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Yoshi's Story Cheats

Nintendo 64 Cheats

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Yoshi's Story

Adjust stage select display:
Press C-Left or C-Right to turn the display,or press R or Z to adjust the zoom.

Select Yoshi's color in practice mode:
Select any course under "Trial" mode. Selectthe desired Yoshi and press Start, then press Start+ Z. Press B and being practice mode with that colorYoshi.

Mario Paint theme song:
Enter the "Time Trial" menu and listed tothe game theme eight times.

Press Z + L + A + B.

Restore Yoshi:
Locate and get a white Shy Guy. Complete the currentlevel and enter the character selection screen for the next level.Select the Shy Guy to restore one of the dead Yoshis. Note: Ifno Yoshis have been lost, the white Shy Guy will not appear.

Special message:
Collect six melons in a row during a mini-game to geta heart fruit. Eat the fruit to create a letter made from coinsat the end of the mini-game. If you use the letters in the orderof appearance by level, they spell the following phrase: "YOUARE YOSHI'S GREAT PARTNER".

Purple Yoshi:
Collect all the coins from every level.

Gold Yoshi:
To unlock Gold Yoshi, get all levels in time trialmode. Then, in time trial mode, get all coins and place firstin top five, with all levels. Finally, complete story mode withoutdying and find black and white Yoshi.

Hint: Black Yoshi:

Level 2-1
When approaching Miss Warp 4 from right, go left, eat flower,and shoot to the very top.

Level 2-3
Go through the level until finding the Help Box that offershints about a "big egg". Go to the left from this locationand jump on the last floating rock. Then, jump on the floatingrock above that, and shoot the "?" bubble with an eggto receive the black egg. Complete the level for the black Yoshi.

Level 2-4
All the way to the right in the vine room.

Hint: White Yoshi:

Egg 1
(Level 3-2) In leaf room, drop to bottom at the very beginningfor the egg.

Egg 2
(Level 3-3) After Miss Warp 3, go to the top vases. Enterthe tall red pipe to find it. Note: you must beat Cloudjin atthe end of the level without losing Yoshi.

Hint: White Shyguy locations:

Level 1-1
Get to the second part with Poochy. Go straight on the firsttwo splits in the roads. Go up on the third one. shoot the "?"ball and a Shyguy will appear.

Level 1-2
Go the second part and find 4 white and blue moving platforms.The "?" box there contains the Shyguy.

Level 1-3
Get to the third part and shoot the flying "?" ball.The Shyguy will appear.

Level 1-4
Get to the top of the building and get the umbrella. Floatdown on the right of the building. Find the cannon that shootsstraight up with two blue blocks underneath. Destroy them andwalk in to find a third blue block holding the Shyguy.

Level 2-1
Get to the second area and fall down past the "?"balls. Hit the blue blocks to the right and get to the other sideof them. Get on top of the three blocks near them but not touchingthem. Hit the very bottom one and a Shyguy will appear.

Level 2-2
Enter the blue tunnel after the second ball ride. There shouldbe a red "?" ball floating in the sky. It contains theShyguy.

Level 2-3
Look for Poochy and sniff in his spot. When Yoshi waves hishands, pound the ground to release blue and white platforms. Climbup them to find a tunnel. Look for three blue blocks on the rightguarding a heart. One of the blocks contains the Shyguy.

Level 2-4
Look for a sign that points off the screen. There should bea blue box at this location. Walk off the screen and Yoshi willcome out of a pipe. Hit the red "?" ball on the rightto reveal a "!" ball. Use the ball to jump over thewall. Hit the next "?" ball for the Shyguy.

Level 3-1
Ride the big green dragon until you find a "!" switch.Hit it with an egg to reveal clouds. Go up into the clouds toget to the tunnel. Find Miss Warp 3, four eggs, a switch card,and a "?" ball. The "?" ball will containShyguy.

Level 3-2
Look for a banana and a melon separated with a platform. Themelon should be near a Turbo Tulip. Go to the far right with yourback against the wall. Eat the Tulip and launch yourself up tothe first section by pressing B when Yoshi arrives there.Hit the "?" ball and the Shyguy will appear.

Level 3-3
In the section with Miss Warp 3, go directly to the bottompot. Approach the first big blue "?" box and smash itto release the white Shyguy.

Level 3-4
Go to the second part and locate the boomerang birds. Jumpover the pit and look for blue blocks. The Shyguy is in one ofthem.

Level 5-3
After you pass the rain clouds you will see a "?"mark nearby, to the right. Pop the bubble and the Shyguy willappear.

Hint: Level 4-1: Shyguy:
Go to the place where all of the Shyguys are on stilts.There are four blue blocks there. Break through the top one onthe left and a Shyguy will appear.

Hint: Mini-eggs:
Shrink in "Piranha Groove" (level 4-4). Hitan egg block while shrunk to create a very small egg. Take itwhile still shrunk. The egg will remain small as you return tonormal size. Note: The mini-egg is still as powerful as the full-sizeversion.

Hint: Egg restore:
If Yoshi is low on eggs, is not next to a egg block,and super happy, prepare to fire an egg but cancel that action.Yoshi will put the egg into the inventory and allowing it to bekept.

Hint: Pop bubbles without an egg:
You can pop bubbles without an egg by jumping or bumpingit.

Hint: Move fast:
Unlock the Black Yoshi or White Yoshi by finding theireggs. Then, use the Black or White Yoshi in a stage and get aSuper Happy Fruit. While Super Happy, Yoshi will be able to movehorizontally very fast during the Flutter Jump. This makes crossinggaps a lot easier.

Hint: End the game with all Yoshis alive:
Enter a level in story mode, then select a block 1-4.As soon as you enter, turn it off then back on. Note: This mightnot work with black or white Yoshis.

Hint: Snow:
In the Poochy and Nippy stage, go to the location whereall of the birds with the bombs are found. Get seven melons orget a heart and it will start snowing.

Hint: Box melon:
When you are in a level with boxes apart from eachother, you can push one of them to another one and they shouldvanish. You should then get a melon. Some boxes are not alwaysmoveable -- try to push it first to find out.

Hint: Melon instead of heart:
If you eat only melons, at the end a melon will appearinstead of a heart.

Glitch: Walk on lava:
Begin game play on "Blarg's Pit" (level 2-2)and reach the first heart. Jump on Blarg's head, get the heart,and try to aim back for Blarg. In doing so you will get hit andlose a life, but the petals will not fall off. You will land underneaththe lava and can walk around.

Glitch: Falling cloud:
Go to trial mode, then go to "Rail Lift".Flip past the first two pages. When you are on the cloud, beforeit goes back, walk off it. The cloud will fall.

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