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Final Fantasy Origins Cheats

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Final Fantasy Origins

Note: This game is also titled Final Fantasy 1 And 2 PremiumPackage.

Final Fantasy:View world map:
Once you have the ship, go to Matoya's Cave (somewherenear Pravoca). Talk to a broom. It will say something that appearslike nonsense. However, notice that it says "Flipper over,flip flip! Elcric dna trats!" Flip the line "Elcricdna trats" and it spells: "Circle and start". PressStart + Circle and you can view a world map.

Final Fantasy: Dragon Warriorreference:
Find the three tombs located next to the white magicshop in Elfland. The tombstone farthest to the left reads:

"Here lies Erdrick"

This is a direct reference to a character in the game DragonWarrior.

Final Fantasy:Legend Of Zelda reference:
Find the three tombs located next to the whitemagic shop in Elfland. The tombstone farthest to the left reads:

"Here lies Link"

Final Fantasy: Easyexperience:
Northeast of the port town of Provaka is a two spacewide peninsula with enemies from the Northern Continent. Theyoffer a lot experience and are difficult to defeat unless youare around levels 12 or 13.

Throughout the game are certain "keyed" squares thatwill always send you into battles, consisting of one to eightspecific monsters. Many of these squares are found directly infront of treasure chests, or in rooms that have treasure chests.If you keep going over the square, you will get into a fight everytime, against the same basic enemies (one or two, more or less).

By the time you reach the Earth Cave, you should be at about level10. As you enter the cave, go directly left into what is referredto as the "Hall Of Giants". In this place, with eachstep you take, you will encounter at least one Hill Gigas. Stepinto the first block that begins the Hall Of Giants. The mostcommon fight you will have is two Hill Gigas and two Lizards.Winning this fight results in about 500 experience points eachtime. It may seem boring, but it pays off to take the extra timeto level up here.

Final Fantasy:Easy gil:
Acquire the ship from the pirates. Board the ship,and hold X and press Circle(55) times. A number-slidinggame will appear. Complete this as fast as possible. If you finishunder two minutes, you will receive 10,000 gil. Finish under fourminutes for 5,000 gil, and under six minutes for 2,000 gil. Note:This feature is in the beta version of the game and may have changedin the final release.

Later in the game, the armor for the warriors are high, magiccosts a lot, and you do not have much money. Use the followingtrick to get 486 to 1386 gil in the Western Keep. Once you obtainthe Mystic Key, return to where you fought the evil elf at theWestern Keep. Go the room which you need the Mystic Key to enter.There are random battles at each chest you touch once. The twochests at the top are random battles of Mummies, which cause sleepand are heavy on damage. The chest at the bottom is nothing butWraiths; they are easier to fight for the money. Make sure youhave enough Dia2 and Fire2.

Final Fantasy: Adamantlocation:
The location of the Adamant needed for Excalibur isin the tower in the sky -- you need the chime and the cube. Goin the tower and continue to the place with eight ways to travel.Go in the bottom left diagonal and fight the enemy that guardsit. Open the treasure chest to get the Adamant.

Final Fantasy: ZeusGlove:
Go to Bahamut's cave. Once you first enter, go to thebottom left part. The Zeus Glove will appear in the items screenif you are lucky -- There is a 1/300 chance of finding it.

Final Fantasy:Easy healing:
With the correct items, you can constantly keep yourparty at full HP without using any MP. Find a battle with at leastone weak enemy. Kill all but that one monster. Along the way,use the White Shirt for Invis2 to make your entire party invisible.Once this is accomplished, you can set your strongest attackerto use the Giant's Glove (casts Saber, and increases your attackpower). Set the other three characters to use the Heal Staff,and the two Heal Helms. You can substitute any other item forthe Giant's Glove, but it is recommended because it does not doany direct damage. A controller with an auto-fire feature is useful.If one is not used, you will have to keep pressing the button(when using items, holding the button will not automatically keepthe cycle going).

