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SX Superstar Cheats

SX Superstar Cheats GameCube Cheats

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SX Superstar

Hint: Get a new girlfriend:
To get a new girlfriend, win three races in championshipmode.

Hint: Bigger air:
To get bigger air, hold L as you go up the ramp.Release L (ideally when the gauge is full) at the lip ofthe ramp.

Hint: Realistic back flip:
Since the back flip trick goes very fast and looksunrealistic, there is another and much better looking way to doone. Use the "Bigger air" trick. After you launch offthe ramp, hold Back and you will do a better looking andmore realistic back flip. You can also do a front flip like this,but it requires some skill, and big air.

Hint: 360:
Press Down/Right after getting a lot of air.

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