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Street Hoops Cheats

Street Hoops Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Street Hoops

All courts:
Press L(2), X, L, Y, R(2),X at the cheats screen.

All players:
Press Y(2), R, L, Y(2),X, Y at the cheats screen.

Block party:
Press Y, R, L, Y at thecheats screen.

Power game:
Press R, L(2), Y at the cheatsscreen.

Always on fire:
Press R(2), X, R, L, Y,R, L at the cheats screen.

Clown uniforms:
Press R, Y, R(2) at the cheatsscreen.

Cowboy uniforms:
Press Y(2), X, Y at the cheatsscreen.

Elvis uniforms:
Press Y, L, Y, R, Y(2),X, Y at the cheats screen.

Kung fu uniforms:
Press R(2), L, Y at the cheatsscreen.

Pimp uniforms:
Press R, X, L(2) at the cheatsscreen.

Tommy Tallarico uniforms:
Press L(3), R, Y, R(2),X.

Tuxedo uniforms:
Press Y, X, R, Y at thecheats screen.

Black ball:
Press L, R, L(2) at the cheatsscreen.

And1 ball:
Press X, L, X(2), L, Y,R, L at the cheats screen.

ABA ball:
Press Y(2), R, X at the cheatsscreen.

Globe ball:
Enter R, Y, R(2), L, X,Y, X at the cheats screen.

Normal ball:
Press R, X(2), L at the cheatsscreen.

Press R, Y, R, Y, L(2),X, Y at the cheats screen.

Play as Dennis Rodman:
Press Y, R, L, R, X,Y(2), X at the cheats screen. Alternately, playon Balla, and get ten or more rebounds. An easy way to do thisis to play on 20 minutes.

Play as Half Man-Half Amazing:
When playing World Tournament mode, you will play theUrban Hitmen. Defeat them to unlock Half Man-Half Amazing. Note:You need $10,000 to play as him.

Play as Lil' Romeo and Master P:
Go to the Foot Action store and buy several thousanddollars on P.Miller clothes. Buy the most expensive pants, sweater,hat, glasses, and sneakers for the five man squad. Once you havespent enough money they will appear outside the store.

Play as Silk The Shocker:
Win the Lord Of The Court in Shakespeare Park.

Play as Xzibit:
Finish the Lord Of The Court challenge under any difficultysetting.

Alternately, win Lord Of The Court at Venice Beach.

Play as B Real,Muggs, Bobo and the London Knights team:
Win the World Tournament twice. Note: This was doneunder the Greatest Of All Time difficulty setting.

Play as Cypress Hill, DJ Muggz, and BoBo:
Win the World Tournament under the Greatest Of AllTime difficulty setting.

Play as AO,Booger, Half Man Half Amazing, Headache,Hot Sauce, Speedy, The Future, The MainEvent:
Before you start playing, you are able to choose whichProfessional Street Baller you want to use. After that, you useyour team and go city to city. The team and player you choosemay randomize the ballers. Continue playing and unlock a new ballerin each city. You should have them all unlocked at the third tolast court on your first run. Note: All ballers when unlockedcost $10,000 each.

Athens Minotaurs team:
Win the World Tournament three times. Note: This wasdone under the Greatest Of All Time difficulty setting.

Kinshasha Warriors team:
Win the World Tournament four times. Note: This wasdone under the Greatest Of All Time difficulty setting.

London Knights team:
Win the World Tournament two times. Note: This wasdone under the Greatest Of All Time difficulty setting.

San Juan Coquis team:
Win the World Tournament once. Note: This was doneunder the Balla difficulty setting.

Volume 3 Mix Tape:
Win the Lord Of The Court at the Dome.

Volume 4 Mix Tape:
Win the Lord Of The Court at the Rucker.

Volume 5 Mix Tape:
Win Lord Of The Court at West 4th Cage.

Street Hoops Unlock 3 and Street HoopsUnlock FMV sequences:
Win the last two levels of the game (The African Villageand Greese) to unlock two extra FMV sequences that contain partsfrom the making of the game and the and one of the mixtapes.

Cypress Hill LowRider music video:
Successfully complete the game three or four times,depending on the difficulty setting.

Masta P Make Em Say Ugh & OOOHHWEEmusic video:
Successfully complete the game three or four times,depending on the difficulty setting.

