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Rockman 4 Cheats

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Rockman 4

Alternate Rockman:
Highlight the "Navi Mode" option at the modeselection screen. Hold R2, then select Navi Mode. Rockmanwill no longer have his helmet.

Super password:
Enter A1 A4 B5 E2 F1 F3 as a password to startgame play with all weapons and items.

Time attack mode:
Successfully complete the game in enhanced mode. Anoption for "Time Attack" will now be unlocked at themode selection screen.

Sound test:
Successfully complete all levels in time attack mode.A "Sound Test Mode" option will now be unlocked at themode selection screen.

Super blaster:
Intentionally lost a life four times in the exact samelocation, then continue game play. Doctor Light will give MegaMan a super blaster.

Hint: Hidden balloon:
Go across the top part of Pharoah Man's level. Do notenter the pit when it appears. Instead, use Rush to get acrossit. Go right, and you will reach more quicksand. Keep going toreach some platforms. There will be a small container marked witha B. This is the balloon.

Hint: Hidden wire:
Begin game play on Dive Man's level. Fall into thesmall pit that appears soon after the continue point. Avoid thespikes that line the walls and fall all the way down. A containermarked W can be found once you reach the bottom. This is the wire.

Hint: Boss weaknesses:

Skull Man: Dust
Toad Man: Drill
Bright Man: Toad Rain
Drill Man: Dive Torpedo
Dive Man: Skull Shield
Pharaoh Man: Bright Freeze
Ring man: Pharaoh Shot
Dust Man: Ring Shot

Another recommendation is:
Toad Man: Mega Buster
Bright Man: Rain Flush
Pharaoh Man: Flash Stopper
Ring Man: Pharaoh Shot
Dust Man: Ring Boomerang
Skull Man: Dust Crusher
Dive Man: Skull Barrier
Drill Man: Dive Missile

ToadA2/5/6 B1 D1 E3
BrightA1/3/5 B2 D1 E3
PharaohA1/5 B4 C1 D1/3
RingA1 B4/6 C4 D1/3
DustA1 B4/5 C6 D1/3
SkullA1 B4/5 D2/3 F2
DiveA1 B4/5 E2/6 F3
DrillA1/4 B5 E2 F1/3

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