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Super Smash Brothers Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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Super Smash Brothers

Alternate costumes:

Press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Downat the character selection screen.

Highlight Mario and press C-Right and Mario will wear Wario'scostume.

Highlight Luigi and press C-Right and Luigi will wear hiscostume from the original Super Mario Bros.

Highlight Mario and press C-Left and Mario will be wearinghis costume from the original Mario Bros.

Highlight Mario and press C-Right and Mario will resembleWario.

Highlight Link and press C-Left and Link will wear hisoriginal blue tunic from the first Zelda game.

Highlight Jigglypuff or Pikachu and press C-Left, C-Right,C-Up, or C-Down to add a hat.

Highlight Captain Falcon and press C-Right to play as hisenemy, Blood Falcon.

In free for all mode, you can change the colors of a characterat the selection screen by pressing C-Left, C-Right,or C-Down.

Fight as Captain Falcon:
Complete the game in under twenty minutes under anydifficulty setting. Then, defeat Captain Falcon.

Note: For the Japanese version, successfully complete the gameas any character under any difficulty level and number of lives.Then, defeat Captain Falcon.

To unlock Captain Falcon easily, set the time to "Unlimited".You can then take as long as needed.

Fight as Jigglypuff (Purin):
Complete the game using any character under any difficultylevel and number of lives. Then, defeat Purin.

Fight as Ness from Earthbound(Mother 2):
Successfully complete the game under the normaldifficulty level and three lives without continuing. Then, defeatNess when he appears.

Fight as Luigi:
Successfully complete the Bonus 1 "Break The Target"with the eight original characters and one bonus characters. Thiscan be done during Bonus 1 practice. Then, defeat Luigi. If youlose the match, complete Bonus 1 again with any character fora rematch.

Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage:
Successfully complete the game with all eight originalcharacters under the normal difficulty setting and three lives.Continues may be used. The Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage willbe available under versus mode.

To easily unlock the Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage, first earnLuigi, then select him and Mario. Make them fight in every level,except random.

To easily unlock the Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage and Item Switchoption is to battle a lot in versus mode (preferably Kirby). Note:You can play in two-player mode to achieve this. Once you haveenough character points (found under data), you will unlock them.

Character preview:
Hold Z and press the Analog-stick atthe character biography screen.

Alternate congratulations screen:
Begin game play in one player mode using any character,difficulty setting, and number of lives. If you reach a totalscore of 1,000,000 points or more, an "Incredible" messagewill appear on the congratulations screen.

Music test:
Successfully complete Bonus Games 1 and 2 with allcharacters, including the secret ones. This can be done duringBonus 1 and 2 practice. A music test option will appear on thedata screen.

Borrow a life:
Begin a team game under versus mode. Press Startif you lose a life to take a life from your partner, if he orshe has more than one remaining. Alternatively, press A+B + Z + Start.

Item switch:
Play the game in versus mode at least fifty times tounlock the item switch option.

Note: For the Japanese version, use any character to record onehundred kills to unlock an item switch menu. This menu allowsvarious weapons to be toggled and control the frequency in whichthey appear.

To get the "Item switch" option easier, use the followingtrick with two controllers. Go to multi-player mode and set iton damage 200% and stock 1. Have player one choose Kirby, andany character for player two. Press R to have Kirby grabthe player two, then press R. Player two should die. Repeatthis until you get the "Item switch" option.

Quick healing:
Go to the Silph Co. stage as any character. When Chanseypops out of the building, run into it as fast as you can. If donecorrectly, you will get 5 hit points taken away.

Extra points for each level:
The following trick may be used to get an extra 100points in each level. Defeat your opponent in one player mode.Press L to taunt just before he dies. If your characteris in a taunt when the camera zooms in for the scores, 100 pointswill be awarded for the fighter's stance.

Losing points:
You will lose points after losing all lives and continues.

Control credits screen:
Press one of the following buttons during the credits.Press Analog-stick to change the angle and move the target.Press Start + A to scroll faster, or to return tonormal speed. Select a name with the target and press Ato view details about their work in the game. Press B topause or resume the scrolling.

Hold Z or R (block) until your characterexplodes.

Sudden Death:
Play a time limit battle. Make sure both of the charactershave the same amount of lives when the timer runs out.

Hint: Easy win:
To win almost any battle easily, just make any charactergo into the air, then jump up and press Up + L todo a powerful kick. This should make your opponent fly up. Repeatuntil your opponent flies into the horizon.

Choose any character. Knock your enemy down and run to them. Getnext to them and press A. This should knock most of youropponents off the platform.

Hint: Alternate hits:
If you are hanging, press A, B, Ror Z for a normal hit. However, if you have 100 or moredamage points your hits will be different. Yoshi and Kirby willdo something funny.

Hint: Box and barrel attack:
Press Forward + A while holding a boxor barrel. The item will move faster and farther, and can alsobe used as a quick attack.

Hint: Throwing items:
Often when throwing an item (R +D-pad)at an enemy that has at least 60 to 80 damage, it will cause themto go flying and do more damage than normal. Dashing and thenthrowing the item will be more effective. This is a good way toeffectively hurt a person with a fan.

Hint: Spin attack:
Choose any character in any mode. Use C-Up 1CEor 2CE. Aim your character towards your opponent. While you arein the air directly above your opponent, press Down + B.You should do a spin right into your opponent.

Hint: Spike attack:
Many characters have a spiking move that guaranteesa KO 100% of the time if done correctly. You need to be by theedge of a level and there has to be a player trying to get backon. Many of the players have a "spike" move that sendsopponents straight down and gets them a KO. For most players thespike move is Down + A, but some players such asDonkey Kong have another one by pressing Forward + A.Timing is important here. When you see the player trying to getback, jump out as they near the stage. Donkey Kong's Forward+ A move works much easier than the other Down +A moves. Get above them but before they make it over thestage, and do the spike move. If done correctly, the opponentwill go straight down and have almost no chance to get back. Makesure you can make it back to a safe location.

Hint: Weakened moves:
If you use a special move constantly (for example,Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch), it will do progressively lessdamage each time you use it. You will have to use a differentattack for a while or wait a bit. Test this out in the trainingmode. If Kirby steals an ability, not only does this apply tohis natural moves but also the ability that he took from his foe.

Hint: Extra boost:
When you use the powerful Up + B attackmost characters will do an attack that will give them anotherextra boost. This is most effective after a jump and a doublejump. Here is what happens.

Ness: Press Up + B to make him do PK Thunder. However,if you make it turn and hit him, he will get a very powerful boostin any direction. You will not get hurt.

Fox: Press Up + B and he will do a charge for FireFox. He can do it in any direction by pressing the Analog-stickwhen he charges.

Samus: Press Up + B to do a mid-air roll that doesdamage similar to Mario's Super Jump.

Pikachu: Press Up+B to do Agility. If you pressLeft or Right immediately after that, you will movetwice.

Jigglypuff: Pressing Up + B does not do anything.However, if you jump, punch, float, punch, and continue in thatpattern you can go very far distances (but not much in height).

Kirby: Press Up + B to make Kirby do his Final Cutter,making it go slightly higher for a split second. Do this onlyif you know that a quick, short boost will get you to where youwant to go.

Mario: Press Up + B to have Mario do his Super Jump,giving him about as much boost as a regular jump would.

Luigi: Same as Mario.

Yoshi: None.

Captain Falcon: Press Up + B to have him do a spinin mid-air that can easily be controlled.

Donkey Kong: Press Up + B to have him do a helicopterattack that will boost him. This will not boost him if he is onthe ground.

Link: Press Up + B and he will do a sword spin attack thatboosts him. This will not boost him if he is touching the ground.

