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Sonic Adventure DX Cheats

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Sonic Adventure DX

Hint: Get Special Chaos:
There are three different chaos's you can get - shiny gold, shinysilver, and a weird black. To get shiny gold, take note of the wierdthing in the window. That's the gold egg. Once you get it, go near thehighway and go left as soon as your past the gate. There should be astone there. Replace the stone with the egg and go to the garden. Toget the shiny silver, go to the Mistic Ruins and run with anycharacter. It will close and a egg should drop from the waterfall. Toget the weird black egg, check near Amy's Jail.

Play as Miss Bianca:
Go to the title screenand press Up, Left, X, Z, and Right. You will then be able to play asMiss Bianca from the Rescuers Down Under.

Sonic Crying Cheat:
Beat Tails's story once.Then, go to the station square where Sonic will get tripped by a rock33 times and sonic will appear sobbing.BR>
Submitted by mikeandbuck9.

Big and Sonic cheat:
During game play press start, up, left, y, x, and z. Big will appear next to sonic.

Submitted by mikeandbuck9.big and sonic cheat: during game play press start and press up left y x and z.and big will appear next to sonic.

Play as Joanna:
Go to the title screen and quickly press up, down, left, and right. You can now play as Joanna.

Submitted by mikeandbuck9.

Tails and Marahute cheat:
You must go to windy valley level and press start, up, up, left, left,left, left, right, right, and then right. Tails will get a visit frommarahute in the rescuers down under.

Submitted by mikeandbuck9.

Cry as Sonic cheat:
You must get on the spikes on any level. Quit 2 times and Sonic will cry.

Submitted by mikeandbuck9.

Kiss as Amy:
To kiss any sonic characters,beat Amy's story once and go to station square with her and Sonic willappear next to her. Press the Z button to kiss romantically.

Sonic Chaos:Level select:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Right, Left,Right, Left when "Press Start" appearsat the Sonic Chaos title screen.

Sonic Chaos:Instant Chaos Emeralds:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down,B, A, B, A, B, A atthe Sonic Chaos character selection screen.

Sonic Chaos:Sound Test:
Press Down(2), Up(2), Left, Right,Left, Right, B, A at the SonicChaos title screen.

Sonic Chaos:Extra continues:
In the first Turquoise Hill Zone mission, press Up+ A to make Tails fly to the top of the screen. Stay thereuntil the CPU makes you get down. When your points are gettingadded up, you should get three to four continues.

Sonic Labyrinth:Level select:
Press Up(2), Right(3), Down(6),Left(9) when "Press Start Button" appears atthe Sonic Labyrinth title screen.

Sonic Spinball:Level select:
Enter the "Sound Test" option for SonicSpinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 2, 1,5, 6, 6.

Sonic Spinball:Faster background music:
Enter the "Sound Test" option for SonicSpinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 4, 2,5, 5, 7.

Sonic Spinball:Disable gravity:
Enter the "Sound Test" option for SonicSpinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 9, 0,1, 6, 8.

Sonic Spinball:Zoomed in view:
Enter the "Sound Test" option for SonicSpinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 2, 1,1, 6, 6.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2:Level select:
At the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 title screen, Tailswill blink his eyes (first once, then two times quickly). Whileholding Down/Left + A + B, tap Startjust when his eye shuts on the second blink of the double-blink.

Sonic Triple Trouble:Level select:
Hold Up when the Sega logo appears. Wait untilKnuckles touches the red emerald then quickly press Start.

Two player Game Gear mode:
Press Start on controller two to display a secondGame Gear screen for that player. If the original Game Gear gamesupported the multi-player link, the current game will switchto multi-player not. If the game did not support the multi-playerlink, game play on each screen will be unrelated.

Toggle Game Gear game screen:
To view the Game Gear games in a smaller, not pixelatedview, press L + R. Pressing L + Ragain will return the view back to normal.

In-game reset:
Hold Start + A + B + Xfor a few seconds during game play.

Zoom in and out of Chao Gardens:
Go to mission mode and select Big. Go to the Chao Garden.Cast your fishing pole into the water and reel in your line. PressY + L to zoom out, and Y + R to zoomin. If this does not work, pet a Chao then do it. This can bedone in all three Chao Gardens. Note: This does not work in adventuremode.

Game Gear games:
Each time you complete ten missions or collect SonicEmblems, you will unlock a new Sonic mini-game. After unlockingthe first mini-game, Sonic The Hedgehog, the "MiniGame Collection" option will appear as a play mode at themain menu.

There are a total twelve Game Gear games. They are unlocked asfollows:

0 to 100 Emblems: One Game Gear game for every 20 Emblems.
100 to 130 Emblems: One Game Gear game for every 10 Emblems.
0 to 60 missions: One Game Gear game for every 20 missions.
Tails Adventure is unlocked for getting the other 11 missions.

The games are unlocked in the following order:

Sonic 1
Sonic Drift 1
Sonic Chaos
Sonic Spinball
The order then varies from here onward for: Sonic Labyrinth,Sonic 2, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, SonicTriple Trouble, Sonic Drift 2, Tails Skypatrol,Sonic Blast, and Tails Adventure.

