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WWE Wrestlemania XIX Cheats

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WWE Wrestlemania XIX

Alternate costumes:
To use a superstar's alternate costume, press Ror L at the wrestler selection screen immediately beforea match.

Construction Zone revenge arena:
Successfully complete all the Construction stages.

Harbor revenge arena:
Successfully complete all the Harbor stages.

Parking Lot revenge arena:
Successfully complete all the Harbor stages.

Mall revenge arena:
Successfully complete all the Mall stages.

Extra Revenge arenas:
Successfully complete Revenge mode.

EX Special grapple moves:
Successfully complete Revenge mode.

Revenge mode view in exhibition mode:
Successfully complete Revenge mode two times.

All created wrestler items:
Buy all items in the ShopZone.

Hint: Easy money:
You will get $5,000 for finishing all of the tutorial.As long as you do not skip anything, you will get the money.

Choose the "Select Mission" option in revenge mode andreplay the easier missions to earn more money for ShopZone.

Hint: Easy wins:
Work on one certain body part to make it submit faster.

Use a lot of striking moves to where he almost has his special,then go to the top rope. Do a fling move to knock him down. Ifdone correctly, you should be able to defeat him when pinned.

For an easy First Blood win, assign a superstar with the SweetChin Music as an Ex Special and Power Of The Punch as a FrontGrapple Special. Also, give a Vandaminator as a Weapon Special.Doing these specials each in a row will guarantee a win.

Hint: Easy special:
Get your opponent on their back, go to the side ofthem, and press A. Your wrestler will keep getting theirspecial meter up until your opponent blocks it.

Hint: Ex specials before you complete Revenge:
Buy a superstar move template such as Undertaker'sor Kane's . Then, just redo your own moves. You will have an extraspecial (Tombstone) that you can switch into any other desiredspecial.

Hint: Shopping Mall mission 1: Easy win:
Select someone such as Brock Lesnar or Scott Steiner.You have to eliminate security by making them bleed. This is wherethe F-5 (or if you selected Scott Steiner, his signature move)is useful. Those two signature moves usually make the securitybleed after a few times. If this does not happen after the signaturemoves, Irish Whip them to the glass, get the crate and mop, andcontinue hitting the opponent.

Hint: Shopping Mall mission: DestroyingVince's Wrestlmania sign:
On the Revenge stage in the mall where you have todestroy Vince's Wrestlemania sign, when you are fighting, if youropponent is on one side of the sign, go on the other side. Theopponents will start punching the sign. If they punch the signenough, they will destroy it.

Hint: Getting Stephanie out of the garagecell:
This is basically a handicap match. Run away from thesecurity guard and go down the escalator. Once there, you willfind a wrestler waiting for you. He or she will approach you andjoin the security guard in fighting you. Try to get one down,then Irish Whip the other onto the garage/cell structure. Continuedoing this. You can knock them both down, than start attackingthe garage/cell structure as well. If timed correctly, you canget this done in at least five minutes.

Hint: See Eric Bischoff:
Have a match with yourself and a friend or the CPUas a competitor in a Single, Tag Team, Triple Threat, Fatal FourWay, Table, Ladder, Hardcore or TLC match (or Royal Rumble ifyou are going to be one of the first two people to enter; onlythey have their videos shown in Royal Rumble matches -- this trickwill not work in Revenge Stages mode, since you do not see anyof the wrestler FMVs in that mode.). Select the SmackDown! arena.Select one of the wrestlers as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.When Stone Cold's name and small FMV window shows up, look closelyat the FMV, and you will see RAW Co-General Manager Stone Coldflipping off the other RAW Co-General Manager Eric Bischoff (theonly GM not in this game as a wrestler) and talking to him inthe FMV.

Hint: EX Special moves:
In revenge mode, defeat Vince McMahon at WrestleManiaXIX Hall. You can now go to create a superstar mode and assignan EX Special move to a superstar.

To do your EX Special moves, you must have three special barsfilled. Press L + R + A + B to turnon your special, then press A + B.

Hint: Do opponent's special:
When in the Special state, press L + R+ A + B.