Hint: Pokemon message:
Start a match in the Silph Co. stage. Allow your characterto get hit by the Pokeball billboard. Quickly pause game playand move the screen so you can read the pole that holds up thebillboard. The message "gotta catch 'em all" writtensideways can be seen.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Falcon Punch:
To actually see the Falcon Punch, pause game play whilehe punches. You will be able to see that his punch is in the shapeof a falcon.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Extra damage:
Select training mode and put four red shells behindan opponent. Do the Falcon Punch move and it will do 999% damage.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Hit opponent as theyescape:
When your opponent keeps rolling around and you cannothit them, press B to do the Falcon Punch. While chargingup, hold Back, so when they try to escape by going in backof you, you will hit them. Note: This works well against the CPU.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Skeleton:
Select Captain Falcon and Fox. Go to the ship and haveCaptain Falcon get close to Fox. Use Fox's blue shield. When CaptainFalcon is flashing, press Start. If done correctly, hewill appear as a skeleton.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Best combo:
Press A repeatedly to punch, punch,knee, then rapidly punch your opponent. If he or she gets outof range, press Down + B tothe Falcon Kick. In total, it can do from 20% to 50% damage.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Extra damage withred shells:
Select the Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage in trainingmode as Captain Falcon with Jigglypuff as your opponent. Het youropponent under the lowest platform on the right side of the stage.Go on that platform and pause game play with three red shellsjust right of where your opponent is. Put out the last one a bitto the left of the other three. Get to the left of your opponent,almost "inside" him, and perform Captain Falcon's UppercutPunch (Analog-stick Up, A). This will send Jigglypuffinto the shells while at the same time you will hit the shellswith the Uppercut Punch, causing them to move. There will be manyof the sounds when a shell hits an opponent, and Jigglypuff'sand your damage will go up rapidly to over 200%.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Flip:
Press C-Up(2).

Hint: Captain Falcon: NBA jump:
Go to one player practice mode. Use Captain Falconand set the speed on 1/4. On close-up, do one jump forward thenuse the Up + B attack. If someone is in the wayit will not work. If done correctly, it will appear like CaptainFalcon is going for a slam dunk.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Green team costumes:
Use the following trick to get a yellowish-green costumewith a yellow helmet and yellow boots. Select team battle andput Caption Falcon on the green team. Note: This is the only wayto get this costume. For other players such as Donkey Kong orSamus, you have no green costume; putting them on the green teamwill give them a green costume.

Hint: Captain Falcon: Electrode on topof platform:
When in the Saffron City stage, wait for an Electrodeto appear. Use Falcon Punch, and the Electrode will appear ontop of the platform.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Pokemon punch:
When playing as Donkey Kong, choose the Pokemon SilphCo. stage, then press B button to make him wind up fora punch. When the door opens, while the Pokemon is still inside,approach the door, but do not get close enough to force it out.Press B again to throw the punch and the Pokemon will goflying.

This can also be done with the hammer weapon. Approach the doorwhen it opens, but do not let the Pokemon out. Simply walk intothe door and the Pokemon should go flying. Note: This trick onlyworks on some Pokemon.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Easy win
The following trick works best in vs mode, with twoor more stocks. Select Donkey Kong as a character and any levelexcept for Samus' stage. Defeat your opponent once, then get closeto the edge when he or she comes after your character. Grab himand press A to place him on your back. Then, jump off thelevel before he can get loose. Repeat this until you win as youcan remain one life ahead of your opponent.

Go to Hyrule Castle. Lure your opponent under the green castle.When your opponent gets there, hold Down + B anduntil your opponent's % is very high. You can now most likelytake them out with one hit.

Begin game play in single player mode as Donkey Kong. When fightingwith Metal Mario, press B + Down to slap the ground.Use this technique until he is heavily damaged. In a minute, youshould have damaged him up to 999%. You can also blow him up inthe sky.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Combos:
Press Down + B to hit your opponent.Then jump after him and press Up + B to hit himagain.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Head Spin:
Get close to an opponent and press A + Downto do a head spin

Hint: Donkey Kong: Get in the barrel:
You can get in the barrel on Donkey Kong's stage bysimply jumping towards it. Press A to get out. Note: Thebarrel sometimes moves around -- be careful when you aim.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Move or jump with abarrel:
The only way to move or jump with a barrel is withDonkey Kong. When you see a barrel, pick it up and you can moveor jump around with it.

Hint: Donkey Kong: Quick KO:
Play as Donkey Kong. As soon as you see the playeryou want to defeat, walk up to them and press R. Walk offthe edge while still carrying your opponent, and let go when youknow he or she will not make it back. You will get a point forknocking off your opponent, and lose a point for falling. Youropponent will just lose a point. Although you will not gain anything,your friend will lose something, thus giving you the advantage.Note: This works best when playing one-on-one.

Select Donkey Kong in versus mode and character as the CPU opponent.Go to the Mushroom Kingdom or Castle stage. At the Mushroom Kingdomstage, knock your opponent left until you are under the largebrick that has a green tube on the top of it. Press B +Down to do the Ground Pound. Since there is a brick inthe way to stop your opponent from flying up, he will bounce backand lay there. Repeatedly press B + Down to gethis/her percentage to 999%. At the Castle stage, throw your opponentto the left until he/she is under the small green tower. Keeppressing B + Down to get their percentage to 999%.Note: This can be done easily when in training mode and havingthe CPU just stand there.

Hint: Get to large platform on Donkey Kong'sstage:
There is a barrel with a white arrow on it. You canuse it to shoot yourself up because the floor on the Donkey Kongstage is sort of like a platform. Think of it as a huge platform.You cannot sink under it, but can fly, jump (if possible), oruse an Up + B attack to get to the top of it.

Hint: Fox: More powerful lasers:
Select Fox and a character that uses a projectile asa weapon. Have Fox use his Deflect move (Down + B)and have the other character shoot Fox. He will deflect and theshot will do about twice as much damage. If a match is playedwith two Foxes and on a level plane such as that found on HyruleCastle or The Great Fox stages, both can use the deflect trick.The laser will deflect back and forth, and eventually grow sopowerful that it will destroy one of the Fox's deflection shield.If a green turtle shell deflects back and forth, pick up the sameshell after it destroys one of the deflection shields. Throw itat an opponent to see a big explosion. The targeted characterwill fly into the wall in a split second. You can use it as muchneeded until it disappears.

Hint: Fox: Powerful bumpers:
Begin a match on the Mushroom Kingdom stage with Foxand a lot of bumpers. Bring them right next to the tube on theleft. Have Fox throw a bumper upwards and turn on his reflector.When it comes down, it will continuously attack his reflector,break it, and bounce up. When it comes down, you will see a largeexplosion about five to seven times, with each hit doing over100%. This works best in practice mode. It will not work if morethan one bumper is used.

Hint: Fox: Green shell charge-up:
Fox's reflector shield gives double damage to anythingthat can be reflected back, but when the green shell gets reflectedand then does not vaporize, the power stays doubled.

Hint: Fox: Superman pose:
Play as Fox, jump, and do the corkscrew move. Pausegame play during the move. If done correctly, Fox will have apose similar to Superman when he is flying.

Hint: Fox: Spin Flip:
Play as Fox and hold onto a ledge. Press Z andrapidly pause and resume the game. Fox will do a back flip anda twist in one motion if timed correctly.

Hint: Fox: Unlimited Reflect move:
Press Down + B to do the Reflect moveand hold it.

Hint: Fox: Surprise attack:
Note: This trick works best when when playing withthree or four players. Go to Congo Jungle. When no one is watching,fall off the edge. Use your double jump to get under the stage,then press Up + B and move the Analog-stickin the direction of any opponent on the bottom floor of the stage.If done correctly, Fox will fly up through the stage and hit youropponent without them knowing.

Hint: Fox: Defeating Master Hand:
Use the Reflector to deflect the shots that MasterHand fires at you. Note: Do not use this tactic for his pokingattack.

Hint: Fox: Lethal kill:
When playing as Fox in versus mode with a setting of200% damage, approach any opponent. If stuck next to him, pressB + Down. Fox will use Reflect. In the instance,the opponent touches the Reflector and is blown away. If luckyhe will be kicked out of the stage. Note: Reflect attack is onlyvalid within about half a second. For example, if Reflect is usedwhen an opponent runs, if the opponent reaches Fox within a secondhe will be blown away. However, this will not happen if an opponenttouches you if you are using reflect.

Hint: Fox: Avoid falling off:
Do not use the Firefox sideways if you are near anedge. You might fall off and have no way to get back up.

Hint: Fox: Separated head:
When performing Fox's Backwards Throw on another Fox,it appears that the thrown Fox's head is not on his shoulders.

Hint: Fox: Absorb projectiles without usinga shield:
Note: Perfect timing is required for this trick. Whena character throws a Bomb-Omb at you, use your reflector. It willbounce it back at the person. However, if you timed it correctly,it will explode but you will not take any damage. The same thinghappens if you try to reflect Samus' Charge Shot. You can usethe Reflector to reflect it, but if timed correctly the blastwill disappear when you use the Reflector and it will be absorbed.

