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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheats

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

God mode:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down,A, Right, Left, Right, Leftduring game play.

All weapons:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down,A, Up, B, A during game play.

SMG and 9mm Pistol SD:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down,A, Up, Right(2) during game play.

Full heal:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down,A, Up, Down during game play.

Slow motion:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down,A, Up, Left during game play.

Punch mode:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down,A, Up(2) during game play.

Megaforce mode:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down,A, Right(2) during game play. Restart the levelto remove its effect.

Nailgun mode and toggle gravity:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down,A, Left(2) during game play. Weapons will pin peopleto walls when this code is activated.

Hint: Silenced ballers gun:
Successfully complete a level with a "Silent Assassin"rank.

Hint: Sawed-off shotgun:
Successfully complete a level with a "Silent Assassin"rank twice.

Hint: M4:
Successfully complete five levels with a "SilentAssassin" rank to get the M4. Alternately, complete the ShogunShowdown level with a "Silent Assassin" rank.

Successfully complete the St. Petersburg Stakeout, Tubeway Torpedo,and Invitation to a Party levels with a "Silent Assassin"rank all in one session.

Hint: Using the Methoxyfluorane (Anesthetic):
Equip the Anesthetic and go to your target person.Hold [Fire] as long as desired. While using it, you willautomatically use two bottles, or if held longer, you can usethree to five bottles. Each bottle will result in one minute ofunconsciousness. Be careful or he will tell the guards about you.You can also take their clothes, but if they wake up without themthey will tell the guards.

Hint: Silent Assassin ranks:
You can still get a "Silent Assassin" rankon a mission if you are spotted. To get a "Silent Assassin"rank, there has to be nothing in the aggression bar. You can makesure of this by only using chloroform on guards and eliminatingthe target with just one shot.

Hint: Ambush the Temple: Easy Silent Assassinrank:
Start the level by running into the city and move ina general direction to the left until you reach a building. Onyour map, this is the bottom right building with a silver icon.Go in there and a man will talk to you. After that, walk up behindhim (there is no need to sneak), and use some Anesthetic on him.Take his clothes then get out of the building. Then, go to yourmap. Note: This is very hard to describe in detail because theposition of the agent is different each time. Look for the smallred weapon pick-up icon. Go in, and a man sitting at a chair willfire two shots in the air, but no one will be alerted. After theintermission sequence, look at your map and find the yellow iconthat is stationary (another one will be moving). The stationaryicon will be somewhere in one of the two main plaza areas. Whereverthe stationary icon is, go into the storage thing under it, andgo up the stairs. Sneak up on the man at the window and FiberWire him. Take his Sniper Rifle, and take out the other yellowicon. Then, take pictures of the two dead men. Take the picturesback to the agent, and follow your map to the exit.

Hint: Anathema: Easy Silent Assassin rank:
At the start, wait for the guard at the side door ofthe gates to urinate then sneak in. Run straight to the cellarsteps then sneak up to the kitchen. Save the game at this point.Check your map and wait for the Don to enter his bedroom. Whenhe does, the guard outside his room should leave and go to anotherroom. Quickly get up there. You can take the Don out with thesilenced 9mm. Aim at his head. Take his keys and jump off thebalcony to the yard. Save the game at this point. Hurry to thepool and wait until the coast is clear. Next, enter the side doorto the house and run to the kitchen. Sneak down to the basement,making sure that the cook does not see you. Go to the only roomin the basement where 47 will say that Victorio is not there.From here, check your map and wait until the guard urinates again.Then, run to the tool shed/car garage. Once there, get the sniperrifle. Wait until he is done urinating and leaves to chat withhis the guard at the kitchen steps. Run out the door and makefor a clean get away through the front gates where you first sawthe postman enter.

You begin this level with a 9mm Pistol SD, Fiber Wire, Anestheticand the Ballers. When you start, ignore the mail man and justgo to the side door. Stand outside, but to the right of the doorso the guard that comes out does not spot you.. When he goes out,he will take urinate. Get under stealth and sneak up to him slowlyand quietly. Use the Anesthetic on him. Take his clothing andhand gun. Equip your 9mm SD and put it in your holster.. Get thebody and drag it just inside the door, or the guard that walksoutside will spot him. You have to make sure that no one is alertedor killed besides the target throughout this entire level. Onceyou drop the body, walk casually all the way to the back of theyard (on the right side of the house). Avoid getting too closeto the guards because they might shoot you. As you reach the backof the yard, open your map and see where the Don and driver arelocated. If they are walking towards the back to urinate, runin quickly, take a left as you walk in the door, and climb theladder without getting spotted. As soon as you get on the roof,run to the office and enter the first door you encounter. TheDon will now enter the house and be on his way to the office.Pull out your silenced 9mm pistol. Walk to the other exit of theoffice, which is directly across from the door you entered. Openthe door, go out slightly, and do a 180 turn so that you are facingthe office. This is done so that there is less of a chance thatthe Don will spot you when he walks in. Get a good shot and takehim out with one head shot. Once he walks in, he will not spotyou and will walk to his desk. Aim for the head and shoot. Makesure that you shoot with the silenced 9mm pistol so you will notbe detected. Walk up to his body and pick up the revolver androom key. Drag the body to the door you entered from. Put yourhand gun in your holster. Save the game at this point. You mustexit that room, but the guards will almost always see right throughyou. Walk through the left door (as if you were looking towardsthe front of the house) and walk casually. The guard just outsidewill be extremely cautious and the meter will be flashing red.Do not panic. Just keep walking and take a left. If he shoots,pause game play then load from your previous save and try again.When you take that left, go through the door to your right. Youwill be able to pick up some ammunition in that room, but youwill not really need it as you cannot shoot anyone to get theSilent Assassin rank. As soon as you enter that that room, therewill be another door that will be on your left that leads to thekitchen. Check your map and make sure that no guard is there.If there is only a green circle in your map, it is the cook andshe will not be alarmed. Run down the stairs quickly, walk inthe kitchen, and walk towards the basement stairs. From there,you can run to the door where your main objective is located.Once you open the door, you will find no one and walk out theother door (left of the door you just opened). Save the game atthis point. Once you climb up those steps, you will be in themain yard again. You have to exit through the door you came inthrough. The guard should still be knocked out. There will betwo guards in front of the house looking around. Try and walkcloser to the wall to decrease the chances of being spotted. Runas fast as you can through the door and main exit and you willget a Silent Assassin rank. If you get a message that the guardsare alarmed, start over from your last save point. If they callyou and are close and chase you. they will see the knocked outguard which will alarm them and you will have to start from thelast save point. If you take too long, the mail man will deliverthe flowers, the maid will go to the Don's office and see thathe is dead which will also fail the Silent Assassin rank.

If you have a sniper rifle that you can start with, use it. Ifnot, when you start all you need is the Anesthetic. From the hillyou begin at, run down at a right diagonal. You should be nextto a door with a guard inside. He will exit and start to urinate.When he does, use the entire bottle of Anesthetic on him. Takehis clothes and gun and walk inside the door. Next, walk overto the back garage door entrance. Go in and get the sniper rifle.Walk back to the hill you started at. If you look in your scope,you will see the Don playing golf on his deck. Snipe him. Dropthe rifle and run back to the door. Then, walk over to where toDon is located. Pick up the key and walk to the other side ofthe house, down into the cellar. Open the door, walk in the room,and immediately walk back out. Walk out of the cellar and outthe door you came in. If the coast is clear, run to the exit andyou are done.

