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Madden NFL 2003 Cheats

Madden NFL 2003 Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Madden NFL 2003

Alternate menu music:
Press L + R +Y at the optionsmenu to change the music.

At the help menu, hold Y, then press R to cyclethe music forward or L to cycle the music back.

Hint: Unlimited creation points:
Go to "Rosters", then choose "Edit Player".Select the players that you want to be rated 99. Go to his attributes,then increase everything.

Hint: Easy tokens:
Play two-minute drill and choose to play four players,all with your profile. Set "Fire" the defense and theVikings as your teams. Next, use Singleback 4WR All Streaks fortouchdowns all day.

At the main menu, go into "Features", select "Rosters",then go to the team you would like to defend you. For example,select the Bengals, then go to their defense (CB, FS, SS and Linebackersand Defensive Linemen). Change all of there speed attributes downto 0. Make a note of the original values so they can be restoredlater. Then, go to the Two Minute Drill, select the Bengals asthe defense, and change the difficulty to All-Madden.. Selectyour team with your profile (Vikings recommended) and you willrack up points against a team that cannot catch you at all. PutRandy Moss at running back for even more points when you scoreor just throw to him always.

Play two-minute drill, and choose any team you hate for the CPU'sdefense. Go to that team's roster and set all their defensiveplayers' speed to 0. Instead of throwing the ball, use a run play.It takes about the same amount of time, but you will get morepoints for tokens when you use a running play. The "Near"formation and "HB Toss" are recommended. As always,use a fake field goal pass or fake run for the point after thetouchdown. It is possible to score over 68,000 points with wellover 340 tokens per 2 minutes.

Hint: Cheerleader and Pump Up Crowd Cards:
Successfully complete the "Game Situation"challenges in mini-camp mode. The Cheerleader or Pump Up CrowdCards for the team used will be unlocked.

Hint: Cheerleader Cards and game cheats:
Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro andRookie levels.

Hint: Barry Sanders:
Get a gold rank in the RB Ground Attack drill in mini-campmode under the All-Madden level.

To do this easier, play as Anthony Thomas. On any outside play,such as pitch right handoff sweep, etc., move the secondary overand cut back. This will force them to follow you. Your fullbackand yourself can have a dead shot at the end zone. Remember todo this quickly, any other play like right up the middle, justjuke and try to plow them over.

Hint: Deion Sanders:
Get a gold rank in the DB Swat drill in mini-camp modeunder the All-Madden level.

Hint: Jan Stenerud:
Get a gold rank in Clutch Kicking Drill in mini-campmode under the All-Madden level.

Hint: John Elway:
Get a gold rank in the QB Pocket Presence under theAll-Madden level.

Hint: Kevin Butler:
Get a gold rank in P-Coffin Corner Punt under the All-Maddenlevel.

Hint: Mike Ditka:
Have a saved game file from another EA Sports footballgame on your memory card.

Hint: Mike Singletary:
Get a gold rank in the LB Chase and Tackle drill inmini-camp mode under the All-Madden level.

Hint: Reggie White:
Get a gold rank in All-Madden DL-Trench Fight underthe All-Madden level.

Hint: Steve Young:
Get a gold rank in QB Precision Passing (St. LouisRams) under the All-Madden level.

Hint: Dodge City Stadium:
Have a saved game file from another EA Sports footballgame on your memory card.

Hint: Marshals secret team:
Have a saved game file from another EA Sports footballgame on your memory card.

Hint: Mummies secret team:
Have a saved game file from an EA Sports racing gameon your memory card.

Hint: Break tackles:
To easily break tackles as a running back, alternatelypress L and R immediately before you get tackled.

Hint: Over the shoulder catch:
When throwing the ball to a receiver that is runninga fly route, lob the pass (tap the button) instead of throwinga bullet (holding the button). The receiver should catch the ballover his shoulder.

Hint: Get a few more yards:
When you are about to go out of bounds and want toget more yards, juke to the side away from the sideline. You willnot go out, and it also sometimes delays the defense from pursuit.

Hint: Easy rushing yards:
When down in a game late and need yards, substituteyour second string RB in and put your first string RB in at QB.Off the hike, you can either run or throw it. If a space is open,you will get more yards.

Hint: Easy sacks:
Select "Whip Man" from the 4-3 defense. Whenyour team lines up, move your linebackers to the right and linemento the left. Hide your left linebacker (after shifting) behindyour second linemen from the left, who should be lined up overthe offense's tackle. Move the middle linebacker over the offense'sright guard. At the snap of the ball, have the left linebackerblitz to between the offense's left guard and center, gettinghim right to the quarterback. If done correctly, even a runningback blocking should not be able to stop you.

