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South Park Rally Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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South Park Rally

Cheat mode:
Successfully complete championship mode without usingany tokens. All tracks, cars, skins, random checkpoints, speechtest, and other cheat options will be unlocked.

Cheat Sheet option:
Win the Rally Days 1 race without collecting any pick-ups.

All skins:
Collect the three hidden pick ups in the Valentine'sDay race. The first two are located at each tower. The third isfound behind the Skater picture in the jungle.

Play as Bebe:
Lose the Cowdays race without getting any health power-ups.

Play as Big Gay Al:
Win the Pink Lemonade race.

Play as Cartman Cop:
Hit Chicken Lover five times with the salty balls inthe Read A Book Day race.

Play as Damian:
Win the New Year's race and be the only racer to touchthe millennium key.

Play as Death:
Win the race Halloween race after only dropping offfour candies at a time.

Play as Grandpa:
Win the Halloween race.

Play as Ike:
Collect the hidden power-up on top of the airplanein the Memorial Day race.

You will need a Philip Phart and any character (Visitor or Jesusworks the best because their cars float). Hit the Terrence Turboon the right side, while the earthquake is still going. Intervalsbetween earthquakes are approximately 22 seconds. You have togo very fast to get good height. If you go high enough, use thePhilip Phart in mid-air. If done correctly, you will land on theairplane wing. Note: This may take several attempts.

Play as Jesus:
Win the Christmas race.

Play as Marvin:
Win the Thanksgiving without collecting any turkeys.

To get Starvin Marvin easily, at the beginning of the race gostraight to the two-story barn and make sure not to pick up anyturkeys. Go up the stairs and sit anywhere. No turkeys ever goto the top of the two-story barn, so none of them can run intoyou.

Play as Mephisto:
Win the Independence Day race.

Play as Mr. Garrison:
Activate all four checkpoints on the Rally Days 2 race.

Play as Mr. Mackey:
Win the Spring Cleaning race.

Play as Mrs. Cartman:
Drop off all lemonades on Pink Lemonade Race withoutletting anyone else get to a checkpoint.

Play as Ned:
Collect over twelve turbo pick ups (caffeine, Terrence,Philip, etc.) in the Independence Day race

Play as Pip:
Only activate checkpoints one and four on the RallyDays 2 race.

Play as Satan:
Win the New Year's race.

Play as Scuzzlebutt:
Find a Phillip Phart on the Easter Egg Hunt race. Thenfind the waterfall and Phart your way to the Golden Cow next tothe waterfall.

Play as Sheila Broflovski:
Collect the Pot Pie next to the building on the EasterEgg Hunt race.

Play as Shelly:
Hit the three golden cows in the Valentines Day race.Their locations are on the two buildings and through the secretwall.

Play as Terrance and Phillip:
Collect the four hidden power-ups in the Christmasrace.

Play as Tweak:
Collect five caffeine pick-ups in the Spring Cleaningrace.

Play as Visitor:
Collect the hidden power-up above checkpoint one andthe another power-up that is between check point four and thewood bridge in the Memorial Day race.

Random checkpoints:
Successfully complete the game in championship mode.

Speech test:
Successfully complete the game in championship mode.

Hint: Completing races easily:
The following trick works on the Rally Days 2, ReadA Book Day, Halloween, and Christmas Day races. Simply wait onthe final check point or drop-off point and keep your eye on theradar. Then, ram into the other racers and take what they werecarrying. Then reverse over the check point.

Hint: Christmas race:
The pot pies can be found behind the buildings nearcheckpoints 1, 3, and 4 and on the path above the water near checkpoint2.

Hint: Cow Days race:
Once you pick up the antidote, go to the two-storybarn. Ride up the stairs and go on the ledge where the Pinkeyebottle is located, do not fall off, and stay there. The otherracers will stay on the steps and run into each other, but theywill never get up to where you are located. It may be boring,but stay on the ledge until you win.

Hint: Millennium New Years Eve race:
Do not follow the specified route. Instead, followthe outside track, quickly pick up the key, and then power aroundthe outside track. Also, keep picking up yellow boxes, as thesecan contain Mr. Hankeys, and are a big help when other racersstart firing Sparkys and the missiles at you.

Get the key and head for the airplane where the golden cow wasin the Memorial race. Jump up and hold R. Each time anearthquake hits, move back a short distance up the wing. Youropponents will not be able to touch you.

Hint: Read-a-Book Day race :
The easiest way to win the Read-a-Book Day race isto wait in front of the drop off area until another racer comesby with the chickens. They will run into you, causing an exchangeto you and for you to run into the drop off area. Repeat thisuntil all ten chickens are dropped off.

Hint: Thanksgiving race:
Stay in or near the area with the bull running aroundthe pen. This area has the most turkeys. If more than two opponentsappear, stay near the hay room and catch turkeys there until theyclear out.

Hint: Skuzzlebutt:
Skuzzlebutt may be big, fat, and slow, but he has advantagesas well. For example, if you were to hit another racer, they wouldbe knocked out of the way as if they had hit The Odd Crazy Driver,a Bulldozer, the Tractor, etc. Also, the Bulldozer, Odd CrazyDriver, Tractor, etc. does not affect Skuzzlebutt as much as theydo other players.

Hint: Extra credit coin locations:

Rally Days 1
There is a row of cows on the way to Checkpoint 3. Insteadof turning completely, go behind the red building. It is locatedbehind the houses, before the town square.

Rally Days 2
At the first bridge, turn left at the tracks. It is locatedat the end of the train track.

Go to the end of the railroad tracks to find an extra credit.

Valentines Day
At the end of the Big Gay Boat Ride. It is located at theedge of the river before the ball room.

Read A Book Day
At the top of the steps in the cemetery.

In the Ring Jump, in the tire in the staircase room.

Memorial Day
On the edge of the cliff on the cracked concrete by the laserlocation.

Cow Days
At the south end of the room with all the hay.

Spring Cleaning
In the pool of sewage by Checkpoint 2.

Easter Egg Hunt
Near the beginning on the right mountain ledge.

Pink Lemonade
The red carpet hallway.

Independence Day
Next to the right side of the building by Checkpoint 2.

Behind the trees in the "city" area.

Behind the blue car in the parking lot by Checkpoint 3.

New Years Eve
On the ring on the other side of the old Checkpoint 1 fromthe Memorial Day Race.

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