Go down to the side door and hide just to the right of the door.In a minute, a thug will come out to urinate. When he does, sneakin the door behind him (use stealth mode). Run to the basementstairs, wait until the grocery boy starts to go up the stairs,then run after him. When you get to the stairs, enter stealthmode and use Anesthetic on the thug by the kitchen door. Then,run to the doorway that leads to the pool. Save the game at thispoint. Check your map to see when the two men leave to urinate.When they do so, use the ladder. When you reach the roof, go tothe door facing the roof you are on. Once inside the office, goto the door directly across from the one that you are in. Standin the doorway. Take out your 9mm SD (first person view recommendedfor better aiming). When the Don reaches his desk, shoot him inthe head. Collect his room key, then drag him to the door whereyou first came in. Do not take him all the way outside. Save thegame at this point. Check your map. When the two men by the poolgo inside (this takes a while), drag the Don over the peak ofthe roof. When the guys go onto the balcony, they will not seehim. Next, run to the edge of the roof and look to the right.You will see a little ledge that runs along the side of the building.Run along it until you are above the basement stairs. Drop downinto them. Then, go into the room where Vittorio is supposed tobe at. Diana will say here bit. Check your map. When the man bythe side door where you first came in goes to chat with his friendat the kitchen stairs, run for the side door then on to the exit.You are now done with Silent Assassin rank. Note: If the thugsare alarmed at all, you will not get the ranking.

Start out on the hill. If you have a sniper rifle, turn about45 degrees to the right and zoom in with it. You should see aman that is the Don. You will notice him because he is swinginga golf club. Kill him, then go down the hill. Hide behind thetrees and snipe the two guards at the gates. Go in and hide behindtrees. Snipe all the men that you can see. Go towards the garage.Be careful as there are more men out here. Snipe them, then goto the door along the wall that leads to the pool. Climb the ladderthere and kill that target. Drop your sniper rifle to a placewhere you will not forget it. Take a guard's clothes and get a9mm out. Take the key from the guard that you just killed. Goin the house, to the Don's room. There is a small door leadingto the outside where the don was located. Take what he has andfollow the remainder of mission as instructed.

Start by running to the door nearest to you. When the guard comesout to urinate, use the Anesthetic to knock him out and take hisclothes (and gun if desired). Then, go inside. Go to the rightuntil you reach the stairs to the basement, then go inside. Waituntil only the cook is in the room above, then walk up the stairsand enter the door. Go through the door directly in front of youand close it once outside. There should be an opening to the leftof the door. Walk through it, making sure you hug the wall. Onceyou reach the balcony of the Don's office, walk to the door onthe right. Sneak while opening the door. Shoot the Don with asilenced weapon, take the keys and whatever else, then walk throughthe ledge back. As you walk on the ledge, the door to the basementshould be under you. Carefully drop, enter, do what you need todo, and simply walk out through your entry point to leave.

As you start out, run down and stand out of sight on the oppositeside of the small wall to the right of the door (that the onethe man exits from to urinate). When he does, sneak up and stranglehim with the Fiber Wire. Drag his body through the door and dropit on the other side. Take his clothes and gun. Go to the backof the garage and move north toward the villa house. Walk pastthe kitchen door and go north to a door with the pool area onthe other side. Look at the map screen, and wait for two guardsto walk to the northern field on the other side of the door. Youmay have to wait a while, but they will go there. You also maynot see them at first, as they go inside. Once the guards stopin the field, go through the door and run left to the ladder leadingto the roof. Climb it up and run across the roof. Then, go acrossa board to the balcony. Do not go through the door on the otherside of the board. Instead, go around to the door on the otherside of the balcony. Look through the keyhole and wait for theDon to walk into the room and stand facing in the other direction.If you see a message anytime before this point that states "TheDon has been alarmed", there will be a man packing a shotgunon the other side of the door. If this happens, restart the leveland try to stay further away from all the guards. When the Donwalks in the room, sneak up behind him and strangle him with theFiber Wire. Take his keys and exit the room through the door inthe northeast corner. Move east across the roof, turn right, andwalk along the edging of the building for a bit. Drop down tothe grass just in front of the stairs leading to the basement.If you land on the stairs, you will hurt yourself and perhapsdie. Go down into the basement, open the first door to the rightto release Vittorio. The room is empty. Diana tells you he wasmoved before you arrived. Exit the basement through the door youentered, then run to the door where the man whose clothes youstole is laying. If anyone sees you running and starts shooting,ignore them and keep running. If you fire back, you will not geta Silent Assassin rank. Exit the villa grounds through that door,then run to your right along the road through which the postmanenters at the beginning. Exit to complete the mission.

This trick only requires the Anesthetic and 9mm SD pistol. Whenthe level starts, run down the hill you are standing on towardsthe side door. Stay to the right side of the door or the guardthat exits to urinate will spot you. When he appears, sneak upto him. Knock him out with the Anesthetic and take his clothes.Go straight towards the cellar, and when inside save the game.Go to the kitchen and go through the door to your right when youare upstairs. Check the map and run towards the study. Grab thedegeal then check your map again. Go towards the stairs whichleads to the left side of the Don's bedroom. Wait at the stairswhere the guard cannot see you, but you can still see him. Waituntil the guard moves aside and goes to another hallway. Go intothe Don's bedroom and hide behind his bed. Wait until the Donenters and goes to the balcony then returns. At this point, useyour 9mm SD to take out the Don with just one head shot. Pickup the revolver and the room key from his body. Then, jump outof the balcony and get back to the cellar unnoticed. Check theonly room in the basement, then go to the garage. Grab the sniperrifle and escape through the door you entered the house. Run towardsthe exit to finish the mission.

Start by running down the hill and to the door in front of you.Wait at the right-hand side of the door in sneak mode with Anestheticready. A man will come out to urinate at the trees. Use all fivebottles of Anesthetic on him. Take his clothes and gun if desired,then go in the door. Move north across the courtyard avoidingthe guards. When you get to the end, there should be a door toyour left. Go in there and wait for two guards to walk past you.Then, go in and climb the ladders to your left near the trees.Sneak across the roof to the balcony. Go across the wooden plankto the door on the other side. If you are quick enough, you cansneak through the door and Fiber Wire the Don. If he is not there,wait for him outside then sneak in. Take the room key and hisgun if desired. Go back down the ladders, avoiding the guards.Walk back across the courtyard and into the basement. Check theroom, then exit using the door used to enter. You may have touse more Anesthetic on the guard. Then, go to the exit.

Start the level with a sniper rifle (preferably the W2000 Customrifle). When you begin, walk as far to the left as possible, thenlook at the mansion with your sniper rifle. You will see the Donpracticing his golf swing on a balcony to the left side. Shoothim in the head when he comes through with his golf swing. Ifdone correctly, he will fall backwards off the balcony. Then,look down to the back door in the trees. When the guard appears,snipe him with one shot. Run down the hill to the guard and takehis clothes, drop your rifle, and walk through the door. Slowlywalk over to where you saw the Don fall. Make sure no one seesyou pick up his key. Once you have the key, save the game. Then,start walking around the front of the mansion to the basementsteps. If anybody notices you, restart from the saved game. Gointo the basement as usual and find that the room is empty. Carefullywalk back to the door you came through. Walk through it then walkto the gate to complete the level with a "Silent Assassin"rank.

Hint: Anathema: Urinating guard:
Equip a sniper rifle and watch the door directly infront of you. If you watch long enough, a guard will appear andwalk to the trees on the left side of the door and urinate. Donot shoot him too soon or you will miss the funniest part.

