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Twisted Metal 2 Cheats

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Twisted Metal 2

Play as Sweet Tooth:
Press Up, L1, Triangle, Rightat the vehicle selection screen. The sound of an explosion willconfirm correct code entry. The stage password will not be accessiblewith this code.

This code is actually visible in the game. Begin game play inNew York City and go by the pool. There are red lights that spellout the code on the side that has the portal (not in the glass).Go off the edge to see it.

Play as Minion:
Press L1, Up, Down, Leftat the vehicle selection screen. The stage password will not beaccessible with this code.

Homing napalm:
Accumulate at least two napalms. Fire a napalm, keepthe button held, and press Up, Down(2), Left(3),Right(2). Extra napalms will appear in your inventory toconfirm correct code entry. Any napalms collected will act ashoming napalms when fired and track their intended target.

God mode:
Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right(2),Left, Down, Up during game play for eternallife (invincibility) and unlimited weapons. A sound and text messagewill confirm correct code entry.

Unlimited weapons:
Hold R2 + L2 and quickly press Up,Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down,Up. during game play. A sound and text message will confirmcorrect code entry.

Shoot'em, lose'em:
Hold R2 + L2 and quickly press Up,Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down,Up. during game play. Wait a few seconds, then repeat thecode again. A sound and text message will confirm correct codeentry. Note: This code disables unlimited ammunition.

Mega guns:
Hold R2 and quickly press Up, Down,Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Upduring game play in two player co-operative tournament mode. Asound and text message will confirm correct code entry.

Power hit:
Select Axel as a character. Hold R1 and quicklypress Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left,Down, Up during game play. Run into one of the othervehicles to do massive damage.

Stronger shock wave:
Select Axel as a character. Hold R2 and quicklypress Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left,Down, Up during game play. Run into one of the othervehicles to do massive damage.

Random vehicle:
selection screen.

Rooftop extra track:
Press Down, Left, R1, Downat the two player challenge match track select screen. A loudnoise will confirm correct code entry.

Jet Moto Suicide Swamp extra track:
Press Up, Down, Right, R1at the two player challenge match track select screen A loud noisewill confirm correct code entry.

Cyburbia track:
Press Down, Up, L1, R1at the two player challenge match track select screen. A loudnoise will confirm correct code entry.

Trade weapons for health:
Press Down, Up, Right, Left,Up(2), Down(2) during game play. All weapons willbe converted to health. Note: Your Advanced Attack bar must befull.

Weapon list:
Press Select + Down to select weaponsfrom a list instead of a group of icons. A loud noise will confirmcorrect code entry.

Rear view mirror:
Press Select + Right during game play.

Disable radar:
Press Select + Left during game play.

Select view:
Hold Up and press Select during gameplay in one player mode to switch to a helicopter and an overheadview. In two player mode, this will select how the screen is split.

Bonus audio:
Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD playerto hear music from the game.

Custom game music:
Press Start during game play. Replace the gamedisc with an audio CD of your choice. Wait for the PlayStationto load the CD. Resume game play to hear the music from the CD.Note that this will randomly select a song and the game disc mustbe replaced before changing levels.

Hint: Antarctica:
When in Antarctica, enable the "God mode"code. Go to any part of the island, drop and detonate two to fourRemote Bombs. This will speed up the process of that part of theisland falling off.

Hint: Remote Bombs:
Get on a teleporter pad and go to its destination.Leave a Remote Bomb there. Get away from that immediate area andchange weapons so that you do not detonate the bomb. When anotherplayer gets on the teleporter pad, they will be put down on topof the bomb and will explode. This works exceptionally well in"Paris Monumental Disaster" at the Eiffel Tower.

Glitch: Invisibility:
Use the invincibility attack when you complete anylevel (after killing all your enemies). If done correctly, youwill be invisible for the rest of the game. Note: This requiresprecise timing.

Glitch: Get underground:
Select Grass Hopper as a character. Enter the HongKong Crunch level in two player mode. Go near the water, thengo to the closest subway station. Put Grass Hopper in the subwayand the other character outside the subway on the other side ofthe building diagonal to the start of the subway walls. Aim atthe wall and use your map to line up both characters diagonally.Perform Grass Hopper's special and turbo through the wall. Youwill now be able to travel underground in the level. Note: Thisis difficult to perform. If you go too far, you will be suckedinto the water then drown and die. If you shoot a ricochet, itwill go above ground anyway.

Glitch: Wrong code secret:
In the Paris level is a Mona Lisa painting in the towerwith the teleporter pad. if you burn down the painting, a codewill appear (Up, Down, L1, R1). Thiscode is an error by Single Trac, the developers of the game. Itwas intended to be the code to unlock the Cyburbia hidden level(Down, Up, L1, R1), but they madea mistake and switched directions. The incorrect code will notunlock a hidden FMV sequence, as popularly rumored.