Hint: Terrain KO in Fox's stage:
This trick can be done by almost everyone. Go downby the thruster and if your opponent has at least 40% damage,hit them against the left wall. When they fly back at you, hitthem up. This must be done quickly; they might be able to getback on if they fly past you. You can also use this against Fox.If you hit him against the wall he will be temporarily be immobilized.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Combos:
When playing as Jigglypuff, press Up + Bto put your opponent to sleep. Then, get very close to your opponent,and press Down + B to put yourself to sleep. Youropponent will go flying, and Jigglypuff will remain asleep.

Use Jigglypuff and weaken the target opponent to at least 50%.Then, walk up next to your opponent and use the B + Downattack. This should make Jigglypuff fall asleep and send youropponent flying. Keep in mind that you have to be directly behindyou enemy, as if you are trying to run pass him. This should soundlike you just did a power attack with the homerun bat.

Press Up + A, then as your opponent is descendingpress Up + A to hit him again. Stay under him andrepeat until he is defeated.

Jump in the air, then press Down + A to spin attackyour opponent. When they hit the ground, press Down + Bmove to send them spiraling into the air.

Press Down + A to do an aerial attack. When youropponent hits the ground, quickly press Up + A.This should send your opponent in to the sky (if at 50%). Anotherway is to do a Down + A aerial attack, then whenyour opponent hits the ground, quickly press Down + Bif you are touching your opponent.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Suicidal:
Note: This trick requires a lot of patience. Starta vs. mode game with 99 stock with you vs. the a CPU-controlledJigglypuff. Fight in the Mushroom Kingdom secret stage. Use alot of weapons during the match. When Jigglypuff's life is downto near 20, she will begin to kill herself by walking straightoff the stage. She will do this about five to ten times -- itis interesting to watch because after she walks off a few timesshe will begin to break her own shield by holding it in very long.Let her to do so and she will damage and stun herself, allowingyou to take advantage.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Defeating him:
Use the following trick to kill for Jigglypuff easily.When Jigglypuff blocks, use a super hit on him and it be a K.O.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Defeating Master Hand:
When the Hand stops, jump, then press Down +A and keep this.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Go long distances:
Use a jump then a punch (Up, B) repeatedlyto travel far.

Hint: Jigglypuff with large arm:
Press Start to pause game play just when youpunch. If timed correctly, Jigglypuff's right arm will appearseveral times its normal size.

Hint: Jigglypuff is upside down:
Select Jigglypuff as your character and any other characteras your enemy. This works best in two player mode. Use your backwardstoss on your opponent and immediately press Start to pausegame play. It will appear that Jigglypuff is upside down.

Hint: Jigglypuff doing a ballerina dance:
Select versus mode and choose Jigglypuff as your characterwith any other players. When you begin the match, toss an opponentthen pause game play. If done correctly, it will appear as thoughJigglypuff is doing a ballerina dance.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Hear opponent snore:
Do the sleep attack, then pause game play to hear youropponent snore.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Sleep during victory:
Play as Jigglypuff in versus mode with any amount oftime or stock. Just before you win the match, go to sleep. Ifdone correctly, she will be sleeping instead of celebrating duringthe match results.

Hint: Jigglypuff: Sleep reversal:
Usually when Jigglypuff puts herself to sleep and youtouch her, you will fall asleep as well. However, if someone attacksher immediately after she falls asleep the move will backfire.For example, if Luigi uses Super Jump Punch on Jigglypuff whileshe is sleeping, he will get blown away.

Hint: Kirby: Invincibility move:
When fighting as Kirby in the Sliph Co. stage, pressB + Analog-stick Down when a Pokemon comes out ofthe building. Kirby will become a block and the fire, ram, andleaves will not harm him.

Hint: Kirby: Lose a power:
If you want to intentionally lose a power gained aftereating another character as Kirby, press L to execute histaunt.

Hint: Kirby: Steal powers from anotherKirby:
If you are fighting as Kirby against another Kirby,you can steal their powers, but only when they are wearing a "hat".For example, if you swallowed an enemy Kirby with a Pikachu hat,you will get the Pikachu power.

Hint: Kirby: Drill combo:
Jump in the air, then hold Down + A todo Kirby's Drill move. While drilling the opponent into the ground,hold Up. When you hit the ground, press A to sendyour opponent into the air. Note: This combo does 20% to 32% damage.

Hint: Kirby: Spit Shot:
Play as Kirby and press B to swallow an enemy.Press A and Kirby will spit the enemy as a star.

On single player or multi-player mode, use Kirby as your character.Suck the enemy in then, then press R to spit him out. Itwill do as much damage as a normal throw. This move is very effectiveif you spit the enemy out at his team member (if he or she hasone).

Hint: Kirby: Kirbykazie:
Note: This move takes away 1 stock. Make sure yourenemy is near the edge of the stage and that you have no copyabilities. When you get near the enemy, jump over him so thatyou are falling. Then, fly up and suck in your enemy. Both ofyou will plummet to your deaths. This does not work on MasterHand's or Samus' stages.

Hint: Kirby: Destroyer:
Knock your enemy off the edge of the stage. Stand atthe edge. When they jump near you, use Final Cutter (Up+ B). They should go up with you. As you go down, theywill rocket to their deaths. This does not work on Master Hand'sor Samus' stages.

Hint: Kirby: Jump longer:
If you get hit badly, press Forward + Ato jump longer.

Hint: Kirby: Combos:
Press Up + A, then as your opponent isdescending press Up + A to hit him again. Stay underhim and repeat until he is defeated.

Get very close to your enemy then repeatedly press A.

Have Kirby hold an opponent when another opponent is slightlyabove you and a little behind you. If done correctly, the firstopponent will hit the second opponent. Not only will they bothget damage but they should fly in different directions. Sometimesthe second opponent will fly in a curve and go below the stage.

Hint: Kirby: Triple sword attack:
When your opponent is directly in front of you, useKirby's Final Cutter (Up + B). You will hit youropponent once as you go up, twice as you come back down, and athird time with the Sword Wave.

Hint: Kirby: Easy win:
When in the Pokemon stage with Kirby, stand on thetower closest to the right near the left edge. Keep jumping upin the air so you are up often. When someone gets near, use Kirby'sFinal Cutter. If done correctly, this should slash your enemyinto the bottom of the screen, knocking them out no matter howmuch damage they had.

Hint: Kirby: Extra damage
Select training mode and put four red shells behindan opponent. Do the Final Cutter move and it will do 900% or moredamage. Do the Stone Attack move and it should do 500% or moredamage.

Hint: Kirby: Defeating Fox:
Select multi-player mode and play as Kirby againsta CPU Fox. Choose Kirbyland as the stage. Go to the edge, duck.and wait. After awhile the CPU will use Fire Fox. He will skimover you and fall to his death. Note: He must be level 9.

Hint: Kirby: Large arm:
Press Start to pause game play just when youpunch. If timed correctly, Kirby's right arm will appear severaltimes its normal size.

Hint: Kirby: In a crate:
Select Kirby and go to any stage (Saffron City recommended).If a crate drops, go to it and try to get as close to it as possible.Press Start, and if done correctly, it will appear as ifKirby is in the crate (you will not be able to see Kirby).

Hint: Kirby: Gain ability:
While playing as Kirby in single player mode, suckin another Kirby from the Kirby team. That Kirby will lose itsability, and you will gain it.

Hint: Kirby: Kirby's Final Cutter's spikemaneuver:
When coming back down, the Cutter move may spike anenemy off the edge.

Hint: Kirby: Hammer:
This is another way to defeat an enemy with a hammer:Use Kirby's Stone attack. However, if you miss, you may be hitwith the hammer.

Hint: Kirby: Dancing:
Press Analog-Stick Left and Right successively.Kirby will appear to dance back and forth.

Hint: Kirby: Funny eyes:
If Kirby is electrocuted, pause the game quickly. Kirby'seyes will look funny.

Hint: Kirby: Saying Falcon Punch:
Enter training mode and play as Kirby against Capt.Falcon. Absorb Falcon's power, and go to a close-up view. HaveKirby do a Falcon Punch. You will actually be able to see Kirbysaying "Falcon Punch!"

Hint: Kirby: Huge explosion:
Start a match with Kirby and Samus. Select Bombombunder weapons until there are no more. Suck in Samus, then chargeup your beam and shoot it at the bombs.

Go to training mode,and select Bombomb under weapons. Get as manyas you can. After that, use Kirby's "Stone Attack" onthem, close to an opponent. They should go flying.

