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Parasite Eve Cheats

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Parasite Eve

EX Game mode:
Complete the game once to enable an option that allowsthe game to be played in a new mode. This mode also includes accessto the Chrysler Building shortly after Day 2.

Note: If you let Wayne store your Medicines, Cards, Or Mod permitsbefore you complete the game, you will start with those itemsin Wayne's storage in the EX Game mode.

Extra points:
Complete one day without saving the game to receiveextra BP points when the following day begins.

Extra ammunition:
Return to the police station and open the box insidethe weapon storage room to collect thirty bullets. This may bedone a total of ten times during the game.

Track the helicopter:
Press Select at the city map screen to trackthe helicopter as it flies around the city.

Hint: Finding more items:
In Day 4, go to the second floor to find an open gate.Go to your right to reach a wall. There is a hidden door herethat leads to a secret room containing two boxes. The first boxcontains a tool or other items (varies). The second box containsammunition or other items (varies). This room will refill theboxes, as done in Wayne's room.

Hint: SP Vest:
Get to the point at the beginning of the game, afterthe clown in the basement dies. Check the room right below theroom with the save phone. There is a suit of knight's armor anda dresser next to it. Search the wall next to the knight, andthe wall with crumble. Crawl through the hole to find a "SPVest" that has a very good critical rate.

Hint: Tool:
A super tool can be found in the sewer, in one of thedead ends. When you climb down from the ladder, go to the leftand check all the dead ends. After reaching one, stop and checkalong the left side. about half-way up. The tool will glitter.

Hint: Tool Kit:
The Tool Kit and the Super Tool Kit can be used inthe same way as the Tools and the Super Tools, but these are unlimited.They give you 999 to the digits of the Tools carried. Give Wayne10 T Cards, then ask him to show you his T Card Collection. Oncehe finishes showing the T Cards, he will give the Tool Kit asgift.

Hint: AT4 bazooka:
Get a lot of medicine and a high level. The AT4 canbe found in the warehouse when you are going to China Town.

Hint: Bullets:
Use the following trick to get 60 bullets. When youare backstage of the Opera House, you will see a hole. Do notjump down there yet. Instead, go outside of the Opera House. Therewill be two policemen and another man. Ask the policeman at thefar right for bullets until he says he ran out. He should giveyou 60 bullets.

Hint: Medicine 2:
When in the sewers just after Eve burns everyone inthe opera hall, go up on the stage and battle Eve. She will talkto you after you defeat her and run away. Follow her. She willgo down into the sewers after a short amount of time. Keep followingher. When you first enter the sewers, go all the way to the backof the room instead of following the little girl. Turn right andfollow the wall until you find a secret room. Once inside youwill see two item boxes. Go all the way to the right to find avalve. Turn the valve and then return to the exit. You will seea new box. Inside is a Medicine 2, which can be very helpful duringthe alligator battle.

Hint: Revives:
At the start of the game when you enter the sewer,you will reach two sets of stairs. Go past them, get all the chestsaround the area, then return the stairs. Go up them, and whenyou get to the end when it bends around, you will enter a fightKill the two rats. Your reward prize will be two revives. If youdid not get into a fight with them, walk around for a few minutesand then go back up until the battle starts. This usually worksmore often in Ex mode.

When in the Chrysler Building in the EX game and find a monsterin a box in one of the many item rooms, they will give you eithera Revive or 30 ammunition. If you have five or more Revives inyour inventory, you will most likely get the ammunition. Defeatthe box monster and collect the item. Leave and re-enter thenre-open the box to fight and collect more items again. Be careful-- these monsters can hit for 100 HP damage easily and have about700 Hp themselves. When fighting them, never stand in one place.When they stop in the middle of the room, get as far away fromthem as you can -- they are preparing for an attack that can causeover 400 HP damage, even with your best armor. Using a gun withFirst Attack is recommended.

Hint: Trade junk for weapons:
Collect the junk items that you come across duringthe game. Take the junk back to the police station to discardit. A choice of several powerful weapons will be available afterdiscarding 300 pieces of junk

As you collect junk, Wayne will keep count. When you give him300 pieces of junk, he will offer to make a weapon out of thejunk for you. He will allow you to choose the weapon yourselfor let him decide. Although the weapons you will receive by lettinghim decide will be slightly more powerful, Wayne has a habit ofmaking mistakes resulting in weapons such as the Super Junk ora Super Duper Junk (which are useless). The better option is tochoose a weapon yourself.

