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Killzone 2 Cheats

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Sony Computer Entertainment
Printable VersionPlayStation 3
Killzone 2 Cheats
Killzone 2 Game Details:
Two years after the Helghast assault on Vekta, the ISA is bringing the fight to the enemy's home world of Helghan. Taking the role of Sev, the battle-hardened veteran of the special forces unit known as the Legion, players will embark upon a mission to the planet Helghan to capture the Helghast leader, Emperor Visari, and bring the enemy's war machine to a halt. For Sev and his squad, the invasion of Helghan is just the beginning. Tasked with securing Pyrrhus, the Capital City, the team quickly discovers that the Helghast are a formidable enemy on their home planet. Not only have they adjusted to the planet's hostile conditions, they have also harnessed a source of power from the environment that can be used against the ISA. Sev and his team soon discover the fight is greater than simply addressing the enemy forces; the Legion must also learn how to handle the effects of the fierce enemy planet. See all the cheats, codes, hints and other tips and tricks available for Killzone 2 on the PlayStation 3 below.
Killzone 2
Return to last checkpoint:
Hold R2 for several seconds during game play.

Unlock elite difficulty:
Complete the game.

Unlock heroic difficulty:
Complete story mode.

Rank rewards:

Unlock the listed rank and the corresponding bonus by earning the indicated amount of points and getting the indicated difference score.
  • Captain - 1100 points, 300 difference, unlocks VC9 missile launcher.
  • Colonel - 2300 points, 450 difference, unlocks saboteur badge.
  • Corporal - 30 points, 30 difference, can create squad option.
  • General - 2800 points, 500 difference, unlocks scout badge.
  • Lieutenant - 880 points, 250 difference, unlocks engineer badge.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel - 1850 points, 400 difference, unlocks grenade launcher.
  • Major - 1450 points, 350 difference, unlocks tactician badge.
  • Master Sergean - Master Sergeant: 350 points, 150 difference, unlocks the medic badge.
  • Sergeant - 100 point, 70 difference, can create clan option.
  • Sergeant 1st Class - 200 points, 100 difference, unlocks Shotgun and SMG.
  • Sergeant Major - 550 points, 250 difference, unlocks HGH and ISA LMG.
Unlockable medals/rewards:
Unlock the listed medal by completing the corresponding task.
  • Aerial Supportive - 8x air support specialist (unlocks combine tactician 2nd ability).
  • Army Superior Unit Award - 50x clan matches Won with clan (unlocks 100,000 valor)
  • Assassins League - 5x assassination kill specialist (unlocks increased points/assassination kills).
  • Black Belt - 5x close combat specialist (unlocks increased points/melle kill).
  • Bodyguard Alliance - 5x assassination defence specialist (unlocks increased points per survival).
  • Bomb Squad - 5x search and destroy specialist (unlocks increased points/returns/disarms).
  • Corpse Counters - 5x body count specialist (unlocks increased points/defensive kills).
  • Defense Initiative - 5x capture and hold defence specialist (unlocks increased points/defensive kills).
  • Defensive Specialist - 8x turret specialist (unlocks 2nd engineer ability).
  • Example Soldier - 8x good conduct (unlocks increased start ammo amount).
  • Explosives Expert - 8x C4 specialist (unlocks combine saboteur 2nd ability).
  • Field Mechanic - 8x repair specialist (unlocks combine engineer 2nd ability).
  • Field Medic - 8x healing specialist (unlocks combine medic 2nd ability).
  • Forward Observer - 8x spot and mark specialist (unlocks combine scout 2nd ability).
  • Front Runner - 8x boost specialist (unlocks combine assault 2nd ability).
  • Hawk's Eye - 5x sniper specialist (unlocks second sniper zoom).
  • Head Fetish - 5x headshot specialist (unlocks increased points/headshot).
  • Master of Disguise - 8x disguise specialist (unlocks saboteur ability).
  • Meritorious Unit Award - 10x clan matches won with clan (unlocks 1000 valor).
  • Meritorious Unit Award - 25x clan matches won with clan (unlocks 10,000 valor).
  • Natural Born Killer - 8x kill count (unlocks increased grenade amount).
  • Quick Draw - 5x sidearm specialist (unlocks M4 revolver 2nd weapon).
  • Retrieval Corps - 5x search and retrieve specialist (unlocks increased points/return).
  • Shadow Marshall - 8x cloak specialist (unlocks 2nd scout ability).
  • Spawn Authority - 8x spawn point specialist (unlocks 2nd tactician ability).
  • Trauma Surgeon - 8x revival specialist (unlocks 2nd medic ability).
Unlockable ribbons:
Unlock the listed ribbon by completing the corresponding task.
  • Air Support Specialist - 5 kills by air support called.
  • Assassination Defend Specialist - Stayed alive as target.
  • Assassination Kill Specialist - 1 assassination target killed.
  • Body Count Specialist - 10 kills made during a mission.
  • Boost Specialist - Peform 5 boosts.
  • C4 Specialist - 5 kills by placed C4 explosives.
  • Capture and Hold Defend Specialist - 10 mission points earned capturing a point.
  • Cloak Specialist - Kill 5 enemies while cloaked.
  • Close Combat Specialist - 10 kills by close combat melee.
  • Disguise Specialist - Kill 5 enemies while disguised.
  • Good Conduct - 0 Team kills/suicides are made by the player and they have scored at least 20 points.
  • Headshot Specialist - 10 kills by headshots.
  • Healing Specialist - Heal 5 players.
  • Repair Specialist - Repair 5 objects.
  • Revival Specialist - Revive 5 players.
  • Search and Destroy Specialist - 2 objectives placed/disarmed.
  • Search and Retrieve Specialist - 2 objectives returned.
  • Sidearm Specialist - 10 kills by pistols.
  • Sniper Specialist - 10 kills by sniper rifle.
  • Spawn Point Specialist - 5 players spawn on placed area.
  • Spot and Mark Specialist - Spot and mark 5 players.
  • Turret Specialist - 5 kills by sentry turret placed.
Killzone 2 Tropies

