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Mystic Heroes Cheats

Mystic Heroes Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Mystic Heroes

Co-Op mode runes (M4 & M6):
To get M4 play and complete 10 co-op matches.

To get M6 play and complete 20 co-op matches.

M1 and M3 Runes:
To recieve the M1 rune, beat the game in Easy mode.
To recieve the M3 rune, beat the game in Normal mode.

M8 Rune:
To get rune M8 simply beat the game on hard with any character.

M9 Rune:
To receive the M9 rune, you must beat the game with all 4 characters on any difficulty setting.

S4 and S5 Runes:
To unlock these two runes, beat expert survival (select hard on the menu after clearing all 3 normal survival).

S4 gotten for beginner expert gives you x2 physical defense (as per the armor item in game).

S5 gotten for intermediate expert gives you x2 physcial attack (as per the great axe item in game).

As with S2 (speed increase) these runes are *not* cumulative with the items that normally give these bonuses.

Unlock Expert Survival Mode and S3 Weapon:
After beating the third and final set of 4 levels in survival mode, you'll recieve the S3 Weapon, which makes your HP regenerate slowly. After you've beaten all 3 parts of survival mode, the expert survival mode will be unlocked!

Unlock M2 Rune:
For those with access to 4 controllers: Play a 4 player versus match (non co-op) in Multi Play to unlock M2: Fusenso

Unlock S1 Weapon:
To unlock the S1 weapon, beat the first set of 4 levels on survival mode. The S1 weapon makes your MP regenerate slowly while it's equiped.

Unlock S6 Weapon:
To unlock the best and final S-class weapon (S6), beat Expert Survival mode's third section. Weapon S6 will give you INFINITE magic once equiped!

Unlock the S2 Weapon:
To unlock the S2 Weapon, beat the second set of 4 levels on Survival mode. The S2 Weapon gives you super-speed, allowing you to move twice as fast as normal.

Versus mode runes (M5 & M7):
To get these two runes, simply play versus modes in multiplayer. (Any of the modes that are not cooperative count for versus).

To get M5 play 20 matches.

To get M7 play 50 matches.

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