Special attacks:

Freeze ballLeft, Right, Up
NapalmRight, Left, Up
JumpUp(2), Left
ShieldUp(2), Right
Rear AttackLeft, Right, Down
MinesRight, Left, Down
Invisibility (three seconds)Right, Down, Left, Up
Minion AttackUp, Down, Up(2), Fire
Rear FreezeLeft, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up
Rear NapalmLeft, Right, Down, Right, Left, Up

Note: Minion's Attack can be used by any vehicle.

MoscowX, Triangle, X, X, _, _
ParisCircle, Triangle, Square, _, Triangle, _
AmazoniaTriangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, _
New York_, Triangle, Square, Square, X, _
AntarcticaX, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle
HollandCircle, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
Hong KongTriangle, X, Circle, X, X, Circle
Dark ToothTriangle, Square, Triangle, Square, _, Square
MoscowTriangle, X, Circle, _, _, _
ParisX, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle
Amazonia_, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Circle
New YorkCircle, Triangle, X, Circle, _, Square
AntarcticaX, Square, Square, Circle, _, Triangle
HollandTriangle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
Hong KongCircle, Square, Square, Circle, X, Triangle
Dark ToothX, _, X, Square, Square, _
Moscow_, Triangle, X, X, X, _, Square
Paris _, X, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle
AmazoniaTriangle, _, _, _, X, Circle
New YorkTriangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, X
AntarcticaTriangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Square
HollandTriangle, Square, Square, X, Square, _
Hong KongCircle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle
Dark ToothCircle, Circle, Circle, _, Triangle, X
Mr. Grimm
MoscowTriangle, Triangle, X, X, Circle, _
ParisCircle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X
AmazoniaX, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
New YorkTriangle, _, _, Circle, X, Circle
AntarcticaCircle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, _
HollandX, X, Triangle, _, Circle, X
Hong Kong_, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square
Dark Tooth_, Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle
Mr. Slam
MoscowX, X, Triangle, Square, X, _
ParisX, _, _, Circle, X, Square
AmazoniaCircle, Triangle, Square, _, Square, X
New YorkTriangle, X, Circle, Square, _, Circle
AntarcticaTriangle, _, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle
Holland_, Circle, _, _, Circle, _
Honk KongSquare, _, _, Triangle, _, Triangle
Dark ToothSquare, _, Square, Triangle, Circle, X
Outlaw 2
Moscow_, X, Circle, _, Triangle, _
ParisTriangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, _
AmazoniaTriangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, _
New YorkCircle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, _
AntarcticaX, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, _
HollandX, Square, Square, _, Triangle
Hong Kong_, Triangle, X, Square, X, X
Dark Tooth_, Circle, X, _, Triangle, _
Road Kill
MoscowCircle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, _
ParisTriangle, _, Triangle, _, _, Circle
AmazoniaX, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle
New YorkCircle, _, _, X, _, X
Antarctica_, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, _
HollandX, _, _, Triangle, _, Square
Hong KongTriangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
Dark ToothTriangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Square, X,
MoscowSquare, _, _, Triangle, Triangle, _
ParisX, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
AmazoniaX, X, Circle, _, Triangle, X
New YorkX, _, _, X, Circle, Square
AntarcticaCircle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Circle
HollandCircle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, _
Hong KongCircle, _, Triangle, _, Square, X
Dark ToothCircle, Triangle, _, Triangle, Circle, _
MoscowCircle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, _
Paris_, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X
AmazoniaCircle, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, X
New York_, X, Circle, X, X, Triangle
AntarcticaX, _, _, _, Circle, Triangle
HollandTriangle, _, _, Square, X, Square
Hong KongX, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square
Dark ToothX, Circle, Circle, Circle, _, Triangle
MoscowCircle, _, _, Triangle, X, _
ParisX, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle
AmazoniaTriangle, X, Circle, _, Square, _
New YorkX, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle
AntarcticaTriangle, Triangle, Square, _, _, _
HollandX, Triangle, X, _, Square, Triangle
Hong KongTriangle, _, _, Square, Triangle, _
Dark ToothTriangle, _, Square, Square, X, Circle
MoscowX, _, _, Triangle, Circle, _
ParisTriangle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle
Amazonia_, Triangle, Square, X, Square, Circle
New YorkX, Triangle, X, Circle, X, _
AntarcticaCircle, _, _, X, Square, Triangle
Holland_, X, X, _, _, Circle
Hong KongX, X, Triangle, X, Square, _
Dark ToothX, Square, _, Square, Triangle, Circle
MoscowTriangle, _, _, Triangle, Square, _
ParisTriangle, Square, Square, Square, X, Square
AmazoniaCircle, Square, Square, Circle, X, X
New YorkX, Square, Square, _, X, Circle
Antarctica_, X, Circle, Triangle, _, Square
HollandTriangle, X, Triangle, Square, _, X
Hong KongCircle, X, Triangle, Circle, _, Circle
Dark ToothCircle, Square, Space, Circle, Circle, Square

Note: "_" indicates a space.

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