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WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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WWF Wrestlemania 2000

Random wrestler:
Press C-Down or C-Up at the characterselection screen.

Manager assistance:
Your manager can help fight if your wrestler is thefirst person in the ring. Hold C-Up + C-Down + Zon controller three to have your manager be controlled by playerthree. If your wrestler is the second person in the ring, holdC-Up + C-Down + Z on controller four. Note:This only works for single matches.

CPU control:
Hold L + C-Down + Z during anytype of match to have your character wrestle by his or her self.Repeat the code to regain control.

Manager interference:
Start a one-on-one match and select a wrestler thathas a manager/valet. Select an opponent that does not have a manager/valet.Start the match and wait for a run-in. After the new wrestlerenter the ring, your manager will jump into the match and beatup the interfering wrestler.

Manager assistance:
When you get a count out, you will win the match, butif the CPU's belt are on the line on a count out, he will stillretain the belt. If a count out is on you, you will retain thebelt.

Get a weapon:
Press C-Up after facing the crowd.

Big Bossman's night stick:
Press C-Up after facing the crowd as the BigBossman to receive a night stick. Another wrestler can also obtainthe night stick while in a versus mode match against Big Bossman.

Guitar weapon:
Press C-Up after facing the crowd as the Debrato get a guitar as a weapon.

Use Al Snow's "Head" as a weapon:
Select Al Snow as a wrestler in a singles match. Goto the barricades to get a weapon. Your weapon will be "Head"automatically..

Get night stick or Head weapon:
Clone any wrestler and change the specific weapon totongfar. Go to appearance, edit and change the entry prop to nightstickor head. Start a match, go to the barricade, then press C-Upand to get the selected weapon.

Alternate costumes:
Press C-Left or C-Right at the characterselection screen. This can also be done with edited wrestlers.

Press R when creating a wrestler to change to their secondcostume.

Reset the roster:
Hold Start while turning on the Nintendo 64.When enter the edit menu, all the Superstars will be in theiroriginal locations. Warning: This will also delete any createdsuperstars and the Road to Wrestlemania data (unlocked superstars,etc.).

View entrance costume:
Select a wrestler, start a match, then return to thecharacter selection screen and highlight any wrestler. Press Bto view what that wrestler will wear when he makes his entrance.

Smoking Skull belt:
Successfully complete the Road To Wrestlemania modeusing Steve Austin. He will appear with the Smoking Skull Beltand it now be unlocked in Create A Belt mode.

CPU named belt:
Create a belt and win it. If you lose to the CPU whentrying to defend the belt, the CPU will name the belt.

Light-Heavyweight belt:
Use The Woman's Title because it looks the most likeLight-Heavy belt.

Wrestlemania title shot:
Win the Royal Rumble to get a Wrestlemania title shot.

All bonus wrestlers:
Successfully omplete the Road To Wrestlemania mode.

Dude Love:
Win King Of The Ring, then win the belt at Summerslam.Dude Love will appear and challenge your wrestler to a match.He will now be unlocked.

Jerry Lawler:
Get to the WWF World Championship Match to unlock JerryLawler.

Jim Ross:
Get to the WWF World Championship Match to unlock JimRoss.

Cactus Jack:
Win the WWF Hardcore Championship belt and defend itapproximately three times. Cactus Jack will appear and challengeyour wrestler to a match. He will now be unlocked.

Shawn Michaels (HBK):
Complete the Road To Wrestlemania mode and get theChampionship Belt. After the final match, HBK's music will play.He will appear and challenge your wrestler to a match. Successfullybeat HBK to unlock him.

At Wrestlemania, after you defeat the WWF champion for the firsttime, Shawn Micheals will appear and challenge you. During thematch, you can quit and it would be counted as a win, unlockingShawn Micheals.

Paul Bearer:
Go through the Road To Wrestlemania mode using theUndertaker. Paul Bearer will accompany him after the first weekof June, regardless of the won-loss record. He will then be unlocked.If you have a perfect winning streak, the Undertaker will appearwith Paul Bearer on the first week of May.

Stephanie McMahon:
Go through the Road To Wrestlemania mode using Test.Stephanie McMahon will eventually accompany him, regardless ofthe won-loss record. She will then be unlocked. If you have aperfect winning streak, Test will appear with Stephanie on thethird week of May.

Mr. Socko:
Select Mankind and start any match. Tap the Analog-stickagain Mankind's attitude is flashing in the red to pull Sockkofrom his pants. Socko will remain on Mankind's hand for the restof the match. Note: This can only be done with Mankind and youcannot assign the taunt to other wrestlers in edit a wrestlermode.

Go to "Edit" and select one of the Originals.Then, go to "Clone" and select Debra, Terri, etc. Youmay now edit the woman. Select "Attire" and change theoutfits. Costumes for Stephanie McMahon and two other femalesare there if you scroll down. You have to save her as an Original.You can trade her to go over to the Superstars Fed. with the otherfemales.

Different Ho's:
Select two Godfathers in a single match. The Godfathercontrolled by player two will have a different Ho.

When you clone a women wrestler and edit the cloneyou can make the dummy that you do the moves to in edit a wrestlermode.

Change allies:
Clone a regular wrestler, then change managers, enemies,and partners.

Smaller CPU opponent:
When you know you are going into a match against atough opponent, enter "Profile" (where you can changethe name, etc.) and edit their height to "5 ft.", weightto "100lbs" and use the "Appearance" to changetheir body size to "0". Then enter the match to facea smaller opponent.

Created wrestler accompaniment:
When creating a wrestler, to where you enter alliesand enemies. Place your manager's name in the "accompaniedby" section.

Appear with yourself:
Create an original and go to fighting style. Selectto ally/enemy and make your ally another original. Edit the firstoriginal and clone his/her fighting style to his/her ally. Note:Do not change his/her ally unless you do not want to appear withyourself.

Alternate introduction sequence:
Edit any wrestler's appearance or his first costumeto a different outfit and save it. Restart the game, but do notpress Start at the title screen. That wrestler's appearancewill change to match the new changes or outfit during the introductionsequence.