Hint: At The Gates: Custom W2000 rifle:
Use the following trick to get the W2000, which isbest sniper rifle (the only one that is silenced). Start the missionwith a rifle and take out the guards in your sight. Follow theroad and be ready for the "Sniper has acquired target"message. After this, quickly run back a few yards, and he willprobably lost you. The snipers are at towers to your left. Atyour left it is a hill that helps give you cover. The first sniperat the tower at the right is an easy target. After him, you willsee another one at a higher tower. Do not shoot him. Walk backand save the game. His rifle is very fast and powerful. Use yoursniper rifle to shoot him, but do not try to kill him with a headshot.You must hit him lower than his rifle. If done correctly, youwill see him dropping his rifle out the window while falling back.Do not run to take it, as another sniper is at a tower to yourleft. Use your map to find him. Kill him, then find the rifle.It is a custom version of W2000 with very powerful shot and issilenced. You can kill multiple enemies with one shot. Note: Donot stop trying if he does not drop the rifle; try to hit himat the correct spot.

Hint: Basement Killing: Easy Silent Assassinrank:
You need to bring Anesthetic. Once you have startedthe level, go into the men's restroom. It is located on the leftside of the map. If you look closely on the sign near the door,it should read "Gentlemen". Once inside, wait in anystall except the last one until the delivery boy enters to urinate.While he is doing so, sneak up behind and use your Anesthetic.Take his clothes and drop all of your guns in a different stall.Keep your Fiber Wire. Then, go to the food court. Go to the windowand wait for the delivery boy to give you a pizza. Once you haveit, go to the elevator while staying as far away from the guardsas much possible. Once you are down there, go to the second basementand pick the lock. Once you are down there, watch out for chipson the floor. The man at the computer will hear them. After youget past the chips, strangle the man with the Fiber Wire. Then,head back upstairs and return to the bathroom. Change your clothesand hide in the stall with your guns. You must hide because onceyou get back up, the delivery boy should be telling the guardsabout someone taking his clothes. Wait for the police to stopentering the bathroom. Once this happens, go into the place withyour stash. Go into it and get the Smoke Bomb. Then, go to thelaundry room and drop the bomb into the chute. Next, go outsidethe fire department and wait until all the fireman have exited.Because of the Smoke Bomb, the fire alarm should have gone off.When they are out, go in, change into the fireman outfit, andgrab an ax. Then, run down the fire stairs and enter the officewhere the stairs are to get to your target. Once there, use thefire ax or the gun in the cabinet to destroy the computer. Oncethat is done, go into the elevator.

You will only need the Anesthetic, 9mm SD, and the Fiber Wire.You will start in the little "booth". Check your mapto see where the Hitman symbol is located and go to the area.Before going in the door, check your map to see if there are anyguards walking in that room. If there are no guards, go in. Openlocker #137 and only take the Smoke Bomb. Walk to the clothesshaft and drop the 9mm SD down one of them (while not being seenby any guards). Next, check your map and go to the men's bathroomon the other side of the level. Go in the bathroom stall thatis second from the right. Stay there until the pizza deliveryboy walks in. Then, go into sneak mode and use all five bottlesof Anesthetic on him when he is going to the bathroom. You maywant to shut the door before taking his clothes. Save the gameat this point. Leave all your guns in one of the bathroom stalls.Go to the elevator, through the metal detectors. Take the elevatordown to the basement. Walk to where the 9mm SD that you droppeddown the shaft earlier is located. Take it, then walk to the areathe kill target is at. Once you have picked the lock at the verybottom of the stairs, sneak all the way to the "Kill target".Be careful not to step on the potato chips, as this will alarmhim. Stand behind him with the Fiber Wire and use it. Drag hisbody behind the desk. Save the game at this point. Drop the SmokeBomb in this room. Stand outside of the police office for a shortwhile. Once the fire alarm goes off, wait till the police runout of the office. Shoot the computer all the way to the left.Then, run into the elevator.

You are not required to bring anything with you (except FibreWire which is automatically selected) for this trick. As soonas you start, run to the guards quarters which is around the cornerto your right. As you enter, wait the for guard that is in thereto enter the room on the left and for the door to shut. Quicklyrun into the room on your right. Open locker 137 and take allof the contents. Quickly leave, making sure that you have holsteredthe pistol. Go into the gentlemen's toilets, which are locatedbehind the first door on your right as you leave the guard's room.Enter one of the stalls and use the Smoke Bomb. From this pointon, speed is essential. Leave and run to the fire department roomat the other side of the building. When the fire alarm sounds,all of the firemen will run out of the fire departmen. Make sureall of the firemen have left (using map or counting either fiveor six of them). Then, run into the room they just vacated andchange into the fireman's outfit. This may cause your alert meterto flash. If it goes red, it could be a problem later. Note: Tryto get as close up to the locker as possible; this hides you fromwhatever it is that that sees you. Pick up a fire ax and leave.Run through the metal detectors and to the elevator. Enter itand ride down to the basement. If you have done this quickly enough,the fire alarm should still be on (but cannot be heard from basement).There should be at most one guard there. Go to the stairs to thelower basement. Drop your ax down the stairs, and shoot the surveillancecomputer with your 9mm SD. Then, run down the stairs picking upthe ax on the way, so that the guards will not see it when theyreturn. Drop your ax near the door and pick the lock to the room.Although this is slow, sneak your way to the target, avoidingthe crisps which will make a noise if stepped on. Kill the targetwith the Fibre Wire. After the intermission sequence, run backto the door (and pick up your ax if desired). This is where youhave a problem. Up above in the room where the elevator is locatedare at least two guards. If you did not get a red bar while changinginto fireman clothes, then this is a lot easier. If you did, donot worry. You might want to save your game at this point. Runback up to the stairs through the door and into the elevator beforethe guards realize that you are there. If your alert bar flashesred, you may not get the Silent Assassin rank, because you areonly allowed one close encounter. If you did not get Silent Assassin,check the stats at the end, There should only be one close encounter,if any.

Hint: Basement Killing: Getting the pizzaboy's clothes safely:
Use the following trick to get the clothes from thepizza boy without him telling anyone. Wait at the restroom onthe left of the map in the fourth stall. Wait for the pizza deliveryboy to arrive and use five bottles of Anesthetic on him. Do nottake his clothes. Go to the room with the sign "Food Delivery"unnoticed by guards. If guard appears, hide close to the walland he will go away. Before the delivery boy tells you "Cannotgo--- you no access la", equip the Anesthetic and use twobottles on him. Then, take his clothes and wait for him to getup.

Hint: Death of Hannelore: Easy Silent Assassinrank:
When the level starts, immediately run to the brownboxes and wait for the guard to go up the little "hill".Run towards the water and stay along it. Go into the sewer andlook at your map. Find the way up the stairs. When you get there,do not go up the steps. There should be four walls that stickout. Find the one that is the darkest and go through it. Then,go up the ladder and head right into the room. Go left and keeprunning to the next room. The doctors will run, but just keepgoing. When you cannot go through any more doors, look on thebed and change into the clothes quickly. Go out the way you camefrom quickly and run. Some of the doors on your right have bathrooms.Find the one that does not have one. Walk out calmly and go tothe supply room. Get the door key then go to where the lady youare supposed to kill. When you arrive, there should be two peoplesitting down. Wait for the nurse to get up and talk to you. Followher up the stairs and she will take you to the lady in the green.Wait for the nurse to leave and the lady in the green goes tothe window. While she is still talking, go up behind her and cuther throat or strangle her. After she dies, drag her out the doorand watch out for any patients or innocents. Go straight acrossthe circle so the guards do not see you. Go to the door on theright and put her inside. Walk out calmly and go back all theway you came from. When you reach the end of the sewer where youfirst entered, watch out for any guards that may be present. Whenit is clear, run to your motorboat, still in your doctor's clothing.