Hint: Do opponent's EX special:
Get all three of your special slots filled. Press L+ R + A + B to use all three of your specialslots up at once. If your superstar does not have his or her ownEX special, he/she can do your opponent's EX-special move by pressingL + R + A + B again while in the EXspecial state. Superstars with EX specials are: Big Show, TheHurricane, Kane, Matt Hardy, and Stephanie McMahon. However, whenyou unlock the EX specials and all 46 superstars' move templates,you can assign/unassign your favorite superstars' EX specials,if they have at least one open special slot (max total of specialsfor any superstar/CAW is eight), or you can create someone andassign them an EX special. Note: If all superstars do have EXSpecials and you want to do an opponent's EX special, you mayhave to press L + R + A + B to enteryour EX special state, and press L + R only; thenpress L + R + A + B in order to doan opponent's EX special move. Make sure you know if the grappleis a front grapple, rear grapple, or turnbuckle move.

Hint: Throw opponent off stage:
Select exhibition mode, choose a wrestler and fightagainst a friend. Go up the ramp and turn right or left. IrishWhip your opponent (A + Y) toward the opposite directionof the stage and he will fall off.

Hint: Unlocking Bosses:
Play revenge mode until you get to the last mission.When you complete the mission, whoever you faced will availablefor exhibition mode (for example, Han Zo Mon, Kim Chee, etc.).

Complete Revenge mode several times. Each time you will get arandom new Boss. After they are defeated, they will become unlocked.

Once you complete each stage (for example, Shopping Mall), youwill unlock a Boss and some Revenge stages. Note: You will haveto do this on each stage to eventually unlock all the Revengestages and Bosses.

Hint: Play as Bosses quickly:
Successfully complete revenge mode then go back toselect missions. Go to the last level in the Harbor (Break IntoThe Control Room). That level is the easiest to complete, andis a fast way to unlock playable Bosses.

Hint: Final Boss list:

01: Agent 001
02: Bartender Bismarck
03: Master Builder
04: Ming Chee
05: Rowdy Smith
06: Agent 002
07: Han Zo Mon
08: Champ Bomber Head
09: Black Widow
10: Agent 999
11: Kim Chee
12: Jigoroh
13: Behemoth
14: Bouncer Jack
15: Sgt. Gregory
16: Victor Romanov
17: Ai Kidou
18: Riki
19: Bacchus
20: Yaksha

Hint: Boss counterparts:
The hidden Boss characters which can be unlocked byplaying through revenge mode are all fictional, but their move-setsare all based upon real-life wrestlers from Japan (and a few fromthe United States).

Agent 001: Matsuharu Misawa
Bartender Bismark: Masahiro Chono
Master Builder: Mick Foley
Ming Chee: Abdullah the Butcher
Rowdy Smith: Unknown - possibly Roddy Piper
Agent 002: Kenta Kobashi
Han Zo Mon: Dragon Kid
Champ Bomber Head: Shinya Hashimoto
Black Widow: Hayabusa
Agent 999: Sabu
Kim Chee: Keiji Mutoh (AKA the Great Muta)
Jigoroh: Yoshinari Ogawa
Behemoth: Bob Sapp
Bouncer Jack: Atsushi Onita
Sgt. Gregory: Jun Akiyama
Riki: Antonio Inoki
Victor Romanov: Scott Hall
Ai Kidou: Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Bacchus: Vader
Yaksha: Original Tiger Mask

Hint: Kurt Angle: Alternate chant:
Change Kurt Angle to a "BabyFace" in thecustomize feature. The crowd will not chant "You suck!"during his entrance. This also applies to created wrestlers whouse Kurt's music.

Hint: Rey Mysterio: 619:
Run at the ropes and press Analog-stick Away+ B from them. Make sure to aim correctly. The person shouldbe near the ropes to your left. It helps to get them stunned onthe ropes first.

Alternately, with your opponent on or near the ropes, run parallelto where they are standing by pressing Y + Analog-stickRight then press Left + A + B. Note:You do not necessarily need a special slot to perform this move,but it will be more powerful if done while a special is active.

Throw your opponent, and when he gets to the other side to therope, go to the ropes. Use the 619. If the opponent does not hitthe ropes and you hit him with the 619, Rey Mysterio is not goingto turn all the way around. He is going to stand on the apronand it will be easier to do the West Coast Pop. However, if hehits the ropes or is too close to the ropes, he is going to turnall the way around.

Hint: Rob Van Dam: Easy win:
When you have a special, get your opponent on theirback and do a 5-Star Frog Splash.

Hint: William Regal: Power Of The PunchDQ:
Use the Power Of The Punch with William Regal or anyoneelse (punch with brass knuckles). If you are in a match with DQturned on, you will be disqualified.

Hint: Chokeslam off Cell In Hell In A Cellmode and the stage:
When you Irish Whip some characters directly next tothe edge, Chokeslam the opponent off (Undertaker, Kane, Big Show,etc.) Others will just lift and throw them off.

