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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Cheats

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Hint: Defeating Norman Soth:
After you have climbed up the elevator cables and have gotten on top of the other elevator, crawl through the hole in the wall. Norman Soth and two other mercenaries are on the top pathways. While in the hole, there will be one guard on the top path, slightly to the right. You should be able to shoot him in the head. Then, a timer will start and you will have one minute to kill Norman Soth and his other mercenary. When you shoot the first mercenary, drop out of the hole onto the first pathway. The second mercenary will go to exactly where the you shot the first mercenary. Shoot the second mercenary in the head. Note: The second guard will be aiming at the hole, so he will not see you if you drop out of the hole. The last person to kill is Normon Soth. Start running down the pathway and turn left on the second to last walkway on the left. Look up and turn on your thermal vision. You will see Normon Soth. Get a clear shot and shoot him in the head. After that you must retrieve the smallpox box from the top pathway. If you are on the second to last pathway on the left, go up the ladder. There will be another ladder; use it to climb up. Drop off the ledge onto the pathway. Run down the middle pathway to find the smallpox box.

Use the following for an alternate way to defeat Norman Soth without being seen by the guards. After you climb the elevator cables there will be a crawl space. Go through the crawl space to drop down on a catwalk. If you look to the right, there will be a light looking out on a pathway facing straight. Shoot the light out with your pistol, then go past the first pathway. After you pass it, there will be a ladder. Climb the ladder and crouch down. Turn your thermal vision on and bring the scope up on your SC-20K. Zoom in and you should see Soth and his two mercenaries. Get a good shot on Soth and take it. The guards will not see you in the darkness. Shoot the last two guards, then go back down the ladder. You must run because there will not be that much time remaining and there are no alarms to pull. Go down the pathway that was passed before. There will be two pathways in front of you. Take the second one with the stairs, but go left. Go almost to the end and take a left. Keep going and there will be a ladder, and then another ladder. When you get to the top of the second ladder, go up the stairs there and slide down the pole. Run down the pathway that Soth was on to get the last ND133.

Once you have broken out of the lift and climbed up to the hole in the wall, drop out onto the walkway and shoot the light to your right. Instead of waiting to render everyone unconscious, climb up the ladder on the other side of the light you just shot out. At the top of this ladder, use your infrared vision to find the three people you need to kill. Stand up, equip yourself with the SC-20K, use a diversion camera, and aim it where Soth stood. If done quick enough, you should take out all three at the same time with the gas released from the camera, giving you about 45 to 50 seconds to climb up to get the ND133. When you have killed everyone required, jump back down the ladder and take the first right, then the second left, and find the two sets of ladders to climb up. Then, drop down onto the right walkway and the ND133 will be directly in front of you.

Throughout the level, make sure that you keep one of your Sticky Shockers. When you start in the hole in the wall, take out your pistol and shoot out the light to your right. Do this carefully so that you do not fall out. This should alert both the workers and one of Soth's terrorists. Wait until two of them have left and lure the third one into a corner by whistling and knock him out. Then, do the same thing with the other two. When all three are knocked out, shoot the terrorist in the head with your SC-20K to kill him. Then, climb up the ladder to your right. From this point, you can get a clear shot of the last terrorist on the catwalk above you. Shoot him with your last Sticky Shocker. Climb up the rest of the ladders to reach the top catwalk. Shoot Norman Soth in the head with your SC-20K. Then, kill the KOed terrorist. Then, simply run towards the ND133 to complete the game.

In the last level when trying to get Soth, shoot out the first spotlight shining down and the light on the wall. Climb the ladder. When Soth and his men are all together, shoot a gas grenade off the wall behind them so that it falls where they are standing. Climb down the ladder, go down main catwalk, take the second left, use the first adder, then take the next. Drop down off ledge to the left and you will be on the same catwalk. Shoot Soth and his men.

Hint: Capturing Suhadi Sadono:
After killing off all of Sadono's guards, lure him into a dark corner then shoot him with a Ring Airfoil. Then, run up behind him and grab him. You can now force him to use the retinal scanner and complete the mission.