Start by dropping any rifle that you have and equip, then holster,your Anesthetic. Wait for the nearest bodyguard to go to the nearestnarrow passage. Run to the helicopter landing site and go intothe sewers. Watch out for the bodyguard patrolling it. Run tothe end of the sewers but do not go up the ladder, as the guardswill see you. On your right while facing the ladder is a passage.Go there. Watch out for bodyguards, nurses, doctors, or patientsthat are going your way. Save the game. If you get through this,go to the room on your right. With luck, there will be no onethere. If there is, wait for the doctor to go away. Alternately,sneak by the crouch behind him not using anything; he will noteven notice you and go away. Go to the last room and change intothe doctor's clothes. Walk to the place with the Hitman symbol.Get the door key and poison. Bodyguards will not notice your disguise.Go to the place where Dr. Von Kamprad is located and talk to her.Poison her water first, and when she returns to drink her watershe will die. Immediately drag her to the room with the symbols.Walk to your boat and you will receive a Silent Assassin rankwithout using your weapons. Note: Use the Anesthetic was in emergencysituations.

Hint: Gontranno Sanctuary: Flying scarecrow:
Equip a Fiber Wire and stand slightly to the rightof the scarecrow. Double lean to the left and strangle it. Ifthis does not work or you strangle it normally, walk slightlyto the left or right of it.

Hint: The Graveyard Shift: Easy SilentAssassin rank:
You need Anesthetic for this trick. As you start thelevel by the elevator, drop you axe and look at your map. Youwill see a room to your left side with an attention point. Moveto the door on your left side, but do not open it. Wait untilthe guard moves aside, then open the door and move calmly towardsthe room. Pick the lock and open the door. Grab the keycard andsave the game. Get out of the room and knock out the guard withthe Anesthetic. Take his clothes and hide his body in one of thebathrooms. No one will find him there. Look at your map and youwill see a room directly in front of the server room. Its dooris marked red. Run towards that door and make sure that the guarddoes not see you. When you reach the door, open it with your keycardand put a bullet in the server cooler. This will overheat theserver and cause the administrator to run towards the server roomand enter it. When he does so, enter the room after him beforethe door is locked again. Knock him out with the Anesthetic, plantthe bug, then calmly get out of the room. Save the game at thispoint. Run towards the great window leading to the skybridge.Smash it by puting a bullet into it. Ignore the guards outsideand just run towards the exit to complete the level.

You will need a silenced pistol and Anesthetic for this mission.As soon as you start, go into the room to your left that has a"!" blinking in it. This one is the closest blinkingone next to you on your map. Once inside, shoot the camera aimedat the coffee pot. Then, go back into the elevator and get theAnesthetic ready. Watch your map for the system administratorto walk into the room with the camera that you shot. While heis standing looking at the camera, sneak up behind him and useall five slots of Anesthetic on him. You only have about fiveminutes to complete the next part; and must be quick. It is difficult,so run when you can. Take his clothes as soon as he is out cold.Run to his office and grab the key card. His office should bethe room with the "!" in it on the far left of the map.Run to the office that has a "!" blinking in it withthe yellow door. This room should be at the top of your map; itis the left room (and not the right one). Plant the bug on thecomputer server. Run to the big window and shoot it with yoursilenced pistol. Then, run all the way to the exit. It will bedifficult with the guards there, but by now the administratoris waking up and about to tell the guards someone took his clothes.The trick for this mission is not to get noticed or shoot anyone.Also, in order to walk faster, walk backwards.

Hint: Invitation To A Party: Easy SilentAssassin rank:
Run down the road that the Agency's pickup is down,heading west until you see a man wearing a tuxedo walking towardsyou. Knock him out with the Anesthetic and hide his body aroundthe wall. Take his clothes and grab the invitation. Go to thefront gate and show the guard your invitation. He will let youin. Go through the front door and go into the ballroom. Wait untilGeneral Zuphikov walks past the maid's room, then kill him withthe Fiber Wire. Drag his body into that room. It is the one nextto the maid's room, closest to the ballroom door. By now, theGerman ambassador should be walking up to the office on the secondfloor, alone. Follow him, and when he gets to the office, knockhim out with the Anesthetic. Take his combination and use it toopen the safe. Take the briefcase and go back downstairs. Walkout the front door and go through the front gate. Run back toyour boat, and you should complete this level with a SilencedAssassin rank.

When you start, chloroform the waiter. Take his clothes and hiskey. Go to the agency pick-up and get the poison. Enter the rightgate entrance (not the center one). Enter through the garage door.Carefully walk past the guards through the hallway and go intothe kitchen. Get the champagne glass. Exit through the first dooron the left. Go to the top of the stairs on the left. Put thepoison into the glass. Enter the main room and wait for the general.Walk up to him and he will take the poisoned glass. He will coughand run into the bathroom. Follow him and watch him vomit to death.Then, carefully go upstairs and enter the secret entrance to thesecond floor balcony (go up the left staircase, go in south leftsouth door, walk into the wall right in front of you, then openthe door). Be careful, because there will be guard, a W2000 sniperrifle and a guest's clothes. Quickly put on the clothes and leavewithout the guard seeing you. Ignore the sniper rifle. Buy nowthe Spetsnaz has held up the ambassador. Quickly go to where theagent and the ambassador are located. Go into the connecting room.Sneak in behind the Spetsnaz agent and Fiber Wire him, slit histhroat, or shoot him in the back of the head with the silenced9mm; make sure he dies quickly. If he is not already dead, chloroformthe ambassador. Get the suitcase and leave through the front door,then exit through the gate you first entered (not the center one)and proceed back to the boat.

Hint: Invitation To A Party: Getting theSniper Rifle:
If you want to pick up the Sniper Rifle and the suitcaseat the same time, holster any weapons you may be carrying andpick up the suitcase. It should be in your left hand. Then, pickup the rifle and you will drop the suitcase on the ground. Takeout you 9mm SD and the rifle should go into your left hand. Holsteryou 9mm SD, then pick up the suitcase. You now have the suitcasein your left hand, and have shifted the rifle to your right. Youcan even use the rifle with one hand.

Get the briefcase but do not kill the general. Instead, run toyour boat and drop the briefcase directly next to it. Go back,kill the general, then get the rifle. Next, go up to your boatthe mission will be completed. Try different positions for thebriefcase if you do not get it the first time.

Hint: Invitation To A Party: Secret entrance:
Do all the necessary objectives and go to the secondfloor of the level. Take the left set of stairs and turn left.If you look closely, you will see a keyhole. Open the door andgo to the narrow passage. Be careful because there is a bodyguardhere. This secret area contains a W2000 rifle, some sniper ammunition,and guest clothes.

Hint: Invitation To A Party: Saving theAmbassador:
Go inside the mansion and into the ballroom. Find thetall agent that is by himself next to the piano. Wait until theAmbassador (as shown in the photo) enters the room to talk tothe agent about the briefcase inside the safe. After they aredone talking, they will exit the ballroom and the Ambassador willescort the agent to the room with the safe. Follow them, but donot get too close. They will enter the room with the safe andwill talk to each other before the Ambassador opens it. Go insidethe room next to the room that they are in without looking suspicious.Look inside the keyhole in the room that you are in, and you cansee the agent pointing a .54 pistol at the Ambassador to killhim. Open the door and wait until the Ambassador opens the safe.This is your chance to take out the agent silently. Take the briefcaseinside the safe and exit the room. The Ambassador will be directlyin front of the table, very scared.