Hint: Easy passes:
Choose a play like this: x x TGCGT TE x QB x

Note: This is not in shotgun. Use Hot Route, hit the leftmostWR up, then do Hot Route again to the man next to him, excepthit right. This means the outermost man is streaking and the mannext to him is cutting his path. Pump it to the streaking manthen zip it to the man that crosses. If he is fast enough, youcan stretch it into a long gain.

Hint: Onside kick:
Turn off penalties. When you are about kick the ballwhen starting or after you scored, choose one of the onside kicks.When you go to kick, move it all the way over and down. For example,if your kicker is kicking off facing towards the left, move itall the way over towards the left and all the way down. You shouldget the ball every time.

When you score, just before the kickoff, press Start. Select"Settings", then "Gameplay". Select "Easyplay" and turn it on. You can now do an onside kick to yourteam. You can then turn "Easy play" off, or keep iton.

Move the arrow all the way to the right and down. Try to get themeter as low as possible and you will regain the ball every time.

Choose any of the onside kick formations during the kickoff. Movethe arrow so that the tip of it touches the left hash mark twoyards from the ball for a right legged kicker, or right hash marktwo yards away for a left legged kicker. Kick the ball with halfpower (in between the red and yellow area) and perfect accuracy(in the yellow area). This works 80% of the time if done correctly.

Hint: Easy kick recoveries:
Choose a regular kickoff play. If your kicker is left-handed,choose a Kickoff Left; if he is right-handed choose a KickoffRight (recommended). Before you pick the play, make sure thatthe three players to the right and the three players to the leftof the kicker are fast (90-99). When you are kicking, aim yourkick as far up as possible and straight. Then, kick as light ofa kick as possible (within the yellow). Make the players on theside of the kicker that the ball is landing run as fast as theycan. If you kicked it lightly enough, your own players shouldrecover it. Note: Once you catch it you cannot continue running;you will get the ball where it was caught.

Hint: Field goal block:
Choose the punt block play. Substitute your fastestplayer into the returner's position. For a right-footed kicker,stand on the right side about three yards from the line. Go fullspeed when the ball is hiked and dive.

Hint: Punt block:
Substitute (on Normal Punt Return) your second linemanfrom the left with a lineman that is fast (about 75 to 80; forexample, Courtney Brown). Then, choose Normal Punt Return or anyof the safe punts (not Punt Block). Take the new lineman and pullhim to the outside of the line where the offense's blocker thatis set back slightly is closest to the line. Next, either runstraight past him or cut inside, depending on the blocker. Ifdone correctly, you should be able to either tackle the punteror block the kick. You may have to fake inside and go around.Nevertheless, you will succeed about 70-75% of the time.

Hint: Good kick/punt returns:
When you are receiving a punt, select punt left orright and run that same direction. You should see people chasingyou, but if your blockers are good enough, they should give youenough room and time for a large return. When you are receivinga kick, select left or middle (recommended). If you have a fastkick returner who can break a tackle, run straight up the pipe.You should make it a long way for a touchdown or a huge gain.If you chose left, do the same thing as the punt; follow yourreceivers.

Hint: Better quarterback accuracy:
Note what kind of quarterback you are passing with.If you have someone such as Kurt Warner, you may have better accuracyif you set your feet, then throw the ball. If you have someonelike Donovan McNabb, you might have better luck throwing on therun.

Hint: Better draft pick:
If you have a first place team and you know its goingto be very late in the draft, trade with a last place team. Sometimesyou can even get a first and second round pick for just your first.This is a very good way to get young players on your already goodteam.

Get any player or draft pick you want during franchise mode. Afterthe regular season, such as during the playoffs or immediatelybefore the Superbowl, go to create a player and make a quarterback.Make him 45 years old so that he will immediately retire whenthe season is over. Next, make him a 99 overall. Sign him fromthe free agency and trade him for any player or draft pick thatyou desire. You can do this as many times as you need, and canget ten first round picks and every player desired.

Note: This trick requires NCAA Football 2003. Go to CreateA Player in NCAA Football 2003 and make players with alltheir attributes all the way up. Alternately, edit everybody onyour team and make everyone seniors. Go to dynasty mode then goto the off-season. All of your seniors will graduate. Export thedraft class. Then, on Madden NFL 2003, import that draftclass and all the people that you created will be there. You shouldget some of the players that you drafted. Repeat this as needed.

