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Snowboard Kids 2 Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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Snowboard Kids 2

All characters, tracks, and snowboards:
Press Z, B, C-Up, Down,Analog-stick Left, Analog-stick Right, Up,R, Z, A at the title screen. Damien willlaugh and spin off the screen to confirm correct code entry. Allcharacters will be unlocked in battle mode and all tracks willbe unlocked in story mode when a new game is started. The codedoes not affect previously saved games.

Play as Mr. Penguin:
Defeat Mr. Penguin during the training season to makehim a selectable character.

Play as Damien:
Successfully complete story mode.

Play as Mr. Dog:
Successfully complete the "Shoot Cross" skilltest with only one paper per mailbox.

Play as Panda:
Enter battle mode, select Mr. Dog as a character, andchoose his space suit costume. Your character will be a Pandawhen the race starts.

Play as Pig:
Enter battle mode, select Mr. Dog as a character, thenchoose his pig costume.

Quick start:
Press B when as the announcer says "Go".

Expert mode:
Successfully complete story mode.

Special snowboards:
Successfully complete one of the following tracks underexpert mode to unlock the corresponding special snowboard.

PovertySubtracts moneySunny
FeatherMore airTurtle Island
IceSlipperySnowman Boss
StarNo special featuresWendy's House
RichAdds moneyLinda's Castle
DragonRockets and wingsDinosaur Boss
NinjaInvisibilityStarlight Highway
CharmGhosting protectionHaunted House
High-TechSpeed fanMecha-Damien

Hint: Snowboard Street: Shortcut:
On the Snowboard Street level with a winged snowboard,go off the second booster ramp. Press B and lean towardsthe right to make it over the street.

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