Rather than picking off each one of the bodyguards, you can go to the right all the way around the room in the shadows. You should then reach the stage behind Sadono. Follow the curtain's shadow to Sadono. There will be a gap. Stand up and run until you see the "Grab Character" option appear. Grab him. You will be shot at and probably get hit, but once you grab him they will stop and you will hear someone say "Don't shoot, you might hurt Sadono". After that you are home free as they will not follow you.

Instead of going around the room and knocking out or killing every guard in it, after you fall down from the ceiling run directly toward the gap (behind where Sodona makes his speech) before the curtains open. When the lights move away, walk out quietly through the right side of the gap and press A when the "Grab Character" icon appears in the options. You will grab Sodono and the guards will pull out their guns. They will not shoot you, since they think that they might hit Sodona. Use him for the retinal scan and exit to the helicopter.

Hint: Sabotaging Sadono's plane:
Get to the part where DP Brunton tells you that you should be close to Sadono's plane, and Fisher replies, "Really?". Look to your left. You should see a fence. Climb over this fence to find a drain pipe. Climb up the drain pipe and shimmy along the edge. Pull yourself up onto the ledge above. Enter the door and go to the right. You should find a switch. Hit the switch to turn the lights off. You can now dispose of the two soldiers guarding the plane. An alternate way is to get up onto the previously described ledge and shoot a Div Cam in front of both the guards. Press Y to knock both of them out.

Hint: Easier aiming with pistol:
To aim better with the pistol, press B to pull it out. The crosshair should appear normal. Then, press Up on the D-pad and the crosshair should become a laser sight. This makes it very easy to aim, since the laser sight is smaller and thinner than the normal crosshair. This allows fast kills and head shots. Note: If you are in dark corners and have the laser sight on, the enemies will notice and attack you.

Hint: Easier aiming with SC-20K:
Click the C-stick to zoom in the sniper scope, then press L to hold your breath. You should be able to get a good shot while Sam remains still.

Hint: Knocking out guards:
To knock out a guard without using a Sticky Shocker or a Air Foil, shoot a Sticky Cam at their head. Note: It must hit him directly in the head for the guard to get knocked out.

You can knockout an enemy with the liquor bottle if you throw it at their heads.

Hint: Dili, Timor mission:
After locating the first prime target, and just after you get the PDA information, use your optic cable to see through the door almost directly in front of you. You will see the room of hostages that you had to pass by unseen. Go into the room, stay low, then knock out the guard. Pick him up, then take him to the room directly in front. Shoot out the lights and put the body on the side of the bed. Double back then take out the guard left on the second floor on the balcony behind the door you started out by. Shoot out the overhang light above the stairwell, then the light in the stairwell hallway. Take out the guards one by one downstairs. Put them in the small room in the corner. This will take you to the next checkpoint, after you walk though the small hallway.

Hint: Paris, France: Ammunition:
After you have disabled the bomb and gone up the stairs to the second floor, it is easier to shoot out the lights even if there is a guard walking back and forth across the hall; when he turns around and has stopped at his little station away from you. You can shoot the first light out that you see. Repeat this process for the next two lights and he should not hear you or say something like "The light broke!" or something similar. Note: He will not even hear you when he is under the farthest light from you, and it is also easier when you are doing a "peek attack". Go at least half way down the hallway he was on and go into the room just beside the motion detector away from you. There will not be anybody in that room. While you are in there, there will be a desk with a little light over it. Shoot the light out if desired. If you need to see better, turn on your night vision goggles. In that room, you will find some ammunition for your pistol and two sticky shockers.

Hint: LAX: Extra supplies:
When you have reached the airport car park in the back of the truck, kill the two guards and the dog. Then, face the truck again and turn left. On the left hand wall should be a door. Open it, and inside are some Sticky Shockers, Ring Airofoils, Sticky Cameras and a Med Kit.

Hint: Television Free: Drowning your victims:
In Television Free (mission 8), you will have a chance to go down into the sewer. When you knock out a guard, drag their unconscious body into the water then click into thermal view. You can watch the life slowly slip out of their bodies.

Hint: Stealth:
To move quieter, crouch down and walk slower. This will make your steps softer, and keep you undetected to a limit.

