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Super Mario 64 Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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Super Mario 64

Ending sequence camera:
After completing the game, use the Analog-stickon controller two to control the camera in the scene featuringMario, Princess Peach, and her Toad guards. The camera is alsocontrollable on the credits screens. Note: The second controllermust be plugged in before the Nintendo 64 is turned on.

Change Mario's appearance:
Wait until Mario's head appears on the opening screen.Press A and use the hand that appears to grab and stretchvarious parts of his face. Press B to make Mario's headsmaller. To keep a previously stretched piece in that position,hold R and select another piece to change.

To make Mario look like a baby, grab his cheeks with the handand put them behind his nose so the mustache does not appear.He will resemble how he appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi'sIsland on the SNES.

Hold R and press B when Mario's head appears onthe opening screen. Stretch his cap down, his mustache up behindhis nose (which you should stretch up), his ears behind his head,and his mouth up to make him look like a baby.

To make Mario look like a hillbilly, pull his mustache up as faras possible, then put his ears behind his head. Next, pull hislip up all the way. Then, pull his nose to the left as far aspossible. Finally, pull his hat down all the way.

To make Mario look like a pirate, Take the left side of his mustache,pull it up as far as possible, then cover his eye. Next, takethe other side of his mustache and move it behind his nose, justuntil his nose is covering all of his mustache except the bottom.Finally, pull his hat down until you cannot see his left eye.

To make Mario disappear under his hat, hold R and pressB until he is as small as possible. Then, put his mouthup as far as possible. Put his left ear to the right as far aspossible, and do the same thing to his right ear. Next, put hishat as far down as possible, then press B. If done correctly,Mario will be completely hidden under his hat.

To make Mario look fat, pull his mouth halfway down. Then, puthis ears behind his back. Pull his cheeks on the left diagonallyleft and his cheeks on his right diagonally right. Finally, pullhis nose down slightly.

To make Mario resemble an army sergeant, pull his cap down asfar as possible, then pull the left and right side of his mustacheover his eyes. Swing his ears behind his head. Then, pull hislips up and out to your left (his right).

To see Mario sleeping with his eye's open, pull his hat down allthe way. When Mario starts sleeping, his eyes should be open.

To make Mario look like an alien, pull his nose all the way down.Then, pull his mustache behind his nose. Pull his ears all theway out. Finally, stretch his cap all the way up.

Sleeping Mario:
Remain still for about a minute. Eventually Mario willyawn and fall asleep. In the v1.1 of the game, turn the camerato see bubbles coming out of his nose.

Easy health refill:
When Mario's energy is low, find water, swim underwater,then get some air. Another technique is to keep collecting coins.

Extra lives from butterflies:
Butterflies may appear on courses 2, 12, and 13. Punchthe butterflies to turn them into round black bombs that willchase Mario. The bombs will explode or turn into extra life mushrooms.

Hidden extra life mushroom:
After getting a total of three stars, enter the roomwith the painting of the sunken ship. Turn to the left of theentrance. Once in the room, press C-Up to look around.Look carefully to see a black square in the wall near the ceiling.Perform a double jump and climb into it. An extra life mushroomwill come out. Note: Make sure to choose the square to the leftof the entrance. The one on the right will lead you to the Castle'shidden aquarium.

After emptying the moat in front of the castle, use the ramp towalk down into it. Go under the bridge and press C-Up tolook up to see two yellow coins. Perform a wall kick to get boththe coins. Once you get both coins, an extra life mushroom willdrop from above. This trick takes practice, and you may want todo a double jump and then a wall kick, as the coins are very high.

Use the following trick for another way to get the two yellowcoins. If you have collected all 120 stars, cannonball yourselfto the top and get the flying hat. Jump of the castle and flyunder the bridge to get the first coin. Swing around in orderto get the last coin. Then, pound ground to land so you can getthe extra life.

Go to the first door on the left in the castle that does not havea number on it. Enter it and jump into the painting. Select anylevel and go to the cannon by the Chain Chomp's territory. Jumponto the tree just behind it, then do a handstand to get an extralife.

Mushroom following you:
Collect 120 stars then go to a tree outside of thecastle. Quickly climb it and jump off the top jump. A Mushroomwill appear and follow you.

Extra life from tree:
Go outside the castle, near the waterfall. Climb thethird tree from the waterfall. Do a handstand on top of the treeto get an extra life. Enter the castle's first floor. Then, returnoutside and climb the same tree. Do another handstand for anotherextra life. Repeat the trick as needed.

Extra lives near Yoshi:
Go to where Yoshi is located. Look at the wall to findsome extra lives.

Easy lives:
Enter the castle and go up the stairs all the way tothe right. Enter the room and jump through the painting on theright. Go through the level collecting fifty or more coins andcomplete the level to get an extra life. This may be done as manytimes as needed as you will not lose a life if you fall off thetrack. Note: Hit the blue coin switch first to get fifty coinsmuch easier.

Coins from stumps:
When you see a stump, try to circle it five times.If done correctly, five coins will appear from the stump.

Thousand coin unlimited lives (Japaneseversion):
During the first fight with Bowser, avoid him and collectall the coins that appear. After a considerable amount of time,you should be able to collect 1000 coins. At this point, a green"M" will appear next to the number of lives remaining.From this point on, when a life is lost, the number of lives increases.The reverse is also true - gaining lives will actually lower thenumber of lives remaining. The cheat will end if the number oflives reaches zero, such as when Yoshi gives Mario 100 lives afterobtaining 120 stars. The North American version only allows 999coins to be collected.