Final Fantasy:Spell casting items:
The following is a list of items that cast spells.They are especially useful if you are using a party with littleor no magic.

Gauntlet and Thor's Hammer: Bolt2
Mage's Staff: Fire2
Black Shirt: Ice2
The two Light Axes: Dia2
The Venom Blade: Poison
The Heal Staff and two Heal Helms: Heal 1
The Muddle Staff: Confuse
The Giant's Glove: Saber
The White Shirt: Invis2
The Defender: Blink

Final Fantasy:Invisible guard in castle:
In the first castle entered in the game, Castle Coneria,above Queen Jane's room is what appears to be a room with no oneinside. Search around the room a bit, however, and you will realizethat you can talk to someone although they are not there. Afteryou rescue the princess, the message will change.

Final Fantasy:No antidote when poisoned:
If you are poisoned from a monster's attack, you willstay in that status after the battle. Your character will loseHP every step that you take. To avoid this, use your ship, canoe,or airship. You will stay poisoned, but you will not lose HP.This is useful when you are out of Antidotes.

Final Fantasy:Recommended party:
The best team to have is The Warrior, Monk (when hegets to level 10, take away his weapon), Black Mage, White Mage(required for healing and saves money).

Final Fantasy 2:Concentration card mini-game:
After getting the snowcraft, use it north of Salamand.During the game in the snow area, hold Circle and pressX(22).

Final Fantasy 2:Faster airship:
Repeatedly press Circle until the airship fliesfaster. After that point, pressing Circle will toggle betweenslow and fast movement.

Final Fantasy 2:Easy HP and Strength:
Go into battle, against Imp or another easy monster.Hit yourself with two or three of your characters, and cure withthe other one. Do this a few times, then kill the monster(s).You will gain HP and Strength, which is an easy way to built upa character at the start of the game.

Final Fantasy 2:Easy experience:
In battle, pick any action that you want to gain experiencewith (casting magic or attacking) for the first three characters(or two if there are only three). Then, cancel all actions. Thegame will read that you did those actions and weapons and magicwill gain experience.

Note: Before doing this trick, you should have about 150 HP andaround 30 MP. Also, everybody in your party should have Cure,and some sort of damaging Black Magic Spell (for example, Fire).Go to a fight where the monsters are very easy to defeat. Killalmost all the enemies and leave one alive. Then, make everybodycast their Black Magic spell on the entire party. Keep doing thisuntil everybody's HP is red (near death). Then, finish the battleby killing the last enemy. Next, go to another battle and killall but one monster, as before. However, this time make everybodycast Cure on on the entire party. Keep doing this until you runout of MP or your HP is fully restored. After that, finish thebattle. After the battle, if you still have enough MP, repeatall the steps until you do run out. When you run out of MP, restat a Inn. Repeat everything until you have had enough. If donecorrectly, every time you finish a battle you should have increasedthe following stats: HP, MP, Magic, Sprit, and Intelligence. Thebattle where you hurt yourself with Black Magic increases yourHP because you lose a lot of it, your MP because you use a lotof it, your Magic because you used Magic, and your Intelligencebecause you used Black Magic. The same thing occurs in the battlewhere you heal yourself except instead of increasing your Intelligence,you increase your Spirit because you were using White Magic. Also,if you do this trick a lot of times, you will eventually increaseyour Magic Spell's level (for example, Cure becomes Cure 2 andFire becomes Fire 2).

Final Fantasy 2:Easy weapon experience:
To easily gain experience with a certain weapon, gettwo of the same weapon. Equip both to one person (left and righthands) and fight monsters in the area that you are in. You willget experience for each time you hit with that weapon. The samething happens with a shield, but with a shield, you cannot attackwith it.