Hint: Kirby: Moves:
The various moves that Kirby does come from the gameKirby Superstar on the SNES. Here is a list of the movesfrom the game, and the respective abilities that they are from:

Vulcan Punch (A repeatedly): Fighter
Spin Kick (A + Tap): Fighter
Final Cutter (Up + B): Cutter
Stone (Down + B): Stone
Inhale (B): Copy
Air Drop (Grab and Forwards): Ninja
German Suplex (Grab and Back): Suplex

Hint: Kirby: Wheel ability appearance:
When Kirby absorbs Ness' power, he looks like he doeswith the Wheel ability in Kirby Superstar.

Hint: Kirby: Easy win on Yoshi stage:
Play a versus mode game as Kirby with another humanplayer. Get the other player to follow you to the cloud on thefar right side. Stay in the air until the other player gets overthere, then eat him. Wait for the cloud to disappear then spithim out and fly to the other cloud next to the stage. This canalso work with Yoshi if you turn him into an egg and jump as faras you can to the left.

Hint: Kirby: Defeating Master Hand:
Turn into a stone every time the Master Hand attacksand it will not damage you. Note: This may not work with the Hand's"Drill" move.

Hint: Link: Combos:
Press Up + A to hit your opponent. Then,jump up after him and press Up + B to hit him again.

Hint: Link: Flip:
Press C-Up + Analog-stick Right.

Hint: Link: 400% or more damage:
Select Link as a character in training mode. When youare on the bottom floor (that you start out on) press Startand choose four red shells. Throw Link's bomb (press Down,B) at them and then let them hit you. You should show 400%or more damage, but the effect is random.

Select training mode and put four red shells behind an opponent.Do the Tornado move and it will do 500% or more damage.

Hint: Link: Pogo bounce:
In any stage, have Link jump up once or twice, do hisA + Down move, and land on any character. He willbounce around. Note: He will only bounce once.

Hint: Link: Easy kill against Link:
Go to training mode, and choose Link as your characterand your opponent. Select the Hyrule Castle stage and get theenemy Link near the edge by the small green castle. Hit this Linkwith a motion sensor bomb and he will fall off. If he gets backon, he will hit the motion sensor bomb and go flying off.

Hint: Link: Bomb sticks to opponent:
Throw a bomb in front of your opponent, then pressR to grab the bomb and your opponent. Throw the person,and the bomb will stick to your opponent.

Hint: Special bonus in Link's stage:
For a special bonus, defeat Link using a tornado atHyrule Castle.

Hint: Trap Link:
Select any character and choose Link as a CPU opponent.This trick works best if Link is on a team with someone. Choosethe Sector Z stadium. At the start of the level, run to the farright side of the ship, past the big fin. Lure Link down therewith you. Once he hits the ground, jump back up and stay on theupper part of the ship. Link will be stuck down there as longas he does not die and you or any teammate you have does not getclose enough for him to try the spin attack. You can now fightLink's team member one-on-one.

Hint: Luigi: Taunt attack:
Luigi is unique because, he is the only character whosetaunt hurts. It may not hurt much, but when he kicks his footon the ground, if there is an opponent in the way, they will getkicked for various reasons.

Hint: Luigi: Super attack:
Although Luigi's super jump attack only does 1% damagenormally, the following trick will increase that amount. Get veryclose to an opponent and perform the move. If done correctly,a loud noise and fire will appear, doing about 20% damage. Ifyour opponent is at about 65% damage it may even kill them.

When the fight starts, run towards your opponent and press A.This will result in about 7 damage. Use any attacks to get youropponent to about 50 damage. Then, use the Up + Asmash attack. This will knock them in the air. Follow them, butmove slightly below them. Use the Up + A flip kickto knock them higher several times. As they are coming down, useyour tornado spin and use the hovering technique. When they land,use the Down + A smash attack. Once they are backon their feet, finish them off with the Up + B attack.

Hint: Luigi: Suicidal red shell coin explosion:
Go to training mode as Luigi. Select Hyrule Castleand put your opponent on the top ledge with four red shells tohis right. Go to the middle ledge and press B + Upto attack your opponent and the shells. You will freeze, and bothof you will get 700+ damage and fly in opposite directions.

Hint: Luigi: 999% coin buster:
This is Luigi's equivalent to Mario's 999% spin withfour green shells. Go to training mode as Luigi. Select a smallopponent, such as Pikachu. Go to Hyrule Castle. Position youropponent on top ledge of the three ledges in the middle of thecastle. Position him in the middle on the top. To the right ofhim, place four green shells. Make sure they are right next tohim. Go down to the middle ledge. Position yourself on the leftside of the ledge. Use Luigi's B + Up move. If youhit the green shells correctly, Luigi and the opponent will freeze.The opponent's damage will go up very fast to 999%. While doingthat, coins should be launching upwards in two lines -- one ofthe lines pulsing, the other being constant. Soon after reaching999%, the green shells will disappear, and the opponent will fallas if you used the attack normally.

Hint: Luigi: Giant hand:
Press Up + B and pause game play. Ifdone correctly, Luigi's right hand will appear to be giant.

Hint: Luigi and Mario: Float back:
When you start a match and get knocked off use thefollowing trick for a small chance to get back on the stage. UseMario's Tornado or Luigi's Cyclone move. If you press Bfast enough, you will float slightly and can then use Super JumpPunch (the coin attack) and make it back up.

When you get knocked far off stage, do your double jump, thenthe Tornado attack and rapidly press B. You will get anextra boost. Use the Up + B move to get back onthe stage.

Hint: Mario: Ninja:
While a player is on the floor have Mario get nextto him or her. Jump backwards and quickly pause game play. Ifdone correctly, Mario will look like a Ninja that beat up theperson on the floor.

Hint: Mario: On fire while melting:
Start on the first stage with Mario and Link in twoplayer mode. Have Link throw a bomb at you. Walk in to it andquickly pause game play. If done correctly, it will appear asif Mario's legs melted into the ground while his head is on fire.Additionally, if you pause the game just when he does a backflipto get upright after he is upside down, it will appear as if ababy Mario is standing on his head.

Hint: Mario: Ultimate move:
This move can give your opponent 999% damage and 99hits if done correctly. In training mode, select Mario and anyopponent, however Donkey Kong is easier to hit. Go to any stageand get close to your opponent. Put four green shells right betweenMario and your opponent. Then, press B + Down toexecute the move. If done correctly, Mario and the victim willfreeze, while the victim keeps getting hit until the shells wearoff.

Enter training mode as Mario. This must be done on a flat surface.Stand next to your opponent. Press Start and find greenshells under weapons. Activate as many as the game allows. Withoutmoving, use the B + Down attack (Mario Tornado).The game will freeze for a minute. After the pause, your opponentshould have a 999% damage count.

Hint: Mario: Cannonball:
Have Mario do a double back flip and pause game play.If done at the right moment, it will appear as if Mario is doinga cannon ball.

Hint: Mario: Flip:
Press C-Up(2).

Hint: Mario: More damage with punch:
Press Up + B to do Mario's Super JumpPunch. Before he raises off the ground, press Back andhe will do 4% damage with one punch.

Hint: Ness: Deflection:
Ness can deflect with his bat (Left or Right+ A). He can deflect Samus' ultimate shot, Mario and Luigi'sfire ball, even a Ray Gun shot (difficult to accomplish, but notimpossible). It may be helpful good to start with easy shots suchas Mario's fireball to practice before trying to deflect Fox'sshot. It may not be possible to deflect Link's boomerang. Thehomerun bat will not deflect.

Hint: Ness: Unlimited Regain move:
Press Down + B to do the Regain moveand hold it.

Hint: Ness: Bat:
Press Analog-stick Left or Analog-stick Right+ A.

Hint: Ness: Yo-Yo:
Press Analog-stick Up or Analog-stick Down+ A.

Hint: Ness: PK Thunder at self:
With Ness, fire the PK Thunder at yourself. If youhit another character, it will send them flying.

Hint: Ness: Using and controlling PK Thunderboost:
Use PK Thunder and make it hit you from behind (oppositethe direction you want to go). You will go flying in that direction.Note: This must be done quickly.

Hint: Ness: Disco dance:
Begin game play as Ness, toss someone, then press Start.Ness will look like he is doing a disco dance.

Hint: Ness: Cheap move:
There are three positions to start this move. You canbe "in" your opponents, (or very close to them), belowthem, and jump up, or jump onto them. Use the your Down+ A attack to kick down. This will send them into the air.Jump and kick them down again to shoot them to the ground. Then,press Down, and when you are about to hit them, kick themdown again, and repeat the process. When their damage gets toabout 30, you will need to start varying, and perhaps double-jumping.This is a very hard trick to do, and requires practice. Done properly,you may be able to bring an opponent to about 100% damage beforethey escape.

