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Twisted Metal 3 Cheats

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Twisted Metal 3

Sexy version of Flower Power:
Enter Left, Square, Square, Square,Left as a password to view an alternate character selectionscreen picture of Flower Power, featuring a revealing view ofto view the normal and alternate screens as well as a completecomposite.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter Triangle, Circle, Up, Right,Down as a password.

God mode:
Enter L1, Square, X, R1,Start as a password. Note: This code should not be usedwhile the "Activate memory card" code is enabled.

Massive force:
Enter Triangle, Circle, Down,Left, Up as a password. The impact damage of anyweapon that hits your character or the CPU cars will be magnified.

Giant Ricochet bomb:
Enter Left, Right Left, Right,Up as a password.

Smart seekers:
Enter Triangle, Left, Down, Right,Up as a password. Any missiles that track their targetswill be enhanced .

Freeze missile:
Enter Triangle, Up, Circle, Right,Start as a password to adds 99 freeze missiles to the inventory.They appear to be identical to the the power missile, except forthe "freeze" caption.

No Pick-ups:
Enter Select, Select, R2, L2,Start as a password.
and Nick Tolbert.

No health Pick-ups:
Enter Select, L1, Select, Start,Circle as a password.
and Nick Tolbert.

No full healths in any mode:
Enter L1, Start, Start, Start,R1 as a password.

CPU cars ignore health power-ups:
Enter Down, L1, Down, Start,Triangle as a password. The CPU controlled cars will notuse health power-ups when low.

Ice levels:
Enter Up, Up, X, X, Upas a password.
and Nick Tolbert.

All pick-ups are homing missiles:
Enter Start, R1, L1, Start,Start as a password.
and Nick Tolbert.

All pick-ups are napalm:
Enter Start, Start, L1, L1,L1 as a password.
and Nick Tolbert.

All pick-ups are power missiles:
Enter Start, L1, Start, L1,Start as a password.
and Nick Tolbert.

Homing rain missiles:
Enter Up, Down, Up, Down,Up as a password.

CPU kills humans:
Enter L1, R1, L1, R1, R1as a password. All CPU cars will relentlessly attack player cars.

Solo deathmatch:
Enter X, Circle, Circle, Circle,Circle as a password.
and Nick Tolbert.

Unlimited specials:
Enter L1, L1, R1, R1, R1as a password. Start a game, then intentionally die. Unlimitedspecials will be available when you come back.

Alternately, enter L1, L1, L1, R1,R1 as a password, then return to the password screen andenter L1, L1, L1, R1, R2 asa password.

Super napalm:
Enter R1, R1, L1, L1, L1as a password.
Nick Tolbert.

Warehouse level:
Enter Square, Square, Square,Left, Left as a password. Then, start a deathmatchgame and choose any level and vehicle.

Alternatively, enter Up, Up, Up, Right,Right as a password.

Demo level:
Enter Up, Up, Up, Left,Left as a password. Then, start a deathmatch game and chooseany level and vehicle to play the demo level displayed in thebackground at the main menu.

Club Kid's House level:
Enter Left, Left, Left, Square,Square as a password. Then, start a deathmatch game andchoose any level. The level consists of a small arena with a discoball.

Play as Sweet Tooth in any mode:
Enter Left, Left, Left, Right,Right as a password.

Play as Minion in any mode:
Enter Right, Right, Right, Left,Left as a password.

Master code:
Enter Triangle, Triangle, Triangle,L1, L1 as a password to activate all cheats.

Activate memory card:
Enter Start, Start, Start, Start,Start as a password. Select any desired game settings andbegin a game. A prompt to save will appear just before game playbegins. Note: The saved settings may not load at times when thiscode is enabled. To solve this problem, open the top of the PlayStation,then power it on. Wait until the Memory card/CD player screenappears, shut the top, and the game will continue to load withthe previously saved settings.

Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD playerto hear music and voiceovers from the game.

Custom game music:
Press Start during game play. Replace the gamedisc with an audio CD of your choice. Wait for the PlayStationto load the CD. Resume game play to hear the music from the CD.Note that this will randomly select a song and the game disc mustbe replaced before changing levels.

Special moves:

FreezeLeft, Right, Up
InvisibilityUp, Down, Left, Right
JumpUp(2), Left
Rear fire selected weaponLeft, Right, Down

One hit kill rockets:
On any level, spin around in three clockwise circles,then three counter-clockwise circles. Shoot off all weapons anduse all turbos. A bang will confirm correct trick entry. Checkthe inventory to find the powered-up rockets.

Skidmark art:
Select Spectre as a character. Go forward at normalspeed, then quickly hold Down/Left. Spin between ten andtwenty times. Your skidmarks should look like a star inside yourcircle.

Watch combat:
Set the "In-Game Menu" on before starting.Go to the options and set the music volume to full and the soundeffects volume to half. Set the difficulty on "Pure Lunacy".Go to deathmatch and choose seven opponents, with any battleground. Select the game option that allows you to pick the opponents,Select your opponents and your driver. Afterwards, quit the battle.After you do all of this, it shows the title screen and the driversyou selected in a normal battle. Press Start and "Demo- Press Start" will appear At this point, press L1or R1 to change other drivers, Circle for a rearview, Down or Up to slow the battle, and L2or R2 to change the camera angle of the driver. Have funwatching them battle each other. When the driver you selectedto control loses the battle, "You've lost the match"will appear, then, the entire battle will change.

Select your own main menu background demo:
Select a one player deathmatch. Get seven opponents,then select the level you want the background to appear as. Selectthe person you want to see in the demo. Play and quickly quitthe game. It does not matter how long you play. Your level andperson will appear in the background demo.

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