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Stunt Racer 64 Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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Stunt Racer 64

Unlimited money:
Press B, Z(2), B, Up, C-Down,Z, Start on controller two during game play.

Overhead view:
Press Up(3), A, Left, A(3)on controller two during game play.

Blurred view:
Press B, Left, Up, Right(3),A, Start(2), Z, Right, A, Up,Z, C-Down, Start on controller two duringgame play.

Snowboard racer:
Enter BUCKYB as a name.

Milk truck:
Enter MOOOOO as a name.


Back Dip: Press Down, Up.
Back Flip: Press Down(2).
Flare Left: Press Left, Right.
Flare Right: Press Right, Left.
Front Dip: Press Up, Down.
Front Flip: Press Up(2).
Misty Flip: Hold R and press Up, Right, Down,Left, Left, Up.
Roll Left: Press Left(2).
Roll Right: Press Right(2).
Spin Left: Press Right, Down, Left.
Spin Right: Press Left, Down, Right

Hint: Quick start:
Hold A immediately after the "1" appears.

Hint: Medieval Mayhem: Shortcut:
On the first jump, go to the right and use your boosterjust before you go off the jump. Stay to the right. If done correctly,you will land on a skinny track. Keep going until you fall onthe regular track.

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