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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Cheats

Released On:
Aksys Games
Printable VersionXbox 360
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Cheats
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Game Details:
HIGH-RESOLUTION 2D FIGHTING BRILLIANCE In the 13th hierarchical city, Kagutsuchi, the Librarium regulates the amazing power of "Armagus", a fusion of magic and technology. Currently they are aft er a wanted criminal named Ragna The Bloodedge, also known as "Death", who wants to destroy the Librarium. Due to Ragna possessing a powerful form of Armagus known as the Azure Grimoire, people far and wide are aft er not only his bounty, but his grimoire as well. See all the cheats, codes, hints and other tips and tricks available for BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on the Xbox 360 below.
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Unlock Astral Heat
To unlock Astral Heat for a character, you have to complete arcade mode with them. Example: Completing Arcade mode with Taokaka unlocks her Astral Heat the next time you use her.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the number of Gamerscore points:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
100 Trials (20 GP)[Ranked Match] Strive higher in Ranked Matches.
200 Trials (40 GP)[Ranked Match] Strive even higher in Ranked Matches.
Be Gentle... It's My First Time. (10 GP)[Ranked Match] Experience a Ranked Match.
Dante (30 GP)(Arcade mode) Beat Arcade mode on the highest difficulty.
Hands Where I Can See Them (30 GP)(Gallery mode) Collect more art!
Hello World (10 GP)(Story mode) Understand the truth of the story.
I Am the Just Sword (20 GP)(Arcade or Score Attack mode) Defeat Hakumen in Arcade / Score Attack mode.
I Like to Watch (10 GP)(Replay Theater mode) Collect replay data.
Legionnaire (20 GP)Increase your level.
Leonidas (40 GP)(Score Attack mode) Beat Score Attack mode.
Murakumo Activated... (20 GP)(Arcade or Score Attack mode) Defeat v-13 in Arcade / Score Attack mode.
Praetorian Guardsman (30 GP)Increase your level even more.
Ruler of Kagutsuchi (10 GP)[Ranked Match / Player Match] Fight against different opponents.
That Was Incredible! (10 GP)[Ranked Match] Conquer a Ranked Match.
Voyeur (10 GP)(Player Match mode) Learn from the mistakes of others.
Wanderer (10 GP)(Player Match mode) Experience a Player Match.
Warrior (30 GP)(Player Match mode) Experience is power.
You Brute! (20 GP)[Ranked Match] Win several Ranked Matches in a row.
You're the Best! Around! (20 GP)(Training mode) You still have much to learn.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the unlimited character:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Beat Ragna's Arcade ModeBeat v-13's Arcade Mode
Unlimited HakumenBeat Hakumen's Arcade Mode
Unlimited RachelBeat Rachel's Arcade Mode
Unlimited RagnaBeat Ragna's Arcade Mode

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