Trophy NameHow to unlock Type
1 Collect all Kilzone 2 Trophies   Platinum
2 Complete all missions Complete all missions on Elite difficulty level Gold
3 Career Ribbon Achieve an online rank of General Gold
4 Valor Grand Cross Achieve weekly online honor rank #4 Gold
5 Maelstra Ribbon Complete Maelstra Barrens on any difficulty level Silver
6 Survivor Complete all missons on any difficulty level Silver
7 Valor Cross Achieve weekly online honor rank #3 Silver
8 Corinth Ribbon Complete Corinth River on any difficuly level Bronze
9 Blood Ribbon Complete Blood Meridian on any difficulty level Bronze
10 Visari Ribbon Complete Visari Square on any difficulty level Bronze
11 Salamun Ribbon Complete Salamun District on any difficulty level Bronze
12 Bridge Ribbon Complete Salamun Bridge on any difficulty level Bronze
13 Suljeva Ribbon Complete Suljeva Village on any difficulty level Bronze
14 Tharsis Ribbon Complete Tharsis Refinery on any difficulty level Bronze
15 Cruiser Ribbon Complete The Cruiser on any difficulty level Bronze
16 Popcorn Ribbon Watch all Killzone 2 cut scenes Bronze
17 Pallbearer – Kill 20 Helghast Kill 20 Helghast soldiers Bronze
18 Undertaker – Kill 200 Helghast Kill 200 Helghast soldiers Bronze
19 Reaper – Kill 1000 Helghast Kill 1000 Helghast soldiers Bronze
20 Field Agent – Collect all intel Collect all intel within the game Bronze
21 Iconoclast – Destroy all symbols Destroy all Helghast symbols within the game Bronze
22 Untouchable Complete all missions on any difficulty level without dying Bronze
23 Babysitter – Revive 25 Buddies Revive your buddies a total of 25 times Bronze
24 Safari Hunter – Kill each enemy type with a melee attack Kill one of each enemy type with a melee attack Bronze
25 Killing Spree – Kill 5 Helghast in 15 seconds Kill 5 Helghast in 15 seconds whilst on foot and maintaining at least 85 % health Bronze
26 Bullet Counter – Manually reload 150 times Manually reloaded your weapon 150 times. Bronze
27 Safety first – Shoot of 100 helmets Shoot off 100 Helghast helmets during battle Bronze
28 Berserker – Kill 25 Helghast with melee attacks Kill 25 Helghast using melee attacks Bronze
29 Barrel of Death – Kill 2 Helghast using your environment Kill 2 Helghast at once using the surrounding environment Bronze
30 Professional – 3 revolver headshots in a row Get 3 headshots in a row using the M4 Revolver Bronze
31 Fragmerchant – Killed 3 Helghast using a single grenade Kill 3 Helghast at once using a single frag grenade Bronze
32 Fragmartyr – Kill 2 Helghast whilst taking your own life Kill 2 Helghast at once and take your own life using a single frag grenade Bronze
33 Melonpopper – 15 headshots using the snipper rifle Get 15 headshots using the PR-6 sniper rifle Bronze
34 Blade Runner – 10 kills with a knife Killed 10 Helghast using the knife Bronze
35 Run and Gunner – Kill 3 Helghast with one burst of assault rifle fire Kill 3 Helghast using an M82 or StA52 assault rifle without releasing the trigger Bronze
36 Defensive Fighter – Killed 30 Helghast with an emplaced weapon Kill 30 Helghast using either the StA3 or M10 Twin fixed gun emplacement Bronze
37 Valor Medal Achieve weekly online honor rank #2 Bronze
38 Valor Citation Achieve weekly online honor rank #1 Bronze
39 Cross-Training Ribbon Acquire all badge specific medals Bronze
40 Veteran Ribbon Acquire all mission specific medals Bronze
41 Expert Ribbon Acquire all combat specific medals  Bronze
42 Wargod Ribbon Wargod Ribbon Bronze
43 Blitzkrieg Ribbon Win 50 online matches Bronze
44 Elementalslayer – Kill the ArcTrooper within 1 minute 30 seconds Kill the Tharsis Refinery ArcTrooper in under 1 minute 30 seconds Hidden
45 Giantslayer – Kill the Heavy within 1 minute Kill the Blood Meridian heavy in unter 1 minute Hidden
46 Dragonslayer – Kill the ATAC within 1 minute 30 seconds Kill the Salamun Bridge ATAC in under 1 minute 30 seconds Hidden
47 Demonslayer – Kill Radec within 20 minutes Kill Radec at Visari Palace within 20 minutes Hidden
48 Stick Around – Nail 20 Helghast to the wall Nail 20 Helghast to a wall using the Boltgun VC-21 Hidden
49 Master Conductor – Electrocute 3 Helghas Electrocute 2 Helghast with a single burst from the Electricity Gun AR-X Hidden
50 Can Opener – Destroy a Helghast APC Destroy any Helghast APC during battle Hidden
51 Spare Parts – Destroy all Leech Pods Destroy all Leech Pods in The Cruiser Hidden
52 Treadhead – Kill 30 Helghast whilst in the tank Take 30 Helghast lives whilst using the ISA tank Hidden
53 Mechspert – Stomp 10 Helghast Stomp 10 Helghast with your Exoskeleton in Maelstra Barrens Hidden

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