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Rugrats: Search For Reptar Cheats

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Rugrats: Search For Reptar

Inside hints:
Insert the game disc into a PC compatible CD-ROM drive.Enter the "datahints" directory to access forty-twotext files containing hints for the game.

Bonus level:
Successfully complete the game after collecting atleast thirteen Reptar bars to play as Reptar in a bonus level.

Hint: Mini-golf section:
Run to the rear of the big pyramid on the eighth holeof the mini-level. Enter to find Reptar Bars.

The mini-golf hole with the windmill has a Reptar Bar on the leftside.

Go to the mini-golf level. On hole 8, the Egyptian pyramids, goright until you see nothing but bushes. Then, go left two steps.You will see a hole in a pyramid. Go in and you will find manyReptar Bars and the secret Mr. Friend mummy doll. Note: This willonly work on the main game and not on mini-games.

Go to the mini-golf level with the pyramids. Behind one is a passagewith 100 Reptar Bars and a mummified mr. Friend. Do not get lostor it will take hours to leave.

Hint: Incident On Aisle 7: Transport:
Go to the flower shop. In one location, there are threeballoons together. Grab them to be transported to the pie throwinggame thing after the vegetables.

Hint: Cookie race:
Press X to jump down the stairs to get far aheadof Angelica.

Hint: Chuckie's glasses:
Press X to jump downstairs. When at the bottom,instead of turning and going through the living room, go straightand take a left into the kitchen. Then go on through to the livingroom, which is must faster.

Glitch: Hide and Seek level: Intermission:
Watch the intermission sequence before the start ofthe level. When Phil says, "How about Hide And Go Peep?",it will be his sister Lil's voice. Note: You can tell becauseLil has a bow, and the person talking does not.

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