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Metroid Prime Cheats

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Metroid Prime

In-game reset:
Hold Start + B + X for two tothree seconds during game play.

Classic Metroid game:
Note: This trick requires Metroid Fusionand the Game Boy Advance and a link cable. Successfully completeMetroid Fusion and save the game. Connect both games withthe link cable to unlock the classic NES version of Metroid.

To unlock the classic Metroid (via a link cable,Game BoyAdvance, Metroid Fusion and completed Metroid Primedata), press Z at the main menu to highlight "Password",then enter JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------

Metroid Fusioncostume:
Note: This trick requires Metroid Fusion andthe Game Boy Advance and a link cable. Successfully complete MetroidPrime and save the game. Connect both games with the linkcable to unlock Samus' Metroid Fusion costume.

Image Gallery 1 option:
Complete 50% of the research and creature data scans.

Image Gallery 2 option:
Complete 100% of the research and creature data scans.

Image Gallery 3 option:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficultysetting.

Image Gallery 4 option:
Find 100% of all power-ups. Note: This does not includethe Log Book.

Note: The last picture in this gallery is that of Samus withouther suit in 3D.

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock hard mode.

Alternate ending sequences:
Finish the game with a 74% or less completion percentagefor the normal ending sequence. Finish the game with a 75% to99% completion percentage to view an alternate ending sequence.Finish the game with a 100% completion percentage to view thebest ending sequence.

Hint: Fire missiles faster:
With the first gun equipped, rapidly press Y+ A. As soon as the missile fires, the gun will switchback to beam weapon mode, but when you press Y again, itfires another missile. This can take down enemies in a shortertime, preventing them from having more attacks on you.

Hint: Extra missiles:
After destroying ceiling robots and other enemies,they will leave behind missile ammunition that can be collected.Save missiles to defeat the Parasite Queen easier.

Hint: Chozo Ruins: Kill birds:
When you enter the Chozo Ruins, aim your gun skywards.You will see birds flying. Shoot the birds and they will explode,with feathers all over the place.

Hint: Chozo Ruins: Wave Buster:
The Wave Buster can be found at the Tower Of Lightin the Chozo Ruins. Climb up the as far as you can, then scanthe pillars to learn that they can be destroyed. It takes threemissiles to destroy one pillar. There are four pillars on eachlevel. After you lower the temple, keep jumping and destroyingthe pillars until you reach the top to find the Wave Buster.

Hint: Chozo Ruins: Artifacts:
When Chozo Ghosts appear, it may be for a fight oran artifact. Sometimes when you visit a certain area, Chozo Ghostsappear because there is an artifact in the room (for example,Flaaghraa's fight room). Defeat the Chozo Ghosts by using theX-Ray Visor. Fight them with either charged Power Beam shots ortwo Super Missiles. When they are destroyed, collect the artifact.

Hint: Magmoor: Ice Spreader:
The Ice Spreader is difficult to find. It is in a roomcalled the Shore Tunnel in Magmoor that has a glass case. Usethe Power Bombs in the glass tube. The tube will shatter, andthe Ice Spreader is directly below.

Hint: Magmoor Caverns: Avoid streams offire:
Shoot the little objects that shoot out the fire withthe Ice Spreader. This freezes them and prevents them from shootingthe fire.

Hint: Phazon Core: Stop Metroids:
Use the following trick if you do not want to takethe trouble to destroy the Metroids in the Phazon Core, or donot want to dodge them all the time. When they are charging, acharged beam blast of the appropriate type will stop them. Theymay not turn around and go back before they attack you again,but it will stop them.

Hint: Phazon Mines: Invisible to enemies:
Enter the Phazon Mines via Magmoor Caverns. Go throughthe bottom floor until you reach the elevator, marked on the mapwith a red arrow. Head through the mines until you reach the areamarked "Omega Research". Enter through the Dynamo Access,but just jump straight up through the door, not forward or back.Once you land, neither move nor shoot. If done correctly, noneof the Power Troopers will see you. Wait awhile, and eventuallyone of the Power Troopers will enter the alcove that you are in.He will look, then around and leave the alcove, never having noticedyou. He will continue to do this until you move or shoot one ofthem. For extended laughs, charge your Power Beam (they will stillignore you), wait for him to start looking around in the alcove,then fire a Super Missile to blast him across the room. Note:This will not work if you enter Omega Research from the otherdirection.

Hint: Phazon Mines: Flamethrower combo:
In the room next to the save point in the Phazon Mines:Main Quarry, is a red door with a force field in front of it.Continue upwards in this room, passing the ice and Wave Troopersto find a Bendezium wall just before the purple door exit. Afterobtaining the Power Bomb upgrade, use one to destroy the walland access the control panel with your scan visor. The force fieldwill drop. allowing you to pick up the power-up for the PlasmaBeam.

Hint: Phazon Mines: Regain health and missiles:
A good way to regain health and missiles is in theventilation shaft towards the beginning of the second floor. Whenyou enter, poison will start coming in from the ceiling as wellas Puffers. Go past the gas and stand in the hall just beforethe exit. If you stand close enough to the door, the poison willnot harm you and you can easily kill the Puffers that keep appearing.When you kill one, you can use the Charge Beam to bring the power-upsto you.

Hint: Phendrana Drifts: Sheegoth helper:
Go to the Quentien cave, where Thardus was located.After you defeat him, a mother Sheegoth is all that is in there.Lure the Sheegoth near one of the ledges and kill it quickly (thePlasma Beam is recommended). Quickly jump onto the Sheegoth'sspikes then jump to the ledge. Do this quickly before the Sheegothfades. This saves you the time of doing the entire spider ballthing.