Hint: Jacuzzi Job: Easy Silenced Assassinrank:
When the level starts, immediately hop over the railingnext to you and enter the door. Go towards the two double doorsthat lead to the elevator hallway but do not go through eitherof them. Stand between them, next to the potted tree. If you arein the correct location, the guards will not see you when theyenter. Once they have passed, calmly walk through the double doorsand toward the Jacuzzi room. Enter it and stand behind the screenso that the bikini guards cannot see you. Wait for them to goto the bathroom then sneak up and rope Charlie Sidjan with thefiber wire. Quickly drag his body towards the door and positionhim and yourself so that when the door opens you will be hiddenbehind it. When the girls re-enter the room they will not seeyou. After they walk by, drag Charlie into the bathroom acrossthe hall. By doing this, the girls will not find his dead bodyimmediately. A male guard should now be heading your way. If desired,open the door and chloroform him as he turns and walks back fromthe end of the hall. Hide his body in the bathroom as well. Next,walk straight to the piano room where the expensive statue is,but do not take it. Exit the doors and wait outside, watchingyour map. When the computer woman turns around (green circle onmap), enter her room then sneak up behind her when she has thewall safe open. Feed her some chloroform and take the money inthe safe. Leave her body there -- no one will see it. Exit theother door in the room and cross the hallway to the next room.Smash the fuses so the power goes out. Head back, grab the statue,then wait for the technician to arrive in the elevator. Stay outof his sight. When he exits the elevator and heads for the fusebox, walk into the elevator and get your Silent Assassin rank.Note: You can optionally chloroform the second male guard in thedark when he cannot see you. Also, if you cannot see in the dark,turn up your brightness on your screen or get the nightvision(difficult to use) near the statue.

Hint: Kirov Park Meeting: Easy SilencedAssassin rank:
Note: This is the easiest level to complete with a"Silenced Assassin" rank. You will need the crossbowfrom the hidden valley at the Gates And Shogun Showdown level.Start by running to the dumpsters directly in front of you. Hidebehind the box so that the patrolling guard does not see you.When he goes back behind the wall, run and get the car bomb. Then,run down the sewer that is visible when you run from your boat.Keep going to the left of the wall and you will eventually getto a turning. Go down here and you find a ladder that leads tothe underside of the car. Place the bomb then climb down. Go tothe ladder that is nearest to the radio tower and climb out. Therewill be a guard that will stay at the door of the tower for along time. Go behind the wall. As soon as he goes past the wall,run up and pick the lock. Then, run to the right of the radiotower. Do not go up the ladder. Instead, hide as far behind thetower as you can. Wait for awhile until the guard goes behindthe wall again then climb up the ladder. Save the game at thispoint. Look through the scope and you should see the two targetswalking around the park. Do not shoot them the first time yousee them. Wait until they come back and take out the man in thebrown. Save the game at this point. Wait until the "ObjectiveUpdated" message appears then check which way the guard downat the bottom is facing. Drop the crossbow and go down the ladder.Run to the place that you hid at previously. He should returnto his patrolling. When he goes behind the wall that you waitedfor him to go behind before, run out the door and to the manhole.Then, run back to the manhole you started from in the sewers andcheck where the nearest guard is located. Climb out and run toyour boat.

The Anesthetic and custom rifle are recommended. Otherwise, youwill be using the sniper rifle you will get at the pick up. Whenyou start the level, wait for the limousine to pass by you withoutgetting spotted. Check your map and make sure the guard is notheading towards the dumpsters where the weapon drop is located.Once the guard is walking the other way, run toward the dumpsterand get your weapons. If you do not have the custom rifle, getthe sniper rifle that was assigned for the mission. As soon asyou get all your weapons, run to the street and go down the manhole.Once in the sewers, run all the way to the manhole next to theone you climbed down. If you check your map, it is located allthe way to the left. Once you climb it, you be under the General'slimousine. Set the car bomb and climb down. Open your map. Youhave to go to second man hole from your left . When you go up,you should be near the water tower. As soon as you are up on thestreets again, run towards the building that is closer to thewater tower. Stay on the side of the street, not the alleyway.Hide from the guard but make sure you can still see what he isdoing. Save the game at this point. Once the guard is walkingbeside the water tower (away from the streets), run to the door,pick the lock, and run besides the water tower (on the side theguard is not on). Hide as close to the wall as possible near thecorner, drop the sniper rifle, then take out your Anesthetic andhave it ready. Get ready be ready to walk silently when the guardis near. The guard will pass right next to you, walking towardthe street. When he passes by you, start walking towards him.As soon as he stops, use all your Anesthetic on him. Take hisclothes, run and get your sniper riffle then climb the water tower.As soon as you are ready to shoot, save the game. Aim towardsthe park and shoot the Mafia leader. He will be wearing a brownoutfit. If the Mafia leader cannot be seen because the Generalis in the way, take the shot at the General. It will go throughand you will take out two men down with one shot. If you justshoot the Mafia leader, the General will run towards his limousine,which will explode with the car bomb you set. Go down the towerand run towards the manhole you came out from. Climb down andrun toward the very first man hole you climbed down from (theone near the weapon pick up). Then, run toward your boat.

Get the two car bombs from behind the dumpster (and do not getspotted by the guard). Go into the sewers and go left. Go to theladder that comes up under the limousine. You can tell which oneis correct by comparing the sewer and street maps. Go up the ladder.You will see the bottom of the car. Place a bomb. Go back downthe ladder and move to the far side of the sewer. Check your mapfor the manhole that exits behind the building by the Mafia man'slimousine. Go up that ladder and wait for the limousine driverto urinate behind the building. When he does so, sneak up on himand use the Anesthetic. Take his uniform. You may want to savethe game at this point. Walk up to the limousine and place theother bomb. If the guards start shooting at you, just reload frombehind the building. Once the bomb is placed, walk back to theboat. Both men will try to leave and blow up in their cars. Youwill not have alerted anyone or fired a single shot.

You will need a rifle to do this. At the start, run behind thegarbage dumpsters and wait for the patrolling guard to turn around.Then, run to the nearest Kirov Park entrance (specifically theone from which the limo came from). Stay on the opposite sideof the road from the guards. Use the scope on your rifle to lookinto the park. Wait for the two targets to arrive and walk intothe park. When they start hugging, shoot them with one shot andyou have killed them both. Check your objectives to make sureyou did this successfully. Run back to your boat to get a SilentAssassin rank. This trick works well if you have the Custom Rifle.

Start by waiting the first limousine to pass. Then, wait for theguard in front to pass. Go to the dumpster to get your weapons,especially the two car bombs. Run to the nearest sewer unnoticedby the guards. Run all the way to the left of your map until youfind a ladder and put the bomb in the limousine. Then, look atyour map of the sewers. Check which is the longest passage andgo there (center-up on the map). Wait for the driver to urinate.He will not run if he sees you; do not crouch or do somethingelse. Use the entire bottle of Methoxyfluorane (Anesthetic) onthe driver. Take his clothes, walk to the limousine, and plantthe bomb. The guards will not notice. Go to the sewer (from theone you came from) and listen to the targets calling for help.Go to the beginning sewer that you came from and go to your boatuntil they explode. You will still get the Silent Assasin rankeven if the "Warning: the guards have found the dead bodyguard"message appears.

Hint: Motorcade Interception: Easy SilentAssassin rank:
Walk over to get the sniper rifle that the agency droppedoff for you. There is a building across from here that has stairsthat only go up one story. Make sure you do not get spotted withthe rifle in your hand and make you way to those steps, but donot go up them. Use them to hide behind. Set your aim to whereyou are still behind the stairs and have the last bit of roadthat the limousine will get to before entering the castle gatesin view. This should leave you with a good shot at your target.Once you have scored the shot, drop the rifle and walk calmlyto the exit. It may take a few attempts to hit the target. Note:Kneeling helps.

