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Road Rash Jailbreak Cheats

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Road Rash Jailbreak

Cheat menu:
Enter the options menu and highlight the "Multiplayer"selection. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2+ Left and press X to display the cheat menu.

5-0 mode:
Enter BDK as a cheat menu code.

Sidecar mode:
Enter CMB as a cheat menu code.

Jailbreak mode:
Enter KLFSDA as a cheat menu code.

Four Jailbreak mode nitros:
Enter FDMFG as a cheat menu code.

Hint: Quick start:
Hold Square + X (brake and accelerate)before a level is completes loading. Continue to hold the buttonsas the level starts, and your Rasher will be smoking his tires.When the countdown gets to "1", release the Square(brake). Doing this will boost you faster than normal a normalstart.

Hint: Wheelie over cars:
Press X(2) to accelerate twice to wheelie overcars. Note: Do not attempt to wheelie over trucks.

Hint: Hitch a ride on top of a car:
Press X(2) to do a wheelie, then break whenon car to hitch a ride on it.

Hint: Avoid arrest or crashes:
Simply press Start and restart the race beforegetting arrested by the police or crashing.

Instead of restarting a level when a cop is chasing you, pop a-wheelieover a car. The cop will run into the car.

Hint: Steal weapons:
Instead of using a weapon, use a fist wen you see anarmed opponent. Hit him repeatedly and some times you will beable to get his weapon,

Hint: Knock opponents over easier:
When you are riding, pace with an opponent, then ramthe side of his or her bike and hit (press R1 or R2)him or her at the same time. Then, hit him or her once or twicemore. If done correctly they will fall off. Note: Make sure youdo not crash into anything.

Hold Down and press R2 (kick) to do a side kickthat will sometimes knock an opponent off his or her bike in onehit. Note: This also works in multi-player side car co-op mode,but instead hold L2 to hit your partner.

Hint: Dump sidecar rider:
When in sidecar mode in a multi-player game, stop andquickly press L2 + Down +Square. This willfling your partner off the side into the road, and you can driveoff without him

Hint: Drown:
Go to a level with water in it. Line yourself up infront of a guardrail from a distance. If there is water beyondthe guardrail, your player will fly over it and disappear in thewater. The game will say that you wrecked. Note: You can onlydrown in certain levels.

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