Hint: Ruined Nursery: See Samus in mirror:
Scan the object on the wall near the door leading tothe North Atrium. The scan will indicate that it is a Ornate WallHanging. Place Samus in front of this object, and you can seeher helmet as if she was looking into a mirror. These Ornate WallHangings appear in other rooms besides this one.

Hint: Space Pirates' base: See easier:
If you are having trouble seeing in the Space Pirates'base after the power goes out, even with the Thermal Visor, gointo Morph Ball mode. The Morph Ball generates its own light,making it easy to see. Note: Do not do this when there are stillenemies in the area.

Hint: Defeating Baby Sheegoths:
To defeat a Baby Sheegoth, after it charges at you,shoot its back shell until it bursts up then shoot its back.

Double jump to the side of a Baby Sheegoth. They will stare atyou for a few seconds. As you are already behind them, just firetwo missiles and kill them after that.

A Charged Plasma Beam will disintegrate a Baby Sheegoth.

It is better to do this with the Plasma Beam but it also can bedone with any other. Lock on to the Baby Sheegoth and charge yourPlasma Beam. When it gets very close, double jump and releaseA.

Hint: Defeating Chozo Ghosts:
Shoot two Super Missiles to kill Chozo Ghosts. Also,if you have the X-ray Scope, you can maintain a lock on them.

Hint: Defeating Elite Pirates:
When the Elite Pirates burst out of containment, switchto your normal beam and build up a charge shot. When the Eliteis not trying to absorb energy, fire a Super Missile at them.Two Super Missiles will take them down.

Use the following tactics to defeat the different kinds of ElitePirates at the Phazon Mines. This is a very difficult area dueto switching beams for certain pirates:

Power Troopers
Use Normal Beams or charge a Normal Beam at it three to fourtimes. Alternately, use charged Power Beam shots or Super Missiles.Pursue from a distance if possible, as Power Troopers cannot exactlybe stunned.

Wave Troopers
Use Wave Beams or charge a Wave Beam at it (two to four times).Alternately, use charged Wave Beam shots while locked on to thetarget. Do not be tempted to use the Wavebuster combo, as youwould only be wasting missiles.

Ice Troopers
Use Ice Beams or charge an Ice Beam at it and finish it withone missile. You can keep using charged Ice Beam shots on solitaryunits if desired to preserve your missile supply.

Shadow Pirates
Use the Thermal Visor to see them. Use Wave Beams or chargea Wave Beam at it at full force (two to four times); or, firewith ease with the Plasma Beam.

Plasma Troopers
Fire at them with your Plasma Beam three or four times. Hidebehind a wall and the Plasma Beam will end up finishing them withits burning effect. Do this to other pirates as well, even thoughthey only need about three shots to be killed, only about onewill evaporate them if you just wait patiently. Note: As longas they are engulfed in flames, they will keep taking damage.

Note: All Trooper types can be killed instantly if they get caughtin a Power Bomb blast. This tactic is particularly useful whenthey appear during the Omega Pirate battle, especially under thehard difficulty setting.

Use the following trick to kill Air and Water Pirates quickly.If you have the Ice Beam and Charger Beam, you can kill them easily.One shot with the Ice Beam will freeze them for a few seconds.This may require a few shots because they sometimes try to dodgeyour shots. You can then either shoot them with the Ice Beam untilthey die (four or five shots), shoot a Charged Ice Blast (ChargerBeam required) which will kill them in one or hits, or shoot amissile. This will save a lot of time and health.

When you enter the first room with the Space Pirates after thetimer sets off, wait thirty seconds and an explosion will killall the pirates on the lower part of the room.

When a Pirate shoots a weapon that is not a really fast beam,hold L and move left for the first shot, then right forthe next. Moving the same way does not work well because you runinto things.

This trick can be used anywhere that you see a Pirate that canbe killed with any beam weapon, except for the special Troopers(Wave, Ice, Power, and Plasma Troopers). When Samus encountersa Space Pirate, charge your Wave Beam and lock on to them. Firethe charged Wave Beam at the Pirate then quickly change to thePlasma Beam. Fire an uncharged Plasma Beam while the Pirate isstill being electrocuted. It will catch on fire, and will remainon fire and still be electrocuted so that they cannot fire theirweapons. This works best when there are many Pirates in the area,so that you can get to the others quicker. The Pirate will notbe able to move and will burn to death. If you are close to thePirate when it falls, it will explode and you will take damage.

Use the following trick to kill flying Pirates without takinga lot of damage. After they shoot missiles, lock on and shootthem with a super missiles. Note: If you do not use Super Missiles,they will crash down and you will take a lot of damage. Afteryou destroy one, hide. Note: If you shoot one with another onebehind it or close to it, you will blow them both up.

Note: This trick requires the Ice Beam and an abundance of missiles.When you encounter a pirate, lock on to him with L andhave your Ice Beam ready. Next, make sure that you have a clearshot of your target. When you are ready, fire the Ice Beam andkeep locked your target locked so that you can fire your missile.This should shatter the pirate as soon as it hits. This maneuverworks on the following opponents: Space Pirates, Flying Pirates,Aqua Pirates, Ice Troopers, Metroids, and Hunter Metriods.