When you start this level, it is recommended that you bring a9mm SD. Start by walking normally to the agency drop-off and getthe .50 caliber sniper rifle. Holster it, then run and duck behindthe boxes next to the street. Keep checking your map until thereare no guards on the street in front of you. Once the street isclear, run across the street to the building with the stairs behindit. Position yourself on the steps so that you have a good viewof the road, but the guards cannot see you from the street. Kneeldown, and once the note that the motorcade has reached the gatesappears, save the game. Zoom in with the rifle and shoot the targetthrough the window of the limo. Immediately drop your rifle andwalk around the area. Find a hiding location near the MP guards.Eventually the sound of the machine guns will die down. This indicatesthat the MP guards have all shot each other. Quickly run to wherethe MP guards were located and pick up an M4. Run as fast as youcan to the exit, because there will probably be one or two MPguards remaining who will chase you once you pick up the M4. Ifyou run into a regular guard on the way to the exit, either avoidhim or kill him with one shot to the head. If it is an MP guard,just keep going. If done correctly, you will get a "SilentAssassin" rank and have an M4 in your gun hut.

Hint: Motorcade Interception: Getting theM4 (M16):
Start by clearing everyone out of the level. Then meetwith the man that gives you the .50 caliber sniper rifle. Next,go to the gate that the motorcade drives through, Wait directlybeside the gate until the motorcade comes through. Once you haveyour sight on the man you have to kill, shoot him then run offto the left of the level. Hide behind one of the buildings. Ditchthe sniper rifle and do not leave any guns in your hands. Finda U.N. guard that you can sneak up on. Sneak up behind him andstrangle him with the Fiber Wire. Note: You will not fail themission when you use the Fiber Wire. Pick up the M4 and run tothe exit.

Hint: Murder At The Bazzar: Easy SilentAssassin rank:
You will need the 9mm SD pistol for this trick. Whenthe level starts, move towards the lieutenant's quarters, butdo not enter yet. Wait for the two guards to pass by, then pickthe lock of the backside door of the quarters. Enter the sneakmode and open the door. Note: If you not get into sneak mode,the lieutenant will hear you and call for help. Get inside andmove up the stairs. Take out your Fiber Wire and strangle thelieutenant and get the coordinates from him. Do not let your sneakmode guard down yet. Move cautiously downwards and leave withoutgetting spotted by the guards who have entered the quarter. Then,move towards the bazaar. Check your map and you will see a ladderleading up. Wait for the two guards to patrol back to their positions,then climb the ladder. You are on the bazaar. The second lieutenantshould now be under the first window to your left. Check the mapto make sure. Save your game and take out the 9mm SD pistol. Movetowards the window and finish the job with a headshot. Quicklyclimb down the ladder and save the game. Move calmly towards thebazaar and make sure there are no guards around the dead lieutenant.Grab his key, then get out of the bazaar. Move towards the exitto complete the level.

Hint: Redemption at Gontranno: DefeatingSergei:
After you have killed all of the bodyguards, get asniper rifle. Go into the confession booth and wait for the Sergeito appear. When he begins to come out, run across the church andhide behind the cross. When Sergei is in front of you on the secondlevel, fire one shot to the head. Note: If you are in stealthmode when you open a door, no one will hear you.

In order to fight the Boss, you have to eliminate all of the hitmen.This will make the Boss battle much easier. When you have killedall of the hitmen, enter the confession room on the left. Thisis the one that you pray in during the first level's loading screen.The priest will be in the confession room directly next to you,being held captive by the Russian general. The only way to getthe general out is to crouch down and shoot a bullet at the hearton the confession booth's inside wall. A short intermission willstart and the general will come out, firing an SP12. Use any automaticrifle and fire, making sure every bullet connects. Make sure youhave the full amount of ammunition equipped in the gun. He shoulddie within a few seconds.

After you have killed all of Sergei's bodyguards, return to thegun collection place. Select your M60 and full ammunition. Reloadthe gun and about five shouts from it should kill Sergei.

Hint: Secret Valley: Easy Silent Assassinrank:
A sniper rifle is required for this trick At the TrackingHayamoto level, add a sniper rifle to your inventory. When youcomplete that level, you will have the sniper rifle with you atthe start of the Secret Valley level. When the level starts, takeout the sniper covering the entrance to the tunnel with your sniperrifle. Wait until a cargo truck arrives. Look at your map andmake sure that all of the men guarding the entrance are lookingtowards the alley before getting inside the back of the truck.Duck and wait until the truck stops. Get out of the truck andsave the game at this point. Run until you reach the locationwhere three guards are patrolling the way, up and down. Hide behinda pillar in the middle of the way and wait until the guard infront of you turns around and begins patrolling downwards. Theguards are patrolling in a zigzag pattern. Do the same thing withoutgetting spotted by the guard patrolling upwards. You will probablyget spotted a few times before managing to do this successfully.Save the game after you have passed the guards and reach a safelocation. Look at the map to see four guards blocking the way.Wait until a truck to arrive, but do not jump into it. The guardswill check the truck and they will spot you if you hide insideit. Instead, wait until the truck reaches the guards, and theystart to check it. Walk on the right side of the road and sneakby the guards while they are checking the truck. Save the gameafter you have passed the guards. Afterwards, you will reach aplace with three guards patrolling up and down again. Use thesame trick done previously and save the game afterwards. Lookat your map to see many guards blocking the way out. Move towardsthe ladder at the upper corner at the map. Be careful, as a guardis patrolling the place. Do not kill or knock out the guard. Getpast the guard and go up the ladder. Watch out for the sniperand avoid him at all costs by running towards the trees directlyin front of you. Afterwards, just run to the exit and you willhave completed the level with a Silent Assassin rank.

Hint: Shogon Showdown: Easy Silent Assassinrank:
You will need Anesthetic for this trick. When the levelstarts, enter the door at the right side of the stairs leadingto the courtyard. Walk up the stairs and enter sneak mode. Whenyou reach the first floor, look through the keyhole. When theguard turns, open the door and stay behind a pillar. Note: Walkingon the wooden floor makes noise, alerting the guard. Walk on thebrown platforms connecting to the pillars to prevent this. Usethe Anesthetic to take out the guard, Be careful not to step onthe wooden floor. When the guard is unconscious, take his SMGand clothes. Remember not to exit sneak mode during this process.After taking the clothes, walk on the brown platforms and go downthe stairs to your left (in sneak mode). When downstairs, takethe door to the left. Walk to the next door, open it, and takethe key card on the shelf next to you on the right side. Go backthe way you came from and move to the lasers. Before deactivatingthem, save the game and exit sneak mode. Deactivate the lasers,walk past the guards, and move upstairs. Continue to walk upstairsuntil you reach the fourth floor. Look at the map. There are twowomen in this area, one moving and one that is not. Move to thewoman that does not move. She will give you a key card. Afterthat, go back the way you came from and move upstairs. Deactivatethe lasers and move on. There should be three guards. Sneak pastthe guard standing in the middle of the room and do not allowhim to see you, as he will check your ID. Move upstairs and youwill see Hayamoto (the target). Wait until he moves towards thewindow, then put a shot in his head. When you do this, four ninjaswill jump down from the ceiling and attack. To avoid the fight,after you kill Hayamoto tun towards him. Grab the key card heis holding and climb through the window. Outside the window isa walkway. Move through it. When you think you have reached theend, jump down. You will reach another walkway. Repeat what wasdone before and jump down when you reach the end. At the end youwill find yourself in the courtyard. Avoid the guards at all costsand go to where you took out the guard with the Anesthetic. Deactivatethe lasers again and go through. Move to the right to find stairsleading down. Go down and look at your map. Move down the stairsleading to the museum and get the guidance system. Also take the22.SD pistol. It is one of the objets in the museum. Afterwards,go to the exit to get a Silent Assassin rank and the M4 rifle,if you do not already have it.

