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WWE Day Of Reckoning Cheats

WWE Day Of Reckoning Cheats GameCube Cheats

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WWE Day Of Reckoning

Extra money
Successfully complete tutorial mode to win either $6,000 or $9,000 to use in the ShopZone.

Extra created wrestler strike combos
Successfully complete all three tutorials to have the ability to get up to nine strike combos for created wrestlers.

Extra created wrestler points
Successfully complete the game to get 800 CAW points.

Win the Dark Matches and get to Sunday Night Heat to get 400 CAW points.

Successfully complete WWE Development in story mode to get 400 CAW points.

Successfully complete Sunday Night Heat in story mode to get 600 CAW points.

Successfully complete Raw and SmackDown in story mode to get 1,000 CAW points.

Wrestle as Andre The Giant
Successfully complete the WWE Developmental levels. You will get promoted to WWE Sunday Night Heat, and a message will confirm that you have unlocked Andre The Giant.
Wrestle as Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Greg "The Hammer"

Successfully complete the WWE Sunday Heat's dark and televised matches. You will get promoted to either WWE RAW or WWE Smackdown, and a message will confirm that you have unlocked Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.

Wrestle as Bret Hart
Finish the season by winning your match at WMXX to unlock Bret Hart.

The Undertaker's motorcycle and Stone Cold buggy
Successfully complete the Raw segment of story mode to unlock The Undertaker's motorcycle and the Stone Cold buggy.

Stone Cold items
Everything that reads "Bionic" in Create a Superstar goes for Stone Cold.

Steal opponent's finisher
When you have a special, lock up with A + B + L + R to steal your opponent's finisher.

Control tag team partner
Select a CPU partner in a tag team match. During the match, press Z + Up to have them attack the current legal opponent. Press Z + Right to attack the referee. Press Z + Left to attack your opponent's tag partner. Press Z + Down to perform a tag team move.

Momentum shift specials
You can turn the tide in a matchup when you are in danger by pressing A + B when near an opponent to grapple them, and do a momentum shift signature move (for example, Edge's Edge-O-Matic). Note: You and each of your opponent's can only do this one time in every match; choose when to use it and when to save it. A recommended use for a single match would be when you have a signature move. You can use your signature move immediately after your momentum shift signature move to win by either pinfall or K.O. by holding Down and pressing A as fast as you can when the K.O. meter is near the blue K.O. side. It can also be helpful to do this in a Royal Rumble, when you and the other two opponents gang up on one superstar, to get an easy elimination, especially near or at the end of the Rumble.

More than one momentum shifts
Get to the point where you can do your momentum shiftm then put your opponent on any table. Then, do your momentum shift. Your momentum shift must break the table for this to work. Note: Repeat this step as many times as desired. After that, both players will be knocked down and you will still have the momentum shift sign over your meter and be on danger. When you get up, you will be on green. Get back in dangerm then do your momentum shift to switch momentum.

Get away from ref
If the ref is chasing you, knock him down and hold a submission on him for a short time. When he stands up he should either be afraid of you or will try to hit you again. If he does, repeat and he will leave you alone.

Scared ref
Defeat someone with any "Dirty" wrestler. The referee will be scared.

Attack the ref with his own finisher
Normally, you will get automatically D.Q.'d for using the ref's or your own specials or any kind of weapon with D.Q.'s set to the "On" setting. However, when you are competing in any kind of match with D.Q.'s set to "Off" in the rules menu, use the C-stick to target the ref. When you are close to the ref, make sure you have at least one red "W" in the "WWE" abbreviation next to your spirit meter/name/body damage chart. Activate your special. You can now do the ref's finisher, either a front or rear grappling signature move, by pressing L + R + A + B. The ref's finisher is the Stone Cold Stunner by default.

Send opponent through table
On the Survivor Series arena, there is an ambulance at the top of the ramp. You can set a table up below or at the side of it then Chokeslam or throw your opponent through the table.

For interference, in a single match do your special twice.

To get chairs from the announcers table, break one of the tables then run into them. Press B to knock them over, then go near them and press X.

Created wrestler with The Last Ride as a regular move
Buy The Undertaker's template. Use it to build your own character. Do not change The Last Ride though or it will disappear. This move still does the damage of a special, and it is a regular grapple.

Easy money
Keep doing the practice lectures. You will receive $2,000 every time you do it. Try doing the special techniques one repeatedly, as ut is the shortest.

Easy win
When creating a werstler, select "Move Set", then go to "Standing", then "Front Grapple". For "Light Grapple" (n), choose "Trapping Headbutts". Choose anything for the others. Get a good amount of power, and start a match. When it begins, tap A to grab your opponent and repeatedly head butt them up to twenty times. After three to four times of this, your opponent will be blue and in danger. Pin them, and they will not get up. The entire match should last no longer than two minutes.

Defeating Triple H in story mode at WrestleMania XX
With about five minutes remaining, make sure you have a signature move slot filled and that Triple H's meter is at a dark blue color, he is not moving from the mat, and that at least his head (and preferably his mid-section) are at a yellow, orange or red damage point. It also helps if there is no score yet in the match. Activate your special and give Triple H two Pedigrees to put him in danger. If one does not do it, then go for the pin. You should score an easy 1-2-3 to make it 1-0 in your favor. Then, go outside the ring and run laps around it to make Triple H give chase you. Do not let him catch you. He may Pedigree you a few times then roll you into the ring for an easy pin of his own, but the object is to run around the ring until the counter hits 0:04. Then, run in and even if Triple H pedigrees you to a "Danger" spirit bar, there would only be 0:01 on the clock and Triple H will lose 1-0.

Defeating The Undertaker at WMXX
When playing the Iron Man match, it can be difficult, but getting one win is all it takes. After you get a pinfall or submission, stay away from The Undertaker by leaving the ring constantly, running around on the outside. Avoid him at all cost to let time run out and win the match one fall to zero.
Weapon specials

Hold A with a weapon in your hands to do the following moves:

DDT onto a chair.
Three punches with a ring bell or the brass knuckles.
Put a garbage can on your opponent's head. Wait about five seconds and they will fall over.
Spray the fire extinguisher.
Do a body shot followed by a head shot with the sledgehammer or championship belt.
Choke your opponent out with the kendo stick.

CAW entrance templates

01: Goldberg
02: Ultimo Dragon
03: Hulk Hogan
04: Scott Hall
05: Scotty 2 Hotty/ Grandmaster Sexy
06: (fists next to crotch then lifts up arms as HHH does on apron, but on stage)
07: (does the Outsiders sign and poses like Orton does on stage with hands out)
08: Raven
09: Brock Lesnar
10: Bradshaw (not JBL)
11: Matt Hardy (v.1)
12: Kevin Nash
13: Jeff Hardy
14: (Bends down and lifts arms in a jumping stance)
15: Stacy Keibler or Billy Gunn
16: (Walks regularly into ring and looks around)
17: Scott Steiner
18: D-Von Dudley/Buh Buh Dudley
19: Goldust

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