Hint: DDT on a chair through a table:
When you and the person you are facing are both outsidethe chair, pull out a chair from under the mat (or play a TLCmatch and grab the chair). Put the chair down and Irish Whip yourrival onto the table. Press Y while holding the chair toget on the table. Wait for your opponent to get up and press todo a DDT on a chair through the table. Note: You be someone whohas the DDT on a chair (for example, Rey Mysterio).

Hint: Smash opponent's head on turnbuckles:
In any non-"Revenge Stages" match, pressA + Y + Analog-stick towards any turnbuckledirection and make sure your opponent does not whip off the ropesor on to the floor. While he/she is in the corner turnbuckle,briefly hold X to make your opponent's back face you inthe turnbuckle, and tap A. This will make your superstarsmash the other person's head against the turnbuckle. Note: Doingthis repeatedly is an excellent way to bust someone open withoutgetting disqualified in a match with DQs turned on, or to do thesame in a Hardcore or no-DQ match. Also, it is a great way towin matches with the First Blood stipulation on, where the firstsuperstar to make the other bleed from the head wins. Note: Femalesuperstars can be "busted open" in this game, but willnot bleed no matter what.

Hint: Super Mega Suplex:
Choose either a TLC or a Table match at the menu. Findan opponent and set up the ladder very close to the ropes, exactlyacross from your opponent. Then, climb up the side of the laddernext to the ropes. Have your friend climb up the other side. Whenboth of you are up, only have yourself press A and youwill suplex your opponent off the top of the ladder to the ground.

Hint: Jump from pole to chains during revengemode:
Hold Y to jump from poles, chains, and platformsduring revenge stages. You can also run then press Y tojump off platforms to chains or poles.

Hint: Old School:
Irish Whip your opponent in the corner. Run up to himpress A + B.

Hint: Weapon grapples:
Most characters can do moves with a chair or a longstick by pressing A while holding it with the stick. Thecharacter goes behind the opponent and chokes them with it. Witha chair, Van Dam does the Vandaminator. Other characters likeUndertaker do a Chair Guillotine. Others drop the chair and doa DDT on it.

Hint: Revenge mode camera angle in exhibitionmode:
Successfully complete revenge mode twice, then go toexhibition mode against the CPU. You can now use different cameraangles with the C-stick. Note: You must turn it on.

Hint: View the Titantrons and music:
Go to "Create a Wrestler", "Entrances",then "Template Matt Hardy". Change all camera optionsto match the first .Go to the options and set "Start/Wait"all the way back to 119". Then choose "Titantron videosand music". You will get two minutes until you appear.

Hint: Create a wrestler taunts:
The following indicates which entrance taunt partsare for which superstars.

Taunt 1: Val Venis
Taunt 2: Jeff Hardy
Taunt 3: Matt Hardy
Taunt 4: D-Von Dudley
Taunt 5: Rhyno
Taunt 6: Mighty Molly
Taunt 7: Raven
Taunt 8: Raising Left Arm and Wrapping Right Arm around SomeonesNeck
Taunt 9: Rico
Taunt 10: Bradshaw
Taunt 11: Shane McMahon
Taunt 12: Terri Runnels
Taunt 13: Scotty 2 Hotty
Taunt 14: A-Train
Taunt 15: Grand Master Sexay
Taunt 16: Hulk Hogan ( Playing Guitar )
Taunt 17: Kevin Nash
Taunt 18: Scott Hall
Taunt 19: Jeff Hardy
Taunt 20: Eric Bischoff
Taunt 21: Val Venis
Taunt 22: Triple H
Taunt 23: Boxer Rolling His Forearms

Taunt 1: Jeff Hardy
Taunt 2: Matt Hardy
Taunt 3: DDP
Taunt 4: Shane McMahon
Taunt 5: Scott Hall/Kevin Nash

Taunt 1: Molly Holly
Taunt 2: Terri
Taunt 3: Shawn Michaels
Taunt 4: Hulk Hogan ( Playing Guitar )
Taunt 5: Kevin Nash
Taunt 6: Scott Hall
Taunt 7: Hulk Hogan ( Hearing Fans & Muscle Taunt )
Taunt 8: Jeff Hardy
Taunt 9: Matt Hardy
Taunt 10: Lita
Taunt 11: Edge
Taunt 12: Jeff Hardy
Taunt 13: Matt Hardy
Taunt 14: Taz (ECW Style)
Taunt 15: DDP
Taunt 16: The Hurricane
Taunt 17: Raven
Taunt 18: Faarooq
Taunt 19: Bradshaw
Taunt 20: Shane McMahon
Taunt 21: Stacy Keibler
Taunt 22: Airplane (Flying/Flapping Hands Around The Ring)
Taunt 23: Jazz
Taunt 24: Rhyno
Taunt 25: Scotty 2 Hotty/Grand Master Sexay
Taunt 26: Arms in the Air (Shoulder Shrugs)

