Gigan:
To unlock Gigan, beat the game on adventure mode with Angilas.

Unlock Godzilla 2000:
Beat adventure mode on any difficulty with Godzilla 90's to recieve Godzilla 2000.

Unlock King Ghidorah:
To unlock King Ghidorah deat adventure mode with Megalon on any difficulty

Unlock Mechagodzilla:
Defeat Adventure Mode on any difficulty with Mecha-King Ghidorah, Destoroyah, and Rodan.

Unlock Mecha-King Ghidorah:
Beat adventure mode on any difficulty with King Ghidorah to get Mecha-King Ghidorah

Unlock Mothership:
To unlock the Mothership as a playable arena, finish the game on any difficulty with MechaGodzilla.

Unlock Orga:
To unlock Orga you must unlock every other monster (Gigan, Godzilla 2000, King Ghidorah, Mecha-King Ghidorah, Rodan, Mecha-Godzilla, Destroyah). Then go through Adventure mode again (on any difficulty level) with Godzilla 2000. You will face Orga on Monster Island and after defeating Mecha-Godzilla in the final battle you will unlock Orga.

Unlock Rodan:
Defeat Adventure mode with Gigan in any difficulty.

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