Prevent damage from falls:
When falling from a large drop, press Z justbefore you hit the ground to slam and you will not take any damage.

Jump off a high place and do a Super Butt Slam just before youhit the ground (or slightly higher), and no damage will be takenoff.

Obtain all 120 stars and go outside the castle. Climbinside the cannon opening that is now located where the gratingwas near the Fish Pond. Aim to land Mario onto the roof, wherehe will meet Yoshi. He will speak to Mario, award a 100 life bonusand a triple-jump move, and quickly leave.

When you start the game, you will see the castle . Go to the rightside of the castle . Start from the first tree closest to thecastle. Stand next to the tree and run forward, then press A(3)to do a front flip, then kick off the castle, then get to thegrass wall that stands next to the castle, Keep doing the samething until you get to the top of the castle, where you will findYoshi.

Alternate triple jump:
Obtain all 120 stars and use the cannon to see Yoshi.Mario will be able to perform a different triple jump after youtalk to Yoshi. Instead of doing a flip while both feet are stickingout straight, Mario will do a real flip crouched together withsparkles. The sparkles will protect Mario from damage when triplejumping off a high place.

Hint: Long jump:
While running, press Z and jump. This can beused to get a star in Hazy-Maze-Cave.

Run and do a long jump Z + A and land on a Goomba.You will bounce and go about twice the distance of a normal longjump.

Hint: Low jump:
Run very fast, then press Z + B.

Hint: Crawl:
Hold Z + Down.

Hint: Dropkick:
Run, press Z, then press A.

Hint: Spin kick:
Hold Z then press B.

Hint: Cannonball jump:
Go outside Princess Toadstool's castle. Run to thepond and quickly press Z + A.

Hint: Backflip dunk:
Go outside Princess Toadstool's Castle. Go to the pond,turn and position your back towards the pond. Then, press Z+ A.

Hint: Mid-air backflip:
Get a good running start and make sure that nothingis directly behind you. While running, press Analog-stickback in the opposite direction.

Hint: Swan dive:
Do a triple kick jump while you are over the waterfor a very long swan dive into the outside lake.

Hint: Never ending backflips:
Hold Z and press A, then press it againevery time you hit the ground. Note: This requires practice.

Hint: Alternate Bowser message:
Obtain all 120 stars and return to the final fightwith Bowser to see a different message.

Hint: Flying cap:
Get this get nine stars and defeat the first Koopalevel. A light will appear from the ceiling in the main area inthe castle after the Koopa level. Look directly at the light toreach the flying cap level. Fly straight down to the platformand land. Step on the red button.

Hint: Steel cap:
Go to the caves level in the other part of the castle.First, make a left then super jump to the other side and openthe door. Turn right and follow the path. Super jump to wherethe huge boulders are located. Reach the top of where the bouldersare dropping from. Go through the door and step on the elevator.When the elevator stops, follow the path to the under ground sea.Find the sea dragon and get on his back. Execute a super buttstomp on his back, then get on his head. Lead him to the partof land that contains the red outlined blocks and jump on them.Then, go through the door and run to the other stream. Try notto fall in the water. Jump from land to land until reaching thegreen switch. Stomp on the switch to get the steel cap.

Hint: Unlimited cap usage:
Go to the third Bowser level. Collect seven red coins.Restart, then do the same thing on the second Bowser level, thenthe first Bowser level. After that, get all eight red coins, getthe star, and repeat the process going from Bowser 3 to 1.

Hint: Invisibility hat:
Run through the hall that is flooded and has an unmarkeddoor. Enter the door and find the location where there are twopillars in the water. Super butt slam on both of them. After thewater drains, follow the arrows that leads to another room. Gothrough the door, then find the square hole in the ground. Enterthe hole and complete the rest of the level to find the hat.

Hint: Hidden hat area:
Get at least 8 stars and go to the main hall, Findthe light coming down form the ceiling. Look at the light andyou will instantly be taken into a level with flying caps in thesky.

Hint: Mario wearing sunglasses:
At the screen where Mario's face can be altered, pressB, then hold R and pull Mario's cheeks up as faras possible and keep them that way. Mario will look like he iswearing sunglasses.

Hint: Mario does the moonwalk:
At the place where you first start (in the fields),move to your left. Go over to the tree on the far left. Climbto the top of the tree. Move in the direction of the grassy wall.Then, jump off, and as soon as you hit the wall, jump two timesand dive (press B). When you hit the ground, jump up. Assoon as you jump, press Analog-stick Right. Mario willdo the moonwalk. Note: This takes practice.

Hint: Mario hangs on and dies:
Get 120 Stars, jump in the cannon and shoot onto thecastle. Run on the right side of the castle until you get to aninvisible wall. On the right side, there will be the castle'sedge and an invisible wall. Walk slowly and try to hang on thecliff between the castle's edge, the grass hill, and the invisiblewall. If done correctly, within three to five tries, Mario willlose his hat (it will still be with you) and Bowser will laugh.You will lay down on the drawbridge with one less life.

Hint: Look through walls:
Walk up to a wall at a certain angle in first personview to see past it.