At the created wrestlers profile you can see the music for fireworks and fog use: original BGM 1, and original BGM 2. For Kane'sfire intro, use Kane BGM. For Brood's fire intro, use Brood BGM.For Ivory's flashing lights, use Ivory's BGM. For The MeaniesBlue Light Special use Meanies BGM.

The Brood appearance:
Put Edge and Christian music and video to the Brood.Then place Gangrel in a tag match with Edge or Christian. Theywill appear together with "The Brood" displayed. Fromhere on, Edge and Christian do not appear together.

Godfather's Ho as a manager:
Clone your wrestler from Godfather. You can changeany attribute, but it is necessary to have his fighting style.

Headbangers appearance:
Edit Chaz and change his clothes to Thrasher's, nameto "MOSH" (case-sensitive), theme and video to the Headbangers,and edit his first costume to a headbaner outfit. When fightingMosh and Thrasher, they will appear as the Headbangers.

D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry appearance:
Place Mark Henry music and video under D'Lo Brown tomake them appear together.

Tag team appearances:
Set the indicated character's music and video to thefollowing entries to have them appear together in a tag team match.

Vince & Shane
Wrestlers: Vince & Shane
Music: Corporate
Video: Corporate

Wrestlers: HHH & X-Pac
Music: DX
Video: DX

D-Generation X tag team 2
Wrestlers: X-Pac & Road Dogg
Music: DX
Video: DX

New Age Outlaws
Wrestlers: Road Dogg & Billy Gunn
Music: Road Dogg
Video: Road Dogg

Corporate Ministry
Wrestlers: Shane & Undertaker
Music: Corporate Ministry
Video: Corporate Ministry

Wrestlers: Big Show & Mankind
Music: Union
Video: None

Wrestlers: Test & Ken Shamrock
Music: Union
Video: None

Union 2
Wrestlers: Shamrock & Big Show
Music: Union
Video: None

Union 3
Wrestlers: Test & Mankind
Music: Union
Video: None

Union 4
Wrestlers: Test & Big Show
Music: Union
Video: None

Union 5
Wrestlers: Mankind & Shamrock
Music: Union
Video: None

Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco
Wrestlers: Patterson & Brisco
Music: Patterson
Video: Patterson

The Brood
Wrestlers: Gangrel & Christian
Music Brood
Video: Brood

Wrestlers: Mideon & Viscera
Video: Ministry
Music: Ministry

Wrestlers: Bradshaw & Farooq
Video: Ministry
Music: Ministry

P.M.S. 1
Wrestlers: Meat & Terri
Music: P.M.S.
Video: P.M.S.

P.M.S. 2
Wrestlers: Meat & Jackie
Music: P.M.S.
Video: P.M.S.

P.M.S. 3
Wrestlers: Terri & Jackie
Music: P.M.S.
Video: P.M.S.

Gangrel's entrance with created wrestler:
When creating a wrestler, set the music as the "Brood".The wrestler will come up in the fire during his or her entrance.

Fireworks entrance with created wrestler:
When creating a wrestler, select taunt. Set the ramptaunt to Shawn Michaels and ring taunt to Shawn Michaels. Whenyour created wrestler enters the ring, he will do Shawn Michael'sspin taunt then go into his stretch taunt. While he is doing hisstretch taunt, fireworks will be going off behind him.

When creating a wrestler, set your music to "Original BGM1" or "Original BG2". When your player appears,there will be fireworks as he or she walks down the ramp.

Jericho's real pose at the entrance:
When creating a wrestler, set the music as the "Brood"and Steve Austin's walk.

Kane's "It's Over" taunt withcreated wrestlers:
Create a wrestler and set his celebration taunt to#5 (Cactus Jack's). Have your turnbuckle back special to the ReverseFrankenstiener. When you get a special, put your opponent in thecorner and turn him so his back is facing you in the corner. Stronggrapple him and press the Analog-stick. He will do theReverse Frankenstiener. On the first replay of the move, yourwrestler will have his fingers in the L-shape like Kane's "It'sOver" taunt.

The Rock's real special pose:
The Rock's real special pose is down taunt #1. If youhave a created wrestler, you can do that instead of your specialtaunt if your finisher is the Rock Bottom.

Summer Slam WWF Heavyweight title:
Win the King Of The Ring tournament to get a WWF Heavyweighttitle shot at Summer Slam.

Quit Road To Wrestlemania without losing:
Press Start and select "Quit" to getout of a Road To Wrestlemania match without losing.

When playing Road To Wrestlemania you can play the cage matchindefinitely if you lose. Before your opponent's feet touch thefloor, pause game play and select "Quit". You can playthe same match again without losing. Note: This will not affectyour win/loss ratio.

Do not go farther with a loss:
When you lose a match do not select "Next".Instead, keep pressing B until you use the "Exit"option. Note: If you are on King Of The Ring or Royal Rumble youwill have to do the first match of the PPV first before the tournamentor Royal Rumble.

Easier tag team matches:
Try to avoid choosing wrestlers that step over thetop rope like Kane and the Big Show for yourself of your partnerduring career mode. During tag matches this causes a problem.If you or your partner is in a jam and is being saved, the otherwrestler will not be able to get there as soon or at all whenthey step over the top.

Must win Rumble:
In order to make it to the championship match at Wrestlemania,you must win the Royal Rumble. Even if you are already the champ.McMahon will take the title away and you will not compete.

Fatal Four Way match:
Start a new match in a Royal Rumble with only fourwrestlers. Set the match settings as follows: blood yes, ringout no DQ, time limit none, submission yes.

Hardcore match:
To have a Hardcore match, set the rules option beforethe match as follows: leave everything the same except set "Interference"and "No DQ" to "Yes".

First Blood match:
Go to exhibition mode and select a singles match. Itdoes not have to be a title match. Select your wrestlers, thenselect "Bloodshed" on the rules screen and set it to"First Blood". The easiest way to win a First Bloodmatch is to repeatedly use a weapon on your opponent.

Bandaid after First Blood match:
Defeat your opponent once in a First Blood match. Rematchthem and they look like they are wearing a bandaid. Note Thisworks especially well with Mark Henry.

