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Shadow Man Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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Shadow Man

Play As Deadwing:
Go into the playhouse and get to a room where you seea Cyclops playing pool. Kill it, then jump on the pool table.The "Cheat Active" message appear. Look in the inventoryto find the "Book of Shadows". Open the book and "Bookof Cheats" will appear at the top. Highlight the "Playas Deadwing" option and press Right. You will nowplay as Deadwing (or a very big harpie).

Hint: Nettie bleeds:
Go up to Nettie. After she tells a story of your journeyor fate, approach and shoot her. To see her bleed, press Snipethen look down at the bottom part of her clothing. You will sea sprinkle of blood coming out of her.

Hint: Getting the first gun:
In order to get the gun in the first place in the game,follow the path. When you reach a dead end, jump on the wall andpress Left or Right. When you reach a hole in thewall, press Up. You will now see a dog. Walk to the doorand it should open. Walk in and talk to the girl. She will giveyou a gun. To shoot it, hold C-Up and press Z.

Hint: Continue after credits:
Quickly reach your dead brother for the final battleagainst Legion and make sure the Trueforms do not move in jailsalong the last area to the final battle. If you killed Legionwith 5 Cadeaux unused, 1 Dark Soul remaining, 1 accumulator andThe Book Of Cheats; at the end of the credits you will still bein the game, without Teddy Bear.

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