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Monopoly Party Cheats

Monopoly Party Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Monopoly Party

Hint: Defeating the CPU:
Use the following trick to defeat the CPU with twoto four players under the hard difficulty setting. Go to "CustomRules" and set the houses to 88 and apartments to 22. Turnthe jackpot on and set the Landing On Go bonus to $400.00. PickLand On Free Parking and set the jackpot to $750.00. Use the classicview, as it is easier to see before choosing whichever board youdesire. When you start the game, buy only the properties you canget three of and avoid the railroads and utilities. Do not bidtop high on the properties that you cannot get much money for.Never bid more money than you have, as you do not want to mortgageproperties. Try to get a set, even if it means trading with theCPU or offering them money. Sometimes you will have to offer themboth. Once you get a set of two or three, put houses on the cheapesthouse first, unless you have Boardwalk and Park Place, so youcan save money and eventually put up hotels on all your properties.If you have many houses or hotels and get in jail, try to stayin there as long as you can and collect your money. You can alsostay in jail if the CPU has many houses or hotels to remain onthe safe side. Try to have at least $100 to $200 or more to staysafe. Even if you have to wait to pass Go or land on Free Parking,once you start getting sets and hotels on those properties, tryto get sets that are next to each other, or on an entire sideof the board.

When you have a full set of properties, build immediately untilyou have no money remaining to build. You can always take downunimportant houses or hotels, or mortgage unimportant propertiesif your "bill" becomes too large.

Hint: Properties:
Try and get all three orange properties and Boardwalkand Park Place. The orange properties are the most hit, and Boardwalkand Park Place are the most expensive when hit.

Hint: General tips:

Own all the railroads. Try to get them at a low price, but ifyou have to buy one from someone, spend as much as you need; itwill pay off in the end.

Try to own the entire side between Jail and Free Parking. Thereare two cards that tell you to land on St. James Place and NewYork Ave. Also, they are cheap to buy, cheap to build, but havea devastating payoff with hotels.

Boardwalk and Park Place are highly overrated. Forget about them.

Waterworks and Electric Company do not bring in money.

Try to own at least one of every color. That way, more deals willbe with you.

Own houses instead of hotels. There are only thirty two houses.If you own two different color sets and build houses, you willuse twenty four houses just with them.

Late in the game, you will want to go to jail. You can just sitthere and bank in the cash. Early in the game, avoid jail to buyyour properties.

If the CPU owns two of the three properties of a color, and thereis an auction for the last, raise the stakes high. The CPU willwant it.

If you are in an auction, always go $1 higher than the highestbidder.

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