Last Man Standing match:
Set TKO to "Yes" and make it a No DQ match.Set Pin, Submission, and Rope Break to "Off" or "No".

Easy Special on attitude meter:
When you first start, you will be able to pose aboutthree times before the opponent gets to you. Try to take him outand keep posing for every hit you have done to him. When you performyour Special move, it would be an easy win.

Knock your opponent down so he will stay down for a little while.Then, just keep taunting by holding the Analog-stick inany direction.

Easy win in cage match:
When in a cage match, an easy way to keep your opponentfrom knocking you down while you are climbing is to put them ina Tree Of Woe in the corner (Grapple + L while opponentis dazed in corner). Another way is to get a special, then whenat the top, hold Up and rapidly tap B.

Get a special on the attitude meter, then give your opponent onespecial move. While he is down, climb the cage. You will be ableto climb the cage twice as fast while the meter has a special.

Easy win:
To win the King Of The Ring, Summer Slam or any othermatch easily, beat up your opponent for about a minute then gethim outside. Once he is outside, taunt him as much as possible.Your spirit meter will increase, allowing you to get a quick andeasy victory.

Note: The following trick should be used in single or tag "non-title"matches in Road to Wrestlmania mode. When the match begins getoutside of the ring and hope that the CPU wrestler also gets outside.Start running away from him. At the 7 count, the CPU wrestlershould run back in the ring. Once he is inside the ring, immediatelygrab him and we will fall face first. There should be a 8 countwhen the CPU wrestler falls. When the CPU wrestler gets up, heshould be focusing on you, and the game should be on the 9 count.Grab him again, and this time you will take him outside. Immediatelypress C-Down rapidly to slide back in the ring. You shouldbe halfway inside the ring at the 10 count. You should then winthe match by a count out. If this does not happen, get back inthe ring start over.

Get your opponent on the outside of the ring. Start beating himup. At 6, 7, 8, or 9-count, do a move that will K.O. him. Then,get back into the ring and hope for a 10 count to win the match

Note: This trick works best with wrestlers that jump to the toprope rather than climb. As soon as the match begins, climb theturnbuckle farthest from your opponent, hold the Analog-stickto taunt the crowd twice, then press R to fall to yourfeet. While you do this, the CPU will assume that you are simplygoing to do your high risk maneuver, so they back off. Keep doingthis (occasionally switching turnbuckles) until you get a special.Then, repeat as much as needed.

Whip your opponent into the turnbuckle. Do a strong grapple andpress L button. Your wrestler should turn his opponentupside down. Once your opponent is in that position, taunt himuntil you get a special or he falls down. If you get a special,just go up to your opponent and press R to take him off.

Create a wrestler and set one of his punches to Chyna's Low Blowand a running attack or Edge's Spear. When the match begins youwill be able to taunt your opponent about three times. Then, runand Spear your opponent. After he gets up, have your wrestlerlow blow him. Then punch him, low blow him and repeat until yourattitude meter is flashing red. Do one final low blow, then pressthe Analog-stick to do your special. Do your special threetimes to easily win the match. Another variation is to throw youropponent outside of the ring after he or she is Speared. Afteryour opponent is outside of the ring, taunt. When he gets on theapron, punch or kick him so he falls to the outside again. Taunthim again, and repeat this process - do not allow him back inthe ring. When your meter is flashing red, let your opponent backinto the ring. Press the Analog-stick when he is aboutto step in, then string grapple him and do your special. Note:If you do not do the special three times, it is possible thatyour opponent will get up when you pin him.

Edit all the wrestlers and setting all of their defense and theother stats to zero.

Start a single match. After selecting the characters, go to therules and set "Ringout" to "10 count". Inthe match, go outside the ring and taunt. Your opponent will getoutside. Beat up your opponent until the 8 or 9 count. Go backin the ring. If done correctly, your opponent will still be outsideon the 10 count. Note: Make sure your opponent is on the groundat the 8 or 9 count. Also, this may take some time because youmay get double count-outs.

In two player mode, you can win easily by knocking your opponentdown. Then, on their controller, rotate the Analog-stick.Your opponent will stay on the mat. Keep rotating while you pinfor the count.

Easy Triple Threat win:
Make a created superstar and give him the GiganticBomb as his finisher. Then, use it on both opponents (one immediatelyfollowing the other), and pin the first person you used it on.The other opponent should be laid out long enough for the count.

Triple Threat Elimination match:
Select any three opponents and have them all fight.Get one man very weak and throw him out of the ring. Get thatperson counted out. The match will continue with the last remainingopponents.

Opponent hits face in cage match:
Select any two wrestlers and have them in a cage match.Then, take your opponent, throw him to the ropes, but do not follow.When he comes toward you, do a leapfrog and he should run intothe cage and hit his face.

Easy 3-Way match:
When in a 3-Way matches and your wrestler is beingchased by both of the other wrestlers, just get out of the ring.Your opponents will start beat on each other. Get back in thering and help one of them.

As the match starts, taunt as the two other wrestlers beat upeach other. Then, team up with wrestler two and repeatedly doubleteam wrestler three. Keep working together with wrestler two.When you get a special, make sure wrestler three is weak enoughto be pinned. Do your special move on wrestler two (your formerally in the match), and he should be out for a while. Then, doyour special move on wrestler three. Go for the pin to successfullywin the match.

Easy Royal Rumble win:
To easily eliminate wrestlers, simply run your opponenttowards the ropes. Run towards him and clothesline him. As youropponent is on the apron, strong grapple him and press C-Down.Your wrestler will drag your opponent to the turnbuckle, banghis/her head, and knock the wrestler out. Another way is to runyour opponent to the ropes. Position yourself at the ropes atthe opposite end. Make your opponent run over you by pressingL. The wrestler should run through the ropes. Then, simplyknock your opponent off the apron.

Taunt on the turnbuckle until the other three wrestlers are fightingand ignoring you. When one is being weakened and ignored, takehim out. If he counters, run away until he fights the others again.Remember to keep taunting to keep your attitude at red, not blinkingor at special.

In Road to Wrestlemania, stand in the corner away from where theother CPU wrestlers are fighting. When one approaches you, makea quick dash to the other corner. Do this until you are left inthe final one on one.