Walk 01: Walking Down to the ring confidently
Walk 02: Woman Walk
Walk 03: Walking with Arms In Air
Walk 04: Fixing Wrist tape
Walk 05: Running Slowly To Ring
Walk 06: Shawn Michaels
Walk 07: X-Pac
Walk 08: Arms in Air
Walk 09: Left Arm In Air
Walk 10: Right Arm In Air
Walk 11: Left Hand on Hip
Walk 12: Both Hands on Hips
Walk 13: Fixing Right Hand wrist tape
Walk 14: Regular Walking

Hint: Goldberg: Easy wins:
An easy way to win in Revenge Mode is to use Goldberg.He is very strong and has good moves. Change some of his movesto attack the head more (headbutts, punches, etc.) in some ofthe missions where you have to make them bleed.

Hint: Kane: Unmasked:
Select Kane. When he enters, you can see that the Titantronshows him without his mask.

Hint: Stacy: Dancing:
Go into the ShopZone area,then go into any of the categories.Remain there idle without touching the controller. After abouta minute, Stacy will say "Hey watch this!" and startdancing. Sometimes she will say something else, such as "Iknow you want it" or "No credit here buddy, only cash".

Hint: Referee attacks:
In any mode, keep attacking the referee continuously.The referee will attack you with his own moves.

To get the referee to attack you, go to a Hell in a Cell match.Bust through the side of the cell and climb to the top. Afteryour opponent climbs up, the ref should also climb up. Knock downyour opponent and go behind the ref. He should not move. Keeppunching him and slamming him and he will eventually attack you.

If you do a special on the ref, he will automatically attack you.It is best to use a running special.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Break the table:
Get your opponents weak enough so that when you throwthem off, they will not hang on. Go to the top of the Hell InA Cell, get the opponent weak, then throw him off near the announcerstables.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Bust peoplethrough cell:
Hit someone three times on the top off the cell andthey will go through it.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Bust open cageto climb cell:
Throw someone three times against the cell and it willbust open.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Break top ofcage with one move:
Assign the Triple Powerbomb to a character. Go to oneof the four middle squares on top of the cell and use it. Eventhough it is one move, it makes three blows that will break thecage.

Hint: Harbor round 4 revenge mode: Easycompletion:
Grab a box and bring it up the stairs. Set it up againstthe wall at the top of the stairs. Climb on box and then up thewall to escape.

Hint: WWE Championship, World HeavyweightChampionship, WWE Tag Team Championship, World Tag Team Championship:
Play King Of The Ring and you can play for any of thefour titles as prizes for winning the tournament.

Hint: A-Train created wrestler:

Name: A-Train
Type: Heel

Special Moves
Front Grapple: Baldo Bomb
Irish Whip: Baldo Bomb

Hair: None
Mouth: Normal 2
Mustache: Beard 6
Outline: Face Line 5
Additions: Pierce 5

Body: Male 6
Lower Body: Black Short Tights Logo 2: Pattern B 35 color white
Wrist: Right and Left: Wristband 1 black
Hand: Right and Left: Bandage 2 black
Both Knees: Knee Pad 2 Black
Shoes: Long Boots 1 Black

Logic: Rough

Hint: Bradshaw (new) created wrestler:

