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South Park Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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South Park

All cheats enabled:
Enter BOBBYBIRD as a code. Note: Enter ZBOBBYBIRDin the EU/PAL version of the game.

Level select:
Enter THEEARTHMOVED as a code.

Enter ASSMAN as a code.

All weapons:
Enter FATKNACKER as a code.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter FATTERKNACKER as a code.

All characters in multi-player mode:
Enter OMGTKKYB as a code.

Officer Barbrady:
Enter ELVISLIVES as a code.

Mr. Mackey:
Enter CHEATINGISBAD as a code.

Enter PHAERT as a code.

Enter RAFT as a code.

Mr. Garrison:
Enter DOROTHYSFRIEND as a code.

Enter LOVEMACHINE as a code.

Enter CHECKATACO as a code.

Enter FISHNCHIPS as a code.

Enter KICKME as a code.

Mrs. Cartman:
Enter ALLWOMAN as a code.

Enter GOODSCIENCE as a code.

Enter STARINGFROG as a code.

Enter HAWKING as a code.

Big Gay Al:
Enter OUTRAGE as a code.

Enter MAJESTIC as a code.

Starvin Marvin unlocked:
Enter SLAPUPMEAL as a code.

Skinny mode:
Enter VEGGIEHEAVEN as a code.

Big head mode:
Enter MEGANOGGIN as a code.

Pen and ink mode:
Enter PLANEARIUM as a code.

View credits:
Enter SCREWYOUGUYS as a code.

Hint: Defeating Ultra Mega Mega Man:
Whenever Ultra Mega Mega Man run backs to get morehealth, go over to the platform where he charges up. Hit the buttonon the right when it starts blinking to prevent him from recharging.

When fighting Ultra Mega Mega Man, shoot him three times withthe Super Sniper Chicken (which is provided for you in his "lair").When he starts to spaz out and lower his head, wait until yousee him walking towards the power station in the corner of theroom. Get right behind him, and after about three to four eggsto his power pack, Ultra Mega Mega Man will be no more. This way,you do not have to keep shooting the large octagon-shaped buttonto stop his recharge process. Even if you do this, you will stillhave to shoot him in the back anyway, and he will still try torecharge.

Hit Ultra Mega Mega Man with Terrence and Philip dolls until hegoes back to his stand. Shoot the target next to the robot beforehe is done recovering and repeat until he is defeated.

More speed:
Hold C-Up and press C-Left or C-Rightto run at an angle at higher speed.

Hint: Easy win in Head To Head mode:
Note: This trick is easier with the "Infiniteammo" code enabled. Go to Head To Head mode with any characterand level Cycle through your weapons until you find the AlienDancing Gizmo (which makes your enemies dance when hit). Whilehe or she is dancing, you can quickly get the Cow Launcher andshoot a cow at them.

Hint: Multi-player Badlands 2: Secret passage:
In multi-player mode, choose the Badlands 2 level.There is an area that has an "island" in the middleof the level. On top of the "island" are invincibilitycans and sniper chickens, with no apparent way to reach them. Go down next to the "island" on the ground. Hug upagainst the wall of the "island". Walk around it, keepingpressure on the wall. On one of the four sides is a secret passagethat cannot see. If you stay against the wall, you will go into a little cave with a warp in front of you. Step on the warpand it will send you on top of the "island" with thepower-ups.

Hint: Powerful weapons:
To make your weapons more powerful, press Downand some of them will change. For example, when you have the snowballand do this, your the character will urinate on the snowball,then throw it.

Dodge Ball: The ball will have a lightning bolt symbol on it andit will be thrown faster.

Terrance and Phillip Dolls: Switches from Philip to Terrance.Terrance dolls are used as "Farting Proximity Mines"and will inflict much more damage.

Toilet Plunger: Instead of firing one plunger at a time, it willfire three at once.

Warpo Ray: Changes from a blue piranha to a beam that can makethe characters smaller or changes into a purple beam that changescharacters into animals. Note: This only works in multi-playermode. It inflicts more damage in story mode.

Alien Dancing Gismo: Turns into a sensor that activates when characterswalk pass it. The effect of the Alien Dancing Gismo only worksin multi-player mode. It makes characters sing and dance.

Dart Gun: Change bullet ammo into huge darts.

Note: There is no effect with the Cow Launcher and the Super SniperChicken.

Glitch: Remain shrunk:
In multi-player mode if you get shrunk, get an invincibilitycan just before you get big again. You will stay shrunk for theremainder of the game, even if you die.

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