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Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats

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Square Enix
Printable VersionPlayStation 2
Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats
Final Fantasy X-2 Game Details:
Marking the first true sequel in Squaresoft's popular RPG series, the story of Final Fantasy X-2 picks up two years after the events that took place in Final Fantasy X. Following the young and powerful Summoner Yuna's quest to rid Spira of the destructive force known as Sin, the world enters into a period known as the "Eternal Calm". See all the cheats, codes, hints and other tips and tricks available for Final Fantasy X-2 on the PlayStation 2 below.

Final Fantasy X-2

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "NewGame+" bonus at the main menu. Select this option to starta new game with all characters keeping the items that were obtainedduring your first game.

Easy AP (method one):
Use this trick to easily master your Spheres. First,get the Key To Success accessory, which doubles everything (HP,MP, AP earned, experience earned, etc.), and the AP Egg accessory,which triples the amount of AP earned. Equipping both of theseto one character turns one AP into six. Go out and buy 99 of anyone item (Potions recommended). Enter battle against a fairlyeasy opponent, and each turn have the characters use a Potionon themselves. Since using items gives you AP, and you have thetwo accessories equipped, watch those Spheres get mastered inno time.

Easy AP (method two):
This trick requires the Lure Bracer and the Treasure Hunt GarmentGrid (obtained from Shinra in Chapter 3 or 5 by adding a coinin the Sphere Break game that says Item or Rare). Set your Cursorto "Memory". Equip everyone with the desired Dress Sphere.Go to a place where the enemies are strong enough to withstandseveral hits from your party, but not strong enough to kill youeasily (such as Zanarkand Ruins, Mt. Gagazet, Calm Lands). Getinto a battle. Have everyone use Mug. Each Mug attack used gains1 AP to your character. It is best if you have the Key To Successand AP Egg, but either way works well.

Easy experience:

Go to a place where the enemies do very little damage,such as Besaid, Kilika, etc. Have someone in the White Mage DressSphere, and the other two characters in any other Dress Sphere.Set your configuration so that your Cursor is on Memory. Go intobattle. Eliminate all but one enemy. Have the White Mage use Pray,and have the other two characters do a move that will not harmthe enemy (for example, Sentinal, Steal, Pilfer Gil, etc.) Note:Do a move that does not require MP. Pause game play once theyall have their orders. While paused, keep the X buttonheld with a rubber band, tape, etc. End the battle once you aredone. You will be able to master Dress Spheres easily.

Easy gil:

Once you gain access to digging in Bikanel Desert,dig there. After about ten digs, the robot that travels with youwill say "Unidentified Object Approaching". Stand stilland on the mini-map you will see a purple arrow approaching you.Stand there and it will go above you, sending you into a battle.This monster may seem impossible at this time, but do not worry;it will only eject you from battle after awhile. Using your Thief,steal from it to get a Megalixer, which sells for 5,000 gil. Then,using your Thief again, use Pilfer Gil and you will usually getanywhere from 1,000 to 2000 gil. Usually the monster will appearon two to three digs in a row. You can easily get up to 23,000gil in five to ten minutes.

Easy battles (method one):
To defeat enemies very easily, use the Alchemist Mixability and combine a Holy Water with a Fire Gem, Water Gem, IceGem, etc. This will create a magic attack called White Hole whichdoes about 10,000 damage to one enemy. To find gems easily, youneed to rare steal from Flan Rojo, Flan Blanco, etc.

Easy battles (method two):
For easier Boss battles, you can use special Dress Spheres. WithRikku's Master Triple HP, Shell ,and Protector and Paine's MasterTriple HP, and Scare, these abilities make it very easy to defeatVegnagun and Shuyin.

Easy healing:
Once you get at least one Mage Dress Sphere (WhiteMage or Black Mage recommended), healing is much easier out ofbattle. Equip each girl with the Mage Sphere. This will drop theirmax HP drastically. Then, use Potions or Cure to heal them, thenreturn their Dress Sphere to what it was before. Since the HPtransitions go by percentage, and not a flat amount, having aMage with 500 max HP fully healed transfers to a warrior with1500 max HP, fully healed.

In-game reset:

Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2+ Start + Select during game play.

