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World Series Baseball 2K3 Cheats

World Series Baseball 2K3 Cheats GameCube Cheats

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World Series Baseball 2K3

Hint: Stealing home:
If you have a fairly fast runner on third base, startto steal home. Go back when the throw to third base goes home.You will be safe almost always.

Hint: Easy fly ball catches:
When you are in the outfield and are not sure wherethe ball is going to land because of the wind, the outfielderwill lock on the ball to make an easy catch. Note: This only worksunder the rookie difficulty setting.

Hint: Building a good team:
Start a franchise or season. When you get to the season,go into the "Edit" category and select your player.Choose to move the player to another team. You then can have anydesired star on your team. After your first season you will losesome players due to the fact you will be over budget, but youcan do this trick again. To get better ratings for other players,do the same thing by selecting a player and then editing the desiredcategory up or down.

Hint: Get ejected:
Hit a player while pitching three or four times andyou will be ejected.

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