Play as Super Sonic:
Complete the game using all six starting charactersto unlock Super Sonic. Sonic will transform into Super Sonic aftersome time into the next game.

Play As Metal Sonic:
Collect all 130 Emblems to unlock Metal Sonic in trailmode.

Play as Tails:
Controller two may be used for Tails after he is obtainedduring game play in story mode. Note: Shields, invincibility andextra life boxes have no effect on Tails if collected. Note: IfTails goes too far away from Sonic, he will appear next to Sonic.

Mission mode:
Successfully complete the game in adventure mode withall characters to unlock the "Mission Mode" option atthe main menu.

Glitch: Man falls through floor:
After you complete the game, go to the burger shop.You will find a man with his arms out. Press B next tohim to pick him up. Go into the burger shop and stand in frontof one of the tables. Press B again to drop him. Insteadof standing still, he will fall through the floor and will appearoutside. If this did not happen, exit the screen and return.

Glitch: Die after defeating Egg Hornet:
When playing as Sonic, fight the Egg Hornet. When itis down to its last hit, let Eggman drill into you. Do not getany rings back. Deliver the last hit and wait for the machineryto fall off the Egg Hornet. After that, jump up and hit Eggman.Sonic will say "No", then the game will total up yourpoints. However, Sonic will faint as he says "Hey, I'll playwith you some other time" and die. Note: You will have tofight the Egg Hornet again if this happens. This also works duringtrail mode.

Glitch: Kill Perfect Chaos without SuperSonic:
Make sure you only have about five rings remainingwhen you do this. As Super Sonic, ram yourself into Perfect Chaoswith only one ring remaining and you will turn back into Sonicinside Chaos. If he only has one health, he will die, then youwill die.

Glitch: Floating dash panels:
When at Emerald Coast as Sonic, go to the part wherehe is chased by the whale. Slow down a slightly, and you may noticethat the whale is destroying the bridge, but the dash panels remainedunharmed and will remain floating in air.

Glitch: Tails in Emerald Coast:
As Tails, go to Station Square. Go to the pool at thehotel. When you get to the pool, there is a corner that is underneatha balcony. Note: This next part may be easier with the jet anklet.Go to that corner and try to walk into it. When you are underneath,fly up and do not move the Analog-stick. If done correctly,you will go through the balcony. Quickly go through the wall andfly to the entrance to Emerald Coast. Do not go back through thewall. If you do not go to Emerald Coast, but are on the beach,do not jump or go away from the gate or you will die and muststart again. Just walk to the gate and you will enter EmeraldCoast. Note: You cannot go to Windy and Ripply. There is onlyblue haze and a useless spring. You will fall and go back to thepool.

Glitch: Stay underwater forever:
Note You need the Life Belt for this to work and canonly be done in mission mode. Select Big and enter the sewer partunderneath where Tails gets his Jet Anklet. Hold A so thatBig stands on the bottom of the sewer and cast your lure (withA still held). Next, move the lure about and reel it inuntil you get a view of Big. You will see that some of his headis underwater as he is sitting down and he will not drown.

Glitch: Incomplete Master Emerald:
Complete every characters' adventure. Go to the MasterEmerald as any character except Knuckles. You will see that theEmerald is completely restored. Then, go to the Master Emeraldas Knuckles and it will look like a piece of it is still missing.

Glitch: Break through barrier:
When you reach the end level and are off your snowboard,Spin Dash many times with different amounts of speed to breakthrough the invisible barrier. When your at the start of the leveland reach the part where your going to snowboard, run as far asyou can to the bottom until you see a jump pad on a hill (jumppad #2). Go on to it and press A repeatedly. You shouldbe able to jump from there.

Glitch: Egg Carrier: Cling onto door opening:
Go to the Egg Carrier as Knuckles. Run as fast as youcan and glide towards a door. Keep gliding towards it when itopens. As the screen fades to black before you enter the room,you should see that Knuckles actually clings onto the black openingas if it was an obstacle.

Glitch: Mystic Ruins: Enter Icecap withoutclimbing ladder:
Go to the icy part of the Mystic Ruins as Tails. Approachthe ladder as close as possible, but not too close or else youmay grab onto the ladder when you jump. Then fly up (providingthat you have not grabbed onto the ladder) and you may enter Icecapwithout climbing up the ladder.

Glitch: Mystic Ruins: Die while climbing:
As Knuckles, climb up and down Big's tree near hishouse at the Mystic Ruins jungle. You will eventually hear andsee a splash of water. Tiny bubbles will also rise from Knuckles.Stay there for awhile and the drowning music and counter willstart. Let it finish, and you will fall off the tree and drownin mid-air.

Glitch: Speed Highway: Pass through obstacles:
When running down the wall in Speed Highway, press(and do not hold) B to do a Spin Dash. Sonic will rolland you can pass through obstacles.

Glitch: Wind Valley: Enter without goinginto level:
When you are about to first enter Wind Valley, placethe Wind Stone on the key slot. Before the stone is completelyplaced, jump onto the area that sends you to the level, so thatyour character is floating in air. When the stone is completelyplaced, instead of your character going into the level, he orshe will still be floating in air, and you will still enter thelevel.

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