Hint: Stop the clock level:
To stop the clock level on the third floor of the castle,jump in at exactly 12 o'clock

Go in at 12, 3, 6, or 9 o'clock.

Hint: Statue message:
Go to the courtyard where all the Boo ghosts are located.Get close to the statue of the star and press C-Up to look.You can see that the statue reads "L is Real 2041."The meaning of this is unknown, but the total number of coinsin the entire game is 2045.

Hint: Signs:
Read every sign you see. They can contain importantinformation that you need.

Hint: Talk to Toad:
Talk to Toad when you see him. He gives you stars,hints, and very important information.

Hint: Collecting coins:
Pick up every coin you can find. You get a free lifefor every 50 coins you collect.

Hint: Little boxes:
Throw the little boxes -- when they break, they giveyou extra coins.

Hint: Extra Coins from little Whomps:
When a little Whomp has tried to crush you, but misses,jump on top of him. Do not super butt bust him -- just keep jumpingon him to get coins. and you can still get the coins from himwhen you do the super butt slam.

Go to any level in the game with Whomps in it. Find one and letit try to squash you. When it is in mid fall at about a 45 degreediagonal angle, jump at the middle of it. If done correctly, youshould go through the middle of it, a coin will appear, and itwill be face flat on the ground with you standing on it. Takeadvantage of this and ground pound him immediately before he getsup. Try again if you missed the first time.

Hint: A-Maze-Ing: Easy emergency exit Star:
Once you get off the elevator going to the Star, gointo the next room. Run over to the very edge and perform a longjump towards the platform. If done correctly, Mario will be hangingfrom the edge of the platform with the Star.

Hint: Big Ba Bomb Land: Warp:
When you go into the Big Ba Bomb land (the first paintingland you enter), you can find circular patches of yellow littleflowers. Find the patch that is by Chomp's territory. There aretwo there. Go to the one farther away from Big Chomp. Stride intothe center of it and stand there a moment. You will be transportedto a small cave at the top of the land, where the Master Bombis located. You can also use that cave to go back to the flowerpatch.

Hint: Big Boo's Haunt course:
Play through the game until there are ghosts outside.Find a ghost that flashes a rectangle shape inside of it. PressA, Z to do a power bounce on it and it will leavethe rectangle. Get close to it, and it will start the Big Boo'sHaunt course. In order to get the star, try to find the "main"ghost.

Hint: Big Boo's Haunt: Stars:
Start from the top of the stairs and turn left. Goto the last door with the blue star in front of it. Enter thatdoor and jump on the wood platform. Look up to find another platform.Do a wall jump on the right wall and grab on to the platform.Climb up and go in the door. Once inside, you will see anotherdoor, and down the room a picture of Big Boo. Through the normaldoor is Big Boo's balcony. Defeat him, then long jump to the partof the roof on the left. Crawl along the roof to get the Star.To get the Mr. I, Star go to the same room while wearing the VanishCap. Go through the picture of Big Boo. Circle the eye and itwill release a Star.

Hint: Big Boo's Haunt: Completing firstand second levels:
Kill all the ghosts in the house, then go to the mainroom (the first room when entering the house through the frontdoor) and hit Big Boo three times. A Star and a staircase willthen appear. For the second level, go in the small house (to theleft in the beginning of the level), and down the elevator . Then,follow the path until there is a door to your right. Enter thedoor to find the carousel. Kill all the Boos and defeat Big Boo.The carousel will stop moving. A Star will also appear. Note:The carousel will have Boo pictures shooting out fire.

Hint: Big Bowser's Sub: Ultimate cap:
You can wear the Metal and Vanish Cap at the same timeto create the Ultimate Cap.

Hint: Bob-omb Battlefield: Koopa The Quickshortcut:
When you are racing Koopa The Quick in the Bob-OmbBattlefield look for the big hole in the mountain. Go in all theway in the middle. It will take you up almost to the top and itsaves a lot of time.

You can take a shortcut by using the warp in the flowerbed tothe other flowerbed near the entrance to the mountain. It willgive you a big advantage over Koopa The Quick.

Instead of going through the rolling boulders to get to the topof the mountain, go up the grassy hill appears to be impossibleto climb. It may seem longer but it actually does not. You canuse this and the teleporter when racing Koopa The Quick.

Hint: Bob-omb Battlefield: Koopa The Quickis a cheater:
When you race Koopa The Quick, go along with the race,but follow close behind Koopa. You will go up the bridge and pastthe Chain Chomp. Watch closely and you will see that at the teeteringbridge, Koopa jumps off and takes a shortcut up the white slope,which Mario is unable to use.

Hint: Bob-omb Battlefield: Hidden Coins:
Go under the first bridge to find a large number ofcoins.

Hint: Bob-omb Battlefield: Throwing Bob-ombs:
You can pick up Bob-ombs and throw them at other enemies.However you cannot pick up any other enemies.

Hint: Bob-omb Battlefield: Mario causesexplosion:
Walk up behind a Bob-omb, without it seeing you. PressB followed by Z and Mario will set it down. TheBob-omb will start to walk and then explode shortly afterwards.

Hint: Bob-omb Battlefield: Bomb in cannon:
You can get a bomb into a cannon. First, get a bombto follow you. Then get into a cannon and the bomb will followyou inside. Note: To do this, the bomb must be very close to you,and you must be very close to a cannon.

