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Madden NFL 2002 Cheats

Madden NFL 2002 Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Madden NFL 2002

Dancing into the endzone:
Press L or R before running into theendzone and your player may do a dance. Note: He must be wideopen.

Another way to dance into the endzone with two different dancesis to hold Z + L or R.

Hint: Unlimited creation points:
Create a player, then go to "Edit Player"at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choosethe player you want to edit. Press Right to get to thespeed category. Press A and choose attributes to adjustthem up to 99 points.

Hint: Created player announced:
Give a created player a pro's last name to hear hisname announced.

Hint: Thanksgiving commentary:
Set the system date to the third Thursday in November.

Hint: Christmas commentary:
Set the system date to December 25 to hear Pat Summerallwill say ''Season's Greetings''.

Hint: New Year's commentary:
Set the system date to January 1 to hear James Brown(JB) say "Happy New Year".

Hint: Easy punt blocking:
Choose the play Punt Return Right, Middle, or Left.Before everyone lines up on defense, take your LE and bring himto the right of the MLB. After you bring the LE over, press theC-stick Right so your line moves over. As soon asthe offense hikes the ball, use your turbo and head straight forthe Punter. Once you get close enough, jump (Y) and youwill either block the punt or hit him hard. If you happen to missthe ball, you will usually end up taking a penalty. Refer to thefollowing diagram (O is defense and X is punting).
Before snap: Punt Returner | o MLB LE / oo oooooo oo xx xxxxxx xx x x x | PunterAfter Snap: Punt Returner | o LE MLB / oo o ooooo o oo xx xxxxxx xx x x x | Punter

Hint: Easy 2-point conversion:
After you score a touchdown, select the "Ask Madden"button. He will almost always suggest kicking a field goal. Instead,go up one set of plays, and pick the play "RB Direct Snap".No matter what defense you are playing against, you will alwaysget the 2-point conversion. Note: If you cannot get in immediately,press B to dive near the goal line.

Hint: Easy scoring:
Turn penalties off. On the coin toss, choose kick.Then, select "Onside Kick" for a play . Pull Back+ Right (if your kicker is left footed, pull Back+ Left) and kick with full power then recover the onsidekick. Choose your quarterback then scroll down and select "HailMary" as a play.

Hint: Easy sacks:
In easy mode, go on the other side of the line of scrimmageand stand in front of the quarterback. Remain there in front ofhim until he hikes the ball, then tackle him. Make sure you donot touch anybody while getting in front of him.

On defense, pick the defensive formation "4-3," thenpick the play "Whip Man." After the offense choosestheir play, shift your four linemen to the left (C-stick Left)and shift your three linebackers to the right (R) beforethe snap. Chances are the ROLB (right outside line backer) willtake the quarterback down. The DT(defensive tackle) might alsosack the quarterback if the ROLB is held in the line. Note: Toget better results, either choose the ECKO team or pump up yourfavorite team's defense.

Select the 3-4 defense play and select the play Wipman. Then,control the DT on the left. Move him to the right to block thecenter. This will work about 80% of the time.

Hint: Easy recovery:
Use the following trick to always recover the ballwhen kicking. Go to a play where most of your players are on theleft. When kicking, put the arrow to the bottom left and kickat full power. Your players will have a very good chance to keepthe ball.

Hint: Easy passes:
When you are the QB, you can throw the ball two differentways: straight (hold the button of the receiver you want to throwit to) and up high (press and release the button for that receiver).When you throw it up high, the QB will throw the ball over thesafety to your receiver. He will catch the ball most of the time.Throwing it straight is the most common way. He just throws itto the receiver and it will not go over the safety. It is bestto use the straight pass if the WR is wide open.

Hint: Easy tokens:
For easy tokens, go to the two minute drill screen.Choose two to four accounts, and the Admirals for defense. Chooseyour team and make sure you choose a profile to save to, thenstart playing. Keep throwing to WR2 and you should get many touchdowns.It is possible to get a score over 33,000 with this trick.

Have the Dragons on defense and the Titans as offense. You canscore well over 55,000 points by selecting HB Off Tackle as aplay. It takes about eleven seconds to run and you receive 5,150points per touchdown and 375 points for running the same playas a two point conversion. If you can successfully score 11 touchdowns,you will have a score over 55000.