Hint: Defeating Flaahgra:
The trick is to knock down the light-reflecting mirrorsand bomb the plant away. At first, there is only one mirror thatreflects the light and helps grow the plant. Fire at Flaahgrawith normal fire rapidly until it is stunned; there is no needfor heavy firearms. It will not be able to attack you at all ifyou stun it on time. After Flaahgra is stunned, run to the onereflecting mirror and shoot the red target behind the mirror witheither a charge beam or only one missile. Flaahgra will shrinkand its spiky roots will vanish. Roll into a ball, go into wherethe roots were protecting, and drop a bomb. The plant is killed,but returns with two mirrors. Do the same thing with two mirrors,then three mirrors, then finally four mirrors. After finally killingFlaahgra, the Varia Suit is yours.

When you are facing Flaahgra, stun it, then fire at the dishes.It is easier to fire at the one you are at, then strafe to theside and hit the next one, whether it is directly in front oroff to the side, without going to the next one in line. You canalso hit a dish from any direction as long as you are hittingthe bottom where the red light would be. This is done easier whileFlaahgra is still stunned.

To easily keep Flaahgra from resetting the satellite radar dishes,stun him by shooting lots of blasts, then trip the dish. As youmove to the next one. keep a lock on him and pester him with moregunfire. When the shots begin to make him turn yellow again, stopand keep up the fire until he falls once more. Continue to thedish and repeat as many times as necessary.

To defeat Flaahgra, you may need more than ten missiles. Shoota missile at the first mirror. Then, roll in as a morph ball andbomb him. He will die, but will return. Stand in between the twomirrors and fire. You must aim by holding R + Analog-stick.Proceed to bomb after you get the mirrors. On the third time,stand behind the second mirror and fire at all three. Then, bomb.The fourth time, do what you did in the third, except once youare done move around and missile the last mirror. Bomb, then getthe Varia Suit.

Hint: Defeating Incinerator Drone:
Shoot at it until its eye goes up. Before the eye comes,you can dodge the fire by running from it. Be careful, as thefire will sometimes change direction. Then, lock on to the eyewith L and shoot repeatedly. The fire shooter will go crooked.You can usually avoid the fire by jumping over the low part andgoing under the high part. After a short time, it will torch theWar Wasp hive above it, and War Wasps will appear. Kill enoughWar Wasps so that no more are attacking you for awhile, then shootthe drone. It will keep torching the hive intermittently. Keepdoing this until it is defeated.

Hint: Defeating invisible Sentry Drone:
In the Phazon Mines, when you are in the room withthe second save point and are fighting the invisible sentry drone,use the Wavebuster combo. Stand on one of the glowing blue platforms(works well with the second from the top of the stage), fire itoff the platform and hold it. The drone will become electrocutedto the point of self-destruction because it locks onto it, whilenone of your other weapons can. Afterwards, you can get the SuperBomb for the Morph Ball.

Hint: Defeating Meta-Ridley:
To make the fight against Ridley easier, you must haveas many missiles as you can possibly find, the Super Missile Beamcombo, and the Wavebuster Beam combo. The battle can reduce aninventory of all 250 missiles down to about 25. During the firstpart when Ridley is flying, use the Super Missile Beam combo whenyou can get a clear shot as his chest. Then, when his wings burnup and you are forced to fight him melee style, switch to yourWave Beam and activate your Wavebuster combo to constantly shockhim. Do not release A until he is dead or you are out ofmissiles. Do not worry about depleting your missiles -- thereis a recharge station in the Impact Crater.

Hint: Defeating Metroid Prime:
When you fight the second form of Metroid Prime andstep in his blue Phazon puddles, enter Hyper Mode and attack withthe Phazon Beam. No other weapons will defeat him. However, hereleases progressively harder Metroids when he lays down Phazon,starting with Larva, moving to Hunter, then Fission Metroids.Dispatch these much as you would a Beam Pirate, with charged shotsof the appropriate color. Do not let them latch onto you.

The final Boss is difficult because of the Metroids it releases.You can easily destroy them by entering the Phazon Puddle andblasting them with the Hyper/Phazon Beam.

Use the following trick to kill Metroid Prime's second form undereither the easy or hard difficulty setting. As you first enterthe battle, scan it immediately so you do not have to deal withit later. The easiest way under the hard difficulty setting usto always have the Ice Beam equipped no mater what the circumstance.After Metroid Prime keeps doing the shockwaves and changes itsappearance, it will eventually send out a Phazon Pool. Jump intoit and blast Metroid Prime with all you have got. After awhile,it will start making Phazon Pools and releasing no more than twoMetroids. Shoot the two Metroids with a charged shot, then shootthem with a pair of missiles. Sometime after you do some damageto Metroid Prime, it will then release two Hunter Metroids. Dealwith them the same way you did the normal Metroids. When MetroidPrime sends out the Fusion Metroids, get into the Morph Ball andrelease a Power Bomb to take them out.

