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Wallace And Gromit In Project Zoo Cheats

Wallace And Gromit In Project Zoo Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Wallace And Gromit In Project Zoo

Hint: Destroying enemies:
Most enemies can be destroyed with Gromit's hand tohand combat moves. Use them instead of your weapons. You mightneed to stockpile ammunition for other tasks.

Hint: Bonus level:
After you rescue the baby, go to the area where theelephant has knocked down the doors. To the left of the doorsleading to the next part of the jungle is a water chute. Jumpinto that water chute and go into the hole. You will reach a bonuslevel.

Hint: Octave Security puzzle:
When Wallace and Gromit get to the Octave Securityin Act 4 Part 1 of the Warehouse level, shoot the large padlockon the big gates with the turnip launcher. Afterwards, when Gromitwalks up to the large keyboard on the floor of the room, the keyson the keyboard demonstrates the sequence of notes/keys that Gromitshould stand on. It is quite fast and a light comes on above thekeys, but not necessarily above the key that Gromit needs to standon. Also, there are three notes, then four, and finally five.When Gromit stands on the first three correct keys, the next sequencewill be quickly be demonstrated, and the same happens with thethird and final sequence. There are eight keys on the keyboard.The first sequence is 1 2 4. The second sequence is 5 3 6 5. Thefinal sequence is 4 6 7 5 3. Wallace and Gromit can now go throughthe doorway to the next level.

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