When the clock counts down, climb the turnbuckle. When the wrestlercomes in, jump on them.

Easy submission:
Have a custom wrestler with the Tiger Leg Sweep andthe Indian Death Lock moves. Do the Tiger Leg Sweep, then whenyour opponent is on the ground, hit A for Death Lock. Repeatthis until your opponent gives up.

For one of the most useful submission moves, set a created wrestler'sground, front, upside down move as the Canadian Cross Face.

Stop submissions and pins:
If you accidentally started a pin or submission onyour opponent, repeatedly press R to stop it.

Submission specials:
To use a submission as a special move, set the FrontSpecial as #50 Sidewalk slam to submission. This is a way to getany leg submission, facing up as a special. It can be used forcreating these wrestlers:

Dean Malenko: Texas Cloverleaf
Bret Hart: Sharpshooter
Owen Hart: Sharpshooter
Lance Storm: Canadian Maple Leaf (Single leg crab)
Sting: Scorpion Deathlock (Sharpshooter)
Scotty Anton: The Clap (Sharpshooter)

Climbing over the cage:
Get your meter high enough so you do not fall downwhen you are on the cage, Then, get your opponent down and goas high as you can on the cage. Hold Up and rapidly tapB to slowly climb over.

Climbing the cage faster:
Get a special while playing in a cage match. Your wrestlerwill be able to climb the cage twice as fast.

Ram opponent's head into cage:
To ram your opponent's persons head into the cage ina cage match, hold A to enter a grapple. Continue to holdA and press C-Right.

Execute a weak grapple and press C-Right + Right.Note: Your opponent can reverse it.

Flip opponent upside-down:
Irish Whip an opponent into the turnbuckle to wherehis arms are over the ropes. Then, grapple with the wrestler andpress L or C-Left. Your wrestler will pick the opponentup and then turn him upside-down with his face to the inside ofthe ring.

Rebound flying attack:
To do your rebound flying attack, first grapple withyour opponent. Next, whip him/her into the ropes. Immediatelyafter you whip him/her, run in the opposite direction towardsthe rope. Press A just when you get to the ropes. You willeither do a Moonsault, or a Flying Elbow.

Bronco buster:
Whip your opponent into a corner when your meter isat special. Grapple your opponent and press the Analog-stickto do the Bronco Buster.

If you are a lightweight wrestler and your opponentis outside the ring, get on the apron and press Back +A.

Tree Of Woe position:
While you are in the corner and your opponent is inthe turnbuckle, grapple him, then press C-Left.

Specials in the corner:
There are four wrestlers in the game that have a specialin the corner: X-Pac, Shane McMahon, Ken Shamrock, and Chyna.

Blocking move:
Before getting up from having a move done to your wrestler,hold R and press B.

Slow motion move preview:
Enter wrestler edit mode, go to the move edit optionand preview a move. Hold C-Right while previewing to seethe move in slow motion.

Fast creation:
Start creating a wrestler, go to clone, and selecta wrestler that has the desired moves. Then, place one of thosesmall dots beside everything you do not want, such as name, orappearance.

Wrestle as drone:
Enter edit mode and choose one of the originals. Cloneone of the women. Then, go to attributes then set the number tozero. You will see the drone that you preview your moves on whenyou create someone. You can now choose the drone as a createdwrestler. You can also choose the color, name, and moves for yourwrestler. You can now fight as the drone. Note: You cannot putany clothes on the drone.

Custom Wrestler that cannot bleed:
To create a custom wrestler who cannot bleed, clonethe fighting style of any woman wrestler. You can change anythingin the fighting style afterward, but you must leave "Slow"under "Bleeding".

Its a good idea to have a created wrestler that cannot bleed ina First Blood match. Clone a woman wrestlers fighting style. Womencan bleed slow, which is an option that male wrestlers do nothave.

Custom women wrestlers take off pants:
Clone a woman wrestler and give her Mr. Ass' Moon taunt.

Losing edited wrestler moves:
When editing a wrestler and selecting the moves, ifyou do not go to decision and instead press B, it willnot save the moves. You will have to go through them again.

Funny beginning sequence:
Go to the edit menu and make the wrestlers look different.When you do this, you also change what wrestlers will wear inthe sequence before the match. Example: Put Undertaker in BillyGunn's see through shorts and Dude Love's shirt. You can alsoput a different person in the beginning sequence by cloning aperson to an existing person in the sequence.

Unmasked Kane:
Enter edit mode and clone a wrestler into Kane. Goto "Appearance Edit" and select "Head". Setthe value to "0", and Kane's face will be revealed.

Unmasked Mankind:
Enter edit mode and clone a wrestler into Mankind.Go to "Appearance Edit" and select "Head".Set the value to "0", and Mankind's face will be revealed.

Finishing moves:
Get in tie-up and move the Analog-stick whilethe spirit meter is in "Special".

Steal opponent's finishing move:
Strong grapple your opponent while your Attitude meteris flashing, then press the Analog-stick in any directionwhile simultaneously pressing A + B. Now you canhumiliate your opponent by smacking him or her around with theirown move.

To steal your opponents head and legs move, first get a special.Knock your opponent onto the ground. Approach his or her heador legs, then push A + B. You can do this when youropponent is facing up or down.

Steal opponent's taunt:
Press Analog-stick Left, Analog-stick Rightto steal your opponent's taunt. To do their ducking taunt, pressAnalog-stick Down, Analog-stick Up.

Steal opponent's leg move:
Obtain a special, approach a downed persons legs, thenpress A + B. Your wrestler should do your opponent'sleg move.

Created wrestler's front stolen move:
Put your wrestler's front stolen move at anything buthis regular special, then enter a match against your created wrestler.Get a special, then strong grapple with your created wrestler.Press A + B buttons to execute your wrestler's frontstolen move.

Created wrestler partner matches:
Go through Road to Wrestlemania as a created wrestlerand have your partner be a created wrestler. Your partner wrestlerwill take part in separate matches by himself, without him beingin a match together.