Knock an opponent off the arena and when they try to come back,jump once towards them, then press Down + A. Ifyour opponent's percent is high enough, you should hit him/herfor an instant kill.

Hint: Ness: Spike Attack:
Play as Ness in any mode. If your opponent is hangingon an edge, use PK Thunder (Up + B) and hit youropponent. This will cause your opponent to lose grip and fall.

Hint: Ness: Easy kill:
Play as Ness in any mode. Use the R attack tothrow your opponent, then use PK Thunder (Up + B)and hit your opponent. He or she will be disabled and fall.

Hint: Ness: Regain energy:
Start a game as Ness. If someone tires to shoot you,press Down + B. When the bullet hits, Ness willregain some energy.

Hint: Ness: Flips you off:
Choose versus mode and select Ness as one of the fighters.Complete the R move, and immediately after you release,press Start. If timed correctly, it will appear that Nessis giving you the finger.

Hint: Ness: Crying:
Play as Ness, and allow any enemy to hit you then pressStart. If timed correctly, it will appear that he is crying.

Hint: Ness: Skeleton:
Start a two player vs. game with Pikachu vs. Ness.During the game, have Pikachu use its electric attack (where abolt hops across the platform) and hit Ness. Pause game play immediatelywhen it hits Ness. If done correctly, Ness will appear as a skeleton.

Hint: Ness: Long jumps:
When hit badly as Ness, use your jump, followed byPK Thunder. Make it hit you on the side that is away from theground. Ness will go flying to the ground.

Hint: Ness: No string on yo-yo:
Start a game as Ness on any stage. Press Down+ B, then press Start. You will see that Ness hasno string on his yo-yo.

Hint: Ness: Hidden character on yo-yo:
Play as Ness and do a Yo-yo attack. When the yo-yois right next to Ness, pause game play. If done correctly, theimage on the yo-yo can be seen as the final Boss on Earthbound,Giygas.

Hint: Ness: Do a split:
Choose multi-player mode with any number of players.Have player one be Ness. Go to to any stage. When you start withNess, jump in the air, then press B., Press Startwhen Ness almost hits the ground.

Hint: Ness: Quick transportation:
Use the PK Thunder move in a circle and hit yourselfin the back on the ground. You will go flying, and if you hitan opponent, it will do 30% damage to them.

Hint: Ness: Fake death:
Use PK Thunder and hit yourself from above. Pause gameplay and it will look like someone killed Ness.

Hint: Ness: Return fireball:
Play as Ness and when Mario shots his fire ball atyou, use Ness' Bat (Forward + A) to hit it back.Note: It does not work at close range.

Hint: Defeating Ness:
Choose the Pokemon stage. Get Ness to fall down thehole between the two buildings. If Ness uses P.K. Thunder to getback up, the buildings will absorb the bolt of lightning, himto keep falling.

Hint: Pikachu: Jump higher:
After having only one platform left with Pikachu, usehis quick attack jump to get higher. Then before it is done, quicklypress Analog-stick Left to get below the last platform.

Hint: Pikachu: Fifth jump:
When you have been hurt and are pushed off screen,move in the direction of the jump. When you are ready, press Jump,wait, then jump. Then do his spinning attack a couple of timesuntil you get close to the edge of the stage. Next do his thirdjump, and hold the Analog-stick diagonally in the directionof the jump. If done correctly, Pikachu will do two third jumpsinstead of one. Note: This may be very hard to accomplish at firstbut can be very useful when done correctly.

Hint: Pikachu: Easy battle at Yoshi's stage:
Keep using Thunder constantly.

Hint: Pikachu: Appear flat:
Use PK agility (fifth jump), and pause game play whilePikachu is in the air. If timed correctly, Pikachu will appearflat.

Hint: Defeating Pikachu:
An easy way to defeat Pikachu in one player mode isto just keep jumping around the right-hand side. Eventually Pikachuwill use Quick Attack and jump off the edge.

On the Silph Co. stage in 1 player mode, when you fight Pikachuyou can damage him very easily. Get Pikachu on the left side ofthe screen then jump onto the helicopter landing pad. Duck downand Pikachu will start walking into the wall where the Pokemonappear. Note: Sometimes Pikachu will notice what you are doingand will jump over it and start attacking you again.

Start a single player game and work your way over as soon as thebattle begins. Jump over to the far right platform. Pikachu willtake one jump and go down between the two buildings. Then, Pikachuwill do a double quick attack. Jump (B + Up) Pikachu.He gets stunned after that last jump, and will fall to his death.Just before he dies do a stance. When it shows the bonus points,you will get 103,000 points. Note: this only works under the harddifficulty setting. If Pikachu moves off the platform that heis originally on, this will not work.

Hint: Samus: No suit:
Select versus mode and choose Samus as your only opponent.This trick is easier if Samus is set as a human controlled player,so she stands still. Next, go to any place (preferably the ship)and fire the PK Thunder at yourself, so Ness slides into Samus.Pause game play right as Ness hits her. If done correctly, Samuswill no longer be wearing her suit.

Select versus mode with two players and choose Samus as the secondcharacter. Start fighting and wait for the blaster to appear.Grab it and shoot Samus. Have player two pause shortly after hittingSamus. If timed correctly, Samus will appear without her suit.Note: This can be done to any other character to see their skeletons.

Unlock Ness, then select the versus mode. Choose Samus as youronly opponent (human). While playing as Ness during the match,attack yourself with a PK Thunder when standing next to Samus.This will cause Ness to slide into Samus. Pause game play duringthe impact using Samus' controller. If done correctly, Samus willappear without her suit.

Any attack/weapon that electrocutes Samus, such as Pikachu's ElectricBolt, will remove her suit.

Hint: Samus: Super Smash Attack:
Press Down + A, when playing as Samusto send your opponent straight down.

Hint: Samus: Charge Ball and Grab:
When on level ground and facing any opponent exceptfor Fox or Ness, fire a Charge Ball at the opponent. Immediatelypress R to throw them if they block. Either way, you willwin.

Hint: Samus: Combo trick:
Use the Super Smash Attack while they are on the groundat a low percent, then press Up + A to do a flame-throwerattack, or just use a screw attack. If you use the flame-thrower,you can jump and add a backwards kick or any other mid-air attack.

Hint: Samus: Keep charging shot:
If you charging up a big shot and your opponent approaches,press Analog-stick Left or Analog-stick Right toroll away. Turn back to normal after you get away, so you canfinish charging the shot.

Hint: Samus: Easy win:
Select Samus and go to a wide open-spaced level suchas Link's castle. When someone goes flying and are trying to getback, fly out to them with only one jump so you can get back.When you fly out to them, use her down kick and they should gostraight down and die. Keep repeating this to get a lot of points.Note: You can use this move even when your opponent is not flyingthrough the air. Just down kick them, and before they hit theground, jump so that when they land you will not get hit by them.Keep repeating this after they get up.

Hint: Samus: Bonus practice level 2:
When going to the platform protected by two bumpers,do not keep getting hit to get through. Charge up your blaster.Stop half way. Go down, and press Left. You will roll underthe bumpers.

The last platform seems impossible to reach. However, if you pressAnalog-stick Up, C-Up and then turn around, shoota energy ball, then do a midair flip (B + Up), youcan reach the platform.

Hint: Samus: Flip:
Press C-Right(2). Note: This may not alwayswork.

Hint: Yoshi: Combos:
Press Up + B to hit your opponent. Whenhe lands from the fall, press A to run into him.

Yoshi's Million Kicks (Jump + Down + A) isweak, but there is a way to make it the most powerful attack inthe game. When your opponent jumps at you, jump with him, butjust a little higher. Then, press A to execute the MillionKicks. If you hold A, the attack can do up to 56% damage.

Begin game play in versus mode as Yoshi in Sector Z. Move allthe way to the left tip and face to the right. When your opponentapproaches, press B to put him in an egg. Since the eggalways goes behind Yoshi, the player will fall down in an eggand it will be useless to try to escape. Note: This can also bedone with some other levels.

Hint: Yoshi: Extra damage:
Select training mode and put four red shells behindan opponent. Do the Million Kicks move and it will do 400% ormore damage.

Hint: Yoshi: Defeating Master Hand:
When Master Hand is done with a attack and approachesyou, jump and press Down + A. Yoshi will do a speedkick which will take out about 30 %. Repeat this and he will eventuallybe defeated.

