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Tony Hawk's Underground Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Tony Hawk's Underground

Perfect Rail Balance:
Go to the Options menu the Cheat Codes and put in letitslide for a code

All Movies:
Input "digivid" as a cheat under the options menu to get all of the movies unlocked

Unlock The Offical T.H.U.G. Song:
This code you can get if you play the motorcross demo and you have to win first but I got it enter at the cheat screen "holeshot"

Perfect Manual:
Enter "keepitsteady" on the cheat menu.

Unlock by finding every gap in the game.

By selecting pedestrian, players can skate as any one of nearly two dozen non-player characters (NPC) ranging from Eric Sparrow to the Construction Worker to the Tank Commander from Moscow. Best of all, they all have maxed out stats!

Unlock by beating story mode in sick difficulty setting. His signature tricks are Swimmer (GRAB TRICK) 1500 Points
Scary Grind (GRIND TRICK) 800 Points

Bails 1 Find 3 secret tapes
Bails 2 find 6 secret tapes
Always Hard find 9 secret tapes

Iron Man And Hot As Hell Level:
Beat The Game On Easy And Get Hot As Hell Level And A Cool Player (Iron Man) With Maxed Out Stats On Everything. The Game Is Easy So You Shouldn't Have Any Trouble Beating The Game Try Using The Perfect Rail Cheat (letitslide)

Secret Character:
Beat the game on normal to unlock Gene Simmons from the band kiss.

See KISS Band Video:
Beat the game on any setting go to last level earned hotter than hell and collect(light up) all 4 floating letters to spell kiss and get there video do it again and see them play on the stage

Unlock "Rock Star":
Unlock by completing Story mode on the Normal or Sick difficulty settings.

Signature Tricks:
Lick it up-------Grab Trick-------1,500 points
Fire Fire Fire---Grind Trick------- 800 points

Unlock "Old Skool Levels" (three levels from Tony Hawk 2):
Find Old Skool icons in New Jersey, Hawaii, and Moscow courses.

New Jersey- Air Up to the roof of the train station and stop and face the back end of the area. Grind onto the fence leading towards the hospital and transfer the grind to the ledge high on the wall to the right. Hold the grind over the railroad track tunnels to pick up the icon for the Old Skool level from Tony Hawk 2.

Hawaii- Skate over to the freeway overpass and locate the tiki shop. Ollie into the mouth of the smoking tiki doll on the sidewalk to be transported into a lava tube. Skate down the tube, then ollie at the edge to try to pluck the Old Skool icon out of the air. If you do this, you earn the Venice Beach from Tony Hawk 4.

Moscow- Start between the bleachers and Lenin's Tomb and wallrideuo up into a grind on the edge of the tomb in the direction of the red building. Ollie out of the grind and crash through the window into the building. Hop off the board and walk up the slope inside the building to find the Old Skool icon, this unlocks the Hangar level fro Tony Hawk pro skater 2.

Video in San Diego:
The video in San Diego is above the theatre. Try transferring from the ramp to the roof, then just look for a ramp wit the video at the top of it

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