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Rascal Cheats

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Enter INFIN as a password.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter JUICY as a password.

Level and room select:
Enter HOUSE as a password and begin game play.Press R1 during game play to select a new level or R2to choose a room. Alternatively, hold L1 and press Selectduring game play to choose a level or R2 to choose a room.

Note: The levels are abbreviated as follows at the level selectionscreen.

Castle levels: CS<number>
Aztec Temple: AZ<number>
Atlantis: AT<number>
Ship: SH<number>
Western: WS<number>
Corridors Of Time: 5BU and ABU
Game over sequences: GOV
Home: LHL and LST
Credits: CRD
Ending sequence: CCP

Ending sequence:
Enter HOUSE for the password and then in anylevel, get the numbers to "9" and the letters to "CCP".Then, hold R1 + R2 to view the ending sequence andthe game's credits.

Enable the "Level and room select" code,then advance to the ending sequence. Wait until the credits complete,then advance through the level names two times until you get tothe house. When you reach the house, you will be invisible.

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