Alternately, successfully complete Lord of the Courts at ShakespearePark; this will also unlock Silk Shocker.

Xzibit Front 2 Back music video:
Successfully complete the game three or four times,depending on the difficulty setting.

Alternate clothing colors:
When buying clothes, press Up or Downto change the color of all your clothing.

Unlocking courts:
To unlock the courts you have play through World Tournamentmode. When you unlock Coquis, you also unlock the San Juan, PuertoRico court. Play with them and you will unlock the London courtand London team.

Hint: Special moves:
The following moves must be done when walking slowlyand lightly while holding R.

Live Wire
Dribble under your knees: Press Forward + Y.
Knee dribble and behind the back dribble: Press Forward+ B.
Jump and skipping: Press Forward + A.
1-hand freestyle and low crawl: Press Forward + X.

Raise leg up, dribble under them, and low crawl: Press Forward+ X.
Bounce ball on foot and behind back dribble: Press Forward+ A.

Slower freestyle: Press Forward + A.
Double cross and bounce off knee: Press Forward + X.

Cross over and hit D's face time, and through your legs fromthe back: Press Forward + B.
Two time: Press Forward + X.
Under the legs and knee: Press Forward + A.
3 slaps to the d head while dribbling: Press Forward +Y.

Through D's legs: Press Forward + A.

Through the legs 3 time then cross over: Press Forward+ B.
Dribble behind back the fake to 1 side: Press Forward +Y.
Dribble behind back the through legs through the back: Press Forward+ X.
Over his head: Press Forward + A.

Hot Sauce
Through the legs then a check your bags with a cross: PressForward + A.

Hint: Placing bets:
After selecting your team and players, etc., you getto the Strip Mall where you can buy clothing. Keep pressing Leftand you will move to a new screen. It will open an area with HairCuts, Pawn Shop (Buy Ice), and between those shops is the BettingRoom. There is also a Tattoo Artist before the Pawn Shop.

Hint: Easy money:
When you first start off, bet on Winner of Game andLeader At Half. Play up until you get to the Dome level. Onceyou become familiar with the game or already know it, you shouldhave close to $50,000. Easy money winners are, 10 Grand on Winnerof Game, Leader At Half, Most FGs, Most 3's, and Most Steals.You have a better chance of stealing and making threes when youbecome on Fire.

Play a one on one game (controller one vs. controller two). Betmoney on the game, keep playing the game over and over, and watchyour money grow.

Get at least $30,000 then play a one on one game. Go to bet. Beton most 3's, winner, and dunks. You will have a better chanceat winning. If not, restart the game and it will be as if younever made the bet.

Note: This trick requires two controllers. Go to the game modesscreen and set up a game against yourself; player one on one teamand player two on the other team. Next, go to Cash Checking/Bookieand play. Bet on the winner, most 2 pointers, etc. You will easilywin the game and double your money.

Create a player that is horrible. Start a Lord Of The Courts gameand get your team set. Then, go back out and play a Half CourtGame, 1 vs. 1. Select your best player and play against the badplayer you created. Keep betting on things that you are sure thatyou can win. The game only allows a $10,000 maximum on each separatething you can bet on. Keep betting and playing that same personrepeatedly. When you are comfortable, go back to your Lord OfThe Courts game and you will have the money.

Two controllers are required for this trick. Go into half courtmode and select one-on-one. Bet a lot of money then have playertwo miss frequently and travel. When it is player one's turn,play well.

Play half court, one-on-one and bet. Make the half court two playersand win. You will now have double the money you had. Keep doingthis as many times as desired.

Play half court, use two players, go to bet, and bet all yourmoney. Do not have player two move at all. Have player one makeall the shots.

Hint: Get more momentum:
Hold Turbo and keep tapping Crossover.If done long enough, you will get a fireball on your side of themomentum meter.

Hint: Bonus:
When you are playing a team that fouls to stop you,turn on fouls. When the team fouls enough, you will get a freeshot and the ball back. It will then say "Bonus".

Hint: Recommended And1 Team:
Get A.O, Hotsause, Speedy, 1/2 Man, and Headache todefeat any team that faces you.

Get Hotsauce, A.O., Headache, Mainevent, and 1/2 Man 1/2 Amazinngfor your team.

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