Metroid Prime is an extremely difficult Boss. Before battling,have at least have the Wavebuster, Ice Spreader, 150 or more missiles,and all of the energy tanks. Having plenty of Power Bombs is alsorecommended. Metroid Prime has two different phases. You willbe battling Metroid Prime through four subchambers in the firstphase. He will attack with a mouth-type-beam weapon, a grapple-beam-typeweapon that pulls you in (so he can hurt you by swiping his forelegs),homing missiles, chemical missiles, an ice attack similar to thatused by Thardus, and energy orbs that deal massive damage (butcan quickly be disposed of by any beam attack). He will changeinto random colors that make him vulnerable to the correspondingbeam weapon. When he is yellow, use your Power Beam and hit himwith two Super Missiles. After you hurt him enough, he will turnblack and charge across the room. Note: He will charge and changecolor at any time in the fourth and final subchamber. When thathappens, use your Morph Ball and drop into one of the cracks inthe ground. He will not charge as far in the first subchamber;you will not have to worry about using the Morph Ball. After hecharges, he will change into a different color. When he is purple,take the Wave Beam, get fairly close to him, and use the Wavebusteruntil you hurt him enough. When he is white, get your Ice Beamand shoot with one Ice Spreader combo, then shoot at him withnormal Ice Beam shots. When he is red, take out the Plasma Beamand just keep shooting normal shots while dodging his attacks.You can try to get close enough to use the flamethrower if youhave it, but he will strike you with his forelegs. Metroid Prime'ssecond phase is much less complex than the first. Lock on to himimmediately. The only attack he uses is to create a wave-likeblast that just shoots out in a ring shape. The first time heuses that attack, all the pillars in the room will fall apart.Use the Charge Beam to bring in any power-ups that came out ofthem. Then, just release the charge. He is not vulnerable to anyconventional beam weapon. After a while, it will appear as ifhe is releasing blue matter out of his tentacles. A pool of Phazonforms directly under him, then Metroid Prime seems to have disappeared.Remember where the pool of Phazon just appeared. Switch to theX-Ray visor and lock on to him again. Try to step into the smallPhazon pool that he made. When you are in it, your gun will automaticallychange to the Phazon Beam. The message "Hyper Mode"will appear. Hold A and the beam will fire a continuousstream of Phazon at Metroid Prime. The Phazon pool will eventuallydisappear, and you will have to repeat the process. Whenever hedisappears, he always is visible through each visor in the samepattern: Combat, X-Ray, Thermal, Combat, etc. Sometimes he maydisappear without leaving a Phazon pool. Later when he disappears,Metroid Prime will also summon a pair of Metroids of any kind.It could be a pair of normal Metroids, a pair of Hunter Metroids,or a pair of Fission Metroids. When they appear, go into MorphBall mode. Roll between them and drop a Power Bomb. If done correctly,it should kill both Metroids. If you run out of Power Bombs beforeyou defeat Metroid Prime, use an Ice Beam followed by a missile.This however, will not help if they are Fission Metroids.

Use the following trick to kill Metroid Prime's Metroids faster.At the battle between you and Metroid Prime's second form, itsometimes releases different types of Metroids when it makes theblue Phazon pools. This makes it extremely difficult for Samusto shoot Metroid Prime with her Phazon Beam as the Metroids willnot let you shoot it if they latch onto you. This trick worksbest on the Hunter and Fission Metroids that Metroid Prime releases.When it makes the pool of Phazon, get into the pool as quicklyas you can. Then, shoot a tiny amount at the Metroids that itreleased. They will blow up, and you can get to Metroid Primemuch easier because the Phazon Beam kills them in one hit. Alternately,use a Power Bomb and they will also blow up. Make sure that youuse the Power Bombs wisely. If Metroid Prime does not make a poolof Phazon, no Metroids will appear. This will save you a lot ofhealth, especially in Hard Mode, as the Metroids sap much moreenergy.

When you are fighting the second form of Metroid Prime, it releasesdifferent types of Metroids. The first types start at infant Metroids,then Hunter Metroids, and finally Fission Metroids. When MetroidPrime releases its second little pool of Phazon, the Metroidswill appear. When this happens, get into the pool of Phazon quickly.The Metroids will try to latch onto you. Before this happens,shoot the Phazon Beam at them and they will blow up instantaneously,so that you can shoot Metroid Prime faster. If the Metroids dolatch onto you, go into Morph Ball mode and lay a Power Bomb (nota regular Bomb), because this will allow the other Metroid tohit you and take your energy. This will save you a lot of healthand time.

Hint: Defeating Metroids:
Normal Metroids (not Prime) can be dispatched rapidlyby using Freeze Beam followed by a missile.

Fission Metroids or any other Metroid can be defeated by usinga Power Bomb. This is particularly useful during the last partof the game when you are trying to avoid getting damaged.

Use the following trick to destroy Metroids, no matter where theyare. Whenever a Metroid is in relatively close proximity to you,or has latched on to you, instead of laying a Bomb, detonate aPower Bomb. In the Phazon Core and when fighting Metroid Prime'ssecond form, this can be very helpful; if two Metroids are fairlyclose to you, they both will be destroyed. Use this trick whenMetroid Prime releases Metroids. Soon after being released, bothMetroids will approach you. Note: This trick is best used whenyou have a good amount of Power Bombs (eight recommended).

Hint: Defeating Omega Pirate:
First, blow away his Phazon armor. He will turn invisibleand probably unleash some troopers. Ignore them and use X-Rayvision to find Omega Pirate. He is quite vulnerable when he isinvisible. A charged blast will take away a good amount of hisenergy. When he is dead, he will melt and the Phazon suit willbe yours.

The Omega Pirate is the third to last Boss. First, find the fourPhazon plates on the Omega Pirate's knees and shoulders. Shootthem with Super Missiles or Charged Plasma shots. Once you breakall four plates, the Omega Pirate will become invisible and sendout troopers. If you are lucky, you will get Ice or Plasma Troopers.Destroy them quickly, switch to your X-ray Visor, then look around.Most likely, the Omega Pirate will still be invisible, exceptfor a few Phazon-filled veins and heart. Avoid the attacks fromhim, and in time he will uncloak. You will have to repeat theprocess.

When he charges up at a pool of Phazon, switch to Ice Beam andcharge. When it has completely charged, fire out using the IceSpreader (if available). This will cause more damage, saving youhealth and time.