Longer specials:
When you get a special, as your attitude meter is blinking,do your taunt and your special will last for about another fiveseconds. You will not do your special though. From the front,you will do the bearhug, and from the back you will do the firstmove on the list.

Show off to the crowd:
Start running from left to right as any wrestler. Justbefore your wrestler hits the ropes, stop and taunt before youlook back to your opponent and you will taunt to the crowd.

Alternate running moves:
When running at an opponent, either in the corner orwhipped into the ropes, press A + B to do a differentmove. For example, Austin can do a Splash in the corner and aKnee Block when running at a wrestler. You can also use this whenan opponent is running at your wrestler -- off the ropes afterbeing whipped in, and you are standing still.

Alternate rope move:
When an opponent is down near the corner, press Abutton to perform a new move. For example, Austin will mount thesecond rope and do an Elbow Drop; Christian will do a splash fromthe second rope. If your wrestler does not have a secnd rope move,he will put a new hold on the floored opponent.

Head bash:
When in a match, do a strong grapple near the turnbuckleand press C-Down to bash your opponent's head into theturnbuckle. Note: This also works outside, near the barricades.

Mooning woman wrestler:
Select a woman wrestler and choose Badd Ass Billy Gunnas an opponent. Steal his taunt to pull down your pants and moonhim.

Replacement moves in creation mode:
The following moves can be used as replacements increation mode.

The FlowDDT can be used as Ravens Evenflow DDT
The Sledgehammer can be used as Goldberg's Jackhammer
The Jacknife Powerbomb can be used as Kevin Nash's Jacknife Powerbomb
The Insiders Edge can be used as Scott Hall's Outsider's Edge
The 3/4 Turn Into Neckbreaker can be used as DDP's Diamond Cutter
The X factor can be used as Jazz's Jazz Stinger
The Leg Drop Off The Top can be used as Sabu's Arabian Face Buster.
The T-bone Suplex can be used as Taz's T-bone Suplex
The Sharpshooter can be used as Sting's Scorpion Death Lock
The Pimp Drop can be used as Saturn's DVD.
The Downward Spiral can be used as Kanyon's Flatliner.
The Insider Edge can be used as Scott Hall's Outsiders Edge.
Edge's Spear can be used as Goldberg's Spear.
The Sledgehammer can be used as Goldberg's Jackhammer.
The X-Pac special from behind can be used as Rey Mysterio Jr.secret move.
Stone Cold's Stunner can be used as Justin Credible's secret move.
The Shooting Star Press can be used as Kidman's Gainer.
The Hangover off the top rope can be used as Booker T. Harlem'sHangover.
The Pimp Drop can be used as Tommy Dreamer's Spicolli Driver.
The Low Down can be used as RVD's 5 Star Frog Splash.
Piledriver 02 can be used as Jerry Lynn's Cradle Piledriver.
The Oklahoma Slam can be used as Dr. Death's Oklahoma Stampede.
The Tombstone can be used as Justin Credible's Thats Incredible.
The DD DDT can be used as the Scorpion Death Drop.
The Jumping Outside Crescent Kick can be used as the Harlem Sidekick.
The Pedigree can be used as Stevie Ray's Slapjack.
The Dragonsteiner can be used as Rey Mysterio Jr.'s Lation Hurricanrana.
The Gangsta Stretch can be used as Konnan's Tequila Sunrise.
The Pump Handle Slam can be used as Wrath's Meltdown.
The Diving Powerbomb can be used as Dr. Death's Dr. Bomb.
The Super Camel Clutch can be used as the Steiner Recliner.
The Screwdriver can be used as the Steiner Screwdriver.
The Super Release German can be used as The German Release Tazplex
The Rear Naked Choke with scissors can be used as the Tazmission.
The Guillotine Choke With Scissors can be used as the Larry Zbysko'sLarry Land Dreamer.
The Strong Sambo Suplex can be used as Yokozuna's Suplex.
The Firethunder Driver can be used as Rikishi Phatu and Bam BamBigelow's Inverted Piledriver.
The Torture Rack pancake can be used as Tatanka's End of the Trail
The Canadian Crossface can be used as the Crippler Crossface
The Double Ring Stretch can be used as the Rings Of Saturn.
The Jumping Piledriver can be used as Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff'sPiledriver.
The Stunner Can be used as Disco Inferono's Last Dance.
The Falcon Arrow or Michinoku Driver can be used as Vampiro'sNail In The Coffin.
The Emerald Fusion can be used as Rikishi's Rikishi Bomb.
The Scoop Piledriver can be used as Justin Credible's That's Incredible.
The Flying Headbutt can be used as New Jack's 187.
The Mac Stunner or Stone Cold Stunner can be used as Mikey Whipwreck'sWhipper-snapper.
The Running Powerbomb can be used as Mike Awesome's Awesome Bomb.
The Fire Thunder Driver can be used as Balls Mahoney's NutcrackerSuite.
The Double Underhook Driver can be used in place of Kid Kash'sMoney Maker.
The 3/4 Turn Neck Breaker can be used in place of Buh-Buh RayDudley's Buh-Buh Cutter.
The Scoop Reverse DDT can be used as Simon Diamond's Simonizer.
The Impaler can be used as Little Guido's Kiss of Death.
The Downward Spiral can be used as Nova's Novacaine.
The 3/4 turn neckbreaker or falling front neckbreaker can be usedas Tommy Dreamer's Tommy-Hawk.
The 3/4 turn neckbreaker or falling front neckbreaker can be usedas Positively Kanyon's Kanyon Cutter.
The Chicken-wing Jawbreaker can be used as The Franchise ShaneDouglas's Franchiser.
The Sharpshooter can be used as Scotty Anton's The Clap.
The Flying Spinkick can be used as Rob Van Dam's Van-Daminator.
The Missile dropkick from the Apron can be used as Rob Van Dam'sVan-terminator.
The Rock Bottom can be used as The Demon's Love Gun.
The Super Back Drop can be used as Nova's Kryptonite Krunch.
The Snowplow can be used as Yoshiri tagirisBrainbuster.
The Rock Bottom can be used as Booker T's Bookend.
The One Legged Crab can be used as Lance Storm's Canadian MapleLeaf.
The Fisherman DDT or Cradle DDT can be used as Shane Douglas'Pittsburgh Plung.
The Bossman Slam can be used as Roadkill's Dirt Road Slam.
The Gargoyle Suplex can be used as Tazz's Tazplex.
The Samoan Neckbreaker can be used as Mark Mero's TKO.
The Bronco Buster can be used as Rey Jr.'s Ruff Ryder.
The Flipping Neckbreaker can be used as Buff Bagwell's Buff Blockbusteror Rodney's High Society.
The Cradle DDT of the top rope can be used as Konnan's 187.
The Reverse Suplex from the front can be used as Crowbar's MindBender.
The Side Russian Leg Sweep or Cobra Clutch Suplex can be usedas Swinger's Swingthing.
The Jarret Face Buster can be used as Danny Doring's G-Spot Sweep.
The Flow DDT can be used as Tommy Dreamer's Dreamer DDT.
The Emerald Fusion can be used as Tommy Dreamer's Dreamer Driver.
The Oklahoma Slam can be used as Chris Candido's Running Powerslam.
The Sidewalk Slam or Spinebuster can be used as C.W. Anderson'sSpinebuster.
The Fisherman's Suplex can be used as Steve Corino's Old SchoolPlex.
The DD DDT can be used as Axl Rotten's SST.
The blood Mist can be used as The Great Muta's Red Mist.
The Tornado DDT can be used as Steve Corino's Corino DDT.
The Tilt-o-whirl Piledriver can be used as Justin Credibles That'sIncredible.
The Double Underhook DDT can be used as Danny Doring's Wham, bamm,thank you ma'am.
The Reverse Neckbreaker can be used as Steve Corino's Old SchoolExplosion.
The 3/4 Turn Neckbreaker can be used as Reno's Roll The Dice.
The Rock Bottom can be used as Booker T's Book End.
The Slingshot Bodysplash can be used as Sean O'Harie's "SpringBoard"Seanton Bomb.
The Swanton Bomb can be used for Sean O'Harie's Seanton Bomb.
The DDT 2 can be used as Big Vito's Paison Plant.
The Screwdriver can be used as Scott Steiner's Big Poppa Pump(it was never called the Steiner Screwdriver).

