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The Hulk Cheats

The Hulk Cheats GameCube Cheats

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The Hulk

Code Input Screen Cheats:
Enter these cheats at the code input screen in the Options menu:
Double Health for Enemies: BRNGITN
Double Health for Hulk: HLTHDSE
Half Enemies' HP: MMMYHLP
High Score reset: NMBTHIH
Invincibility: GMMSKIN
Level Select: TRUBLVR
Regenerator: FLSHWND
Unlimited Continues: GRNCHTR

Code Terminal Cheats:
Enter these cheats at a code terminal in the game:
Play as Gray Hulk: JANITOR
Unlock Desert Battle art: FIFTEEN
Unlock Hulk Movie FMV art: NANOMED
Unlock Hulk Transformed art: SANFRAN
Unlock Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs art: PITBULL

Full Rage Meter Cheat:
Enter ANGMNGT on the "Code Input" menu to unlock this cheat. This causes the the Rage meter to constantly remain full.

Puzzles Solved Cheat:
Enter BRCESTN on the Code Input menu to unlock this cheat. This causes puzzles to be automatically solved.

Wicked Punch Cheat:
Enter FSTOFRY on the Code Input menu to unlock this cheat. This lets Hulk kill bad guys with one hit.

Hint: Half-Life Halved:
To kill Half-Life faster, knock him into the generators.

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