Hint: Yoshi: Defeating Giant Donkey Kong:
Enter one-player mode and play as Yoshi under any desiredsettings. When you reach Giant Donkey Kong's stage, get very closeto the edge, but be careful not to fall off. Face the center ofthe arena (tail towards the cliff) and wait for Giant Donkey Kongto approach you. Quickly press B and Yoshi will eat him.The beast will turn into an egg and plummet helplessly to thebottom.

Hint: Yoshi: Old age:
Play versus mode as Yoshi and start a fight with ahuman controlled player. Press B to use Yoshi's "Eat"attack. Pause the game at the right moment to see Yoshi with abeard, and his eyes rolled back into his head.

Hint: Yoshi: Big head:
Press R to swallow an opponent, then spit himout in the opposite direction. Pause game play just before youspit him out and Yoshi should have a big head.

Hint: Yoshi: Egg of a cliff:
When playing as Yoshi, go to the edge of a cliff. PressB when a human-controlled player approaches to put himin an egg and send him off the cliff.

Hint: Yoshi: Egg attack:
Use the B attack and your opponent will be turnedinto an egg. While an egg, they will still take normal damage.Note: This works best if you use smash attacks while they arean egg.

Hint: Yoshi: Push opponent off end:
Play as Yoshi in any mode. Use your B attackat the very edge of a level, and your opponent will turn intoa egg. Walk very slowly and you will push they egg off the ledge.This must be done immediately, or your opponent will get out ofthe egg.

Hint: Yoshi: Egg roll:
Use Yoshi's shield and you can move left or right todo an egg roll.

Hint: Easy win in Yoshi's stage:
Set the game on versus mode with you against a CPUplayer. Jump on the floating clouds and use the raygun item. TheCPU players cannot go on the floating clouds. Just keep shootingthem to win.

Hint: Rope walking in Yoshi's stage:
Press Start and press Analog-stick Downto make a character appear as if he/she is walking a rope whenon top.

Hint: Jump to death in Yoshi's stage:
Select versus mode and choose stock mode. Pick Yoshior Jigglypuff with their difficulty levels down to 1. On Yoshi'sstage, jump onto one of the clouds. Keep jumping until they useup all their lives. They will stupidly jump up and down untilthey fall into the pit. Sometimes they will land back on the platform,but they will jump right back up again.

Hint: Defeating Master Hand:
Use anyone with a quick long range attack to hit MasterHand while it pauses between each attack, and jump over his attacks.Fox works the best.

Hint: Defeating the teams:
An easy way to defeat the teams (Yoshi's, Kirby's,Fighting Polygon) is to simply grab and throw them.

Use Ness's PK Thunder to defeat the Yoshi or the Polygon Teameasily. It will send them flying.

The easiest way to defeat any of the teams (Yoshi, Kirby, or FightingPolygon) with Mario is to use his Tornado attack. This will alsowork with Luigi.

This strategy works well against Yoshi's, Kirby's, or FightingPolygon teams. Select one player mode and choose Fox any difficultyand any amount of lives. Aim Fox at your opponent, it is bestto wait until you get all two or three in one place, and pressC-Up + B. This should make your opponents die bya star ending, or make them fly into the back ground. Sometimesthis puts them in front of you.

Hint: Hover higher as Luigi or Mario:
Repeatedly press B during Luigi or Mario's Down+ B attack to hover slightly higher.

Hint: Mario, Luigi, and Kirby's fourthjump:
While doing the spin attack (Down + B)with Mario or Luigi, rapidly press B to hover. You canuse this move as a fourth jump. However, this move is only goodfor getting farther not higher. Luigi goes higher than Mario withthat hovering spin tactic. Use this tactic before the third jump(Up + B). Kirby has a kind of fourth jump. Suckup Jigglypuff's power so you can use its puff attack. Using thepuff attack makes you hover in the air for a second. This canbe used to your advantage. Like the spin tactic for Mario andLuigi, this move is good for getting farther not higher.

Hint: Mario and Luigi Tornado:
If you are teaming with Mario and Luigi, let Mariofirst do the Mario tornado on an opponent. Then do the Luigi tornadowith Luigi. When both tornado's are finished, Luigi will knockthe enemy farther because his punches in his tornado hurts morethan Mario's punches.

Hint: Easy damage:
Use Caption Falcon, Pickachu, Kirby, or Fox in versusor training mode. Pin your opponent against a wall or any objectgoing up. You can pin them to it and use the A attack.If you an keep punch or kick going it, will result in lots ofdamage.

Hint: Put opponents in middle:
In a team versus battle, switch all players to CPUexcept for your fighter (for example, player one). Now changeyour team to, for example, red. Make CPU 4 the same color as you,and when you start the battle, your opponents will be in-betweenyou and your teammate.

Hint: Easy knockouts in multi-player mode:
The following moves require 200% Damage (set in themulti-player options). Useful items include: Hammer, Pokeball,Beam Sword, and anything you can throw that will result in heavydamage. Here are variations of characters to use and how to geteasy knockouts:

Captain Falcon: Use either Falcon Punch (B) or a forwardthrow. The forward throw is preferable.

Donkey Kong: His B punch is useful, as well as throwingyour opponent backwards. If you are lucky, also use the Hand Slap(Down + B).

Ness: Not altogether effective, but on small arenas (such as DonkeyKong's Jungle), use his PK Thunder (Up + B). Youhave to hit yourself so that you run into another opponent.

Luigi: His Tornado (Down + B) is highly effective,as is his Super Jump Punch (Up +B) when done correctly,doing 19-25 damage.

Mario: For some weak opponents (especially Jigglypuff), one goodSuper Jump Punch (Up + B) does the trick. But, ifyou are very high in the air, even tough characters can be careenedinto the background. Also use his Cyclone (Down + B)if you are lucky.

Jigglypuff: Her forward and backward throw can work wonders.

Kirby: Since he can imitate other characters, he has an advantage.By himself, the Stone (Down + B) and forward andbackward throw are good. If done right, also use his Final Cutter(Up + B).

Fox: His Reflector is effective.

Pikachu: If you can get close enough, his Thunder (Down+ B) is devastating; or just keep doing it when the opponentis in the air above you.

On multi-player mode, enter team battle and have Pikachu and DonkeyKong on the same team as human players. Use Donkey Kong's throwmove, but instead of throwing your opponent hold onto him/her.Then, get Pikachu to use Thunder (Down + B). Thiswill cause quite a lot of damage to the opponent without thembeing able to do anything. Do this repeatedly for an easy win.

Hint: Ultimate K.O:
Start a multi-player game with Fox and Pikachu. Corneran opponent between those players and do a back flip kick simutaneously.If done correctly, your opponent should fly into the background.

Hint: Background kill:
Play as any character. Jump above your opponent andpress Down + A to put them in the air. Then, pressUp + A when your opponent comes down. Keep pressingUp + A until he or she goes into the background/foreground.

Hint: Pinball effect:
In training mode, go to a big level, such as HyruleCastle or Sector Z. Select four green shells far apart from eachother. Pick up the one farthest from your opponent, and throwit. If done correctly, the shells will hit each other and theone farthest from you will hit your opponent at high speed.

Hint: Silph Co. stage secrets:
Begin game play as Captain Falcon on the Silph Co.stage. When Chansey, Charmander or others pop out the door, usethe Falcon Punch to knock them spiraling away.

Running towards Chansey when it comes out of the elevator willresult in your strength to go down by 5%.

Hint: Mew in Pokeballs:
Unlock at least one secret characters to have Mew appearrandomly in the Pokeballs.

To have Mew appear more frequently, unlock at least one of thesecret characters, play versus mode, and use the item switch.Switch to only Pokeballs and play in the Sector Z stage. Note:Mew or Clefairy doing Mew's attack does not cause any damage.

Hint: Flying Chancy:
Play on the Sliph Co, stage and get a hammer . Whenthe door opens and Chancy appears, hit to send it flying out thedoor.

Hint: Pokemon in the Pokeballs:
The Pokemon in the Pokeballs have the following powers.

Flies off to get the rest of its hive to attack the opponent.

Blasts opponent with water spray.

Pops out and give you an item. In a second appearance, itjust throws Chansey eggs.

Starts to breath fire in each direction.

Arrives and mimics one of the other available Pokemon's attacks.

Flops around trying to hurt opponent.

Comes out and flies at the opponent doing a kick attack.

Arrives and starts blasting foul smoke in the air.

Pops out and showers out coins that hurt opponent.

The special secret 151st Pokemon makes his appearance... andflies away.

Shows up, flies up top, and then boulders drop from the ceiling.