Name: Bradshaw
Short Name: Bradshaw
Type: Babyface

Fight Style
Fighting Pose: Giant
Ring In Style: Normal
Ring Out Style: Normal
Apron to Ring: Normal
Turnbuckle Climbing: Normal
Special State Rising: Normal
Reversal Style: Rough
Light Striking: Punch Right (N), Punch Right (with Control Stick)Combination (2nd): Punch Right
Combination (3rd): Punch Right
Combination Finish: BigBoot (N), SledgeHammer (With Control Stick)
Heavy Striking: Hard Back Chop (N), Full Swing Punch (With ControlStick)
Front Grapple-Light
Light Front Grapple: Snapmare (N), Suplex (Up), Stalling Suplex(Down), Drop Suplex (Left), Headlock Takedown (Right)
Front Grapple-Heavy
Side Walk Slam (N), FallawaySlam (Up), PowerBombPin (Down), PowerBombWhip(Left), SitDownPowerBomb (Right)
Front Grapple Strike
Punch Left (N), Sledge Hammer (Up), Clothesline Right (Down),Body Blow Right (Left), Knee Lift Left (Right)
Rear Grapple-Light
SideSlam (N), BackDrop (Up), Rough Throw (Down), BackDrop (Left),ShinBreaker (Right)
Front Grapple-Heavy
SpinOut PowerBomb Pin 01 (N), Reverse DDT (Up), Reverse Suplex(Down), Atomic Drop (Left), Falling Neck Breaker (Right)
Rear Grapple Strike
Elbow Strike (N), Elbow Strike for BackHead (Up), Grappling LowBlow (Down), Punch Left (Left), Punch Right (Right)
Back Elbow Strike (N), Clothesline Right (With Control Stick)
Thesz Press
2 Handed FaceBuster
Elbow Drop 4 all of them
Down grapple (U)
Surfboard Strech (up), Headlock (down)
Down grapple (S)
Ground punches (up), Fujirara Armbar (down)
Down grapple (L)
Leglock (up), Boston Crab (down)
Double Axe Handle (N), Clothesline 01 (With Control Stick), DivingElbow Drop 01 (N), Diving Elbow Drop 02 (With Control Stick)
Baseball slide both
(In order) None, Double Axe Handle, None, None
Irish Whip
(In order) Hard Back Chop, Hard Back Chop, Hammer Throw Clothesline,Hammer Throw Shoulder Thrusts
(In order) Back Toss, Manhattan Drop, Side Walk Slam, Power Slam
# 01
(In order) Punch Right, Stomp 01, Clothesline Right, Knee Drop
Light Front Grapple
(In order) Shoulder Thrusts, Back Elbow Combination
Heavy Front Grapple
(In order) Sky High Superplex, Super Belly 2 Belly, Sky High Superplex
Lower Turnbuckle Grapple
Face Trample
Light Rear Grapple
(In order) Face Slam 2 Pole, Shoulder Thrusts
Heavy Rear Grapple
(In order) Sky High Back Drop, Fliping Power Bomb Pin
double team
(In order) Double Suplex, Double Back Drop, Double Power Bomb,Double Team Body Press, Double Pile Driver, Double Impact
(In order) To The Moon Alice, To The Moon Alice, To The Moon Alice,To The Moon Alice, To The Moon Alice, Taunt 06, Raising Arm, Taunt29
(in order) Suplex, Suplex, Gullitine, Capture Suplex, Push Down,Toe Kick
Attack From Edge
(in order) Throw, Double Axe Handle, Diving Elbow Drop 02
Running: Clothesline From Hell
Front Grapple: Clothesline From Hell

Hair: Short 03 Color: Yellow
Eyes/shape: 10 Lashes: 06 Iris: Normal, 02
Eyebrow/type: 43 Color: brown
Nose: 01
Mouth: 01
Body type: 01
Upper body outer: No sleeves 01 Color: Black Logo 2: Pattern B18
Lower Body: Jeans 03 Color: Light blue

Scale and placement
Head: Width up 2
Neck: Width up 6
Shoulder: Width up 8
Upper Arm: Width up 14
Forearm: Width up 14
Hand: Width up 9
Chest: Width up 3
Waist: Width up 13
Abdomen: Width up 4
Thigh: Width up 9
Calf: Width up 9
Foot: Width up 20

Theme Music: Original 03
Titantron: Undertaker
Animation/Stage: Taunt 10 Ring: Taunt 19
Everything else, keep the same


Hint: Billy Kidman created wrestler:

Hair: Pony Tail 1 (Black)
Eyebrows: 45
Nose: 5
Upperbody: None
Lowerbody: Half Tights 1(black) Logo: Pattern A30
Taunts: R...V...D, Drumroll Point, Come On 1, Taunt 45(Victory)
Move Template: Rey Mysterio
Special Moves: X-Factor(Front Grapple), Mysterio-Rana(Rear Grapple),Rolling Spine Buster(Irish Whip), Shooting Star Splash (top-ropewhen opponent is on the ground)
Music: Dawn Marie
Titantron: Al Snow
Animation: Stage- Taunt 20, Ramp- None, Ring- Taunt 11, Run- 1