Dancing Shane and Vince:
Go to the edit screen and go under "Profile Music",select The Corporate Titan Tron Video, and The Godfather's music(or many other songs) and press C-Left to preview. Youwill see Shane and Vince move to the beat in almost every song.

Listen to entire entry song in Royal Rumble:
Pause game play when a wrestler is entering and theirmusic is playing. Their music is still continue playing. You canresume the game and the music will continue playing where at anypoint that you want.

"No Chance In Hell" music forPPV:
Create a PPV and set any options as desired, but makesure Royal Rumble is the hall. After it has been created, startthe PPV and instead of the Raw theme, the Corporation[s "NoChance In Hell" song will be playing.

Double Teams:
When two wrestlers grapple their opponents at the sametime, they perform a double team. However, the move performedis actually determined by whom grapples their opponent first.Even though the two wrestlers have to grapple together in orderto perform the move, one of the wrestlers will grapple a bit earlierthan the other. Then, that specific double team will be determinedaccording to what the first wrestler has on his move list. Forexample, if Bradshaw and Jeff Jarrett are performing a doubleteaming move, the move would be a Double Piledriver if Jeff Jarrettgrapples first, and it would be a Double Powerbomb if Bradshawgrapples first.

High risk double team:
Select 3-Way, Royal Rumble, or Tag-Team mode. Set thegame so your teammate (in Tag-Team) or opponent (in 3-Way or RoyalRumble) is controlled by the CPU. Once the match begins, get ina weak or strong grapple, then press L to get in a reargrapple. From here press C-Up to get your opponent on yourshoulders. No matter what the CPU is doing (except if stunned,down, or in a grapple), he will stop it, run to the nearest turnbuckle,jump on it, and lay the Smackdown on the wrestler on your shoulder.

Double team baseball slide:
Play a 3-way dance with you, a friend, and the CPU.Approach the outside of the ring with your opponent, but keepyour friend in the ring. While you are outside the ring with youropponent, do a back grapple, press L, and then press Aor B to rotate your opponent. Make your opponent's stomachface the ring, then have the other wrestler (you) execute thebaseball slide into the opponent's stomach.

Special triple team move:
Select any four wrestlers, have three get a special,and move two of the three wrestlers that have specials behindthe wrestler that does not have a special. Then, move the remainingwrestler with a special in front of the wrestler with no special.Have the three wrestlers that have specials grapple him at thesame time. If done correctly, the two behind should hold him whilethe one in front punches him before doing his signature move.Note: When doing this with D-Lo Brown as the wrestler in front,the two wrestlers in back will grab the opponent by the handsand the feet and hold him off from the ground while D-Lo doeshis Low Down off the top. This can only be done inside of thering.

Have someone get on your character's shoulder while another playeruse an attack, such as the Diving Body Press.

Large created wrestler name:
Clone an original wrestler to a different, but real,wrestler. Change his name to have it appear large

More attitude in two player matches:
When in a two player match, press Analog-stick Upon both controllers simultaneously to taunt and get more attitude.

Taunt the Titantron:
Change the following attributes for a created wrestler:Give him Austin's walk, the Brood's music, and have him come outto the ring with somebody. During the entrance of your wrestler,he will turn aound, facing the Titantron, and do his taunt. Example:Clone Jericho and change his attributes as indicated to have himturn around and do his taunt as he does in real life.

Pick up a weapon:
Go to the side barricade. Then, face the crowd andpress C-Up.

Start a match between any two wrestlers in exhibitionmode. Once you are in the ring, do not press any buttons. Afterabout ten minutes, two random wrestlers will come out and interferewith your match, beating on you and your opponent.

The People's Elbow:
When doing The People's Elbow and The Rock is runningtoward the first rope, hold C-Down until he gets to thesecond rope to jump over your downed opponent. Then, on the wayback to your opponent, press B to finish it with the elbow.

