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Final Fantasy 4 Remix Cheats

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Final Fantasy 4 Remix

Hidden room:
After you get Tellah to join your group for the firsttime, and after you have also already obtained the other two treasuresfrom inside of the two treasure chests in that room where he wasfirst located, you then can also grab something else while inthat same room. While still in the water, after you have takenthose two treasure chests on the way into that water, you cango behind the big waterfall that was right beside him, into asecret room. While in that secret room, you will find three treasurechests. For Final Fantasy 4 Easy Type, they seem to havethe same exact treasures inside: a Cure 2, an Elixir, and 1000Gold; for Final Fantasy 4 Hard Type, those three treasuresfrom the three treasure chests are a Dry Ether, an X-Potion, anda Phoenix Down. There are apparently no monsters in this secretroom.

Hint: Defeating Milon Z.:
Cast some Cure 4 spells on him or give him some elixirsto kill Milon Z. easily.

Hint: Defeating Asura:
Cast Wall on Asura, and she will not be able to useher cure spells on herself, and they will be cast on your characters.Make sure your party is at least level 35 or higher. Attack herwith Rydia's best spells and use your best sword with Cecil. Usethe Fire Saber because it damages her the most. Note: The FireSaber is obtained from the Tower of Bable immediately after gettingthe Earth Crystal.

The spell you want to use with Rydia is Virus. It does at least700 if your characters are up to level. Also, if you have Kain,make him jump because he usaully has the most HP so he does nothave to be cured from the reflected cure spells from Ausara. Note:The less people in your group when they get cured , the more HPthat they will get back. In other words, Kain needs to be in theair at all times.

Hint: Defeating Golbez:
When fighting Golbez in the underworld after defeatingCalbrena, make sure Kain is up in the air before Golbez summonshis dragon. If you do not, he will kill all of your charactersbefore Rydia appears. So, you will have Cecil, Rydia, and if yourlucky and your timing is correct, Kain. Note: Kain will reallyhelp in this battle; make him jump, have Cecil use his sword,and Rydia use Virus.

Hint: Fighting Pink Puffs:
Pink Puffs are in the bottom fight room in B4, on themoon. There is only one square where you fight Pink Puffs. Itis located in the very top right square. Do this to increase youchance of fighting a group of Pink Puffs.

Hint: Fighting Trap Doors:
In the sealed cave in the under world. you will haveto fight many Trap Doors. This can be difficult, as they can killa character instantly with Disrupt. As soon as you begin a battlewith a Trap Door, have everyone parry until you get to Rosa. Onceshe is selected, remain idle. The Trap Door will select the nextperson it will kill with Disrupt by placing a target on them.Quickly go into Rosa's magic menu and cast Wall on the selectedcharacter. The Trap Door's spell will reflect back and instantlykill itself. Alternately, you can have Rosa just cast Wall onherself and let everyone else die, if you want to boost her levels.

Hint: Get the three hidden Summons easily:
Use the following trick if you are having trouble gettingthe three summons, Imp, Bomb, and Mage. Get as many Phoenix Downsas possible, and encounter the desired enemy. There must be atleast two enemies on the screen. It is much easier if you cankill an enemy with one hit. Place your Phoenix Downs at the verytop of the item list. With the first character, select the enemyto kill. With the next character's action, immediatly go to theitem list, choose Phoenix Down, and highlight the soon-to-be-killedenemy. The end result will be that the enemy will be killed andrevived by the next person. This may be done repeatedly, witheach kill counting as a new enemy. After the battle, you willgain lots of experience and treasure, one of which is almost guaranteedto be the desired Summon.

Hint: Avoid glowing tile damage:
When you are in the Cave Of Summons or the Sylvan Cavein the Underworld, cast Float on everyone to avoid getting hurtby the glowing tiles. You will have to cast it again when youenter another room as it will have worn off.

Hint: Easy experience:
When you get Edge, he is only at level 25. To levelhim up easily, go to the stairs at the Tower of Babil as soonas you find Edge, but do not enter. If you do, you will not beable to return and save. Walk around until you find a group consistingof a Sorcerer and two BladeMen. Quickly defeat the BladeMen, asthey are capable of casting Bio. Do not touch the Sorcerer. Hewill call in a Green D. or a MadOgre. Kill off what he calls in,and he will call another one. Keep repeating the process and youshould get an average of 6,000 experience and 2,000 gil for eachfight. If you get hurt, return to the save point.

Use the following trick to get easy levels with a Cure Staff.Note: This will requires Rosa with the spell MINI and Edge. Inthe cave that leads to the Land Of The Summoned Monsters, thereis a monster known as a Conjuror (summons a monster when the battlestarts). First, have Rosa use MINI on the Conjuror to stop itshigh attacks. Then, use Edge to steal the monster's Cure Staff.Next, on Rosa's turn go to the item menu in battle and selecther Dhand, then move it to an empty space. Next, select an emptyspace then move up and select her Rhand. Finally, select the stolenCure Staff and equip it in the Dhand. Doing this will make ita usable item. The staff now is a "death" staff (insteadof healing, it kills instantly). Use this on the monster the Conjurorsummoned to kill it in one move. Note: This does not work on theClapper monsters.

Hint: Zeus Glove:
Go to Bahamut's cave and go to the bottom left cornerwhen you walk in. Fight around there to have a 1/300 chance offinding it after winning battles.

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