Skip intermission sequences:
Pause game play during an intermission sequence, thenpress Square to skip the current scene.

Changing dress/job:

During a battle, press L1 during your charactersturn and a plate will appear. Choose your desired dress and press Action to activate it. For Yuna, once you get the SpecialDress, you can use it during battle. During Yuna's turn, press L1 then R1 to the change to the Special Dress.

Secret scene:

Get to the scene after Djose Temple where Yuna fallsinto the gaping hole and ends up on the farplane. First, she meets Shuin. Later, Shuin goes away and then the three main leadersof New Yevon, Youth Alliance, and Al Bhed appear. After they giveYuna a couple of Akagi Spheres, the scene will change. SuddenlyYuna will be in a black room with a spotlight on her. In thisscene, you can walk around the dark room for a few seconds. Ifyou continuously press Circle during that time, you willbe presented with a secret scene. It is called "The WhistlingScene", and you will see Yuna scream then hear a faint whistle.She looks over to see a shadow of Tidus. She will then run afterTidus and follow him along a path until he disappears and shereturns to the airship. Remember, do not stop pressing Circlebutton until you are sure the scene has finished. Note: You needto do this secret scene to get the "perfect ending".

Black Mage: Fast skill learning:

The best place to do this is in Kilika Woods, nearthe save point. You will run into the Red Element and this isthe monster that will "help" you. Being near a savepoint means you will not have to waste any Ethers or else. Usuallyyou will run into two Red Elements and that flying bug. Kill thebug and one of the Red Elements. Then, switch the other two charactersto the White Mage garment, and keep one still wearing the BlackMage garment. Make that person keep casting Fira. It will notaffect the Red Element, so you will not kill it. Having the othertwo Praying will make the element unable to kill you. Keep oncasting Fira until you run out of MP, then switch one of the WhiteMages into a warrior and kill the monster (Pain recommended. Repeatthis several times until most of your skills have been learned.

Black Mage: Easy leveling:
To level up your Black Mage with ease, set the cursorto "Memory". Go into a battle with any type of element,and cast the spell that the element is on it. Have one Alchemistthat already learned Ether from the stash and keep casting iton the Black Mage. Also have a White Mage there to use Pray. Usea controller with an auto-fire feature and keep doing this repeatedlyto level up your Black Mage.

White Mage: Easy leveling:
Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-firefeature. Change all characters' Dress Sphere to White Mage. Setthe auto-fire to X and have everyone use the Pray ability...This works well when battling against the two lizards found onMushroom Rock Road. Let everyone keep Praying and eventually theyshould master the White Mage Dress Sphere.

Recommended Blitzball players:

The best two players you can scout are Yuyui and Lucil.They are both Lv max agents and cost 40 CPs to obtain. Yuyui hasall her max stats as 99 and 255 for RNG and REC. She is perfectfor any position on the field. Lucil is a bit lower with all herstats maxed at 77 and 177 for RNG and REC, but she is also goodfor the team. Lucil, however, has the Corkscrew Shot and the OverheadVolley.

Taking advantage of Garment Grid:
Before the battle, make sure that transformations areon full mode. At the beginning of any battle, when all your charactersare ready to act, simultaneously move them through the grid together.This will start a chain of constant wait mode. When the girl isdone changing, she can automatically choose again. String allthe transformations one after the other with all girls until youpass through all the gates on grid and get back to the job youwant, resulting in having all the boosts from the Garment Gridbefore an enemy can even choose to attack (due to the constantstring of wait mode). This is very useful with some Garment Grids,such as Tetra Guard to absorb Fire, Water, Ice, and Lightningbefore an enemy can attack you.

Longer Trigger Happy:
Have someone equipped with the Gunner Dress Sphereand cast Haste on that person. Then, do Trigger Happy and it shouldtake your chain up by at least eight.

Using Special Dress Spheres:

To use each character's special Dress Spheres, youmust activate all the Dress Spheres on your Result Plate (alllines in the plate should be glowing in blue). If activated, the"R1 Special Dress Change" message will flash. To change,press R1 and Action. The only difference is thatthe Special Dress Sphere will control the other character, andthe character using the special Dress Sphere will be the onlyone who will receive the experience.

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