Pops out, flies up, and then comes down huge, hurting youropponent.

Finds opponent and blasts them with rays.

Just blows fire in one direction (only in Silph Co. stage).

Razor Leaf attack; leaves from this Pokemon fly at opponents(only in Silph Co. stage).

Rams you or the opponent (only in Silph Co. stage).

Hint: Ultimate Pokemon battle:
Unlocked the "Item Switch" option. Go toit and set "Appearance" to "Very High" andturn everything off except "Poke ball". Start a battlewith two to four players. Select any of the characters and infinitetime. Select a level and start game play.

Hint: Tubes in Mushroom Kingdom:
Jump on a tube in the Mushroom Kingdom stage and pressAnalog-stick Down. Note: You might land in the tube inthe hole in the middle.

Hint: Knock away biting plants in MushroomKingdom:
To knock away the biting plants, use a Smash Attackor a hammer. Do not stay close, as they will not appear unlessall players are reasonably far away.

Hint: Safe location in Yoshi's Island:
This trick only works in versus mode. Pick any twocharacters, the smaller, the better. On the right and left arebe clouds with the "Talk Boxes" from Yoshi's Story.You can jump on these clouds for a limited amount of time. Note:The smaller the character is, the longer you can stay on the clouds.On the left, there will be two clouds.

Hint: Easy win:
Throw your opponent off in one player, free-for-all,team mode, or two player mode. Attack your opponent after thesecond jump that they make.

Hint: Fan weapon:
When you equip the Fan in a match, do a Smash Hit withit on your opponent. If they use their shield, it will break,leaving them defenseless. This is more effective when facing Jigglypuff.

Hint: Homerun bat:
For an easy kill, get the Homerun bat, quickly do asmash attack, and press A to send your opponent flyingof the screen.

You can hit a homerun by presing B + Analog-stick Forward.The bat will charge up for a second (your character should flashyellow) before sending your opponent flying off the screen. Note:This does not work on Metal Mario in single player mode.

Hint: Big ray gun:
Go to the item switch screen and set it it so thatonly ray guns will appear. Select two characters. Have one characterget a ray gun. When you see a box, have the character with thegun stand close and shoot it. While the character with the gunshoots the box, have the other character attack the characterwith the gun. Have the player controlling the character with thegun pause the game. If done correctly, the ray gun should be big.

Hint: Defeating someone who has the hammer:
Throw a projectile, bomb, or mine which will eitherslow the person with the hammer down, or blow them off a cliffor the screen.

An easy way to not be bothered by a player that has the hammeris to use Kirby against them. Immediately after they grab thehammer, suck the person in to normally take their power. Thiswill sometimes allow the hammer to run out without anyone gettingslammed.

When the hammer is behind your opponent, if you are quick enoughyou can grab the person and throw them off the edge.

After you die, you will be on a cloud. Get off and quickly grabwhoever has the hammer. You will be invincible for a short amountof time when flashing after getting off the cloud. Samus' ChargeBlaster will do the job if aimed correctly.

Hint: Restore shield:
When your shield is shrinking, move around with itand it will grow back to normal size. The more you move around,the more your shield will grow.

Hint: Temporary invincibility:
When you are in the cloud platform after losing a life,come down and you will have a brief moment of invincibility. Thisis a good time to use your smash attack.

Hint: Keeping your opponent off the platforms:
Use the following moves when playing as the indicatedcharacter to knock your opponent off the platforms.

Mario and Luigi
Press B to throw a fireball when they try to come back.

Press B for the PK Fire if they come near your characterin the air. Your opponent will be pulled down and paralyzed onceit hits.

If you are near the end of the platform, wait for your opponentto approach. Then, press B to turn them into an egg. Ifyou are close enough to the edge, the egg will make them falland they will not be able to get back up.

Donkey Kong
After knocking an opponent off, press B to charge upthe punch. Use the punch when they are close enough while in theair.

Press Up + B near the edge when your opponentapproaches.

Press B to throw the boomerang after knocking themoff the platform and they try to get close again.

Press B to keep firing the blaster.

Press B to charge up the gun, then shoot it when aknocked off opponent returns.

Jump and press B to shoot a little ball of electricity.If it hits a returning opponent, they will be paralyzed.

Captain Falcon:
Press B to use the Falcon Punch when your opponenttries to return.

Press B to use the lunging punch when a returning opponentis close enough.

Hint: Getting back in the game:
Repeatedly tap Z while knocked through the airuntil your character reaches the ground. This will allow yourcharacter to quickly begin fighting again.

Hint: Use secret jumps to recover frombad hits:
The following trick works if you are using a characterthat has a third jump. If you are hit badly and fly off the screen,execute the first jump and wait approximately two seconds. Then,do the second part of the double jump. Do a move (such as Pikachu'sSide Spinning Attack), then do the third jump. This requires goodtiming, and works most of the time.

Hint: Toggle free for all and team modes:
You can toggle free for all and team type play in versusmode. Move the hand pointer to the top left corner and press Aon team battle or free for all.

Hint: Change CPU color in free for allor training modes:
After selecting a character, go to the character theCPU player is playing, which is marked with a gray chip with "CP".Move the hand pointer over the character and press one of theC buttons.

Hint: Regain energy in Silph Co. stage:
Touch Chansey when it appears to regain a small amountof energy.

Hint: Home Run Derby:
Note: You must have item switch bonus unlocked. Goto item switch menu and set the appearance level to "VeryHigh". Turn everything off except "Home Run Bat".Select Kirby or Jigglypuff for your character and Jiggypuff orKirby for the CPU. Make four different teams. Make sure the gameis set for free-for-all and infinite time. Select any stage. Thegame will begin with four characters that look alike and a lotof Home Run Bats.

Hint: Kamikaze challenge:
Get a total of four human players and have everyoneeither get DK teams or not. Use the carry on back move (throwthen A) and jump off the edge as much as possible. Theplayer with the lowest score is the Kamakazi champ.

Hint: Star Wars challenge:
Select two characters in versus mode. Set the timeto be unlimited and only choose beam swords as weapons. Set thecharacters to have three lives each. Then, you may attack youropponent even if they drop their beam sword.

Hint: Funny sounds sequence:
Unlock the music test option. Set the music to "6"and sound to "3", then enter the following pattern.

Music "6"
Voice "105"
Voice "104"
Voice "103" multiple times
Voice "106"
Sound "3"

Hint: Bonus Practice #1, Break The Targets:
When playing as Yoshi, to get the target on the farright, use the Mega Headbutt (Left or Right + A)next to the side of the target hill.

When breaking the target in the upper left of the screen, standunder it and press Analog-stick Down + B to takeout a bomb. Then press C-Up(2) and when you are at thepeak of your jump, press Analog-stick Up + A. Ifdone correctly, the bomb should hit the target.

To break the targets as Link, you have to get up to the hoveringplatform over all the way to the left. Throw a boomerang, andbefore it returns, press C-Up(2), Analog-stick Up,to get below the target. If done correctly, the boomerang willhit the last target.

In the break the targets mode, many players think it is very hardto hit the very high target on the top-left of the screen. Youcan break it easily by using the following steps: Press Down+ B to bring out a bomb. Double jump directly under thetarget and press Up + R to throw the bomb high inthe air and destroy the target.

Hint: Bonus Practice #2, Board The Platforms:
Use the following strategy when playing as Jigglypuff/Purinon the last platform. Since Jigglypuff does not have an extrajump (Up + B), run and jump from the edge then pressB. Repeat this until reaching the platform. Pace your jumpsso he can go farther. Practice this on the "walk on waterplatform".

Hint: Easy Pacifist score:
The easiest ways to get the Pacifist score (60,000points) are as follows. Note: You must not hit anyone to receivethe bonus (through items, bombs, or anything else).

Fox's level: Lure Fox to the front edge of the ship. Wait untila ship shoots him off the ship. You will also receive an ARWINGclear worth 25,000 points.

Samus' level: Wait until Samus kills herself in the acid.

Donkey Kong's level: Have your allies kill Donkey Kong.

Mario's level: Have your ally kill Mario and Luigi.

Any fighting team level: Have the enemies kill each other offand wait until one clumsily falls of the ledge or gets pickedoff by a Bob-omb.

Pikachu's level: Go to the helicopter pad and wait until Pikachuuses Agility and falls off.