To completely do The People's Elbow, press A while youropponent is on the ground facing up. Your wrestler will do thearm gestures, then run off the ropes. When he comes back off therope to his opponent press B.

Billy Gunn: Moon opponent:
Play as Billy Gunn (Mr. Ass) and knock your opponenton the ground. Press Analog-stick Right to thenmoon your opponent.

Edge: Using The Spear:
Select Edge as your wrestler. Whip your opponent againstthe ropes. When he hits the ropes, run at your opponent and pressA + B. Edge will do Goldberg's signature move, TheSpear.

Jeff Hardy: Swanton Bomb:
Start a Triple Threat or 4-Way match. When the othertwo wrestlers are beating each other, move yourself near the turnbuckleclosest to them. As soon as one pins the other, jump of the buckle.Note: You must jump off as soon as the opponent touches the otheron the mat. . Jeff Hardy's Flipping attack will turn into a SwantonBomb.

Jericho: Lionsault:
When playing as Jericho (Y2K), go towards the ropeand hold A + C-Down while your opponent is faceup. You will do the Lionsault. Note: This only with a special.

Kane: Tombstone:
Get in a strong grapple and press Down, B.

Kane or Undertaker: Chokeslam:
Get in a strong grapple, then press Up, B.

Kane or Undertaker: Powerbomb:
Get in a strong grapple and press Down, A.

Lita: Moonsault:
When creating a wrestler give them the top rope movewhen opponent on ground as back flip splash. Beat your opponentup and lay them as Lita does.(in front of turnbuckle). You willdo Lita's Moonsault and automatically pin them.

Rikishi: Turnbuckle Sit Down:
To get Rikishi's Turbuckle Sit Down, give him a TurnbucklePowerbomb for his front turnbuckle grapple, and a Top Rope LegDrop for a flying turnbuckle attack with lying opponent. Afterthe Powerbomb, pummel your opponent so he is lying down face upbelow the turnbuckle. When you deliver the Leg Drop, it will appearthat Rikishi has sat down on the opponent.

Stone Cold: Running Apron moves:
Stone Cold and many other light heavy wrestlers havea running move from the apron to an opponent on the outside. Todo this, simply run towards your opponent and press A.Austin does a flying elbow smash, and the others do things likeflying dropkicks or backside thumps.

Stone Cold and Big Bossman: Special runningmove:
Get a special and whip your opponent to the ropes.When he runs back, press Analog-stick Up and a finisherwill be executed. Note: This works well with The Big Bossman andStone Cold.

Undertaker: Chokeslam to the outside:
When your opponent is on the inside near the ropesand the Undertaker is on the apron with his special flashing,use the strong grapple and move the Analog-stick as usual.The Undertaker will pull his opponent through the ropes and chokeslamhim to the floor.

Undertaker: Drop Opponent Onto The Ropes:
Do a strong grapple in the front. Then press Up+ A + B at the same time. The Undertaker will pickup his opponent and drop him on to the ropes.

Undertaker: Jumping Pile Driver:
When you get a strong grapple with the Undertaker andpress A + Up, he does Snake Eyes while in the ring.However, if you are the Undertaker in a single match and stronggrapple your opponent, he will do the Jumping Pile Driver insteadof the Snake Eyes because there are no ropes.

Undertaker: Walk On Rope:
Throw your opponent in a corner, get a strong grapple,then press B.

Created wrestler: Double Front Flip:
Have a created wrestler's entrance as a flip over theropes and celebration taunt as Taunt 66. Enable TKOs and beinga match. TKO your wrestler and get on the apron. Your wrestlerwill perform a Double Front Flip.

Created wrestler: Fake jump outside:
Use the following steps to do the fake jump outsidelike Rey Mysterio Jr. Create a wrestler with that fake move. Getyour opponent on the outside, then run to the opposite directionof your opponent (in the ring). Hold the Analog-stick justwhen you hit the opposite side of the ropes until your wrestlerdoes the move.

Created wrestler: Reverse Frankenstieneroff the top ropes:
Create a wrestler and set his behind special as theReverse Frankensteiner. When the match begins, get a special,run your wrestler in the turnbuckle, then press L. Then,hold A and tap the Analog-stick.

Super Springboard Dropkick:
Play a three way match with a friend and the CPU. Putyour opponent on your shoulders, move to the ropes in the middleof the ring towards the ropes, then have the other player quicklyjump to the apron. Then, execute the Springboard Dropkick.

Backwards counter on turnbuckle:
Get a wrestler with a turnbuckle move that has theirback towards the ring while they are on stand by. Use that wrestlerin a match and keep him on the turnbuckle. Then, let your opponentreverse and you will be pushed to the top rope. Your opponentwill do a move to you from the top backwards.

Blocking Sweet Chin Music:
Note: This is easier to do in 1P vs. 2P mode with bothcontrollers under your control. Select Stone Cold as player oneand HBK as player two. Get a special with Stone Cold and haveHBK at kicking distance. Then, press B on controller two.Right before HBK kicks, press R with Stone Cold. You shouldblock the kick, spin HBK around, and then do the Stunner. Thisis an impressive looking move and resembles what happens duringthe game's introduction sequence. You can do this trick with anybody.Get to punching distance; Stone Cold will block the punch andthen do his finisher.

To do a leapfrog, or to lay down and have your opponentjump over you, Irish Whip your opponent. When he is running backtowards you, press L. This is especially useful for thefollowing: If you made Konan and you want to do his Leapfrog ToFace Buster, make his front special Xfactor. You also have toset your Irish Whip special as your regular special. Irish whipyour opponent. When he is running toward you press L toleapfrog, then when he is coming back, again tap the Analog-stickand he will do a Facebuster. If you are in the rumble, and dothe lay down near the ropes, your opponent will jump over you,then go through the ropes to the apron.

Flip opponent on turntable:
Press L while an opponent is stunned in thecorner to flip him on the turnbuckle.

Rebound off the ropes with an attack:
Certain characters like the Hardys, Kane, and otherscan rebound off the ropes with an attack. Run towards the ropeswhile tapping A. Jeff Hardy does a Moonsault and Kane andMatt Hardy do Flying Elbows.