Hint: Bomb-omb Battlefield: Get rid ofguard:
Run up the mountain until you reach the Bomb-Omb guardingthe Water Bomb Cannon. Press B to pick him up, then throwhim off the mountain. Return later, and he will still be gone.

Hint: Bomb-omb Battlefield: Shell challenge:
Go forwards over the first bridge you see to find afenced-in area with a cannon. On the other side of the fence,look for three Goombas and a Koopa. Koopa will not appear if youhave not selected the right star before you actually entered thelevel. Kill the Koopa and take the shell. Be careful not to hitanything or you will lose it. The shell will not disappear untilyou hit anything, so you can "surf" forever and canjump with it. On the shell, carefully follow the path that goesthrough the Bow-wows yard over the tipping bridge and jump overthe steps that lead to the field. Weave around the Bob-ombs anddodge the water bombs. Go slowly through the metal bar gate andtake a sharp right. Get past the rolling balls and try to makeit up the mountain. This is possible.

Hint: Cool, Cool Mountain: Very big penguin:
Obtain all 120 stars and return to Cool, Cool Mountain.Before entering, select the Big Penguin Race. Begin game playand jump into the chimney of the house at the beginning of thelevel. The penguin will be even larger than before.

Hint: Cool, Cool Mountain: Mad mother penguin:
After bringing the small penguin to his mother, donot catch the star and take the little penguin to the ravine.The mother will get mad and will follow you.

Hint: Cool, Cool Mountain: Kill littlepenguin:
Take both penguins in to the mother penguin. At thebottom the level, when you return the right one, she will giveyou a star. Do not collect the star. Instead, steal the penguinfrom the mother. She will get mad and follow you. Walk with thepenguin to the very edge of the level and drop it off.

Hint: Cool, Cool Mountain: Extra lives:
Enter the cottage. Run towards the penguin, but longjump past him before he has a chance to talk to Mario. Then, gothrough the level getting fifty or more coins and finish the race.Leave the cottage and pick up the star. Not only do you get anextra life, but you also will get a star. Note: You will losea life if you fall off the track.

Hint: Cool, Cool Mountain: Hidden land:
Go down the slide to where the snowman's head is locatedand find Wrigglers (colorful teapot-like enemies). Jump on oneand you will be able to fly. Fly down and you will see land.

Hint: Cool Cool Mountain: Shortcut:
At the part of the mountain that you have to use wallkick, if you are having problems just try backflipping.

Hint: Hazy Maze Cave: Control the beast:
Get on the beast's head and use the Analog-stickto point in the direction that you wish Mario and the beast togo.

Hint: Hazy Maze: Alternate way to location:
Find the sealed entrance to Hazy Maze, where all thered coins are located. There is a slope coming down and a littlegap underneath the grate. Go to the slope. Do a mid-air kick upthe slope by pressing A, then B. If you make a mistake,you will fall back down.

Hint: Rainbow Ride: Get to maze faster:
When starting on Rainbow Ride, turn around to finda pole. Do a long jump and get to the maze faster and the bombguy to that prepares the cannon for you.

Hint: Shifting Sand Land: Carry Mario'shat in his hands:
Let the birdie steal your hat. Go onto a pillar andwait for the birdie to appear. Whack him so that the hat fallsonto the pillar. Do not pick it up. Go to the palm tree near theoasis and use the teleport somewhere in its shadow. Keep goingback and forth at least four times. Go to the hat and it shouldhave a small pile on top of it. Collect it and you should collectthe others. Now you should be holding Mario hat.

Hint: Shifting Sand Land: Find last RedCoin:
At the start, instead of going to the area where theflying cap is located, go the opposite way. Go to the very cornerto find the Red Coin.

Hint: Shocking Arrow Lifts: Easy Star:
On course 11 (Shocking Arrow Lifts), instead of actuallyusing the "arrow lifts", there is a warp on the ground.There is a small pillar being circled by an electric ball. Inthe indented corner is a warp that leads to the cannon. Once youget to the cannon, find the ledge and jump down to it where thereis a yellow box. Break it open to reveal the Star.

Hint: Snowman's Land: Carry Mario's hatin his hands:
Allow the big snowman to blow Mario's hat off. Enterthe warp that is under a tree, and go back and forth through thewarps about three to five times. Return to where the hat was blownoff and pick it up. Mario will now be holding it in his hands.

Hint: Snowman's Land: Warp:
There is a broken bridge. If you go to the end of thebridge in the center, an use the up camera button to look around.You will warp to the bottom on another bridge. You can also usethe same method on the bridge on the bottom. You may have to trya few times before it works.

Hint: Snowy Mountain: Shortcut in penguinrace:
On the way through the penguin race you will see awall. About midway through that wall is a shortcut. When you reachthe wall, run into it about in the middle and you will enter asmall cavern. There are coins and an extra life in this cavern.You will defeat the penguin, but he will claim that you cheatedso you must race him again to get the star.

Hint: Tall Tall Mountain: Shortcut:
Go to the extra life, which is located to the leftof the start. Go against the wall and start walking against ituntil you fall off. If done correctly, you will be surfing inthe wind and can go to any part of the mountain on that side ifyou are careful.

Hint: Tall Tall Mountain: Kill the monkey:
Get to the top of the mountain where you find the monkey.Catch the monkey and walk down the mountain a short distance untilyou find a ledge, then drop him off.