Hint: Jeff Hardy created wrestler:

Name: Jeff Hardy
Short: *
Nick: *
Type: Babyface

Go to templates and give him "Flying 01"


Face Attributes:
Hair Type: Middle 01
Hair Color: Light blue, or whatever desired
Eye Shape: 35
Eye lashes: 01
Iris: 08
Figure: Eyes: Scale: W: 13, L: 8, D: 6
Nose: Scale: W: 7, L: -3, D: 5
Mouth: Translate: W: 33, L: -4, D: -3
Mouth: Scale: W: 23, L : -46, D: -11
Face: Scale: W: 6, L: -6, D: 14
Cheekbones: W: -13
Outline: Translate: W: 17, L: 27, D: *
Jaw: *

Eyebrow Type: 65
Color: Black

Nose: 10
Mouth: Thin Lips 11
Sideburns: 03 (under mustache)
Outline: Faceline: 3
Additions: Earrings

Body Clothes (after face attributes, order is from left to right)
Upper Body (inner or outer): Base: No sleeve:
Tanktop 3
Lower Body: Base: Jeans 2

Tattoo: 19 (for body paint)
Color of tattoo: Fourth one on the top from the left
Shoes: Base: Ring shoes 05

Color of shoes:
Color 1: second one on the bottom from left
Color 2: Third one on top from left
Color 3: same as Color 2

Body Figure
Crown: L: -6
Head: W: 12, L: 14, D: 12
Neck: *
Shoulder: *
Upper arm: W : -7, L: -7
fore arm: same for both L and W, leave D blank
hand: W: -4, L: -6
Chest: D: -8
Waist: L: -4
Abdomen: L: -4
Thigh: L: -13 (dont want him to be too tall)
Calf: L: -13
Foot: *

Theme music: original 02
Titantron: Trish's or Matt Hardy's
Animation: Stage: Taunt 03, Ramp: Taunt 02, Ring: Taunt 12, General:Walk 01
Effects: * leave as is
Lighting: Gate In: Matt, Stage Appeal S: Lita 01, Stage Appeal1: Lita 02
Fireworks: * None unless desired


Hint: The Hulk created wrestler:

Skin Color: green
Body: Height depth and width almost to 50
No shoes
No shirt
Pants: Cut sew, purple
Eyes: Green
Entrance Taunt: D Von
Music: Batista
In Ring Taunt: Brock Lesner
Special: Triple Power Bomb

Hint: Kevin Nash:

Type: Babyface

Hair: Long Hair 03 Color (Blond)
Eyes: Eye Shape 01 Color (Blue)
Eyebrow: 01 Color (Blond)
Nose: 01
Mouth: Normal 01
Mustache: Beard 07 Color (Blond)

Body: Type Male 03
Upper Body: Inner Tanktop 01 Color (Black)
Logo: 1 Common 01 Color White
Lower Body: Inner Leather Pants Color (Black)
Logo 2: Pattern B 26 Color (White)
Socks: Pattern 01 Color (White)
Shoes: Ring Shoes 03 Color (Black)

Hint: Link (without hat):

Name: Link
Short name: Link
Nickname: Sword Master (optional)
Type: Babyface

Hair type: Short 09,Color Yellow
Eyes: Eye Shape 04,Color Blue
Eyebrows: Eyebrow 41,Color Dark Brown
Nose: Nose 10
Mouth: Thin Lips 01
Outline: Face Line 09
Additions: Earrings

Body: Male 01
Upper Body(Inner): Long Sleeves 03,Color White
Upper Body(Outer): Knit T-Shirt,Color Green,Logo 1: Common 26Upper Arm Left,Logo 2: Pattern 22,Color1: Brown,Color2: Brown
Lower Body: Slim Jeans,Color White

Wrist Band left and right: Bracelet 02,Color Brown
Hand left and right: Gloves 01,Color Brown
Shoes: Plaster Cast,Color Brown, Logo: Common 05, Foot All

Gear 1: Sword 02,Position Hand_R
X axis: -31
Y axis: 13
Z axis: -5
X axis: 142
Y axis: 72
Z axis: 142
X axis: 0
Y axis: 14
Z axis: 14

Gear2: Shield 01: Position: Hand_L
X axis: -14
Y axis: 11
Z axis: 8
X axis: 10
Y axis: -144
Z axis: -120
X axis: 29
Y axis: 0
Z axis: 50

Hint: Neo (The Matrix):