Use the following trick to gain one weapon and armor level everyfight for the characters in the first three slots. After the openingsequence, when you gain control of the warriors, leave town andget in a fight with a low level monster such as a Hornet or Goblin.If there are multiple monsters, kill all but one. With the charactersin your party, select "Fight" from the command menufor everyone except the person in the fourth slot. Once you areable to choose a command for the fourth character, cancel theprevious commands and then repeat the process over again. Forexample, choose "Fight" from the choices in the commandlist. Next, choose a target for your weapon to hit and confirmyour choice by pressing X. Cancel the choice you made bypressing Circle. Repeat those three steps 100 times andyou will go up one level per fight. Note: When you first startthe game, you only have three characters in your party; you canonly do the trick for the first two persons.

Final Fantasy 2:Blood Sword:
You will acquire the Blood Sword during/after yourquest to storm Fynn Castle and depose the Dark Forces there. Donot let its attack rating fool you. Equipped on an experiencesword user (for example, Firion), the Blood Sword drains the HPfrom its target to restore the user. Against most enemies, itwill drain a good portion of health, making it a quick save incase you run out of magic. Do not bother draining the undead,as it will damage, and not heal. The Blood Sword is most effectiveagainst boss battles, or against any monster will a high defenserating, (for example, Red Mousse, Dark Flan, Hill Gigas, WoodGolem, Green Dragon, White Dragon, etc.). The Blood Sword drainsHP and ignores enemy defense. Better yet, to enhance its effectiveness,cast Berserk (to increase attack power) and Aura (to increasedamage against certain foes) on the person wielding it to maximizeattack/drain power. Even the most difficult monsters can fallin a few hits from this thing. Do not sell it. It is to your advantageto train someone extensively in the Sword class to make it aneffective weapon for your party.

Final Fantasy 2:Training after Mythril:
You must have completed the mission at Semite Fallsby acquiring the Mythril before attempting this trick. It is highlyrecommended to have both Mindu in your party and to have gonethrough enough training and leveling up to afford the best armorand weapons at the time. Your characters should have their strongestweapons (for example, Long Sword, Battle Axe, Mace) and armorsavailable (for example, Bronze Helm, Plate, Gloves, etc.). Thetrip through Semite Falls should give your characters enough Gilto make those purchases; if you are still short, fight more monstersuntil you have enough money. After returning to Altair with theMythril, give it to Tobias at the Weapon Shop and he will forgeit into Mythril armor and weaponry. Buy what you can with yourremaining Gil (it is expensive), equip those armors (particularlyon those characters with the lowest HP), and use Mindu's Canoeto sail northwest past Fynn Castle. Northwest of Fynn is wherethe river stops; marshland and forests surround the immediatearea, and you will encounter several new foes including the Phorusracos(a lavender-colored Loper), Deadringers, Spiketoises, Ogres, OgreMages, Wererats, and Warlocks. These creatures rank two and three;you have the best weapons and armor (and high proficiencies ineach), you will hardly make a dent in them. The best strategyis to use magic to damage these enemies. When exhausted, saildown to Gatrea to heal. Make it a priority to fight and defeatas many of these creatures as possible. Warlocks frequently drophigher level spell scrolls, such as Blind and Berserk, and sometimessome Fire and Ice scrolls. Berserk boosts attack power, and canalso be sold for 5,000 Gil each. A rare, but infinitely valuable,drop is the Mage's Staff; with an attack power of 42, give itto any proficient Staff user and they will do remarkable damageeven against high-defense foes such as the Spiketoise. Ogres occasionallydrop Mythril Helms and Mythril Shields, and Ogre Mages will dropScrolls on occasion as well. Because these enemies are difficult,your party will naturally increase its stats with each battle.Save often to make sure you do not lose your progress.

Final Fantasy 2:Glitch Dreadnought floors:
As your party makes it way through the Dreadnoughtafter Princess Hilda's (first) abduction, notice that althoughyou are going downstairs to reach the basement floor where theengine lies, the floors increased from 1F to 2F to 3F, etc.

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