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Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup Cheats

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Hint: Team moves:
Keep collecting Quidditch cards for your team untilyour receive the Quidditch card for its special move. Note: Lookat the locked cards to find out their unlock requirements. Youmust get enough cards to do the team's special move. A messageunder your team score will appear when you are able to do theteam special move. Play well during a match to increase your Snitchpower bar until the message appears.

Hint: Get Snitch gauge up:
To get your Snitch gauge up, whenever you pass to anotherplayer hold R + L to make a combo pass. After that,you must score to get your gauge up. The more combo passes youmake, the more your Snitch gauge increases. If you do a lot ofpasses with combos and the other team steals the Quaffle, youmust do more combo passes to get your Snitch gauge up.

Hint: House Challenges:

For the Passing challenge, when a ring turns white, it is aboutto change to either yellow or green. Use that to see who to shootit to.

For the Tackle and Shoot, it is best to tackle as soon as youcan. When you shoot, look carefully for an open ring. Hold Shoot,then launch.

For the Seeker, hold A until you get close enough. Note:It may be difficult to steer.

For the Beaters and Bludgers, the best way to avoid the Bludgersis to stay either ahead of it or to the side of it so the Beaterscan whack it away.

For the Special Moves, use a similar strategy from Tackle andShoot, except with a Special move.

For the Combos challenge, hold L + R down and keeppressing A as fast as possible to do up to eight combos.Watch out for the Keeper.

Hint: World Cup:
To play in the World Cup, you must defeat all threeother teams with one team.

Note: At the Quidditch Cup for Hogwarts and the Quidditch WorldCup, it is best to replay any matches that you have lost to keepyour score up.

Hint: Queerditch Marsh:
To play in the place where they first invented Quidditch,called Queerditch Marsh, win the Quidditch World Cup with anycountry. You can play multi-player or against the CPU.

Hint: Easy scoring:
At the beginning of a match, hold the Left Analog-stickUp/Right to start out with possession of the Quaffle, makingit easier for the first score. Usually making the first scoreassures that you will win the match as long as you follow theother scoring tips.

When hitting a Bludger, make the Bludger go directly in frontof the other team's Chaser that has the Quaffle. Then move theAnalog-stick Down and in a few seconds the Bludger willhit the Chaser; and you will have possession of the Quaffle.

To fake out the keeper, wait to go up to the hoops until youget a Dodge. Once you get the Dodge, go to one of the side hoops.The keeper will then get there very fast. When they reach thathoop, use your Dodge to get to the other side hoop, and whileyou are passing the hoop, throw the Quaffle.

Hint: More Quidditch Cards:
To get more Quidditch Cards, play the Challenges andbeat the Team Record.

Win matches, each with a different team, in the Hogwarts or WorldCup.

Hint: Better items:
To acquire almost anything, you must first collectQuidditch Cards. To unlock the best broomstick, the Firebolt,you must collect 50 Quidditch Cards.

Hint: Faster brooms:
If you want a really fast broom and play dirty teamspecials, choose Slytherin. They have Nimbus 2001 brooms and theirspecial gets you 20 points. Japan has Firebolts, but does nothave a strong team.

Hint: Recommended team:
The best team to pick for Hogwarts is the Ravenclawteam. The Ravenclaw team has a Team Special Move that allows toget 30 points.

Hint: Avoiding Bludgers:
When someone shoots a Bludgerm turn around so yourBeaters are in front of you. The CPU will run the Bludger directlytowards your Beaters and they will just knock it away. This worksalmost all of the time. If it does not, you probably turned aroundtoo late or your Beaters did not get in front of you in time.This will even works on the Firebolt level.

Hint: Get Bludgers quickly:
Hold L + R while pressing A tomake combo passes. However, pass quickly or it will not work.Then, use L and R and make a shot while holdingone of those buttons to finish your combo. This will give youBludgers faster.

Hint: Broomstick levels:

Comet 260: Beginner
Nimbus 2000: Novice
Nimbus 2001: Intermediate
Firebolt: Expert

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