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Speed Kings Cheats

Speed Kings Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Speed Kings

Master code:
Enter borkbork as a name. This code also unlocksthe Secret Nevada meet, the Casino Run course, and six more leathers,all GP modes, all bikes, all lids, and lap times.

Respect points:
Start a new game and enter .resp followed bya space and a number (for example, .resp 30) as a nameto begin with the indicated amount of respect. Note: Enter .resp54to unlock all six respect bikes.

Finish all nine driving tests with gold:
Start a new game and enter .test9 as a name.

Win all six meets:
Start a new game and enter .meet6 as a name.

New meets, street racer bikes, and morecourses:
Start a new game and enter .meet4 as a name.You will unlock the New England, Detroit, London, and the SwissAlps meets; five street racer bikes; and sixteen additional singlerace, time attack, trick attack, and head to head mode courses.

GP Mode completed:
Start a new game and enter .prix as a name.

Additional mirrored GP modes:
Enter .prix3 to unlock three more mirrored modesin the Grand Prix.

Best laps:
Start a new game and enter .lapt18 as a name.

All tracks:
Win a gold medal in each event.

Grand Prix mode:
Beat the top record in time attack mode.

Hint: Quick start:
Hold Gas + Skid, then release Skidafter the countdown.

Hint: Tricks:

Wheelie: Hold the Left Analog-stick Back.
Standing Wheelie: Press Trick + Left Analog-stick Back.
Surfing Wheelie: Press Trick + Kick/Punch + LeftAnalog-stick Back.
Cross Surfing Wheelie: Press Trick + Left Analog-stickBack + Front Brake + Kick/Punch.
Endo: Press Left Analog-stick Forward + Front Brake.
Surfing Powerdown: Press Trick + Left Analog-stick Forward+ Power Down.
Handstand Powerdown: Press Trick + Skid + LeftAnalog-stick Forward + Power Down.
Surfing: Press Trick + Left Analog-stick Forward,then Left Analog-stick Back.
Handstand: Press Trick + Left Analog-stick Forward,then Kick/Punch
Pavement Ride: Trick + Left Analog-stick Forward,then Skid.
Donut: Hold Brake + Gas and turn in one directionwith the Left Analog-stick.

Hint: Back and frontflip:
Get a powerdown and boost it about 350 feet beforea ramp. When you are in mid-air, hold Up or Downto perform a backflip or a frontflip. Note: You need a lot ofspeed and a very fast bike.

Hint: Endo-stoppie:
Press Left Analog-stick Forward + Front Brake.Hold B until your back tire lands. If you do not do this,it will just be an endo.

Hint: Dodge cars while turning:
While turning, press R. Wait until you are infront of a car and point the Analog-stick the oppositeway that you are turning. You will keep turning, but at a slowerrate. Note: Do not release R until you dodge the car(s).

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