When fighting the Omega Pirate, do not use Beam combos while heis in vulnerable form. In fact, when he is visible, his favoriteweapon is the Energy Siphon. This allows him to deflect missilesand use your power against you from Beam weapons. However, ifyou shoot a charged Plasma Beam Shot from Omega Pirate's rightside (your left), it will run into one of his legs. Now, the bestplace to shoot him is from behind (this requires precision), ashis armor is weaker there. When he calls down the Power Troopers,look at what they are located. If they are Plasma or Ice, takethem down. Otherwise, kill yourself; as you will never kill themin time. When you switch to X-ray vision, find Omega Pirate andshoot two charged Plasmas at him while locked on, followed bytwo single shots. He will disappear again. When he reappears,shoot only one charged Plasma at him. If he disappears twice whilevulnerable, he will call down four Power Trioopers. Note: Beforeyou fight him, scan him while he is in the stasis tank, then runback to the save point. After saving, go back. By doing this,when you die you will not have to fight the Plasma Trooper again.

When you go in, he will jump out, When he does this, have yourPlasma Cannon ready and aim for a shoulder or a knee. Charge upand when his hand is not glowing and shoot him. Two charged upshots will destroy each shield. Make sure you have all your missiles.When the other pirates show up, do a combo shot to kill them quickly.For the white ones, charge up, freeze them, and fire a missile.Then, switch to the X-ray visor, go to Plasma Cannon, and keepshooting. He will then go to another place. With the X-ray visoron, shoot him again. Note: This will call more pirates back. Stayclose enough to him so that he does not fire his bombs at you,but not so close that he stomps on you. When you back up againsta wall, go into morph ball mode then charge and shoot to the otherside and repeat.

Hint: Defeating Parasite Queen:
When you get to the Parasite Queen, shoot in the openspots of the wall. To defeat her, Fast Scan her for a weak spot.

When fighting the Parasite Queen, back up into the doorway areayou used to enter the room. When positioned correctly, she willnot be able to hit you.

Take out your missiles. When the clear spot comes, release themissile. It will spit out goop-like material. Dash to avoid it.

Hint: Defeating Sheegoth:
To defeat Sheegoth, immediately after it breathes gas,aim with L and shoot two missiles. Repeat until it is dead.

When Sheegoth attacks, it may get worn out. If so, go to the sideof it and look by the mouth. There will be smoke. Aim there withR and fire a missile. If you run out of missiles, turninto the Morph Ball and go to the side of it. Plant all threebombs to the side. Repeat this until Sheegoth is defeated.

Rather than waste missiles shooting at the adult Sheegoth, simplyroll into the ball and drop bombs in front of its head. Keep rollingback and fourth in front of it, continuously dropping bombs andit will eventually die.

Get under Sheegoth and Powerbomb it.

Hint: Defeating Thardus:
Look around the edge of the room and find a clump ofrocks that you can jump up and stand on. There is a nice one twosections to the right of the door that you entered. From thisvantage point, you cannot be hit by the rolling Thardus or hisice attack that comes across the floor. You can simply stay andcontinue to fire at him with either the Wave Beam or your missiles.By repetitively shooting your Power Beam at the rocks that hethrows, you can continue to generate power-ups which you can thentractor to you with the Charge Beam. You can actually grow strongerwith power-ups as you continue the battle. You can continue thisfor the first several rounds of the battle until the room is filledwith fog. Then, run towards him to target your missiles, as youwill not be able to see him with regular vision from your rockoutpost. At this point you will have adequate energy suppliesremaining to simply stand and let him pummel you with ice andby rolling over you while you target his weak points with yourPower Missiles. You will still be able to retreat back to thesafe area when it is time to return to using your Wave Beam withyour Thermal Vision. When you are not vulnerable to his attacks,he is very easy to defeat.

When you enter the arena, go to the right. There should be a metalbeam close to the wall. Jump between the beam and the wall, andyou will be standing on a small platform where Thardus can nolonger hit you with his roll attack. Fight a normal battle withhim until he begins to form into a ball, Then, jump onto the platformagain and wait the attack out.

To defeat Thaardus, keep the Wave Beam on and get health as muchas possible. When he rolls into a ball, go into ball mode andpower boost away. Put on your Heat Visor and when he stands up,lock on and shoot only Charge Beams. Watch out for when he roarsand picks up his arms. He will send ice on the ground toward you.Double jump to avoid it. Also if you are in Heat Visor mode andhe levitates the rocks, lock on to them and blast them away. Becareful -- when you break them, all you can see is yellow. Justquickly lock on and fire repeatedly. When you are hitting thered spot with your Heat Visor on, it will explode and your visorwill lose power. Go back to the Combat Visor and that spot willbe blue, like the back of a Sheegoth. Keep hitting it until itbreaks and he screams. He will roll into a ball. Just dodge itand repeat. After you drop his health a few times, he will makethe room foggy. Use your Heat Visor. Watch out for the ice androcks. You really cannot see them. When you break his body plate(arm, leg, chest etc.), go into the Combat Visor and you can seehim. Repeat this until he dies. You get the Spider Ball for defeatinghim.