Hint: Tiny-Huge Island: Easy coins:
When on Tiny-Huge Island while you are small, insteadof jumping on Goombas (the mushroom enemies), go next to them.Smash the ground and you will get a blue instead of a yellow coin.

Go to the Tiny-Huge Island room and jump into the very large picture,which will make you small. When you get into the world there willbe three big Goombas. Instead of just jumping on them, do a super-buttslam and a blue coin will appear. Do this to all three of theGoombas, then go to the wooden pole. Run around it five timesand it should give you five coins. You now should have twentycoins.

Hint: Tiny-Huge Island: Defeating KoopaThe Quick in "Rematch with Koopa the Quick":
Go to Koopa The Quick when you are tiny and talk tohim. After you select go, immediately turn around and start running,but stay near the fence. Once you reach the end of the fence,long jump (hold Z + press A) up to the box wherethe big balls originate. Long jump to where the balls turn andstart to roll down the hill. Turn and long jump to the bottom(you may take some damage). Then, run across the board (runningstraight for most of the time, and only running sideways whenyou are about to be blown off). Finally, run to Koopa the Quick'sflag in the corner.

Hint: Tiny-Huge Island: Koopa skyboarding:
Go to Tiny-Huge Island and enter the level being inHuge Island. Go through the door in front of you and head to thehill with the Koopa walking around. Go up and jump on him to makehim lose his shell. Then jump on the shell to start riding it.Head to where the cannon is located, but do not enter it. Be careful,and head to the gap. You should be going fast enough to make itover. Then, continue to go straight and jump over the next gap.When you jump over, the wind will pick up, push Mario, and keephim in the air while he goes forward. When you get to the nextledge you should land safely then go straight. Do not worry ifyou bump into a Goomba. Keep going and when you see the pipe,circle around it and head back to the ledge. Then, jump off andyou will be in the air again. When you reach the platform thewind will be against you, but go forward and at the next gap,jump. When you land, go right and head for the water. Circle theplatform in the water, head back, and do it over again. You cankeep going until you hit a wall or fence. You can even time yourselfon the so-called track. This takes some practice.

Hint: Tiny-Huge Island: Ultimate leap:
Note: You must know how to skyboard to do this trick.Get Koopa's shell and go up the nearby hill. Jump off the ledge.If this works, Mario will fly in the air, but slightly higherthan the regular way.

Hint: Tiny-Huge Island: Opposite directions:
When you get the Koopa Troopa shell, go up the hillwhere you will see a Goomba. If done correctly, you will go inopposite directions. Note: You will go down if you point down.

Hint: Wet Dry World: Flood:
After getting the key from the second Bowser, go upstairsand walk through the door that leads to the room with all thepictures. Stop when you get through it and press C-Up tolook around. In front of you is a picture of a spider. It is WetDry World. To flood it, jump very high into the picture. If youtime the triple jump extremely well, you will flood Wet Dry World.

Hint: Wet Dry World: No water:
This trick is very similar to the "Wet Dry World:Flood" hint. The only difference is, instead of jumping highinto the picture, jump very low into it. You should try to jumpdirectly into the bottom of the picture.

Hint: Wet Dry World: Getting to town:
In order to get into the town, which can be found surroundedby a "gate" in the corner near the beginning, you caneither try to use the cannon on the other side (does not worktoo well) or try to make a triple jump into the very top of thepainting at the entrance to the level, making the water rise allof the way. Once it is up, swim to the gate's ledge and jump whilepressing Up or Down (whichever way would point upwardsfor you) to grab a hold of the side. Pull yourself up and swimdown through the tunnel quickly so that you do not run out ofair.

Hint: Wet Dry World: Secret cannon shortcut:
When you enter the third floor, jump into the bottomof the frame to drain all the water. Once you have entered, goto the stairs next to the pier in the air. There will be a littlecorner up against the stairs. Walk over next to the stairs intothe corner. Stand still for a moment and wait. Mario will disappearthen reappear next to the cannon that is at the very top of WetDry World.

Hint: Whomp's Fortress: Extra life:
Go up the course and go to the first stone man thatlooks like the person you have to defeat on the first star forthat course. Jump over the fence to the pole. Climb it all theway to the top. You will get an extra life. Repeat this as needed.

Hint: Whomp's Tower: Shortcut:
If you can, crawl up the brick wall directly next tothe cannon. Then, switch sides when you reach the top. You cango through the edge of the fence and not have to go through allof the other things to get to the top.

Hint: Whomp's Tower: Extra lives:
Go to the top of the mountain before you go up theelevating stairs and you will see two mini Whomps. Make one fall,then jump on him five times (not a Butt Slam). Then, knock itdown again and do a But Slam to get five coins.

Hint: Open the red boxes:
In the first floor main hall of the castle, look straightup. You must be standing on the picture in the middle of the room.There will be a switch in the middle of the stage you just entered.Jump on it and all the red boxes will now be opened. You can nowget the wing cap and fly around. Fly and get the red coins toget the star in this stage. To exit this stage, fall.

Hint: Get all items in Vanish Cap section:
When you empty the moat that floods the bottom of thebridge outside the castle, go into the newly opened hole. Thisis the Vanish Cap section. Slide and try and get all the mushrooms,red coins, etc. It can be climbed if you missed anything. If youland on a platform or go straight to the ground, climb up by crawling.This can be done by holding Z + Analog-stick Forward(do not release Z). This will take awhile, but it is worthit.