Hint: Better trades:
If you play with the salary cap penalties turned onin franchise mode, it is better to trade the player(s) you wishto cut for another team's draft pick. You will avoid penalties,keep your roster from becoming full, and get another draft pick.

Start a franchise and create a new coach (or make one under theCoach Option/Job Openings screen). In Coach Options/Job Openingsscreen, highlight your coach, then press Left or Rightto select the team with the player or draft pick you want. Youare now the coach of that team. Trade the player you want to yourteam. Then, return to the Job Openings screen in Coach Optionsand select your original team. Back out and you will be coachingyour team again.

Start a franchise and select all 32 teams. Turn off the salarycap. Start the season, go to the roster, then trade a player.You will be able to trade with yourself without the rejectionor the team. For example, you can trade Clinton Portis for MarshalFaulk, or Ed Macalfry for Terrell Owens.

Hint: Get any player:
Use the following trick to get any player in a tradewithout the other team rejecting. In the franchise mode, createa player as a quarterback and move his attributes until you getto 99 points. Then, put his injury and stamina down to 0. Thiswill not change the attribute point level. Sign him as a freeagent then trade him to any team for anybody you want. When youplay the team he is playing for, after a couple of plays he willeither become injured or will be taken out of the game for hisweak stamina. No team will refuse your trade and you will haveany player you want on your team.

When playing in franchise mode you can trade for any player youwant without having that trade turned down. Go into the createa player menu and create a QB that is all 99s. Sign that playerto your team then trade him to another team that has a playerthat you want. To make the trick even better, you can add anotherplayer from their team to the trade that is in the 80s -- thiswill be a 2-for-1 trade. When the trade is complete, exit outto the franchise main menu and enter back into the create a playermenu. Go back into the QB's attributes and edit them all the waydown to 0s and then go back into the trade screen. Take the secondplayer in the deal and trade him back to the team for the createdQB. You can then start the whole process over by going into thecreate a player menu and editing his attributes all the way upagain.

If you want to get anybody (including 99 rated players) get CoreyDillon on your team. You can trade him for anyone. The only twoplayers that you can get together are Charles Woodson (Oakland)and Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland). Also, play or simulate allbut one week. Select "Standings" to learn which teamis worst and trade with Corey Dillon for their first, second,and third round picks.

Hint: Cheap players that are good:
To make a receiver go to create player and create theplayer as a quarterback. Give the player very low passing abilities(zero) and very high catching and ball handling levels. The playerwill cost very little because his quarterback skills are bad.You will have to sign him as a quarterback but use him as a widereceiver. His salary will never go up because he will not playas a quarterback. You can also change his number and attributesin the edit player screen. You can also make a dirt cheap fullbackby eliminating his receiving skills.

Hint: Cheaper player:
When you have an expensive player, you can releasehim and sign him for less money.

Hint: Cheaper created players:
When the free-agent signing period appears in the off-season,go to the "Create-A-Player" menu and make a player withvery low attributes. He will want a low salary. Then, offer hima contract. Before he accepts it, go to the "Create-A-Player"menu again and set his attributes to anything desired. He shouldaccept the contract you offered him, and the other teams almostnever bid on him.

Hint: Lower team's overall salary:
One way to lower a team's overall salary is to cutcertain players' salaries. You can do this with players that havelow attributes but high salaries. To do this, go to "Rosters"and select "Edit player". Select a player on the teamthat has a low overall rating (anything under the low 80s) andhas a high salary. When you choose to edit the players "Attributes",you will notice that his salary decreases. Do not change anythingin his attributes and exit out. You have now made your first budgetcut of the season.

Hint: Increase salary cap room:
While playing in franchise mode, you can easily increasethe room under your salary cap. First, look at some of your playerswith very high salaries. Some of those players will be very skilled,and some will not. It reflects the real salaries that they receive.Cut that player from your roster. That player will go into thefree agent pool, where you can usually sign them for much lessthan they were paid before. However, you must be careful. Sometimesthe player will demand more than they used to be paid.

Hint: Super team:
Play through the entire season and save at the ProBowl. Simulate the Pro Bowl and go to off-season schedule/playerprogression. Look for young players from other teams in positionsthat you need that have progressed well. About +7 overall shouldbe sufficient. Next, look at your players to see those that haveprogressed negatively. Quit the game and reload your previoussave game. Trade away all of your players that have progressednegatively for young players that progressed well.