Hint: Shogun Showdown: .22 SD:
A silenced gun that does not trigger metal detectorsis the .22 SD. It is well hidden in the castle. To find it, goto where you find the ''Missile Guidance Sys.'', which is locatededin the basement. The gun is on display. Go to the other displays.The .22 SD is in a little corner behind glass and is all white.It is useful because it is silenced and does not trigger metaldetectors. You can only find it in this level.

Hint: St. Petersburg Revisited: Easy completion:
As the level starts, get to the lockers and get thesniper rifle. The rounds for the sniper rifle are nto live roundsand you will not be able to take anybody out with it. Drop thesniper rifle -- this only leaves you the Fiber-Wire to completethe level. Get upstairs and enter the door leading to the sewers.Move throw the sewers and climb up the ladder which led you tothe side of the parked truck when playing the St. Petersburg Stakeoutlevel. As you approach Sergei's place, a sniper will attack you.Stand behind a wall and save the game, then quickly cross thestreet towards the building. Enter through the main door. Entersneak mode before opening the door. Remain in sneak mode and goupstairs. Turn right and open the door. The sniper should be directlyin front of you. Sneak up behind him and finish him off with theFiber-wire. After the intermission sequence ends, get the sniperrifle lying beside the dead sniper. Run down and exit throughthe main door. Run back all the way towards the sewers. Do notstop as the Russian Mafia is chasing you. When you reach the ladderleading to the sewers, climb down and run towards the exit. Note:Some Russian Mafia guards are in the sewers. Just ignore themand run past.

Hint: St. Petersburg Stakeout Easy SilentAssassin rank:
Do not directly get the sniper rifle from your lockerwhen you begin the mission. If you do, it will alert a civilianand they will warn a guard. First, get a guard uniform. To getthe bonus, you cannot kill the guard; you will need the Anesthetic.Go up the wide stairs forward and to the left of the insertionpoint. Follow the hallway, go up the escalator, and take the firstleft. There is a guard that patrols here. There are also somelockers that he steps behind. Wait until he goes behind the lockers,then pull your Anesthetic. Wait in sneak mode around the oppositeside of the lockers, right near the corner. Save the game at thispoint, as it is fairly difficult to time the Anesthetic correctly,and it will prevent you from having to waste time running to thesame spot. Make sure when you anesthetize him that you give himthe full five bottles. Drag him behind the lockers, take his clothes,and take his gun. Run back down the escalators and ditch the gunas you are running. You do not need the AK -- you just do notwant him to have it when he wakes up. Get your sniper rifle fromthe locker, and the civilians will not care that you are carryinga gun because you have a soldier's uniform. Run back to the roomwhere you knocked the guard out and go through the door on yourright. Pick the lock in the next room and follow the left walluntil you reach a ladder. Climb up into the street and go to thebuilding across from the meeting room. Run when you can, but donot make the guards too suspicious. Go right in the front doorof the building -- it saves time and the guards are on patrolinstead of just standing there. Go up, and make the sniper hit.Save the game, then start heading back the way that you came from.By now, the anesthetized soldier has probably awakened. When youare exiting the sewers, check through the keyhole of the seconddoor. Watch for the guard (in his underwear) to go back behindthe lockers. Open the door in sneak mode, then run onto the subway.The trick for the bonus, as always, is to have no aggression.If you kill anyone besides your target, you may still get theSilent Assassin rating, but you will not get the bonus. Also,you may find it easier to get the Silent Assassin rating on thenext level if you keep that sniper rifle with you.

When the level starts, go to the locker area and get your equipment.Wait for the civilians to go to the back of the subway platforms,then run to the first set of stairs leading to the streets. Goto the base of the second set of stairs and wait for another guardto come in and go into to the room where the first guard is located.At that point, exit to the streets. Take a left to the first alleyway,then a right towards another alley. At the end of the alley, takea right toward the wall with an opening. Make sure that the guardthat patrols the area in front of the wall is a good distanceaway, then cross the street. There is an alley to the left. Rundown until you get close to the corner, then enter sneak modeand equip the anesthetic. To your left is a guard. Drug the guard,take his clothes, and drag him around the corner. Pick up thesniper rifle and continue to the apartment building. Rememberto lower the sniper rifle and walk when you are close to otherguards. Shoot the general that is sitting at the table makingthe drinking motion. Next, walk back to the metro station. Ifdone correctly, you will have more than enough time to finishthe level before the guard you took the clothes from wakes up.

Hint: Terminal Hospitality: Easy SilencedAssassin rank:
Use the Anesthetic on any of the cult members outsideof the hospital and take his clothes. Get to the basement andshut off the generator. This will turn off the life support forthe cult leader, killing him instantly. Then, return to the boatto complete the mission without firing a shot.

Use Anesthetic on one of the guards outside. Walk to the entranceof the hospital. Go in the front door and walk up the stairwayon the left. Go into the nurse's office where your equipment islocated. You may have to either kill or use Anesthetic on thenurse. Pick the lock, go in, and get the night vision goggles.Enter the next room, change into the doctor's clothes, and pickup the Anesthetic. Walk out of her office and take the elevatoron the second floor down to the basement. Save the game. Onceyou get down to the basement, turn left and go to the consultant'soffice. Pick the lock, but make sure that there are no guardsaround. Pick up the scalpel from the storage room. Then, proceedto the room with the generator. Turning it off is an option, butshutting off the lights makes the job slightly easier. Put onthe night vision and make your way to the surgery rooms. The cultleader could be in any of them. He is the only patient that isbald, and there are men with orange togas and guns in his room,not doctors. If you have the lights on, you cannot pick the wrongroom, or the doctors will report you. Take out your scalpel andkill the cult leader. There will be one door on both ends of thesurgery hallway, leading to the stairs. It does not matter whichone you go through. Go to the bottom of the stairs and pick thelock. There is a clone at the bottom of the stairs near your boatshooting at you with ballers. Do not follow him when he triesto run from you. He has a trap set in the room he escapes to.Walk calmly back to your boat.

Hint: Tracking Hayamoto: Easy Silent Assassinrank:
Start by waiting until all the nearby guards have turnedaround. Then, run towards the guard near the back of the house,but start sneaking once you get near him. Follow him until hestops. Bring out the Anesthetic and use it on him. Take his clothes,hide him, then go to the back of the house. Hide behind the rocknear the bodyguard. Wait until he finishes talking to the otherguard. Then, casually walk towards the door and enter. Go to theroom with the exclamation point and cut the Fugu fish. Wait untilthe guard and the chef exit, then run to the nearest bowl of foodyou can find. Place the transmitter and the Fugu fish inside,then run to the other side of the table and to the second dooryou find. Take the chef's clothes and wait again until the guardhas entered and left again. Go back to the door you came in andexit. Try to walk past the two guards talking outside, back behindthe house, past the half-naked guard, to the exit. Make sure youdo not let the two guards near the exit see you while walking.You could try walking close to the wall, and finally to the exit.

Anesthetic is required for this trick. When the level starts,wait for the two guards directly in front of you to turn towardsthe level's exit. By then, the guard that is on the front stepsshould go back in. The other guard should also be walking awayfrom you. Quickly run past the front entrance and stay along thegarage doors. You may need to move silently here so that the lastguard in front does not hear you. Then, go around to the sideof the building and wait until there is only one guard out back.He will start walking towards you. Turn and walk more towardsthe back. When he does, quietly head to the door he was standingby, but do not go in. From here, run around to the very back ofthe restaurant to a door that is there. Wait until the chef comesout to urinate. Sneak up and give him a full dose of Anesthetic.Take his clothes and drag him just inside the gate near you. Then,walk inside and go down the hall to the left. Enter the door onyour left. Quickly cut the poisonous fish. Then, walk out calmlyand go to the plate on the left in the kitchen. Place the transmitterand the poisonous fish in it, then walk out the door you camein from. You may want to save the game at this point. Wait forthe guard to walk towards the back of the area and run back overto the side of the building. Wait for the single guard to be walkingtowards the far right of the area on the map, then head back towhere you started the mission. By now the transmitter should beplanted and Hayamoto Jr. should be dead. Hide behind the rockuntil the two guards are walking to the right of the area. Crawlbehind the bushes until you are sure that the two guards cannotsee you, then sneak to the gate to finish the level with a "SilentAssassin" rank.