Hint: Defeating second Bowser:
When you meet the second Bowser, he will jump and theplatform slopes. After that, go very close to the farthest bombfrom Bowser. Press Z to duck .When he tries to bump you,and is very close, press A. Mario will do a backward somersault.After that, grab his tail and throw him to the bomb.

Hint: Defeating third Bowser:
To defeat the final Bowser very easily, stand on theedge of the arena opposite of Bowser, next to a bomb. Face theoutside (make sure you can still see Bowser) and hold Z.When he charges at you, press A and you will backflip overhim. Press B to grab his tail and you will have his facealready stuffed in the bomb -- you do not have to aim or eventhrow him. Press B again and repeat the sequence again.After you blow him up a few times, the edges will fall out ofthe arena and it will turn into a star. Do not fall off alongwith them. Go to a corner of the star and do the same thing, butyou will now have to throw him. Go to the middle and get the bigstar. Some things will happen and you just basically completethe entire game.

Hint: Extra lives in third Bowser battle:
Walk behind the top left pillar to collect an extralife if you lose a life during the battle.

Hint: Shortcut in third Bowser level:
Climb up the "Lego" platform, to reach toa part that levels out just a bit. Get as close as possible tothe part that continues to climb, then turn around and performa long jump in the opposite direction. Mario will land on thecheckered platform right before the moving platform with the arrowon it. Using this will allow you to avoid the time and the dangerof the flameblowers along the way of the "Lego" path.

Hint: Defeating Chain Chomp:
Jump on the Chain Chomp's peg and take the red coin.Quickly stomp the peg, and jump off the platform. Then, grab theLittle Throwing Box. Take it to the Chain Chomp, and throw thebox at him. Quickly run under him, stomp the peg, and run towardsthe Seesaw Bridge. Near the stompable pegs and the Goombas, isa Little Throwing Box. Run up to the Chain Chomp and paralyzehim with the box. Run under him, and stomp the peg one last timeto release the Star.

Hint: Spiral stairs shortcut:
Walk into the castle, walk up the stairs to the doorwith the key hole, then go inside. You will see a column to theleft, just before the staircase starts to spiral. Walk along thewall to your left until reaching the corner where the wall andthe column meet. Perform a double jump while still moving in thatdirection. This should allow Mario to jump through the ceilingand bring him right to the top of the stairs. Although this isnot a very large shortcut, it will save a few seconds and somedizziness.

Hint: Highest point of the castle:
Get to the second peak of the castle. Then, find thewall facing the waterfall and walk up the wall. You will now beat the highest point of the castle. It is possible to fly up herein the center where the flag is located.

Hint: Reaching high ledges:
To reach high ledges, back flip, triple jump, or wallkick.

Hint: Bob-omb Buddies:
Talk to Bob-omb Buddies. They do not give you information,but get the cannons ready for you.

Hint: Defeating the Bob-omb King:
When he is slowly coming after you, crouch down thenwait for him. As soon as his shadow touches your shadow, do abackflip. You will land behind him, and it will take him awhileto turn around. You now have plenty of time to walk up, grab him,and throw him.

Hint: Koopa Shell locations:

Course 1: After defeating Koopa the Quick, return to the courseto find Koopa in the Bomb-Omb field near the bridge. Punch him,then hop on his shell quickly. Run over him to get a blue coin.

Course 3: Jump into the water at the start of the course. Nearthe circle of gold coins, there is an oyster. Inside is a KoopaShell.

Course 8: In the start of the level, walk to the edge of the two-storytiered platform. Perform a backflip to reach the second story.Bust the Orange Switchbox to reveal a Koopa Shell. Mario can ridethis green skateboard over soft, sinking sand.

Course 9: Go to Submarine Bay. At the far end of the bay, thereis an Oyster containing a Koopa Shell.

Course 10: In the pond with the two Spinning Flower Guys, jumpon the first one's head to launch you spinning over the woodenwall. You will then find a Koopa Shell in the right Orange Switchbox.Use it to capture Star 5.

Hint: Extra stars:
Collect a hundred coins on a stage to get a star.

Besides the six stars in each course there is an additional aseventh star obtained when 100 coins are collected. There arealso stars in the castle. Toad gives Mario a few, as well as therunning rabbit in the basement.

After you get the first key from Bowser, unlock the door in thebasement. Go in and look for a rabbit and catch it. This is veryhard and frustrating, but will result in a star after he stopscomplaining that he is late for tea.

On the Princess' Slide level, there are actually two stars thatcan be obtained. The first is collected by completing the coursein under 25 seconds and the other can be obtained by completingit in under 20 seconds. To complete it in under 20 seconds usethe following trick. When you first see the coins that move fromthe surface towards the air, jump. Hopefully you will land ona solid floor which is barely three seconds from the finish.

Go to the first floor and into the one with a boat picture. Goright and face the cloud wall. Do a flip. You will find a blackbox. Jump in and then get eight red coins. On the other side,it is the same thing but you will get a mushroom.

Hint: Star locations:

Level 1-1: Go to the top of the mountain and kill the big Bob-Ombwith B to throw him.

Level 1-2: Talk to the Koopa near where you start and race himup the mountain.