Hint: Fantasy team franchise:
Start a new Madden game (no loaded rosters, teams,franchises, etc.). At the menu screen, go to "Features","Rosters", then "Trade Player". Find yourdesired team and trade the players you do not want for those thatyou do. All trades will be accepted, unlike in franchise mode.Save your roster under something easy to remember, load it, starta franchise, and start playing.

At the main menu, go to "Features", then "Rosters".Select "Release Player". Release any player that youwant from any team. Then, go to franchise and select a team. Goto "Rosters", then "Free Agents". And allthe players you released will be there, and you will be able tosign them to your team.

Hint: Easier gold in mini-camp mode:
Create a player and trade him to the team that youare doing the drill with. Make sure that the created player isplaying the position of the person that you are trying to completethe drill with. For example, Ronde Barber is the corner back inthe Defensive Swat Pass drill. If you create a corner back andmake his attributes all 99, put him on the Buccaneers and makehim the starting or number one cornerback. Then, he will do thedrill. You may do this with any person on any drill. You may alsomake the people who you are going against in the drill "sorrier".If you know their names, go to their attributes and turn themall the way down.

Hint: Thanksgiving commentary:
Set the system date to the third Thursday in November.

Hint: Christmas commentary:
Set the system date to December 25 to hear John Maddensay "Merry Christmas to all".

Hint: New Year's commentary:
Set the system date to January 1.

Hint: Former NFL coaches:
In franchise mode, go to create a coach and enter aformer NFL coach's full name (for example, Don Shula) and allhis former stats should appear.

Hint: Announced names:
Create a new team and name the new coach "JohnMadden". Melissa will be able to say his name during thegame.

To have the announcer's call your name, you must choose an NFLplayer's name that is in the game. For example, use "Dan"form Dan Marino and "Barber" from Tiki Barber to makea player named "Dan Barber". Note: Sometimes the announcerswill only call the player's last name.

Hint: City name spoken:
When creating a custom team, use the a city where anNFL team plays as your custom team's home city. The refs and thePA announcer will say your team's city.

Hint: Stadium name spoken:
Create a Stadium that has the same name as a teams'stadium. For example, enter "Aloha Stadium" as yourstadium's name and it will be announced.

Hint: Recommended offensive plays:
Go to create a playbook, select offense, then createthe following formation. You can name it as desired:x xxxxxx x x x x

Create this play. Everyone run blocks except have your fullbackblock, lead far right. Have your half back do a hop step sprintright. If done correctly, just follow your halfback during a gameand the hole will open up. If you play as the Raiders, this strategyis usually good for at least 8 yards.

On offense, you can get cheap with your QB, especially a fastone. Line up in a shotgun set with one back if you have it. Tryto find a play where your back flares out and your strong sidereceiver runs across the middle. The defense's LBs should pickup the back and receiver, leaving the DB to be in a deep zone.You should have a huge hole. Drop your passing icons and makea mad run for the first down. Either dive, slide, run out of bounds;or slow down to take a hit because very few QBs can take a fullshot and hang on to the ball. This strategy has a 95% successrate and only fails if the defense is good or your OT makes amistake.

Hint: Recommended defensive plays:
Use the following plays against All-Madden difficultylevel teams. Go to the 4-3 formation and scroll up until you seethe "Sweet Blitz" play. It is a good play to use whenthe team runs or passes. To make it even better, have your linemanand linebackers shift so that they are are in other positions.The "Fireman" is also a good play, as well but not asgreat as "Sweet Blitz". You can also find it in the4-3 formation. The best play for passing is "Robber".You can find it in Quarter. Its very good because you will geta lot of your secondary covering the receivers and is about 70%efficient when stopping passes.

While in the 4-3 defense, you can really break down the offensiveline with the Mike blitz. Shift your defensive line to the strongside and slide your LBs outside to prevent sweeps. Then, stackyour MLB behind the man in front of the center. When the ballis snapped, blitz to the opposite of the NGs slant. If done correctly,the weak side guard will pick up the DE instead of the MLB andthe center will washout the NG, leaving a massive hole for you.It has a 85% success rate against the middle run and a 65% rateagainst the pass. However, if the offense comes out in a twinTE set, the defense is useless and you will need to switch towhatever strategy you want to counter this set.

Hint: Recommended quarterback:
The best free agent quarterback is Michael Bishop.He is only rated at 79, but outperforms Kurt Warner, Rich Gannon,and almost every other quarterback in the league. Sign him thenuse him only in the second half of the game and he will be extremelyaccurate.

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