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Twisted Metal Cheats

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Twisted Metal

Helicopter view:
Enter Circle, Circle, Triangle,X, _ as a level password, where "_" representsa space. This view only works on Arena, Rooftop and Arena 2. Afterentering those levels, press Down + Start untilthe helicopter view appears.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter Triangle, _, Square, Circle,Circle as a level password, where "_" representsa space.

Enter Square, Triangle, X, Space,Circle as a level password.

Unlimited turbos:
Enter Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle,Circle as a level password. The turbo will start at 20,resets at 29, returns to 20, and repeatedly resets again to 29.

Fight for your life:
Enter Square, Triangle, Circle,Square, Square as a level password. This is theArena 2 level with five opponent cars.

Alternate Minion battle:
Enter Square, Triangle, X, Circle,X as a password.

Glitch screen:
Enter Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle,Circle as a password. A screen of text will appear forseveral seconds before the game resumes.

List opponents:
During game play in a one player game, press Start+ X to display a list of remaining vehicles.

During game play in a one player game, press Start+ Right.

Hold Start and press Left during gameplay.

Hidden hotel:
Find the glass pyramid in the Rooftop stage and destroyit. You will drop down and drive around a hotel with many roomsand areas.

Escape when frozen:
Press Turbo to escape if your character becomesfrozen.

Play track two and above of the game disc in an audioCD player to hear music from the game.

Custom game music:
Press Start during game play. Replace the gamedisc with an audio CD of your choice. Wait for the PlayStationto load the CD. Resume game play to hear the music from the CD.Note that this will randomly select a song and the game disc mustbe replaced before changing levels.

View game ending without playing:
Place the game disc in a PC CD-ROM drive and open upthe folders. Open the *.txt files that you find to see the endingsfor each character, in addition to the history, and credits.

Hint: Calypso portrait:
Towards the end of the credits, "Calypso PhotographerCraig Incardone" will appear. The Calypso portrait seen inthe background is actually a photograph.

Hint: Deathmatch or tournament modes:
Shoot at only one car at a time until it is defeated. The other CPU cars will leave you alone and go after only theone car being attacked. You must quickly choose a new targetthe first has been destroyed or all the cars will resume the freefor all type behavior. This works well when playing with fourplayers.

Glitch: Drive outside level:
At the last level, go through the tunnel after youdestroy the glass pyramid. Use your land mines and place eachof them in a row starting from the top of the ramp. Then, go tothe bottom of it and face the mines. Hit your turbos and run overthe mines. Your speedometer should reach 1000 mph. You will landoutside of the city and can drive around wherever you want. Donot to return to the roads or your car will explode.

Warehouse District WarfareCircle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
Freeway Free For AllX, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
River Park RumbleX, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square
CyburbiaX, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Rooftop CombatSquare, Triangle, X, Circle, X
Final BattleTriangle, X, O, Square, Triangle
CharacterLicense PlateMeaning
Sweet ToothISKREEMIce Cream
WarthogUESUVAU. S. of A.
DarksideSTNSPWNSatan(s) Spawn
HammerheadKILRGRNKiller Green
Yellow Jacket DRTOLMNDirty Old Man
Road KillTYMTRPRTime Trooper
SpecterDHEDGIEDead Guy
Mr GrimmSOLTAKRSoul Taker
Crimson FuryTRSTNOITrust No One
Pit ViperGN4HYRGun for Hire
ThumperDRYVBYDrive By

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