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Ratchet: Deadlocked Cheats

Released On:
Sony Computer Entertainment
Printable VersionPlayStation 2
Ratchet: Deadlocked Cheats
Ratchet: Deadlocked Game Details:
Ratchet: Deadlocked takes Ratchet and Clank on a mission to locate several famous heroes who have mysteriously disappeared. The good news is the duo located the missing people. The bad news is they find them after getting captured by the same person who has been going around stealing heroes. Now Ratchet has to compete in the game and go up against the deadly Exterminators, to save himself and his friends. See all the cheats, codes, hints and other tips and tricks available for Ratchet: Deadlocked on the PlayStation 2 below.

Ratchet: Deadlocked

Pipo-Saru Ratchet
Go to the edit profile command, hold L2 and input the following code: UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT.

Unlock Skins
Go to the edit profile command, hold L2 and input the following code:
Play as Mr. Sunshine in Multiplayer mode
Enter Multiplayer mode and create a profile. Make an account on with the same name as your profile. Go online with the game, log on to the web site, select the "Edit Profile" option, then hold L2 and press Left, Down, Right, Left, Down, Up(2), Left to unlock the Mr. Sunshine skin in Multiplayer mode.

Play as Vernon in Multiplayer mode
Enter Multiplayer mode and create a profile. Make an account on with the same name as your profile. Go online with the game, log on to the web site, select the "Edit Profile" option, then hold L2 and press Left, Right, Down, Left, Down, Up, Right, Up to unlock the Vernon skin in Multiplayer mode.

Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game and start Challenge mode to unlock the "Character Epilogues" and "Credits" options at the "Media" menu.

Bonus skins
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin:
  • "The Muscle": Collect 25 Glamour Stars
  • Avenger: Win the Avenger Tournament
  • Crusader: Win the Crusader Tournament
  • Jak: Collect 50 Glamour Stars (in Co-Op Multiplayer only)
  • Kid Nova: Collect 45 Glamour Stars
  • King Claude: Collect 30 Glamour Stars
  • LandShark: Collect 35 Glamour Stars
  • Liberator: Win the Liberator Tournament
  • Squidzor: Collect 40 Glamour Stars
  • Starshield: Collect 60 Glamour Stars
  • Venus: Collect 75 Glamour Stars
  • Vernon: Collect 30 Glamour Stars
  • Vindicator: Win the Vindicator Tournament
  • W3RM: Collect 55 Glamour Stars
Exterminator mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock Exterminator mode.

Ninja Ratchet
Collect all Exterminator cards to unlock Ninja Ratchet.

Exterminator's cards
Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding Exterminator card:
  • Ace Hardlight: Get 400,000 Dread points.
  • Eviscerator: Get over 100 Max Nanotech.
  • Gleeman Vox: Get all Skill Points.
  • Reactor: Buy all the Mega weapon versions, including the Harbringer.
  • Shellshock: Get all weapons and Omega mods.
  • Slugha (Vox's pet): Successfully complete all missions on the highest difficulty setting.
Skill Point bonuses
Collect the indicated number of Skill Points to unlock the corresponding bonus:
  • Color Blind: 120 Skill Points
  • Exterminator Bot Heads: 20 Skill Points
  • Gangsta Guns: 10 Skill Points
  • HUD Color: 5 Skill Points
  • Kill Quark!: 105 Skill Points
  • Mirrored World: 15 Skill Points
  • Morph mod for your vehicle weapons: 140 Skill Points
  • Remove Helmet: 15 Skill Points
  • Super Bloom: 25 Skill Points
  • Super Morphing Freeze Wrench: 35 Skill Points
  • Weather: 60 Skill Points
Easy Bolts
Once you have the Dual Vipers upgraded to Dual Raptors, equip the Jackpot mod (two if you have them) and Shock mod. Go to the Endzone Challenge in the Battledome. Use the Raptors repeatedly. This is a good place to train any weapon. If you are doing the challenge with Dual Raptors, you should get a large amount of money quickly (about 6 million per play). Additionally, use the Magma or Vulcan Cannon and equip the Jackpot mods (as many as possible). Go to the Endzone Challenge and stand a good but close distance from the starting line and repeatedly fire. It is possible to get close to 3 million Bolts.

Easy Bolts, Nanotech, and weapon upgrades
Go to the Endzone Challenge. This is much easier in Co-Op mode and you will get more Bolts. When it first starts, put four Holo/Omni Shields across the playing field. Then, have the other player go to the top of the playing field where the enemies come from and run back and forth (not shooting at all). Next, take out the Dual Raptors/Vipers and strafe towards where the enemies come from (basically spray and pray). The other player will pick up ammunition for you about every three seconds when you need it. This will get to v99 very fast, as will the Omni Shield Launcher. In Challenge mode if you are doing this only for the Bolts and Nanotech, a Bolt-multiplier at x20 should get about 10 to 20 million Bolts per round. You can use whatever weapon desired, as long as you have the Omni-Shields up (with no spaces in-between). When anything runs into the shields they will die or get frozen. Freeze mod is very helpful on the Omni Shield Launcher. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy weapon experience
Use the following trick to easily upgrade the Mega Vulcan Cannon. When you get the Mega Vulcan Cannon in Challenge mode, go to planet Shaar and pick Wack-A-Swarmer. Then, walk forward to get the Mega Vulcan Cannon. You should get the weapon upgrades three or four times depending on how you are in your upgrade. Try using the Mega b11-Vaporizer.

In the Endzone challenge in Challenge mode, equip Exp mods on any Mega weapon and it will grow at a very fast rate. You may need to repeat this a few times, but it is worth it.

Recommended weapon
Give the Leviathan Flail nine Area mods and one Speed mod. This will be one of the best weapon configurations if you like the way it works. Use the Charge Boots to get closer to an enemy, then smash it. Most of them will be dead with one hit. If not, use the Freeze mod as an Omega mod for bigger enemies. This is the best option for all arena battles, because one smash destroys almost everything. This weapon configuration is also very effective for small rooms and other narrow or small places. Do not worry about the ammunition; if you smash one time, three ammo boxes will be broken to refill the Flail's ammunition. Use the Hypersmash if you get too surrounded (jump then smash). If done correctly, the front and rear will be smashed.

Controlling the way Exterminator Cards spin
Go to your containment suite when you have the cards. Press Triangle to view the cards. You can control which way your Exterminator Card spins by moving the Left Analog-stick Up and Down.

Bolt multiplier reset
In Challenge mode, whenever you have any amount for the Bolt multiplier, take out the Holoshield Launcher or Omni-Shield Launcher. Shoot it, then jump through the Holoshield to reset your Bolt multiplier value back to 1.

Invincible bots
Use the Shield Link in Single Player mode
and select it more than once. If you are lucky, both your battle bots will use the shields on each other. This will give you invincible bots.
Note: This requires perfect timing.

In the Battle Dome mission Close And Personal, do not break any crates (health, ammunition) and try to just stay alive a long time. Eventually a turret will fall on a crate. Destroy the box and the turret will stay where it was, in mid-air.

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