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Ridge Racer Cheats

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Ridge Racer

Extra cars:
Destroy all the ships during the Galaga game that appearsduring the loading time to have eight additional cars available.The word "Perfect" will appear on the Galaga screento confirm that all ships were destroyed.

Extra tracks:
Finish all four tracks in first place for access tofour additional tracks. The new tracks are reverse versions ofthe original tracks.

Flag trick:
Hold L1 + R1 or L2 + R2and use the D-pad and other controller buttons to rotateand resize the flag. Press Start for a transparent flag.

Spinning cars and tracks:
Hold L1 or R1 during the car and levelselects screens to rotate them.

Race on mirror image of track:
From the starting line, turn the car around after reaching60 mph. This should be before the first curve on an extra track,or before merging into the main track on a normal track. Drivethrough the brick wall that appears at the starting line and racethe track backward.

Drive the Galaxian 13 car (black Lamborghini):
Finish first in the first four tracks. Play the TimeTrial track again and beat the Galaxian 13 by finishing first.If the Galaxian 13 passes your car in the first lap, it will onthe side and wait. However, it will not do this on the subsequentlaps. The race must be completed without hitting anything.

Play your own CD:
Replace the game disc with an audio CD after it reachesthe title screen.

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