This can also be done if your opponent is close to the corner

Throw opponent outside of the ring:
To throw your opponent to the outside of the ring,hold A to perform a strong grapple. Use the D-padto move all the way next to the ropes. Press C-Down andyour wrestler will throw your opponent over the second rope tothe outside of the ring. Then, you can taunt your opponent andgain attitude while your opponent is losing attitude outside thering. Note: This does not work in a Royal Rumble.

Double team moves:
Note: Some wrestlers do different double teams withothers. Try mixing wrestlers with different wrestlers.

Spike Piledriver
One person in front of opponent and one person at the side,then both grapple.

Spike Powerbomb
Same as the Piledriver.

Double Wishbone Legsplitter
Both players in front of opponent, then both grapple.

Double Suplex
Same as Wishbone Legsplitter.

Double Facecrucher/Bulldog
Both players in back of opponent, then both grapple.

Double atomic drop
Same as Double Facecrucher/Bulldog.

Dudleys 3D
When creating a wrestler, give him as his front double teammove, the 3/4 Tossing Breaker. Grapple with your wrestler andsomeone else in the front. When you do the double team move. Itwill look like the 3D.

Dudleys Wazzzuuuppp Headbutt
Use two created wrestlers and have one wrestler's submissionby head facing up move such as the Bow Pin. Press C-Rightto put it as a favorite. Have the other wrestler have a high flyingmove (from top turnbuckle with opponent lying) such as the FlyingHeadbutt. Start a tag or 3-way match with both created wrestlers.Wait until one of your wrestlers does the Bow Pin, then get yourother wrestler to do the Headbutt. Note: This will break-up apossible 3-count pin for your team.

Glitch: Changing logo:
When wrestlers appear, the logo behind them will appearas "WWF". However, when they get farther down the aisleit changes. The logo will appear as "WWF Attitude".Note: This glitch is only on the Raw and Heat arenas. The signwill glitch after the behind view is shown.

When a wrestler makes an appearance in the entrance way, the message"WWF.COM, download this" can be seen. As the wrestlergoes further down it disappears.

When your wrestler appears for the match, the Wrestlemania 2000logo has no middle line in it. When you are almost at the ring(the other view) the line in the middle of the Wrestlemania logowill appear.

Glitch: Titantron:
When a wrestler comes out on Heat or Raw, the Titantronvideo will be playing on the screen. As they walk down the aisle,the video just stops and is replaced by the Raw Is War symbol.

Glitch: Replays:
Start a singles match with Stone Cold. Go through thematch, get a special, give your opponent the Stone Cold Stunner,and wait for the preview. The preview will show Stone Cold flippingoff the player(s). Do the same with Jeff Jarret. He will be showinga Peace sign. Kane and the Undertaker will do their "ItsOver" signs.

Glitch: Too Cool mismatch:
When you face Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher ina tag team match they will be called Too Cool. However, they havethe music, video, and will be dressed as their old tag team namedToo Much.

Use Too Cool. Go to the top rope and execute each of their toprope moves. Scotty Too Hotty will do the Top Rope Leg Drop whenGrand Master is the one that normally does that move. Instead,he does a Body Splash.

Glitch: Stone Cold gesture:
On the first instant replay after winning a match withStone Cold, he will do his roll with the fingers. The game showshim doing the Stunner with his middle fingers still up.

Glitch: Jeff Jarrett gesture:
Get a special with Jeff Jarrett, execute it, then pinyour opponent. Wait for the instant replay, and you will see Jarrett'sfingers showing the peace sign while doing the move.

Glitch: Taunt switch:
Simultaneously press the Analog-stick on controllersone and two in the same direction for taunting to do player two'staunt.

Glitch: Still pinning:
Give a created wrestler the Frog Splash (top rope)and the Elbow Drop (standing above opponent), Go into a ThreeWay match and hurt your opponent until he will stay down for awhile.Use the Elbow Drop immediately after the Frog Splash. Make sureit is at the correct angle to pin on the Frogsplash. If done correctly,the Frog Splash will be in pinning position, but the opponentwill be standing up or laying down.

Glitch: Jericho's move change:
Select Jericho in a No DQ match. Use a strong grappleand press Right or Left in the ring. Then, try itoutside the ring. He will do a Piledriver outside, and a RunningKnee Bash inside.

Glitch: Kane's taunt:
When you get a special with Kane and do the TombstonePiledriver, the replay will show his hand with the glove makingthe "it's over" symbol.

Glitch: Billy Gunn's taunt:
When you do Billy Gunns mooning taunt with a blackperson, the block-out has white skin.

Glitch: The Godfather and one Ho:
Start a singles match with The Godfather. When he makeshis way down the ramp, he is accompanied by one Ho. However, thename plate states "w/Hos" (plural).

Glitch: Blood match:
After winning a First Blood match the instant replaywill show the wrestler already bloody even though he did not bleeduntil he hit the mat.

Glitch: Pay-Per-View halls:
After fighting a match in Pay-Per-View mode, pressB at the main screen and exit. If you did not pick Rawis War as your hall, it will become your hall.

Glitch: Disappearing hall:
Select exhibition or single match mode, then chooseany hall. Go to "New Belt" and press B. Go to"Non-Title Match" and press B. Repeat this approximatelyfour times, then return all the way back to the main screen. Goback to single exhibition match and the hall you chose will begone.

Glitch: Created wrestler moves:
Sometimes when checking the moves for a created wrestler,the move is will done strangely -- the bodies are not touchingor are all twisted in the wrong position. For example, one ofthe Standing Grapples will preview as a People's Elbow.

Choose Oklahoma Slam, Running Knee Hit, or Running Tigerwall Flipas a special for a custom wrestler. Then, perform the move anywhere in the game. For the Oklahoma Slam, your character willpick up his opponent on his shoulder and begin to run, stop movingafter several steps on the screen, run in place for a few seconds,then slam down his opponent. This also works well for the BritishBulldog's Running Power Slam.

Glitch: Two teams after one man belt:
Create a pay-per-view and put any single belt on theline. After that is done, press B to go back on the singlebelt match and make it a tag match. You will then have a tag matchfor a single belt. The two teams will go after the one man belt.

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