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Nintendo 64 Cheats
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Nintendo 64, or simply N64, is a video game console from Nintendo released on June 23, 1996 in Japan and September 29, 1996 in North America. The Nintendo 64 was released with only two launch games: Super Mario 64 and PilotWings 64. The system is occasionally referred to as "Project Reality" or "Ultra 64" or simply "64", two names which Nintendo used in press releases prior to the system's launch.

After first announcing the project, two companies, Rareware (UK) and Midway (USA), created arcade games which claimed to use the Ultra 64 hardware (in fact the hardware had nothing to do with what was finally released, the arcade games used harddrives and TMS processors). These games were Killer Instinct and Cruisin' USA. Killer Instinct was the most advanced game of its time graphically, featuring pre-rendered movie backgrounds which were streamed off the hardrive and animated as the characters moved horizontally. This led to extreme hype for the system, which would turn out to completely rely on real time rendering which looked much worse than the pre-rendering used on Killer Instinct. Without the excitement generated by these "false" Nintendo 64 titles however, the Nintendo 64 would have probably sold far less, especially as Nintendo was running so late in bringing out its next generation console. Nintendo touted many of the systems more unusual features as groundbreaking and innovative. But many of these features had in fact been implemented before. The first game console to bill itself as "64-bit" was actually the Atari Jaguar (although the truth of this is disputed). The first console to use an analog joystick was the Emerson Arcadia. And the first to feature four controller ports was the Bally Astrocade.
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