Level 1-3: Talk to the red Bob-Omb and go to the cannon on theblue rock hill. Aim at the point on the red thing and shoot allthe way up. Hit the yellow switch.

Level 1-4:
Coin 1: Below chain chomp.
Coin 2: By the cannon.
Coin 3: On Chain chomp.
Coin 4 and 5: From a top view the world, it would be on the topleft.
Coin 6: Below the mountain.
Coin 7: Up the hill after Coin 6.
Coin 8: On the island in the sky on top of the tree.

Level 1-6: Press Down + Z on top of Coin 3.

Level 2-6: Go to the cannon and shoot at the wall corner.

Level 4-5: Talk to the snow ball and control it until it goesto the head.

Level 4-6: Jump on the spinner and spin under the mountain.

Last Coin: Where you start, go to the broken bridge and walk offof it.

There are three different extra lives in the rainbow level oppositethe "Rainbow Ride" level. The first is in one of thehighest transparent clouds. The next can be found on the poleshanging down from another cloud near a cannon. It is slightlydifficult to see at first. The last one can be acquired by climbingthe pole next to the Bob-bomb Buddy and doing a handstand. Themain point of all fifteen secret stars is to find the red coins.It is recommended that you get the one on the poles last, sinceit is difficult to jump off without falling down. You should talkto the Bob-Bomb Buddy before trying the level (cannons make iteasier). Do not worry about losing a life when you fall. Instead,you will fall all the way down into the pond in the front of thecastle.

Glitch: Stuck inside of the castle:
After getting 120 stars, then use the cannon to goon top of the castle. Get the flying cap at that location, thenfly back to the canon as quick as possible. Aim for the cloudthat is right above the castle's peak. Land on the second ledgeof peak. Jump into the wall (facing the castle's entrance) untilMario falls in. Try diving in if you can not get after a few tries,or the whole process may need to be repeated. Once stuck, Mariowill be in between the castle's entry way and the first floor.You can go through the doors to change places, but the only wayto get out is to get on the main entrance side and walk throughthe walls on the sides of the doors or jump over the doors.

After getting 120 stars, then use the cannon to go on top of thecastle. Go to the upside-down cone shaped roof section in frontof you. You can just walk right through it. If you try to runoff the back of the castle, you will just start pushing on aninvisible wall, where you can see right through the castle.

Use the following trick to get this glitch without the wing capor any stars. Go to the right hill next to the castle. Do twojumps before hitting the steep slope, then on the third one onthe grass hill slope. If you are high enough, you should be ableto grab onto the castle wall. After that, go to the first castlepeak underneath the second one. If you are at the correct angle,do a side somersault towards the second castle peak. If done correctly,you should be able to get on it and continue with the glitch.

Glitch: Swim without water in moat:
Get rid of the water in the moat. Collect all 120 stars,and following the instructions for the "Stuck inside of thecastle" glitch. Go in and out of the castle a few times,and walk through the wall in the castle to quit and return outside.Do a somersault into the moat and Mario should be swimming inmid-air.

Glitch: Go through bridge in Lethal LavaLand:
Go to the little bridge that goes up and down. Whenit starts to go up, run up it then get burned by the lava. Youshould be under the other side of the bridge when you hit thelava. When you fly up, you will go through the bridge and be onthe square where the eyeball is located. Note: This will effectyour health; be at full health when attempting this.

Glitch: Jump through wall:
Enter the castle then walk up the staircase to thedoor that has a lock. Next, enter the door and face the left wall.Do a double jump and you will end up at the top of the staircase.

Glitch: Jump through ceiling:
When you put in the key to get onto the top floor,there will be a staircase after you go through the door. Walkall the way to where the floor starts to rise up, then go overto the wall. Jump up, and you will go through the ceiling, bringingyou up near the top of the staircase.

Glitch: Flying Mario:
Get Mario's energy down to the last one to two unitson his meter. Find a ledge to jump off, making sure that it islow enough to get the correct timing. Collect a wing cap, thenfly back to the ledge. Initiate a triple jump, jumping off theledge on the second jump, and hit the jump button for the thirdtime the instant Mario lands. If timed correctly, the fall willtake off the rest of Mario's energy. However, Mario will do asomersault and start flying. He will not be very high off theground, but he still will be flying. You can safely enter a cannon,but the instant you touch the ground Mario will "die."Collecting coins will not restore Mario's health; neither willthe spinning heart. Mario will not be able to grab any stars.This can be done in the Bob-Omb Battlefield, off the ledge withthe spinning heart. It is possible to fly into the cannon by thelarge fence, right in front, shoot toward the Island in the Sky,and get the wing cap in midair.

Glitch: Lose two lives at once:
This trick requires at least one star. Go to PrincessSlide. Go down the slide until you are able to jump off the side.Immediately jump off when you get out. There should be anotherpart of the slide down there. Hit the slide and make sure youfall off it. It will take half of your health away. Go back tothe slide and do the process again. Do not get any coins or elsethis trick will not work if you heal. This time, when you hitthe slide Mario will die. Make sure you fall off. After you falland die, you will start back in the middle. After you hit theground, Mario will die again. You will start back in front ofthe castle.

Glitch: Whomps:
When any size Whomp is about to smash you, crouch,then do a backflip. You will go right through and land on topof him, giving you an opportunity to super butt smash him.