Enemy weaknesses and recommended weapon:

  • Aqua Drone: Wavebeam or Wavebuster
  • Aqua Pirate: Charge Beam or Super Missile
  • Aqua Sac: Charge Beam, Wave, etc.
  • Auto Turret: Missile, Power Beam, Ice Beam
  • Baby Sheegoth: Plasma Beam or Missile
  • Barbed war wasp: Power Beam
  • Beetle: Any (best is Plasma Beam)
  • Blastcap: Any
  • Bloodflower: Plasma Beam
  • Burrower: Power Beam, Ice Beam
  • Chozo Ghost: Super Missile
  • Crystallite: Plasma Beam
  • Elite Pirate: Super Missile, Charge Beam
  • Eyon: Charge Beam
  • Fission Metroods: Any beam or combo Powerbomb, Phazon Beam
  • Flaahgra Tentacle (weakness is base of Flaahgra): Morph Ball Bomb
  • Flaahgra (weakness are mirror reflectors): Charge Beam Stuns
  • Flickerbat: Any
  • Flying Pirate (any combo): Charge Beam or Plasma Beam
  • Geemer: Any Beam weapon
  • Grizby: Missile
  • Hive Mecha (weakness are four red lights): Power Beam
  • Hive: Missile
  • Hunter Metroids: Ice Beam, Phazon Beam, Powerbomb
  • Ice Beetle: Plasma Beam
  • Ice Burrower: Power Beam, Ice Beam
  • Ice Shriekbat: Any
  • Incinerator Drone (weakness is red orb when in sight): Any
  • Jelzap: Combos
  • Lumigeck: Any Beam
  • Magmoor: Ice beam
  • Mega Turret: Wavebuster
  • Meta Ridley (weakness is chest and head): Plasma or Plasma Beamcombo
  • Metriod Prime 1 (weakness is face): Any Beam weapon
  • Metriod Prime 2 (weakness is head): Phazon Beam
  • Metriod: Ice Beam, Powerbomb, Phazon Beam
  • Oculus: Super Missile
  • Omega Pirate (weakness is Phazon Armor): Plasma Beam
  • Parasite Queen (weakness is mouth): Any
  • Parasite: Any
  • Phazon Elite: Plasma and Power Beam combos
  • Plasmatrooper: Plasma Beam
  • Plated Beetle (weakness is rear abdomen): Any
  • Plated Parasite: Morph Ball Bomb
  • Plated Puffer: Missile
  • Plazmite: Power Beam
  • Power Trooper: Power Beam
  • Puddle Spore: Any
  • Puffer: Any
  • Pulse Bombu: Wave Beam
  • Ram War Wasp: Power Beam
  • Reaper Vine: Any
  • Reaper: Any weapon
  • Sap sac: Charge Beam, Wave, etc.
  • Scarabs: Any
  • Scatter Bombu: Wave Beam
  • Seedling: Any
  • Sentry Drone: Wave Beam
  • Shadow pirate: Super Missile
  • Sheegoth (weakness is side of head): Missile, Plasma Beam
  • Shriekbat: Power Beam
  • Space Pirate: Power Beam
  • Stone Toad: Morph Ball Bomb
  • Tallon Crab: Any
  • Tangl Weed: Power Beam
  • Thardus (weakness varies): Charge Beam
  • Triclops: Morph Ball Bomb
  • Venom Weed: Any
  • War Wasp: Any
  • Wave Trooper: Wave beam
  • Zoomer: Any

Hint: Easy kills:
Flying Pirates, Gun Turrets, and most non-mini Bosstype creatures can be taken out by the Ice Beam followed by amissile.

To easily take down enemies under hard mode, use the followingstrategy. Charge up Wave Beam (or another weapon with stun capabilities),fire it at the enemy, shoot a missile, then repeat. This willuse up a lot of missiles, but is vital for getting through longparts, such as the Phazon Mines or Research Facility.

When confronting flying or very quick enemies, such as a FlyingSpace Pirates, Metroids, Stealth Pirates, etc., use your WaveBeam. The Wave Beam, unlike the other beams, homes in on the targetyou locked on to. When using a different weapon, it is easy tomiss. Also, if you charge up the beam, your enemy becomes stunnedfor a few seconds, allowing you to get in another good shot ortwo. Missiles can also be used, but should be conserved. Sometimes,if you are very close to an enemy, you may want to use a ChargedIce Beam. This freezes your enemy for a longer time than the WaveBeam stuns them. However, this is risky.

To kill birds easily, when you enter a room with a War Wasp hive,shoot the clustered part of the hive with a missile. It will explode,and the War Wasps can escape.

To defeat ice creatures easily use the Plasma Beam or Flamethrower.It can kill most ice enemies, including Sheegoths, with only oneor two hits.

Hint: Power Charge:
To use the Power Charge, hold A then releaseit.

Hint: Phazon Suit:
To acquire the Phazon Suit, you must defeat the OmegaPirate. The Phazon Suit makes you immune to most forms of Phazonradiation. It also comes equipped with the Phazon Beam, whichcan only be activated during the last Boss fight.

Hint: Varia Suit:
After you defeat the Flaahgra, you will see an intermissionsequence. You will then be able to get the Varia Suit.

Hint: Morphball Bomb double jump:
When in Morphball mode, it is possible to do a doublejump with a little innovation. Deploy a bomb, wait about a second,then deploy a second bomb. The first bomb you deployed shouldsend you into the air. While in the air, immediately before thepeak of your jump, deploy your third and final bomb. As you descendagain, the second bomb you deployed should once again send youairborne, while the third bomb that is in the air should sendyou up even higher. With some practice, this should come naturally.Remember that timing is key.

Lay a bomb in Morphball mode. As soon as it disappears, lay anotherbomb. By that time, your first bomb will launch you into the air.When you reach the peak of your bomb jump, lay another bomb inmid-air. When you reach the ground, you will be launched backup again. Then, the bomb you placed in the air will launch youup even further.

Hint: Get Baby Metroids to do your dirtywork:
Go to the first part of the lab area with all the ShadowSpace Pirates, on the way to get the Gravity Suit. You will finda large number of Shadow Pirates and a single Metroid in a tank.Ignore the Pirates and shoot a single missile down at the tank.If you can hit it, the Metroid will spring forth and start todevour the Pirates quickly, saving you the trouble of wastingtime, ammunition, and health. Note: Do not get too close to theMetroid or it will attack you instead.