To decrease your chances of being seen, shoot out the lights with your gun. Be careful, as if there is an enemy is under that light they may see you shooting it out.

Hint: Shoot without fear:
When you are at a point that you can only use non-lethal attacks, make sure that you have the SC-20K and at least one Sticky Cam. Instead of waiting to sneak up on a person, shoot them in the head with the Sticky-Cam. This knocks them out without using "lethal methods". Aiming high is the key to knocking the person out because the Sticky Cams have a short range. After the attack you can pick your cam up and use it again.

Hint: Bypassing motion detectors:
Before passing by a motion detector, pick up the body of a dead or unconscious guard. Then, proceed to walk past the motion detector. The motion detector should not go off, due to it seeing the guard on your shoulders, thus making you invisible to it.

If you walk past a motion detector with your weapon drawn, you will be moving at a slow enough speed that the detector will not register your movements. You can safely walk past it.

Hint: Escaping elevator shaft:
In LAX, there is a part where the elevator stops. Blow out the top and jump to climb out. Then, climb on a pole that gets you to the catwalks. Jump until you reach a landing and use the "Climb Out" interaction. Climb up and over, then jump down to another pipe that leads to an opening and a checkpoint. Then with a running start, do a split jump over the two pipes and drop. Jump up on the ledge and pull yourself up. Shoot the vent and jump across. Go through it and come out the other side, then jump down and cling to the pole. Move over and climb up the ladders. You will reach a place where there are three poles to rappel from. Choose the middle one and crawl through the opening. This will take you to a save point and to Soth.

Hint: Find mines easily:
In order to find mines in the camp mission, turn on the thermal vision.

Hint: Prince Of Persia references:
On the mission when you are on the train, look in the second car where the guard is located. Knock him out then go behind the fenced door. Look down you will see a magazine featuring Prince Of Persia.

On the third level when you are in Paris on the train, at the beginning there will be a room with an engineer. Knock him out. On the floor of the room is a Prince Of Persia strategy guide.

In Displace, when you get through the crawl space you will see the back of a guard. He and another guard will start talking, and you will hear that Prince of Persia 2 will be the game of the year.

Hint: XIII reference:
In mission 3 (The Train With Soth), in the car with the cabins, go into the first cabin (with the open door). On the table there will be a comic book of XIII.

Hint: Various references:
On the first half of the Jerusalem level, there is a book store directly behind an alley with a swinging lamp. Next to it is another smaller alley with a swinging lamp. If you look inside the large window you can see many different picture references to The Punisher, Ubi Soft's XIII, an anime, and a picture of the infamous "Sniper Kitty" among many other things. Use the binoculars to get a much better look.

Hint: Level select:
When you complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty setting, when you go back into the game make sure you go over towards the level select instead of checkpoints. You could lose your data and have to do it over again if the wrong choice is made.

Hint: Programmer credits:
In the Jerusalem mission, get to the part where you are following Dahlia Tal and can go up onto the roof and through an apartment to avoid being seen in the open area while she continues on. When you go through the apartment, you must sneak past two Israeli men watching television. If you zoom in on the television, you can see that it continuously scrolls a message in French from the development team thanking two people for their help with the game.

Hint: Ubisoft reference:
In the intermission sequence where you see two ShadowNets neutralize the ND133, when Lambert picks up his coffee cup, you can see it has the Ubisoft logo.

Glitch: Wrong timer on the last ND133:
In the last intermission sequence, when you retrieve the last ND133, Fisher says that there are still eleven minutes on the timer. However, when the intermission sequence starts, the timer has just passed twelve minutes. Lambert and Grim did not mention anything about changing the timer, and Fisher does not have a gadget to change timers.

Glitch: Different color gear:
This works on the first level and perhaps others. Turn on your night vision goggles and switch to the thermal/heat vision goggles for a few seconds. Switch back once more. If you look closely and quickly at Sam's gear, it may look like it has different colors. Note: You must see the gear in night vision to see them in different colors. To turn on your goggles, press D-pad Left for night vision. Press D-pad Right for heat/thermal vision goggles.

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