Glitch: Flying Chain-Chomp:
Go to Bomb-Omb Battlefield. Go up the hill and getto the other side of the white wall by the Chain-Chomp. You willsee a Bomb-Omb. Do not let it see you. Run behind it and pickit up. Then, quickly go as close as possible to the Chain-Chomp.When you are still running, jump and throw the bomb at Chain-Chomp.It will go straight up for a few seconds. This will not effecthis health. The Chain-Chomp will drop down and start chase youas normal. If you want to do this again, go away from where thebomb was located then return a little while. You can keep doingthis an unlimited number of times.

Glitch: Make Mario turn a box into his cap:
Go to course 8 (Shifting Sand Land) and do the trickthat makes Mario hold his cap. Go to the place with the stonepillars. Pick up a box and Mario will appear as if he is carryinghis cap like he would a box. When you press B to throwthe non-existent box, he just attacks with his cap.

Glitch: See more than normal:
Go through the left door in the beginning of the castlethat leads to the basement and Boo's Haunt. Immediately turn aroundand walk far enough so that the screen starts to shake and youcan see the front of the door. Zoom out and the screen will allowyou to see Big Boo and the basement door without actually movingto see those things.

Glitch: Get fifth star before Wing Cap:
Go into the cannon that shoots you into the five coinrings. Aim at the middle coin for the first three rings, thenaim at the top coin for the fouth. Then, get in the cannon anddo not move. Shoot for the fifth coin and you will land directlyon the star.

Glitch: Get other stars before going on the Ghost Hunt in Big Boo's Haunt:
Go to the room with a red coin on top of a red cage-likeobject. Do a triple jump, and if timed correctly, so you grabonto the red object. Get up and go out the door. There are nosteps leading to the top doors.

Glitch: Metal-head Mario actions:
Metal-head Mario can move the star without gettingthe metal cap or the metal switch. Go to the switch that you pushwith the metal head. Do a triple jump backward and try to landon the switch. If done correctly, Mario will hit the switch.

Glitch: Frozen Mario:
Go to the bottom of the slide on Cool Cool Mountainin the cabin. Above the finish is a narrow ledge. Try doing ahigh flip or jump into it. If done correctly, Mario will freezein his jump position. Hold the Analog-stick in the directionyou jumped Mario to the narrow ledge to remain still. Releaseit for Mario to slip off the ledge.

Glitch: Dead talking Mario:
Go to Cool Cool Mountain. Get your life (power) toone quarter remaining. Then, try to jump into the pond where themother penguin is located. Press A to jump off somewherehigh (that will hurt you), and try to drop where the pond is located.If done correctly, Mario will lose all his health but start talkingto the mother penguin. When you skip all her messages, you willfall onto the floor and Bowser's face and laugh will appear. Thestrangest part is that when Mario is talking to the mother penguin,he stands up and his eyes are open (as if he is a zombie).

Glitch: Strange warp:
Once you have the key from the second Bowser, go throughthe door to the room with all the pictures. Stop wen you get throughit and look up. To the left are some gray shapes. Jump into theone that is closest to the stairs (the rectangle). You shouldgo through it and end up next to the door at the top of the stairs.

Glitch: Oversize fence:
At the beginning of the Bomb-omb battlefield, run upover the bridge, around the corner, and past the Chain Chomp.Turn left when you get to the area over the teetering bridge.You will eventually reach a fence that is bigger than the rest(even taller than Mario).

Glitch: Climb through bridge:
At the beginning of the Bobomb battlefield, run underneaththe very first bridge. Jump and hold A. Mario will hangonto the underside of the bridge, and will climb around on thebottom. Go to the bottom of the bridge, facing the wall. ReleaseA, and Mario will climb through the bridge.

Glitch: Land in Deep Freeze randomly:
By the Snowman's Land entrance, hold Down andpress B rapidly. You will squeeze under the picture frame,jump out of something, then land somewhere in the Deep Freeze.

Glitch: Sink into the ground:
Go to Bomb-omb battlefield in the first level and selectBig Bomb-omb on the summit. Go up to top of the mountain and talkto the giant Bomb-omb. When he wants to fight you, he will startmoving around. Take this opportunity to run behind him and pickhim up. Instead of throwing him, start walking and take the pathdown the mountain. When you start to get down the mountain, Mariowill begin to sink into the ground. Before Mario sinks under,throw the big Bomb-omb. The only way to get out of this glitchis to press Start and select "Exit Course".

Glitch: Mario up and down:
Go to the Dire, Dire Docks level and try to collectall 101 coins. Collect all of them except one of the red coinsin mid-air. You should have 99 coins. Get the one red coin inmid-air and the star will appear. Get the star and Mario willbe on the bottom of the ocean after he does his dance that henormally does on land. He will appear to be swimming in the water.

Glitch: Keep shooting out of cannon:
In Wet Dry World, jump in the cannon and fire yourselfat the sun. Mario will bounce off and land back in the cannonwith no health. "Dead" Mario can then repeat the trickunlimited times. Do not hit anything except for the sun, or youwill lose a life.

Glitch: Boss music anywhere in level 1-1:
Select level 1-1 and go to the Boss. pick him up andcarry him down the mountain past the heart. Then, get hit by acannonball thing and fall off the mountain. Go away from the mountain,and you will have Boss music anywhere in the level. The only wayto stop this is to go back to the mountain.

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