Hint: Tallon IV Map:
When you reach a location where you see two parasites,crawl into a pipe. Use Morph Ball and go through the pipe to getit.

Hint: Exploding computer:
In the space vessel above Tallon IV, go to the firstMap Download station (with the parasites crawling in it). Downloadthe map, then turn slightly left to see the first set of computers.Charge your beam and fire. The computer should explode. Note:This only can be done with one computer and none of the others.

Hint: Power-ups:
After your accident on the frigate, all of your power-upswill be scattered all over Tallon IV. They can be found at thefollowing locations.

Varia: Kill Flaahgra; Sunchamber, Chozo Ruins.
Gravity: Under water; Gravity Chamber, Phendrana Drifts.
Phazon: Kill Omega Pirate; Phazon Mines.

Morph Ball: Kill Beetles and Plated Beetle; Shrine, Chozo.
Bomb: Kill Incinerator Drone; Hive Totem, Chozo.
Boost Ball: Align platforms; Phendrana Canyon, Phend Drifts.
Spider Ball: Kill Thardus; Quarantine Cave, Phendrana Drifts.
Power Bomb: Kill Invisible Drone and navigate maze under floor,bomb blue puddles to go past electric fields; Level 2 by savestation, Phazon mines.

Missile Launcher: Kill Hive Mecha; Chozo.
Charged Blast: Scan all for Runic Symbols in Watery Hall thenscan gate.
Super Missile: Activate Hologram in Phendrana Observatory.
Wave Beam: Kill Sheegoth; Chapel of Elders, Phendrana Drifts.
Waveblaster: Super Missile the twelve weak spots in Tower/Light,jump to top.
Ice Beam: Antechamber, Chozo Ruins
Ice Spreader: Power Bomb the weak tunnel in Magmoor and go underneath.
Plasma: Navigate Spider Track in Geothermal Core, Magmoor.
Flamethrower: Power bomb the metal gate Phazon Sec. Access andactivate gate access.

Thermal: Power down the force field in Phendrana ResearchLab.
X-Ray: Life Grove

Hint: Get power-ups:
To get the left over items from the enemies you havedefeated easily, hold A and they will float directly toyou.

Hint: Get unreachable power-ups:
If energy or ammunition is out of your reach, aim andcharge your beam. The energy or ammunition will come to you.

Charging any arm cannon weapon will attract energy and missileammunition to you. However, different weapons have different reaches.The default Power Beam seems to have the furthest reach, whilethe Wave Beam seems to have the weakest. Keep this in mind whensome power-ups do not seem to come to you while using this technique.

Hint: Morph Ball:
Go to the Chozo Ruins via the elevator. Then, go tothe shrine and follow the passages until you get to the centerroom, where you will see the Morph Ball power-up. When you jumpdown the ledge, a wall rises up to block you and about ten beetleswill burrow up. Defeat these with your Power Beam and get intoscan mode just after you kill the last beetle. An intermissionsequence featuring a plated beetle burrowing up (the Boss) willstart. Scan it quickly by locking on to it and enter combat mode.Lock on to it and press B to dodge. Keep dodging untilit tries to ram you. Dodge it and fire a Power Beam (and/or missile)onto its exposed red rear. Repeat this until it is defeated andclaim the Morph Ball.

Hint: Plasma Beam:
Enter the Triclops Pit from the Lava Lake side. Walkforward, then look to the right with the X-Ray Visor. You willsee a floating platform. Leap to it, then jump to two more platformsand look around until you see a Missile Expansion. Use a SuperMissile to destroy the rock encasing the expansion, then hop overand pick it up. Once you have the Grapple Beam, you can careenthrough Magmoor Caverns with little concern about your own safety.Use the new tool (and strategically placed grapple points) toswing over lava pits easily. Jump to the other side of the GeothermalCore, then look for platforms on the right-hand side of the wall(assuming you are facing away from the twin fires area). Jumpto the top, then use the Grapple Beam to swing to the pillar inthe middle of the room. Roll into the Spinner Device and twirlwith the Boost Ball until you raise the platform. Jump to theother two platforms and repeat the process. Look for a SpiderBall track on the third pillar. Roll up the track, then drop down.Jump to the highest pillar in sight and plant a bomb in the MorphBall slot. Get on the Spider Ball track, then go through withoutfalling. The best way is to hold R and roll on the SpiderBall track. If you need to go up, place a bomb. If you need togo down, release R, then immediately when it touches thenext track, hold R again. If you find enemies, lay a bomband stand back. It is better to destroy them than to avoid them.Go through the door to the Plasma Processing room and get theupgrade. Note: No bosses need to be defeated to get the PlasmaBeam, as it is left unguarded. It is a fire-based beam, and isvery effective on ice-based creatures.

Hint: Adjust view:
When something is not visible because Samus' suit isin the way, hold R and move the Analog-stick. Samuswill put her hand on her gun and look around in the directionyou moved. This is helpful for locking on enemies too high tosee, and for seeing where certain platforms end (such as in theacid). It can also be used with the Scan Visor.

Hint: Dash jumps:
To get out of the way quicker than a normal dash, quicklytap B(2). To do a Dash-Space Jump, tap B(3). Thesejumps will get Samus out of the way much faster than a normaldash. This trick is especially helpful when you are fighting mostof the Bosses that move very fast, such as Meta Ridley, Thardus,and Flaaghra.

Hint: Avoid fall damage:
Either activate the Space Jump Boots immediately beforelanding or roll into a ball after falling from a high location.