Hair: Short Hair 1

Upper Body
Inner: Tanktop 2 all black
Outer: Leather Coat 1, all black

Lower Body: Jeans 2, all black
Shoes: Sneakers 6, all black

Crown, Head, Neck: all 0
Shoulder: Width -5
Hand: All -15
Everything else: All -10

Hint: Rosey as S.H.I.T. created wrestler:

Name: Rosey
Short Name: Rosey
Nickname: S.H.I.T.
Type: Babyface

Move Template: The Hurricane
Special 1: Sumo Choke Slam
Special 2: Eye Of The Hurricane

Hair Type: Pony Tail 01 (black)
Eyes: Eye Shape 12
Iris: Large Iris: Eye Color 22
Eyebrow Type: Strong Brow: Eyebrow 02 (black)
Nose: Nose 06
Mouth: Thick Lips 03
Mustache: Beard 07 (black)

Body Type: Male 03
Body Inner: Long Sleeve 02 (orange)
Body Outer: No Sleeves 02 (light gray) w/ logo 1 as common 27
Lower Body: Boxer W/ Logo 1 as Pattern A 17 (shorts are purpleand logo is neon green)
Wrists Left And Right: Wrist Band 02 (purple)
Hands Left And Right: Gloves 01 (purple)
Knees Left And Right: Supporter 03 (color 1 and 2 are orange andcolor 3 is purple)
Shoes: Riding Boots (white)
Gear 1: Eye Mask (level it on the eyes correctly)

Scale and placement
Head: Width 25
Neck: Width 10
Shoulder: Width 10
Upper Arm: Width 10
Forearm: Width 10
Hand: Width 10
Chest: Width 25
Waist: Width 50 Depth 50
Abdomen: Width 50 Depth 50
Thigh: Width 10
Calf: Width 10
Foot: Width 10

Template: The Hurricane


Hint: Scott Hall:

Type: Babyface

Hair: Long Hair 09 Color (Black)
Eyes: Eye Shape 02 Color (Blue)
Eyebrow: 02 Color (Black)
Nose: 01
Mouth: Normal 01
Mustache: Beard 05 Color (Black)

Body Type Male 09
Upper Body: Outer Fur Vest Color (Black)
Logo: 01 Pattern A 15 Color (White)
Lower Body: Inner Short Tights Color (Black)
Logo: 2 Pattern B 15 Color (White)
Elbow: Supporter 01 Color (Black)
Knee: Supporter 02 Color (Black)
Socks: Pattern 01 Color (White)
Shoes: Ring Shoes 03 Color (Black)

Hint: Smeagol/Gollum (The Lord Of The Rings):

Type: Heel or Babyface, depending on who you choose it to be.

Width: 2
Length: -2
Depth: 0

Width: 0
Length: 0
Depth: 0

All: 50

All: 50

Upper Arms
Width: -50
Length: 25
Depth: -35

Width: -50
Length: 25
Depth: -50

Width: 25
Length: 12
Depth: -25

All: 50

Width: -25
Length: -50
Depth: -50

Width: -25
Length: -50
Depth: -25

Width: -25
Length: -50
Depth: -25

Width: -25
Length: -50
Depth: -25

Width: 0
Length: -25
Depth: -12

Eye Shape: 01
Eye Lashes: Eye Line 67
Iris: Large Iris: Eye Color 22
Figure: Scale: 25, 16, 50

Eye Brow
Type: Eye Brow 51

Type: Nose 03
Figures: Translate: Length 19, Scale: -16

Type: Special 02

Type: Face Line 03

Type: Shade

Eyes: Scale: 25, 16, 50
Nose: Tranlate: Length 19, Scale: -16
Face: Translate: 0,45,123 Scale -5,: 21,0
Cheek Bones: 25,10,50
Outline: Scale: 0,50,25
Jaw: Scale All : 50

Type: Male 01
Color: Medium Gray

Lower Body
Base: Type: Miniskirt 02
Color: Medium Brown

Gear1: Base: Goggles 03
Position: Head: Trans: X -3,Y 12, Z -11/Rota:: X 0, Y -180, Z90/Scale: X 25, Y -25, Z 25
Gear2:- Same as Gear1 Only opposite together; these make the ears

Moves: Your choice

Hint: Sting (old school version) createdwrestler:

Name: Sting
Type: Baby face

Special 1: Reverse DDT
Special 2: Sharpshooter

Hair: Type Short 01 Color (Blond)
Eye: Shape 05
Iris: Normal Iris Eye Color 01
Eyebrow: Type Strong Brow Eyebrow 01 Color (Blond)
Nose 02
Mouth Thin Lips 01
Mustache Beard 05 (Black)
Paint/Tattoo Paint 11 Color 1 (Light Blue) Color 2 (Yellow)

