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Dark Void Cheats

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Printable VersionXbox 360
Dark Void Cheats
Dark Void Game Details:
Something is consuming our universe, a vast and ancient force almost beyond our comprehension. Millions of years ago, the minions of that power found their way to the 3rd planet of an unremarkable yellow star. Ours. The race they created came to call their masters "The Watchers." For millennia we knew them as gods and served their dark purposes, but a few humans developed extraordinary powers. They were known as the Adepts and they rose up, banishing The Watchers into a parallel universe, where they've manipulated and schemed from afar. Until now. See all the cheats, codes, hints and other tips and tricks available for Dark Void on the Xbox 360 below.
Dark Void
Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of gamerscore points:
  • Prologue (15 points): Complete Prologue.
  • Crash Site (15 points): Complete Crash Site.
  • The Village (15 points): Complete The Village.
  • Spare Parts (15 points): Complete Spare Parts.
  • Village Attack (15 points): Complete Village Attack.
  • Into the Void (30 points): Complete Into the Void.
  • Prophesied One (15 points): Complete Prophesied One.
  • The Survivors (15 points): Complete The Survivors.
  • Prison Escape (15 points): Complete Prison Escape.
  • Breaking Camp (30 points): Complete Breaking Camp.
  • Defending the Ark (15 points): Complete Defending the Ark.
  • The Collector (15 points): Complete The Collector.
  • The Revolt (15 points): Complete The Revolt.
  • Tower of Return (30 points): Complete Tower of Return.
  • Dark Void (100 points): Complete Dark Void.
  • Ultimate Bad Ass (60 points): Ultimate Bad AssComplete Dark Void on Hardcore.
  • Dear Diary (15 points): Dear DiaryFind a journal.
  • Bookworm (30 points): BookwormFind all journals.
  • Tesla's Apprentice (15 points): Tesla's ApprenticeUpgrade first weapon.
  • Grease Monkey (30 points): Grease MonkeyUpgrade all weapons.
  • Pack Rat (30 points): Pack RatAcquire 30,000 Tech Points.
  • Grand Theft...UFO? (15 points): Grand Theft...UFO?Hijack 20 UFOs.
  • Demolition Derby (30 points): Demolition DerbyCollide with another UFO 10 times.
  • Blind Luck (15 points): Blind LuckKill one of each enemy footsoldier using blind
  • fire.
  • Big Bang (30 points): Big BangDestroy a Knight using a grenade.
  • Captain of the Ship (15 points): Captain of the ShipDestroy 10 enemy aircraft while
  • yours is on fire.
  • Forgot My Tow Cable (15 points): Forgot My Tow CableFly through an Archon's legs.
  • Fireworks (15 points): FireworksKill 10 airborn enemies using grenades.
  • Get Your Feet Wet (15 points): Get Your Feet WetBuzz the water.
  • 99 Red Balloons (15 points): 99 Red BalloonsKill 10 enemies while they are in an
  • anti-gravity bubble.
  • Cliffhanger Killer (15 points): Cliffhanger KillerKill 50 enemies while in vertical
  • cover.
  • Death from Above (15 points): Death from AboveKill 50 enemies while hovering.
  • Bird of Prey (15 points): Bird of PreyKill 25 footsoldiers using your rocket pack
  • guns.
  • Mark of the Adept (15 points): Mark of the AdeptDestroy 5 UFOs in the Prologue.
  • Rocket Clothesline (15 points): Rocket ClotheslineMelee an enemy immediately after
  • landing.
  • Terminal Velocity (15 points): Terminal VelocityFree fall for 10 seconds.
  • The Squishy Center (20 points): The Squishy CenterKill a Sarpa piloting an Archon.
  • Cleanup on Aisle Three (15 points): Cleanup on Aisle ThreeKill 100 enemies with
  • headshots.
  • Rochambeau, I Go First (15 points): Rochambeau, I Go FirstKill 50 enemies with melee
  • attacks.
  • Blue Light Special (15 points): Blue Light SpecialKill 3 enemies with one grenade.
  • Killing Spree (20 points): Killing SpreeKill 10 enemies within 60 seconds.
  • Those Aren't Fortune Cookies (15 points): Those Aren't Fortune CookiesStep on 10
  • slugs.
  • Light Up the Sky (30 points): Light Up the SkyDestroy 25 targets with the Ark's AA
  • guns.
  • Master of Arms (15 points): Master of ArmsKill an enemy with every rifle weapon.
  • I'm a Rocketman, Baby (15 points): I'm a Rocketman, BabyPerform 100 special
  • maneuvers with the rocket pack.
  • The Devastator (30 points): The DevastatorDestroy 25 UFOs while piloting a Survivor
  • fighter.
  • Float Like a Butterfly (20 points): Float Like a ButterflyEscape from 10 melee
  • attacks.

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