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Worms 3D Cheats

Worms 3D Cheats GameCube Cheats

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Worms 3D

Level generator codes:

Enter 257462320 or 194915571 for a very small mapthat only contains a little bit ground and a tiny bridge.

Enter 1585104494 for a very high altitude map.

Enter 241780260 Worms3D for a very long map.

Enter 221350867 for a map with four consecutive submarines.

Hint: Teleporting:
In levels where there are objects floating in the air,if you teleport onto them sideways, there is a chance that youwill actually teleport inside the object. This is especially truefor the green air ships.

Hint: Level generator:
Not only can you type in numbers to generate levels,but you can also type in words and it will convert it for you.

Hint: Mad Cows:
Complete all three shotgun challenges with a "Goldmedal" rank.

Hint: Nuclear Bomb:
To unlock the Nuclear Bomb, complete all ten deathmatchchallenges. If it does not work with all bronzes, try to get silversand golds.

Hint: Super Sheep:
To unlock the Super Sheep, complete all Super Sheepchallenges with a "Gold medal" rank.

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