Hint: Ultimate weapon:
This is another ultimate weapon you can get which iseasier than the junk weapon. You will need the G3A3 (found inthe Hospital), M870 (found in the Sewers of China Town), PPK (foundin the Warehouse), and M9 or M8000 (found in the Museum). Usethe G3A3 as the primary weapon. Use a Super Tool to remove theAttack X2. Attach the Burst effect from the M870, the First Strikeeffect from the PPK, and the Double Command from the M9 or M8000.After this, transfer all of the bonus effects from other weaponsonto this one to boost its attack, range, and bullet capacity.Later in EX mode, you can get weapons that have counter attacksthat you can also attach to this weapon. Also, later in the ChryslerBuilding, you can get the FA-MAS rifle that has a base attackof 119, range of 169, and a bullet capacity of 26. Use Super Toolsto attach all of your things to this weapon and you will be akilling machine.

Hint: Secret area:
In Day 1, there is a secret area the prop room. Goby the wall next to the suit of armor and press X. Thegame will note that it looks like the wall is going to crumble.It then opens and you will crawl through the opening and finda chest with the N Protector, which is normal armor.

In the sewers after the concert hall, on the right side of thewall under the walkway before the box, is a hidden room. PressX to open the wall, just like the secret area in the firstroom with the armor. Inside are three boxes. One contains Ammo+15, and some stat boosters. It may take awhile to find, becauseyou cannot see it. Note: It may only be accessible in EX games.

After you complete the basement of the hospital and you go backup stairs in the main floor, a door in the north side next tothe counter in the lobby will be opened. That door has two roomsbeyond it. Make sure to have only your gun, ammunition, armor,and no more than two Medicines. If not, go to the police stationand do that. Try to keep your inventory free for this area. Onceyou step inside, you will fight enemies. Kill them, then talkto the nurse. Do what she wants you to do. After you are donewith her little mission to save the other nurse, walk up to theend of the first nurse's room. Next to the door that you camein from, you will see a mini cupboard with items falling out ofit. Go around the back of that mini cupboard. Try to squeeze yourcharacter in the back of that cupboard so then once you pressX, your character will pick up a Trading Card. You canget unlimited Trading Cards here by repeatedly pressing Xuntil your inventory is full. Once you discovered that secretand step outside of that room or the whole hospital, you willnot be able to find them again. Make sure to have free space inyour inventory. Note: This can be done every time you finish around (first round, Ex round 2, Ex round 3, Ex round 4, etc.)

Hint: Navigating through the Chrysler building:
When looking for the item room, go right or left beforegoing up or down. When looking for the stairs leading up to thenext floor, go up whenever possible. After defeating a Boss onone of the "tenth" floors (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.), goto the elevator, go to the first floor and leave the building.Then, go to the police department and give any unneeded itemsto Wayne and save the game.

Hint: Hidden items in Pharmacy:
In the Pharmacy, go to where Maeda is located and checkthe shelves to the right. You should find a PE Booster. Over bythe storage room door (near the back) on the shelf with the emptyspace is a Medicine 3. Finally, behind the front counter nearthe phone is a Defense Booster.

Hint: Tips for winning the game:
Complete the game as normal, then complete it in EXmode one or more times. Keep the same armor used when the gamewas completed the first time. Use all the extra bonus points tostrengthen your weapon and armor, then go to the Chrysler buildingand use tools to strengthen new weapons. This is done by examiningat the starting specs of the weapons. Example: An attack of 30+1,range of 20+2, and bullets of 40+0; refer to the first numbers.Use tools to move the parameters, and remember to do the samewith your armor. Get all of the rare trading cards out of theChrysler building and give them to Wayne to get the tool kit andsuper tool kit to upgrade your weapons as much as possible. Alsoremember to have a lot of room in the inventory for the finalbattle with Eve.

Hint: Chocobo picture:
On the main map, choose to go to the museum. Wait awhileuntil the camera stops moving. Look closely to see a Chocobo picture.

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