Start by waiting until the two guards in front of you turn aroundand have start to walk towards the exit. Then, run up to the entranceof the building and run along the wall. Get to the garage. Openthe garage door, then close it when you get in. Check your map.There will be one guard just inside the door, and one guard patrolling.Take out your Anesthetic and get ready. When the patrolling guardmoves back the other way, away from the door, go up and honk thehorn. Run back to the door on the left side. When the guard goesto the car to check it, chloroform him. Take his clothes and gun.Enter through the door. Go through the door with the green sheet.Then, enter through the other green door. Wait for the patrollingguard to walk towards the garage door entrance and calmly walkalong the wall. Enter the closest door to your right. Proceedto the room with the exclamation point. Change into the chef'sclothes and put your gun away. Walk to the room where the fishis located. Cut it, then place the transmitter and fish in thesushi on the left. Turn around and walk out the door back to yourrock. Wait for Hayamoto to die, then walk out the exit.

Hint: Training: Fight the watermelons orpigs:
To fight the pigs, go in the yard where three pigsare kept. You can shoot them with your guns or whack them withyour Fire Axe, Katana Sword or Golf Club. To fight the watermelons,go where the training course located. There are three watermelonsin front of the course. You can shoot them and they will explode.

Hint: Tubeway Torpedo: Easy Silent Assassinrank:
When the level starts, check your map and move to theladder marked with a large red arrow and climb up. Use your Anestheticon the guard standing behind the nearest crate. Drag him behindthe crate and take his clothes and weapon. Get your equipment,then jump into the back of the truck and crouch so that the guardswill not spot you when it leaves. When the truck reaches the headquarters.Jump out as soon as the truck stops and save the game. Followthe guard at a safe distance into the building. Take the elevatorwithout being seen by the guard patrolling the place. When youreach the first basement, save the game again. There is a guarddirectly in front of you. Wait until he is at a safe distanceand follow him. If any of the guards suspects you, just keep going.When you reach the control room, enter it and exit through thedoor in the upper corner of the room. Note: Do not enter the serviceroom from the control room side. Open the second door and enterthe service room from the other side. Put a bullet from your 9mmSD pistol into the machine in front of you. This will disablethe surveillance. Get out of the room and look at your map. Goto the room with the attention mark. Pick the lock and changeyour clothes. Then. move to the sewer room. Arm and drop yourbomb close to the wall and exit the room. Make sure the guardis not there. Note: Drop your AK there as well, as an officerdoes not carry a rifle. Next, move to the elevator and take itto the second basement. Save the game at this point. Walk towardsthe observation room and pick the lock. Move towards the tablein the upper corner of the room and drop your personal pager nearthe it. Then, move and stand at the left side of the door andtake out your phone. Make sure that the guard is not nearby. PressFire to activate the phone. The personal pager will beep,and the general will enter the room to investigate. Take out your9mm SD pistol and take him out with a headshot. Pick up his weaponsand move into the next room. Free the prisoner and follow himto the elevator. Take it up, then go to the sewer room where youdropped the bomb. Remember to pick up your AK, then detonate thebomb with the remote. Run towards the exit to complete the level.

Hint: Tubeway Torpedo: Sneaking past theguard at the elevator:
When you reach the place where the elevator to thesecond basement is located, save the game. To do this trick youdo not need the lieutenant's uniform. You need Anesthetic. Lookat your map and make sure no one is looking towards the elevatorand that nobody is in the room except the guard sitting on thechair. Move behind him, knock him out with the Anesthetic (usethe whole bottle). Then, take the elevator down. When the guardsfind him, they will only look around and get back to their positions.This is a safer way to achieve the Silent Assassin rank, as youonly fire one bullet (to take out the target).

Hint: More ammunition:
If you are near a stack of ammunition but are notifiedby the game that you cannot pick it up, use the following trickto get almost twice as much normal ammunition. For example, ifyou have a shotgun with full ammunition and are next to a pileof shotgun ammunition, fire one shot, reload, then pick up theammunition. You will now have almost double the ammunition.

Hint: Getting the M4 (M16):
On the motorcade level, you need to clear the townquickly and grab the supplied rifle. Shoot your target. This willcause the UN guards to stop and run on foot to your position.Wait until they get through the gates, then dodge their shotsand put them in the cross fire from the remaining troops outside.Since you cannot hurt them, do not shoot. They will soon shoottheir own men. Then, just run up and grab an M4. This may notbe easy, but it does work.

To get the M4 easier, just use the fiber wire on the UN guards.

Hint: Getting the .22SD pistol:
The .22SD is well hidden in the castle level whereyou have to kill Hayamoto senior. It is one of the items thatis displayed in his museum.

The .22SD does not trigger metal detectors. It is useful in theBasement Killing level.

Hint: Holstered Uzi:
When holding the Uzi, take out the Ballers. The Uziwill be fully holstered, like a pistol.

Hint: Gun collection:
Throughout all the levels you will run into many differenttypes of guns. Whenever you see a gun that you do not alreadyhave, pick it up. After you complete the level on which you foundthe gun, the gun will now be available at your house. You willhave ammunition in the room for you to use if desired. However,there are many guns that are too big to carry inside your clothesand therefore must be held in the open. You will not be able topick up a gun of the same size or greater without dropping theone you are holding. You will find other guns on the same levelthat you cannot pick up because you are already holding one, andthe gun you want is simply too big to conceal. In this case, youwill have to decide which gun you want more then finish the levelwith it. You can always replay that level to get the other gunthat was left behind.

When you find a rifle or hand gun that you want for your collection,pick it up. Holster it, take out a hand gun that you started withand enable the "Level skip" code. You will drop thehand gun. Save the game and you will have the new gun.

Hint: Animals:
When at your home area with the shed of guns, you mayshoot down the birds either on the ground or while they fly inthe air. Each bird that is shot will fall to its correspondingarea and remain there until you leave the level. You can alsoshoot the pigs in their pen.

Hint: Pick locks quicker:
Pick a lock, look at your map, and exit. The lock willbe picked.

Hint: Fast kills:
When playing in any level, just run or sneak up toan enemy and fight him with your fists. He will soon be out cold.Once he is, use any gun to shoot him anywhere on his body. Hewill not get back up.

Hint: Running knife attack:
Change to first person view and use the knife. Youcan attack while running if you press the Attack many times.

Glitch: Basement Killing: Ghost chair:
Go through the level using the pizza delivery boy disguiseand make sure you have a .22mm gun. Go down to the basement andpick the lock. Then still holding the pizza, walk straight towardshim and make sure he looks back at you. He should start gettingup, then fall back into his chair in a continuous loop. Go directlybehind him, and when he falls into the chair and is facing away,pull out your .22mm and shoot him in the back of the head. Ifdone correctly, he will suddenly appear face down on his desk,dead, but the chair will continue the glitch movement and keepsliding out then appearing under the desk.

Glitch: Basement Killing: Invisible bench:
Make sure you have the 22. pistol. Go to the securityroom on the right and go to the Special Agency icon. Make surethat the guard is not in the room. Take the smoke bomb and dropit. Then, leave quickly so the guard does not see you. Go to thelobby. You will see an employee talking to a fireman sitting onnothing but air. Note: This may require more than one attempt.

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