Hint: Getting character points:
To get these points (found under the "Data"option) go to time-battle. This can be done in multi-player mode.Set the time at will. The more you "KO", the more pointsyou will get. To find out exactly how many points will be obtained,take your KOs and subtract the "TKO" from it. For example,subtract 2 (TKO) from 50 KO results in 48 character points awarded.Note: It is done differently in stock battle.

Hint: Getting bonus points:
Complete the following tasks to get the indicated numberof points.

Acid Clear+1,500Allow acid to finish off Samus
All Variation+15,000Finish round using all of your character's moves
Arwing Clear+3,000Mini Arwing on Sector Z defeats opponent
Booby Trap+12,000Kill your opponent with a mine
Bros. Calamity+12,000Defeat Luigi before attacking Mario
Bumper Clear+10,000Enemy defeated with bumper item1
Butterfly+10,000Knock opponent out of the ring while they try to climb back on the stage
Cheap Shot-99Use the same move for 35 percent damage
Comet Mystic+7,000Clear a level when your character becomes a star
DK Defender+1,000 All allies alive after defeating Giant DK
DK Perfect+50,000Defeat Giant DK without allies getting hit once
Fighter's Stance+100Taunt opponent right before he/she loses
Full Power+5,000Finish battle with 0% damage
Game Clear+70,000 x 1-5 (per difficulty)Finish game on certain difficulty level2
Good FriendUnknownAlly is alive at the end of the match
Hawk+18,000Use only aerial moves
Heartthrob+8,000Collect three or more heart containers in one level
Heavy Damage+10,000Finish round after inflicting more than 200% damage
Item Pitcher+10,000Kill opponent by throwing an item
Item Strike+20,000Defeat opponent using only items in the team games, excluding Mario Brothers; send all 8,18, or 30 opponents into the sky
Jackpot+3,330Have 33%, 55%, 99% etc. shield (double of same number)
Judo Warrior+4,000Defeat opponent by throwing only them
Kirby Ranks+12,000Defeat Kirbys in the order of their strength
Last Second+8,000Defeat opponent in the last second
Lucky 3+9,990Finish round with 3:33 on timer
Mew Match+15,000Mew appears out of a Pokéball during match3
Mystic+7,000Die immediately after your opponent dies, but before "Game Set" appears.
No Damage+15,000Take no damage though out battle (cannot use Maxim Tomato or Heart)
No Damage Clear+300,000Have "No Damage" bonus on after each battle
No Item+1,000Finish the match without using an item
No Miss+5,000Do not lose a life on a level
No Miss Clear+70,000Have "No Miss" bonus on after each battle
One Move+40,000 Only attack your opponent once
Pacifist Award+60,000Enemy died without your character hitting them4
Perfect+30,000Break all targets or board all platforms
Pokemon Finish+11,000Pokemon attack kills opponent
Shield Breaker+8,000 Break your opponent's shield during the battle
Shooter+12,000Defeat opponent using projectile weapons (ray gun, star rod)
Single Move+8,000Use only one type of move on the opponent
Smash Mania+3500Only use smash attacks (Left + A, Right + A, Up + A, Down + A)
Smash-Less+4000Do not use smash attacks (Left + A, Right + A, Up + A, Down + A)
Special Move+5,000Use only B button moves to defeat opponents; only works on team levels (Kirby, Polygon, and Yoshi)
Speed Demon+80,000Beat the game in under 8 minutes
Speed King+40,000Beat the game in under 12-15 minutes
Speedster+10,000Defeat any opponent in 30 seconds or less
Star Finish+2,000Hit all foes skyward to turn them into stars
Trickster+11,000Send all 8 (Kirby Team), 18 (Yoshi Team), or 30 (Fighting Polygon Team) into the sky
True Friend+25,000Fight as Mario and Luigi and do not let your partner get hit.
Vegetarian+5,000Eat 3 or more Maxim Tomatoes in one level
Yoshi Rainbow+50,000Defeat Yoshis in the order they appear

1. The bumper must be on the ground.
2. Very Easy earns 70,000 points, Easy earns 140,000 points, Normalearns 210,000 points, Hard earns 280,000 points, and Very Hardearns 350,000 points.
3. Does not work if Clefairy imitates.
4. Try playing as Pikachu while on the helicopter pad or allowingthe acid on Planet Zebes kill your opponent.

Glitch: Freeze the game:
Start a multi-player game on a large stage, such asHyrule or Sector Z with two Foxes and one Ness. Have Ness shoota PK Thunder horizontally into a Fox. Have that Fox bounce itoff to the other Fox. Note: Ness has to be out of the way. Theother Fox should bounce it back. If done correctly the game willfreeze.

Glitch: Falling Beam Swords:
Go to training mode and choose Kirby. Go to HyruleCastle. There is a tiny green castle in the stage. Stand belowit. Press Start to display the menu, then go through theitems until you see the Beam Sword item. Get as many as possibleon the fighting screen (by pressing A). Then, press Startto exit the menu. Go to the edge of where you are standing. Youwill see Beam Swords spinning and falling down the side of thewall.

Glitch: Changing boomerang color:
Select Link and use the boomerang. When it is in hishand, the boomerang is yellow with a red thing on the corner.When he throws it, it is blue.

Glitch: Walk through fighters:
You can use any character to walk through another character.For example, play as Kirby on the Sector Z stage and stand ontop of the big incline. Make sure another fighter is on the incline.Use the stone move to slide right through the other fighter.

Glitch: Floating character:
Begin a match on the Sector Z stage (Star Fox's level)and get on the lower level. Go left and run as far as possibleinto the wall. Pause game play when against the wall. Hold Down/Leftand you should see your character floating in the air. This isalso a good trick to try while using a B attack or a taunt (especiallywith Link).

Choose any character in versus mode and go to the Dreamland stage(Kirby's level). Stand on the ground (not any platform). Pausegame play and press Analog-stick Down. If done correctly,your character will be standing in midair.

Glitch: Link's flashing sword:
Go to the character selection screen and choose Link.When you hear his sword clang, get rid of him with the N/A COMor 1-up button. You will see his sword flash when it is not there.

Glitch: Bigger fan:
Use the Fan and hit your opponent with it. Pause gameplay as soon as you hit. The fan will look larger than normal.With luck, you can continue using the bigger fan.

Glitch: Invisible box:
Destroy a crate or barrel at the same time that yourteammate picks it up. The contents of the container will pop outand your teammate will be holding an invisible box. The invisiblebox will contain the same object that just popped out of the otherbox.

Glitch: Invisible Bomb and Bomb Shield:
Select any character and make sure you have Bomb-Ombsincluded in your fight. When a box appears (or bottle, not theBomb-Omb itself), one of you must die (or obtain invincibilitywith a Star). The other opponent should wait until the Bomb-ombis present. The person who is invincible (a character is invinciblefor seconds after you die) must stand on the Bomb-Omb and theuninvincible opponent must kick it. While the Bomb is exploding,the invincible character must pick it up. The Bomb is now invisible.Also, the place where the bomb exploded will now be a Bomb-Ombshield, which can block any explosive item (Boxes, Barrels, andBomb-Ombs). The invisible bomb will deliver 1.3 to 2 times normaldamage and is usually an automatic death. Once thrown, the Bomb-Ombshield is also destroyed. 3 times damage is obtained if your opponentis in the shield.

Glitch: Invisible wall:
Start a new match and choose Link and any other character.Only put the motion sensor bomb on and go to the Saffron Citystage. Wait for a bomb to appear, then have Link grab it and goto the platform on the right of the stage. Throw the bomb on thewall, then use Link's Smash Attack to hit the mine. Do not gettoo close or you will fly. If done correctly, you should fly back,hit an invisible wall, and fly in the opposite direction.

Glitch: Disappearing motion bomb sensor:
Place a motion bomb sensor on the elevator on the SaffronCity stage. When it opens, the device will disappear but it willstill be functional when an enemy comes near the elevator. Whena Pokemon appears, it will cause more damage.

Glitch: Flames of hell:
Get the Bomb-Omb glitch. The shield must be under aspot where a barrel appears often. Set your character under thisspot. If done correctly, when a barrel appears it will emit eternalfire, and the character will be stuck. The player will instantlyachieve 999% and is completely helpless. When any item thrownat this fireball (especially Bomb-Ombs), the eternal fire andyour opponent will disappear, giving you a KO.

Glitch: Misspelling:
Enter the Silph Co. stage, and get a close up of thesign that says "Gotta Catch 'Em All". You will noticethat "catch" is spelled with a "K" insteadof a "C" after the "T".

Custom menu (Japanese version):
Battle 100 times with Yoshi vs. Kirby for multi-playeroptions.

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