Ability All 6

Body: Type Male 02
Lower Body: Long Tights 02 Color (Light Blue)
Logo Pattern: B 36 Color (Yellow)

Hand: Right Bandage Color (White)
Socks: Pattern 01 Color1(White) Color 2 (White) Color 3 (White)
Shoes: Ring Shoes Color (White)

Logic (Standard)

Hint: Sting (black and white version) createdwrestler:

Name: Sting
Type: Baby face

Special 1 Reverse DDT
Special 2 Sharpshooter

Hair: Type Long 02 (Black)
Eye: Shape 05
Iris: Normal Iris Eye Color 01
Eyebrow: Type Strong Brow Eyebrow 01 (Black)
Nose: Nose 02
Mouth: Thin Lips 01
Mustache: Beard 05 (Black)
Paint/Tattoo: Paint 10 Color 1 (White) Color 2 (Black}

Ability: All 6

Body: Type Male 02
Upper Body (Inner) Tank top 01 Color (Black)
Logo: Logo 2 Pattern B 01 Color (White)
Lower Body: Long Tights 02 Color (Black}
Logo: Logo 2 Pattern B 36 Color (White)

Hand: Left And Right Driving Gloves 01 Color (Black)
Socks: Pattern 01 Color 1 (White) Color 2 (White) Color 3 (White)
Shoes: Ring Shoes 03 Color (Black)

Logic (Standard)

Hint: Sting (red and black Wolfpac version):

Name: Sting
Type: Baby Face

Special 1: Reverse DDT
Special 2" Sharpshooter

Hair: Type Long 02 (Black)
Eye: Shape 05
Iris: Normal Iris Eye Color Normal 01
Eyebrow: Type Strong Brow Eyebrow 01 (Black)
Nose: 02
Mouth: Thin Lips 01
Mustache: Beard 05 (Black)
Paint/Tattoo: Paint 10 Color 1 (Red) Color 2 (White)

Ability: All 6

Body: Type Male 02
Upper Body: Inner Tank Top 01 Color (Black)
Logo: Logo 2 Pattern B 01 Color (Red)
Lower Body: Long Tights 02 Color (Black)
Logo: Logo 2 Pattern B 36 Color (Red)

Hand left and right: Driving Gloves 01 color (black)
Socks: Pattern 01 Color 01 (White) Color 2 (White) Color 3 (White)
Shoes: Ring Shoes 03 Color (Black)

Logic (Standard)

Glitch: Goldberg's Spear:
Choose Goldberg in a match with only you and a friend.Get your special up and perform your special taunt. Have yourfriend go near the ropes and hold Y and the direction ofthe ropes. While your friend is getting out of the ropes, quicklyrun to the ropes and press A + B to perform theSpear. You will spear them out of the ring into the ground whilestill in the spear position.

Start a match as Goldberg and a friend as anyone. Get a specialwith Goldberg and do your special taunt. Have your friend runto the opposite corner that you are in so that they are facingbackwards. Spear them and sometimes your opponent will automaticallyturn around and get connected by the Spear.Information

Glitch: Vandaminator:
Start a triple threat match with you and two of yourfriends. Make sure that you are Van Dam or anyone with the Vandaminator.Get your special and do a special taunt. Once you do the Vandaminator,try and get the other person to reverse it. If they reverse it,they will move out of the way. However, if they reverse it andyour other friend runs in the way of the kick, they will get kickedas if it was done to them. This can be done to friends and thereferee.

Glitch: Body parts pass through others:
Create two superstars. Make them both as big as theycan get. Assign one the Chokeslam. Do a match of any type withboth of them. Use the Chokeslam on your opponent, and it willlook like your opponent's legs are going through your superstar'schest.

Glitch: Table will not break through:
Enter exhibition mode. Choose a wrestler and have afriend choose as any wrestler as player two. Choose any arenaexcept for the Revenge arenas. Play as someone with good agility,such as Rob Van Dam or Rey Mysterio. Irish whip your friend (A+ Y) onto the announcer's table and run back toward thering. Get on the turnbuckle and press B. After this isdone, he will not fall through.

Glitch: Loser loading screen:
In any match, when you defeat your opponent and select"Return to Menu" afterwards, sometimes the loser (opponent)loading screen appears.

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