Edit the speed of every player on the Raven's defense to 15. Editall of the halfbacks', fullbacks', tight ends', and wide receivers'ratings down to 0. Edit you offensive lineman's pass block ratingto 99. Edit your quarterback in the following manner: 0 PassingPower, Accuracy; 99 Speed, Accel, Carrying, Awareness, Stamina,and Agility. Save your roster as "Cheat", load it beforedoing the following trick. Start a Two Minute Drill. Choose All-Madden,and then the Ravens' defense. Choose whatever team you modifiedoffensively, and make them your offense. Next, you will need apassing play. Choose Single Back Formation, and then Hot Routeyour second wide receiver, looking left to right. Also Hot Routeyour tight end. For the Hot Routes, make them do a buttonhook(Left on the D-pad). Now instead of passing theball, run a "Quarterback Sweep" by sending the quarterbackto the right side of the field. Run towards the endzone, usingspeed bursts as needed. Make sure you get to the endzone. If youdo not, call timeout if the clock keeps ticking. If a penaltyis called, do not waste the time running down the field. Justhead out of bounds, and do it over. You should be able to scoreabout ten touchdowns. Your score will be very odd, and you willget millions of tokens. Go the Madden Cards menu to see your tokens-- they may not appear on the Two Minute Drill menu.

Create a profile with M. Martz's playbook. Run the two-minutedrill under rookie with Galaxy as the defense. Use the Rams. Runsingle back 5 wide, Hail Mary. Faulk or Hakim will be open everytime. You can score 100 points and get about 220 tokens. It takesnine seconds to score.

Select "Options" at the main menu and select "Roster".Go all the way over to "Edit Player" and select yourfavorite team. Increase their stats all the way. Set your worstteam's stats down as far as it can go. Then, back out and savethe roster. Select "Options", then "Settings".Put the game on "All Madden". Go to either exhibitionor two minute drill mode. Start playing and do well. If you selectedexhibition mode, run the ball all the way back to the 1 yard line.Then, do a Hail Mary, catch it, and run for a touchdown. You get36 tokens every time you pass a 90 yarder. Note: You need MaddenChallenge on and should have a profile.

Go to exhibition mode and play as the Ecko team against the Dragons.Turn penalties off and do an onside kick if you have to kick.Repeatedly do running plays and you should be able to score over100 points in the game. Note: Make sure the Madden Challenge ison.

Hint: Avoid tackles:
Stop running for a moment. You can sometimes easilyavoid being tackled. Sometimes you will need to juke, spin, orstiff arm to get past defenders.

Hint: Good protection:
To get good protection on kick returns, choose "OnsideKick" as your play. When you run back the ball, you willusually get past the 20.

Hint: Unlimited money in franchise mode:
First, select season mode. Next, choose a team, butdo not select "Start" yet. Go to "Salary Cap"and change it to "No". Play all the games of your season.When a prmpt appears asking you to convert season to franchise,select "OK". Choose your team to play with again andresume to the off-season schedule. When you want to sign a player,you will see "No Cap" at the top. You may now sign anyoneof your choice.

Hint: Kiss a cheerleader:
After your first five seasons in franchise mode, atthe end of the SuperBowl there will be a cheerleader waiting foryou. You have to be a running back, corner back, wide receiveror a linebacker for this trick to work.

Hint: Cracked helmet:
Play an AFC vs. NFC Pro Bowl game at Aloha Stadiumin season mode. During the game, get a player's helmet poppedoff (try getting hit in the middle of a throw). After that sameplay, view an instant replay and zoom in on the helmet that poppedoff to see that it is cracked.

Hint: Get the ball at the start:
Set the weather to "Heavy Rain" before thegame. If the CPU wins the coin toss, it will choose to kick mostof the time.

When facing the CPU at the coin toss, rapidly press L andR. The CPU will usually choose to kick if it wins the cointoss.

Hint: Stall a two-minute offense:
Use the play Dime: Double Wide when you need to stalla two-minute offense. You will have a better chance of runningthe clock while the opponent is trying to score with a two-minuteoffense.

Hint: Team rankings:
The following a list of the teams from best to worst.

1. Rams
2. Broncos
3. Packers
4. Buccaneers
5. Vikings
6. Lions
7. Seahawks
8. Patriots
9. Panthers
10. Saints
11. Cardinals
12. 49ers
13. Chargers
14. Dolphins
15. Colts
16. Bills
17. Bengals
18. Browns
19. Titans
20. Bears
21. Giants
22. Falcons
23. Jaguars
24. Jets
25. Cowboys
26. Steelers
27. Chiefs
28. Redskins
29. Ravens
30. Eagles
31. Raiders
32. Texans

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