Hint: Heat wave:
Shoot any beam weapon repeatedly for about thirty seconds.When you stop, a heat wave can be seen in front of the arm cannon.

Hint: Freeze Samus' ship:
Fire the Ice Beam missile combo at the ship. The IceSpreader will completely freeze the ship and have a nice visualeffect.

Hint: Electrocute birds:
To electrocute birds, shoot them with the Wave Beam.

Hint: Floating enemies:
In the beginning of the game, you will go into a corridorwith no gravity. Do not turn the gravity off. Instead, look aroundthe room and you will see two dead enemies (parasites) that arejust floating around. When you shoot them, they will explode andsend blood flying all over the place.

Hint: Shoot asteroids:
In the beginning of the game, immediately after gettingoff your ship, there will be asteroids floating around above you.You can shoot them for target practice.

Hint: Full map of Tallon IV:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficultysetting to unlock Image Gallery 3. When this gallery is opened,there will be a map of the entire game, indicating where everythingand everyone is. The left side of the map will have a legend onit.

Hint: See Samus' reaction:
To see Samus' reaction within the helmet inside ofthe reflection, charge and shoot directly at the ground. Note:Try this in an icy place.

Hint: Samus' gets bored:
Allow the game to idle for a few seconds. Samus willfiddle with her arm cannon, and eventually do something that resemblestaking a nap. Try this with the thermal and x-ray visor for abetter effect.

Hint: Classic Metroid:Play as Samus with bonus weapons:
Press Z at the main menu, then enter JUSTINBAILEY ------ ------ as a password. You will begin the gamewith all the power-ups, and Samus will not be wearing her suit.Press Z to equip the missiles and she will have blondehair; she will have brown hair without them equipped.

Hint: Classic Metroid:Super password:
Enter NARPAS SWORD0 0000_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _as a password. Note: "_" indicates a space, and exceptfor the letter "O" in "SWORD", the remainingcharacters are the number zero. You will start at the beginningof the game with unlimited life, unlimited missiles, and all upgrades.The word in this is "NAR PASSWORD". "NAR"is an abbreviation for the name of the person who designed thepassword system, Tohru Narihiro.

Hint: Classic Metroid:Harder game:
Press Z at the main menu, then enter 999999999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK as a password.

Hint: Classic Metroid:Samus without suit:
Successfully complete the classic Metroidgame under two hours to view Samus without her suit during theending sequence.

Hint: Classic Metroid:Super Bomb:
Charge a weapon with the Tri Laser, then drop abomb.

Hint: Classic Metroid:Hint: Refill energy easily:
Go to a pipe that has enemies constantly appearingat ground level with no other enemies around. Just keep shootingand the enemies will fly into your bullets, leaving energy andother items.

Hint: Classic Metroid:Defeating Kraid:
Use the Ice Beam to freeze the center spike inmid-air as he shoots. Then, use your missiles to shoot the barespot where the spike was located.

Glitch: Unnoticed in window:
In Phendrana Drifts at Research Lab Aether, you willsee your first Metroid. An intermission sequence will start. Afterwardsinstead of breaking the tank to continue, go to the window-likeopening. The Pirates on the other side will not see you. Note:It is very difficult to get there in hard mode.

Glitch: Guts from debris:
When in the space frigate at the beginning of the game,you will enter a room that needs to be depressurized. There shouldbe floating debris in this room. Begin shooting random pieces,while standing close to the one you are shooting at. Eventually,one will explode and green guts will splatter on your visor, asif you shot a parasite. Note: The debris must still be floatingin the air for this to happen.

Glitch: Moving platform clone:
In the Phazon Processing Center at the top, fire anIce Spreader at the moving platform. It will freeze the shapeof it, but the platform continues, leaving an interesting iceplatform that you can jump through.

Glitch: Power Trooper stuck in platform:
Go to the Phazon Mines via Magmoor Caverns and lookdown to see a Power Trooper. Charge a Super Missile and shootit at him. Most of the time it will knock him down, and he willget stuck under the platform and will not stop jumping. You canalso jump down to him and shoot him until he dies.

Note: This trick happens in hard-mode and requires Chargeshot,Supermissiles, Five Missiles, Spiderball, Morph Ball, and SpaceJump Boots. At Phazon Mines in the large room with a radioactivefloor and the many different colored space pirates (Phazon processingcenter), enter from the bottom or middle (recommended) entrance.Knock off or defeat the two troopers that are standing by thecrates and use the Spider Ball to travel up the left railing.You will be fired at, but they will be easy to evade. At the endof the rail, return to normal and go to the pillar. With yourPower Beam out, turn left, up, and fire a Super Missile at thePower Trooper. If done correctly, he will fly back and land partiallyunder a platform. He will attempt to jump up, but will be stoppedby the platform. This glitch does not stop it from firing if youare in front of it. However, if you go behind it, it is defenseless.

Glitch: Silent battle:
You can battle the second form of Metroid Prime withoutmusic. When you defeat its first form and it goes to the intermissionsequence with Samus about to jump into the hole where she facesMetroid Prime's second form, quickly press Start as soonas she lands in the final battle arena. You will skip the smallintermission sequence of the two charging each other. When thebattle starts, the music will be muted.

Glitch: Keep health in contaminated water:
In the arboretum, go up the ramp until you get to theblock that is in your way. Note: This is not a sandstone block,but the one before that. Attack and kill the War Wasps. If youstarted in the room with 20 or less health, gather the power-upsyou earned with your Charge Beam and jump off the side. You shouldhave 80% to 99% when you hit the bottom. However, if you go throughthe contaminated water, you will have the same amount off healththat you came in with, but only a little more.

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